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Saint Frances

Saint Frances is a movie starring Kelly O'Sullivan, Charin Alvarez, and Braden Crothers. After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, a deadbeat nanny finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with...

Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Alex Thompson
Kelly O'Sullivan
Kelly O'Sullivan, William Drain, Charin Alvarez, Braden Crothers
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, a deadbeat nanny finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with protecting.

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Tammy photo

We need to be able to identify with what we're watching. I think we all know someone like this. A film that makes you think and re-evaluate your own life. It is a story about an elderly man who leaves his wife and family to go back to his youth in the 40's. That was the time when men were allowed to have sex with women. This film is told from his point of view, rather than from his wife or son's point of view. The man doesn't really know who he is or what he wants to do in life. In this way it is a wonderful movie. I think it has great potential. It will be very difficult to achieve that level of quality. Hopefully this will be the film that takes this story to the next level. As of now it's not available in the states, but I hope it will be soon. I would definitely recommend it.

Aaron photo

This is one of those films that I can see time and time again. It's funny, but has great wisdom. The acting is very good, the story is well written, and the directing is great. Even with the language, the message is clear. There are a few moments where it's hard to follow the story, but it never really slows down. The chemistry between Bill Murray and his family is amazing, and Bill Murray's performance is just as great. It's amazing to think that this is the same actor who plays the part of "The Nanny". If you ever have the chance to see this movie, do so. It's a must see!

Phillip Robertson photo
Phillip Robertson

I have seen many of the other reviews of this film and I have to say that I was really disappointed that so many of them had compared this to "An American Haunting". I think "An American Haunting" was a superb film and "Frances" was a superb film. If you think you are going to watch a horror film, this is the one to watch. I felt that the most effective scenes were the ones that were not "hideous". You will definitely be afraid of something that you see in this film. If you are going to watch this film, then just sit down and enjoy the film, you will not be disappointed. There are many amazing scenes in this film that I can think of. I strongly suggest you watch this film. I would rate it a 9/10.

Marie Holland photo
Marie Holland

I've been a fan of Stephen Daldry since I saw his first film, "Waiting for Godot," and I really enjoyed "The Hour of the Pig" (which I also loved). Now, with "The Hour of the Pig," I was so impressed with the director's ability to combine the visual effects of the film with the true story of a young boy, who was put into a mental institution after his parents were killed by a drunk driver. I was so moved by the film that I had to watch it again. It's a powerful story that will touch your heart. The acting was wonderful and the direction was very well done. I also enjoyed the soundtrack and the fact that the film was filmed in the Midwest. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever felt alone and wanted to know more about the meaning of life and the meaning of friendship. I truly believe that this film will change the way you think about life and how you can make a difference in the world.

Gary Ward photo
Gary Ward

In the beginning of this movie, one of the characters was saying that he was "stuck in the mud". I was in the same situation, and I loved it. This movie was about sticking to your beliefs and following the leader. And it's nice to see a movie where the main character goes to school and does not get bullied. Also, I have seen people who don't agree with this movie saying that the movie was filled with "hilarious" dialogue, but I have to say that I really enjoyed the movie. I would definitely recommend this movie. My favorite scene in the movie was when one of the characters said "it's a big family." I'm going to watch this movie again. I would love to see a sequel to this movie.

Stephanie V. photo
Stephanie V.

I was skeptical going in to see this movie, but after seeing it, I'm glad I did. I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised by the performances of the three main characters. It's rare to find a movie that not only gets you laughing out loud, but also makes you feel like you have an interest in the characters. I was interested in the movie as a viewer, not as a viewer. I'm a huge horror fan, and I was surprised by the fact that there were no jump scenes. The movie just moved along at a good pace, and I enjoyed the storyline. I thought the movie was funny, and there were several scenes that were actually very disturbing. This movie may be a little long, but it does not seem that way to me.

Alice R. photo
Alice R.

