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STRAIGHT INTO A STORM centers around DEER TICK's 2014/15 10th anniversary run in New York City. A portrait of a hard rocking band known for their live performances on their evolutionary journey to become one of the greatest cult rock bands of our time. Anchored by a fan chosen set list and New Year's Eve performance, the film weaves in and out of time over the last 10 years utilizing never before seen archive footage from their booze drenched early days to the successful touring/recording band they are now- and everything in between.

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Straight Into a Storm
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Joshua photo

There's no doubt about it: by the time I was ten, "Sweet Home Alabama" had entered my heart. The experience was both dramatic and emotional, and by the time I was twenty, I was immersed in the lyrics and sentiments of the song. All this was a remarkable feat for a song written for just four years. For me, it's not really a song; it's a representation of life and death. Through my memory of the film, it seems that a series of events in Alabama occurred between 1964 and 1972, and that two sisters, Emmett Harker and Renee Young, had to come to terms with the consequences of their actions, and what they meant to the world. For a while, it seemed that the idea that the film was essentially about one sister died with the release of the first film, "Sweet Home Alabama." However, it seems to be growing back into my view of the film. It's still there, but now, the emphasis is being put on the significance of her life, and how she overcame an event that would have devastated her entire family. However, the significance of that event is not only about one sister, but is more of a reflection of the difficulties of one man's choices that would have gravely affected a whole family. It's a challenge to say the least, and the irony that it's not too late for the characters of the movie to achieve this is what ultimately made the film so powerful. It was a film that was like a piece of amber on the back of a beautiful, four-color picture book. It was an experience that I would like to revisit more than once, but is always there. My final verdict is that "Sweet Home Alabama" is one of the greatest films of all time, and one that will stand the test of time. However, in my view, this film has much more to offer than simply entertainment, and it is definitely not the sort of film that is being promoted by the DVD release. It is a powerful work that deserves to be seen in it's entirety. It's a film that needs to be seen on the big screen.

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Gregory G.

This was a good documentary about the life of Freddie Mercury and how he was involved in a lot of musical projects, from The Rolling Stones to Roxy Music to Pink Floyd. I didn't get to see all of them, but I got to see most of the projects and how much of a shock to everyone involved that Mercury was making music as well. It was funny how he talked about his "toxic love" with the love of his life, as well as the music. It also showed how he overcame his issues with drugs and depression. There were a lot of interviews that he did and I think that his comments were pretty insightful. However, I think that he didn't really talk about his personal life much. I also felt that they skipped over some of his biggest hits. They also didn't really talk about his last tour with Pink Floyd. I did like the "toxic love" part though.

Marilyn Burke photo
Marilyn Burke

The film, the first of a trilogy by my dear friend Pauline Kael, follows the evolution of these two young musicians and the way they grew up to become the great rock band that it is today. This film follows the birth of a young kid in Ireland, who is still extremely young in the music business. The film itself is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, from the endless feeling of joy to the struggles and setbacks the two young musicians have gone through in their lives. For me, the film was quite different from the usual Rocky Horror Picture Show type of film, but that's just me. And the music is quite superb, I haven't seen anything like it in a while. It's a great film, I would recommend it to anyone who has a bit of a heart. 7/10

Paul Carpenter photo
Paul Carpenter

I was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening of this documentary with the director and the producer. I felt like I was standing right next to the stars themselves and it really was a cool thing to be there. They tell the story of the band's rise to fame and the destruction that comes along with it. The documentary makes the point that when a band starts in any genre, they make a huge investment. The band is more than a financial investment. The band needs to get their fans and their money in order to keep the band going. This movie is about the rise of MADE. The band was all about coming up with new sounds and playing their own music. However, the band quickly fell apart after the death of frontman Tom Petty and his wife. The producer reveals how he was in the band's infancy. He was the first producer on the band and at the time was a struggling singer who was not really able to make ends meet. This is the most fascinating aspect of the film, seeing how the band has evolved over the years. This documentary takes an interesting angle of the fact that it is the band members that must deal with this financial crisis. How much is being made from concerts, albums, merchandise, etc. The producers reveal that a typical show can cost around $100,000 and the financial crisis has forced the band to accept lower revenues. The producers reveal that they are all dealing with this financial crisis and the band members are fighting to save the band and it is all about the fans and the money. The producers try to explain to the audience why this band is such a hit. To me, this is the most interesting part of the film because it shows the band members and how they try to keep the fans interested. It shows how the band has changed since the time the movie was made. I'm a MADE fan but I really don't understand why this band is so popular. This documentary was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the rise and fall of a band.