A very understated, brilliant movie. Directed by Charlie Kaufman, whose recent work has been so obviously much more than a 'comedy'. This movie was directed like a big dramatic movie. And it works perfectly. The way that the movie was shot, was brilliant. The direction was smooth. The acting was superb. A movie like this deserves to be seen more than once. It's a must see for anyone who enjoys a good movie. It's one of those movies that you should have the movie of your life. It's really just one of those movies you need to watch again and again.

Matthew C. photo
Matthew C.

After having a couple of words with my friend about the nature of movies in this country, we agreed that they are sort of cinematic "social communes". We both liked the movies "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "Away from Her" and decided to rent the two to see how they affected us. "Forrest Gump" is a fictional account of a young boy who is drafted into the Vietnam War. His parents want him to stay home and do something else, but he has not come up with anything. One day, he comes home and finds that his mother has gone on a shopping spree and his father has been cheating on her with a married woman. The movie is very realistic and even sometimes funny. It shows the effects of war on the young and the effect that war has on a family. There is also a comment on the "Bond" movie, "You Only Live Twice", about a young boy and his parents. I will say that "Forrest Gump" is better than "You Only Live Twice". It is a little better, but I still prefer the first film.

Zachary photo

All in all, this movie was pretty good. It was very interesting. I think it's a movie that people would enjoy. I can't say I would recommend it to everyone, but I would say that it's a good movie to watch with your loved ones. I definitely recommend it.

Eugene Webb photo
Eugene Webb

This movie was a great experience. It started off well, with an interesting take on the life of a troubled girl in a rural area. However, after the girl's mother dies, the mother's sister starts to attack the boy and his sister, while the boys own father is distracted with his job. The girl decides to leave town and stay with her uncle. When she arrives, the uncle is unhelpful and discourteous towards the girl. He spends most of his time watching television and on his phone. Then, when he is confronted by the girl, the uncle is quickly out of the room, and the rest of the movie focuses on the girl's struggle to get away from the uncle. The relationship between the uncle and the girl is very simple, and I think the movie did a very good job of showing how the uncle tries to "manage" his daughter, while the girl is still in the house. When the uncle is asked why he is treating his daughter like a dog, he replies, "Well, I never really had a dog. I just know that you are." It's a great depiction of how family is very important to a child. The movie was very entertaining. The acting was very good, with the exception of one girl, who just seemed to be out of place. The cinematography was also very good. The characters were very realistic and the scenery was nice. It was a great movie to watch, and I think it deserves the attention it got.

Alexander S. photo
Alexander S.

I first saw this film at a screening in a public library. It was quite the sensation. The acting was superb. The writing was well-done. I'm in the military and I thought the characters in the film were realistic. They were real. The emotions they showed were real. I can't wait to see it again, in theatres. I think this film is a winner. If you haven't seen it, do so now. You won't be disappointed.

Roy Stephens photo
Roy Stephens

Let me start by saying that I've never had a sense of "inner peace" and don't feel any kind of "moral compunction" about my love for these characters. They're simply real people, like me, who made me what I am. I want to add that I have read the book. I've been following the progress of the movie since I first heard of it. I was familiar with the movie, but I was not familiar with the story. I heard the comments about it being "absurd" and "trite", but I'm not familiar with the book. The movie has changed my life. I've changed my relationship with my parents. I feel it was a fantastic movie. I've got the movie. I've gone out to buy the book. I'm going to read it. I hope it will make you feel the same way I do about it. The movie was funny, moving and poetic. The story was fresh and intriguing. The dialogue was real, and felt real. I was moved, because I didn't want to believe this was a fictional story. I wanted to know who these people were, and what happened to them. And this movie really brought it all to life. It really did, and that's all I can say.

Anthony Lucas photo
Anthony Lucas

It's not the first time that we see a movie about people who are broken. A movie about someone who is not looking for love, a movie about someone who is not looking for happiness, and so on. But none of them have as much depth as this one. I have seen this movie 5 times, and every time I watch it, I find something new and unique. I was not sure what to expect from this movie. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was not so familiar with all of the characters. There were parts that made me wonder, what if I were in their position? But there were some parts that were so funny, so sad, and so beautiful that you cannot help but to laugh. I also enjoyed the fact that this movie was so different from all of the other love stories I had seen. The story was very fast-paced and in my opinion, it was better than what you would expect from this genre. I was also very surprised by the ending. I was a little disappointed, and not very happy, but then again, I expected to see a happy ending and that was not the case. This movie is a story about love, and it is a very good and emotional story. It has a happy ending, and that is just amazing. It is a movie that I would recommend to anyone who likes romantic movies.

Philip photo

The other reviews of this film are way off base. This is a film about two men, a young man and his friend who've gone off to do the rough stuff in the deep South. The film is basically about life in the Deep South of the 60's and the struggles of life there. When the film is set in the 60's it's the same as when it's set in today. It is that simple. The actors and actresses were good, especially Zachary Quinto. It was a great film that has been underrated. The only reason I give this film a 9 instead of 10 is because it is a little more tragic than I would have liked. It would have been more realistic if it was a little more balanced.

Steven A. photo
Steven A.

The movie has a nice plot, a good cast, and some great performances. It is a good movie for those who like movies about a family, a group of friends, and a group of kids. I am a father, and I have to say that I enjoyed this movie. It is a great family movie, and I recommend it to everyone who likes movies about a family, a group of friends, and a group of kids.

Lisa F. photo
Lisa F.

Like most of "the Great American Novel", "Louie" has never been translated into another language. This is a shame. "Louie" is not an easy film to translate to the screen. It's a tale of a young American boy, Andrew Largeman (played by Chris Kattan), who becomes an immigrant to his native Ireland. He is raised by aunts and uncles who don't know his true heritage. He comes to England as an immigrant, having come with his mother from Philadelphia, to join his uncle's fish-crested club. His uncle is a local church minister, but Largeman is not interested in his preaching. He loves to fish and spends much of his time in his uncle's boat. He falls in love with the local priest (William Hickey), who tries to win him back, but he doesn't. Then Largeman's aunt, who is also a priest, is about to get married. Largeman and his cousin, James McBride (played by Michael O'Keefe), are the two who argue for the future of the young man. Then a mysterious visitor (Liam Neeson), who looks like a peasant, enters the story. When Largeman meets the priest's young niece, who lives with her uncle, she tells him his true heritage and that he should leave Ireland. It's all a bit confusing, but it is done in such a manner that the viewer is left guessing and searching for answers. "Louie" is not a very memorable film. It is very funny, but not very moving. It is a very interesting story, and I think that it is the story of a young boy who is not who he thinks he is, and the rise of a religious man who doesn't believe in God. The actors, especially Neeson, are fantastic. His performance is very moving and well written. The only other performance I would recommend is Michael O'Keefe's performance as the uncle who wants to "help" Largeman. This is the only performance that I can say I found "really good". It is good to see Neeson in a more serious role, and he has a nice change of pace, which is unusual for him. The story isn't very original, but it is a great story. I think that the film is worth seeing. It is a film that I would recommend to anyone. My rating: 9/10

Andrea photo

I really liked this movie. I have seen a lot of movies and I am very much surprised by this one. I am not a big fan of Liam Neeson but he was great in this movie. I thought he played his part very well and was very convincing. The rest of the cast was also very good. I was very impressed with the story, the acting and the direction. The movie is not like other action movies. The movie is a very serious drama that will make you think a lot about the way we live our life. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good drama, a good story and a good acting. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Andrew Davis photo
Andrew Davis

While a few of the actors have taken some acting lessons, the other actors are mostly known for their respective roles in the various Asian films and TV shows. "Howling VI: The Were-Wolf" was the last film I saw, and I was impressed by how well it was portrayed, but it wasn't exactly the same. Although it has some well known names in it, this film isn't entirely about the main character's family, and there's also some other drama between the characters. I enjoyed this film, and it had me in tears several times. I'm glad I watched it, but I'm not sure if it's really for everyone. The film has its issues, such as the heavy handed portrayal of Christianity in the first half of the film, and the characters often don't quite seem like the kind of people you would expect to find in a real-life setting. And I'm not sure how much of this is intentional or not, but I felt that this film may have been more of a romance than an adventure movie, and it's difficult to tell. Overall, it was a good film, but not a great film, and I would recommend it only to people who have seen many of the Asian films I've mentioned, and have an appreciation for them.