Kyle photo

I have seen this film several times since its release in 1983. It is not my favorite of Curly's films but it has been one of the most rewarding of his work. This film is a biopic on "inventor" Robert Bigelow, a respected engineer and architect of the United States Space Program, who was brought into the space program at a time when the Soviet Union was nearing victory in space race with the United States. Bigelow's initial project was to design a space station, but the project stalled because of funding problems. He was told to get back to his roots, but instead he went to the University of Texas and became an engineer and professor of engineering. The film starts with Bigelow going to work on a weather station at one of his alma maters. In one of his classes, he shows a graphic of a tornado. He describes it as a "barrier of destruction." He then shows a graphic of a man's arm being ripped off. This is a graphic that has remained with him. It is an interesting part of the film. I also liked the way the film depicts Bigelow's time in the United States Space Program. The movie is a retelling of Bigelow's "Final Mission" and the team he had assembled, all of whom had done long-term assignments in the space program before Bigelow. The movie tells us how each man was selected to be a member of this team, and how they were selected. There are a few newsreel clips of various members of the team discussing the difficulties they had with getting the job done. There is also a summary of the team's successes and their failures. The interview with Frank Finkel, a former member of Bigelow's team, is interesting. Finkel recounts how they had to come up with a scientific model that would explain how they could survive in space without oxygen. The film also features interviews with two of the astronauts who worked with Bigelow, K. Adam Roberts and Mark D. Sharecropper. In addition, there are comments by others who worked with Bigelow. It is a great movie for the history buffs. I would have liked to see more of Bigelow's personal life, but I am glad the movie was so good. I rate this film 7/10.

Ann photo

As a long time fan of the music of 50's and 60's, I had high expectations when I heard this was going to be a documentary. And like I said I was not disappointed. The director did a wonderful job with his commentary and kept me interested throughout the whole thing. Also, it was nice to see Joan Baez's comments. At the same time the commentary was way too long and at times was not worth the time it took to get to them. The musicians themselves are great. But I think the commentary could have been shorter and it would have been better. The commentary should have been at least 10 minutes. I understand the length of the film but I don't think this should have been a full documentary. The commentary was almost 3 hours long. In addition, I think they should have introduced the musicians in a more entertaining way. The musicians are great but they shouldn't have been given interviews over and over again. It is a bit over the top and it takes the focus away from the musicians. I think that it could have been better. This was not a good documentary for me and I don't recommend this. You'll be disappointed.

Sharon M. photo
Sharon M.

The story is about the life of two young people in that I think this movie really is about. The story begins with two boys in the teenage years, one the good boy and the other the bad boy. The good boy is a guitarist and the bad boy has a dream to be a star but can't even play an instrument. During the times they play in the band they talk about things in their life, what happened to the other guy who is really a bully and to be honest I think this movie is a little bit emotional. But it is not really about music. But it is about love and it shows the role of mother and father. The way the mother behaves is really interesting to me. The film is pretty short, maybe two hours, and the ending is really emotional.

Carol S. photo
Carol S.

I loved this movie. I've been a fan of hip-hop since I was a kid, and this movie represents the best of what I've been hearing and seeing. I think that the hype of this movie and its subject matter is excessive and that its lacking is unfortunate. The music and videos speak for themselves, so don't watch it and expect the facts to be told. If you are into hip-hop music and film, you'll love it.

Karen R. photo
Karen R.

I had a chance to watch this movie last night, and although it was not as good as the documentary made, it still did an adequate job of illustrating what a beautiful relationship Dean Smith had with his audience. "Straight Into A Storm" was shown at a press screening for this year's Sundance Film Festival, and was a good choice for the movie. The story starts out very typical, as we learn about how Dean Smith and Al Haig met. Dean Smith was a music publisher, and as we learn, Al Haig was a music promoter. Dean Smith was married to Al Haig and he was a successful businessman. They were together for almost twenty years, and they had two sons. Their marriage became very strained after Al Haig learned that Dean Smith had been cheating on him with his friend, Joan Collins, who is also married to Dean Smith. The Smith family had been very supportive of Al Haig, and they believed that Dean Smith had the right to marry his best friend. It was the most difficult relationship Dean Smith had, and he was not willing to admit to himself that he was a cheater. Al Haig decided to divorce Dean Smith, and he did so, because Dean Smith was cheating on him. This is all you need to know, and it was a very typical storyline. The other important part of the story is how Dean Smith decided to take the fight to Joan Collins, and his fight against Al Haig. The fights that Dean Smith had against Joan Collins were very intense, and it was pretty hard to watch. It is hard to watch because Dean Smith used all the tactics that he knew, and he used them all perfectly. Dean Smith had a tough time with his wife, but he was determined to win the fight. I do not think that Dean Smith could have done what he did without the help of the Smith family. For this reason, the movie is very good. I do not believe that Dean Smith would have done all the things that he did without the support of his family. It is very interesting to see how Dean Smith tried to avoid the fight with Al Haig, and how his children and wife supported him. When Dean Smith finally faced Al Haig, Al Haig was a wreck. Al Haig could not remember what had happened, and he could not remember his feelings about his marriage. But Al Haig remembered that Dean Smith was a great man, and that Dean Smith had been cheating on him with his friend, Joan Collins. Dean Smith realized that he was cheating on Al Haig, and he said that he would not do the same thing again. Dean Smith believed that he could fight Al Haig, but Al Ha

John C. photo
John C.

A lot of what people say about Paul Johnson is a mixture of what they've read and what they have seen on the documentary Paul Johnson: Artist as Person, but this is a much more structured documentary. It's essentially two separate stories that intertwine with the other, showing us more than we've ever seen. It's a very interesting movie that makes you want to learn more about Paul Johnson and see more of his work. It's very intriguing, very well put together, and very well directed. This film is definitely worth watching.

Sandra C. photo
Sandra C.

I am a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and have always been a fan of Tony Bennett, however, I didn't know who the real Bruce Springsteen was until I heard that the "falling man" was actually the real Bruce Springsteen. At the same time, I realized that this documentary was more of a tribute to the real Springsteen, the man that I idolized, rather than Springsteen the man. To sum up, this documentary was great. Bruce Springsteen did more than just play his guitar. He also performed and sang with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The music that he played with the Red Hot Chili Peppers was phenomenal. There were some great songs like "It's My Party", "Longview" and "Goodbye Cruel World". I found the music that he played at the end of the documentary to be the most inspiring and touching. After watching this documentary, I realized that I should definitely watch Bruce Springsteen's whole discography. After I watched this documentary, I really wished that Springsteen would write another song that would inspire me, but unfortunately, I'm still waiting for that song. This documentary was also great because it introduced us to some of the people that Bruce and his band have been involved with. This documentary is also great because it showcases Springsteen's past and his future as well. I hope that this documentary will inspire the next generation of musicians to not only follow their dreams but also follow their dreams. This documentary was great because it showed Bruce and his band as people that are well-rounded people that would do anything for their fans. I can't say enough about this documentary. I highly recommend it to anyone. This documentary really inspires me to make sure that I follow my dreams and follow my dreams are the people that I idolize.

Harold Austin photo
Harold Austin

We got here early this morning (11/3/05) and were immediately drawn into the proceedings. It's clearly not the typical documentary, but I'm not sure that the typical viewer can tell the difference between what is being said here and what they are seeing on TV or in the movies. Maybe that's because it's simply too good to be true. OK, the filmmaker has an interesting take on life in the big city. I certainly don't see this as a "super-clean" doc. There are those that are born to be in the limelight, to make sure we know how things are, how great the life they lead is. He also talks about how big city people can be. They don't necessarily act in a bad way, but there is the feeling of the "fly-over country" that I'm familiar with. They live in an environment that they know very well, they work in an environment that they feel very comfortable with. It is just a small world to them. The director goes on to talk about how these individuals have made these big decisions, how they have no problems in their family, how they have no issues with their sexual identity or what they believe is right. He sees this as nothing out of the ordinary. Not one person in this film was happy or unhappy. They were happy with what they had, and they knew that everything is just fine, nothing is wrong with their lives. There is a definite feeling that these people were born in a time when this kind of relationship was not possible, and it's not like this is the first time we have seen it happen. The way these people lived their lives, the way they felt, this is typical of us, isn't that something we're not used to? Sure, we can be spoiled, but it's not like this is something new. To me, the documentary seemed to be just stating a fact. It was obvious that this was a documentary about these guys, but it was also telling a story. And it wasn't much of a story. The subjects talked a lot, but it was not much of a story, but it was interesting, but nothing special. Maybe that's because it was a story about these guys, but I can't help but feel like this isn't really the type of documentary that I would watch. Maybe it would have been a better story if I didn't know who they were or if I was a little more comfortable with these people. The interviewees were interesting, but it was hard to tell who was really going to be telling the truth, because it was such a one-sided affair. Maybe they didn't tell the truth at all.