Harold B. photo
Harold B.

.that made me understand why I hate the horror genre so much. I have been waiting for a movie that truly was a road movie. My other favourite movies are The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, and American Beauty. They are all road movies, a road movie is a movie that you travel, you follow, you get to know, and it shows you what's happened. I have never been on a road movie and I've never wanted to be on one, but this movie did it for me. It is a road movie that has you questioning everything, and then you feel so bad for what happened, because you were with them. There are so many little things in this movie that I could only relate to if I had been on a road trip with them. I'm not a big fan of real life stories, and I don't want to see people struggling in the real world, but I did not know this movie until I saw it. I would not watch it again, but it is definitely worth the watch. Go see it, you will thank me later.

David H. photo
David H.

The setting in a small town, with small people in a small town, is a good one. Not only is it the setting that makes the movie work, but it is the characters as well. It is a movie that everyone can relate to in some way. It deals with a small town that is about to lose a small business and the main characters are trying to find out what to do. They are not ordinary people, but rather ordinary people who make decisions based on what is best for them and for the people they know. The small town does not want to lose the small business and the main characters are not people who want to lose the small business. They do not want to lose their own small town. It is about people who have lived in small towns for years and have loved them. These people who have grown up in small towns are becoming a part of the larger community and the town is about to lose it. I could not think of a better movie to end the year.

Jane photo

I have to admit I was very skeptical about this film, and my disappointment wasn't nearly as much of an effect as it could have been. Having watched it recently I can say that I am very glad I didn't think it would be anything but. It's just as enjoyable, funny, and even sad. The whole plot is simple and the actors are so believable in their roles that I found myself laughing out loud. If you like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "The Hangover", or "Being John Malkovich" this is the film for you. I can't say this enough, I really liked this movie. It's not the kind of film you go to the theatre to see, but if you're a fan of American indie films this is for you.

Thomas M. photo
Thomas M.

I am a long time and avid fan of the Lenny Bruce Show. I was blown away by his performance on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes." So, I was very excited when he and Daniel Day-Lewis were chosen to play The Monkees. I was also very excited when this was announced. I can't say I was disappointed. The movie was a lot of fun and the acting was great. Even though the movie was just a bit too long, it was well done. Daniel Day-Lewis was great, Lenny Bruce was hilarious, and Lorna Simpson was great. This movie was not perfect, but it was very entertaining and a great way to spend a couple of hours. I recommend this movie to everyone, and I have to say that I'm a big fan of Lenny Bruce and Lorna Simpson.

Robert photo

The story of Frances the Horse is told in a very subtle and charming way. It is a movie that looks for the interest and the wonder. It is not to be mistaken with the wild and unrealistic movie of the same name. It is a movie that keeps you guessing, but without losing the interest and mystery. The acting is very natural and with a special mention for Max Von Sydow. He is the first Austrian director that I really love. He has been with me for a while, but this film is his first. A must see.

Roy photo

I really enjoyed this film. It was very refreshing to see a movie that wasn't full of gore and action. It was a little different and I liked it. I thought it was well acted, and the characters were very real. I thought the plot was very original and the characters were very likable. I also thought it was well done. I thought it was a good story with a good message. I thought the ending was very well done and made sense. I also thought the acting was very good and believable. I thought the story was good and realistic. I thought it was very well written. I thought the film was very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story with a good message.

Victoria M. photo
Victoria M.

I saw this film in a private screening in Los Angeles, and I was quite surprised to see how much I liked it. It is a film that has a lot of heart, and a lot of humor. I am a big fan of the original TV series, and I am very glad that this film was made to continue the story. The acting is excellent, and the story is very moving. I highly recommend this film. It is very well done, and I would highly recommend this film to anyone.