Matthew photo

Watched this documentary about the first anniversary of his concert at the Capitol Theater in New York City. I loved this documentary. It was all of the things that made the first concert the most spectacular in my opinion. That was the first time I felt a new idea of a band playing live in front of a live audience, and watching them perform was incredible. It really blew me away. This was the first concert that I saw live, and it was my favorite concert of the band. It was an experience I will never forget. Also the performances are very interesting, the band was excellent, but I was really disappointed that the band didn't keep the band together the whole time. The last concert they played together was amazing. The band still isn't the same after that performance. The first concert was just great. I think they were on their way to greatness, but after that one the band was a little broken up. I think they will still be a band, but maybe it is time for the band to get back together.

Victoria R. photo
Victoria R.

This is a remarkable documentary about the untimely death of the Rolling Stones, the Rolling Stones, and their superstar status in popular music. It's just a short documentary, and it only gives a few minutes of an interview with the original band, but it covers the most important aspects of the Stones' career, including their move from the small New Jersey town to the big city of London. It's a sad story of an artist that never reached his potential, and it's sad that the legend that this band was became the legend that it became. I really appreciate the interview with the director, David Whelan, because it really makes the movie even more interesting. There are a few highlights in the documentary, and the most important is the point where the singer "Ace" stops the interview and says to the reporter, "We've never done anything the way that we are. And that's not because we didn't want to. We just did what we always did." That's a very important statement, and it gives the film a very important message. 7/10

Shirley photo

Every few years, someone tries to make a documentary that is like a Disney Channel film. One of these films was "Straight Into A Storm" (2014). It stars a bunch of former heavy metal music superstars who all have had to deal with drugs and alcohol. They have had to move on with their lives after some of them died unexpectedly. This film is just like that and more. It is based on the interviews of the guys and their lives after their deaths. I am not a heavy metal fan but this film is great for anyone who is. There is a lot of documentary footage and one of the best things in the documentary is that it is not preachy like other documentaries on the subject. They simply interview these guys and it is just like a high school history class. The documentaries does get a bit preachy, but it is still really interesting and has some really interesting stuff about drugs, rock stars and the harsh world of music. Overall, this film is great and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a chance to see it.

Marie photo

How lucky is Bobby Darin. I can't believe how many friends and colleagues he had over the years, who did not get the chance to share in the greatest music experience of their lives. I learned of his passing from his sister, this past April. I have a new-found respect for him. I loved this movie. I am happy to say that we can all learn a few things from it. I am going to write a book on his music career, and hopefully sell it on the internet. This will be a book about all of the songs he wrote. It will be like "The Player" for people who are young and have never been exposed to music. Bobby Darin wasn't just a big time singer. He was also a musicologist, and I will be researching his contributions to modern music. His influence on music will be felt for years to come. I hope you will make a trip to see this documentary. I promise that you will learn something about an amazing man.

Austin Cook photo
Austin Cook

Rain in the Sky is a documentary that focuses on the life of a rock band that was known for its music and the women that were associated with it. A documentary about the lives of Rain in the Sky from the early days of their childhood to the present day. The documentary begins by showing the band members and their childhoods as they are told their stories by their families. The documentary goes into detail about the early years of the band as it gets to the public, and gives a brief rundown of the problems that were faced by the band. The film then transitions into the young adulthood of the band as they get to their main stage of the 70's, and they discuss the issues that were faced. The story of the band is quite sad as the parents of the band members are not able to support their children with a lot of money and material things that their children need to have to be able to go to the next level. The documentary then takes the audience to the current state of the band, where they are planning to play a world tour of Europe. The documentary then shows some of the musical talents of the band, as they talk about the talent of each member, and what they are doing to achieve their dreams. The band members also discuss what kind of things they would like to do in the future, what they would like to change, and what they are doing to pursue their dreams. The interviews are extremely emotional, as the band members speak about how their lives were changed through their music and how they want to go back to their childhood. The documentary concludes with the young female member of the band, Roxanne (Melissa Goldston), who shares her life as a woman that is interested in politics, and the issues that she has faced as a woman. She talks about the issues that she faces as a woman, and how she wanted to go back to being a woman when she is older. The documentary is very interesting and it goes into detail about the lives of the band members, and the issues that they face as women. It gives a brief overview of the difficulties that the band had with the public, and how it affected their lives. The documentary is very insightful and you will be touched by it as it shares the stories of these women who have made a name for themselves in the world of music. The documentary is a good documentary that talks about the issues that the band had to face, as well as the importance of being an independent woman, and how important it is to be able to be independent and to be able to express your creativity. The documentary is very well done and it tells a good story about the band members and how they cope with the issues they faced as women.<

Craig Schultz photo
Craig Schultz

I really enjoyed the interviews with the four musicians who went on to make Black Star Orchestra. I also enjoyed the fact that the movie had not just one soundtrack, but many. If you have a great appreciation for music then you should really check this movie out.

Jonathan C. photo
Jonathan C.

Having just seen a film about the whole affair, and the cover of Rolling Stone, I'm inclined to have a general reaction to the film. The main thing I can say for the film is that it is pretty well made. But I really think the reason why the Rolling Stones got involved in this was because the main singer, Mick Jagger, was playing in a rock band called Ratt. (Hence the cover of Ratt on the back cover of the disc). This was the only rock band in the 60's that was actually playing rock music. The Stones themselves were originally interested in joining in on the action, but only because the Stones were trying to do a number 1 hit record with Ratt. Ratt had become a sensation in the late 60's and it was so well regarded that the Stones were interested. But Ratt had already left Ratt's record company because Ratt was playing one of his songs (Rag'n'Bone Man) on their albums, and the Stones' management did not want to risk their artists' image by being associated with Ratt. In other words, the Stones didn't want to take any risk of losing a major record company in the first place. They wanted to become rock stars themselves. And they made a deal with Mick Jagger to make him a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A deal they could not refuse because Mick Jagger had just come back from the Vietnam War and was used to playing the guitar. I would think that this film would be useful for people who want to know what it was like to be a rock and roll star, because they were a small band at that time. It is interesting to see what they went through, the abuse they got and all the money they made. And it is also interesting to see the Stones' relationship with other bands, because they are a bit like a metal band, like Judas Priest, who would probably get involved with the Stones if they thought it would help them get big. However, the story is pretty twisted, and I think a lot of what Mick Jagger was doing in this film was a bit too much, but I think the Stones' manager actually made the right decision. It was probably more a money grab than anything else. But Mick Jagger was a very talented rock star and I think it was important for him to give a positive statement to the audience. If this film is seen by a younger audience, they may think that it is an accurate picture of the Stones' behaviour in the 60's, but then again, it may seem that way to someone who is old enough. I have always thought the Stones were a bit of a band at that time. It was a

Jacqueline Palmer photo
Jacqueline Palmer

I would like to point out that in this documentary that both the title and the name of the film are completely accurate. Straight Into a Storm is an interesting documentary on the story of New York's famous punk band the Ramones. The movie focuses on the band members and their journey to be one of the most influential bands of the decade, but also of the music world. I found the film to be interesting from beginning to end. It is very moving. The film includes interviews with the band members, as well as music historians and historians of rock music, and historians of punk and punk rock. The filmmakers also interview family members of the band and one of the band members' fans. The story of the band is told very well and in a way that it can be appreciated by both teenagers and adults, as well as those who aren't interested in the Ramones' story. The documentary also provides some insight into the life of New York's punk music scene. Many people may not know much about the scene, but some of the characters in the documentary gave very interesting insights into it. The documentary also gives some very interesting details about the history of punk and punk rock in New York. The filmmakers also do a good job at showing how important punk and punk rock was to the music world. It is very fascinating. The film is very well done and the music historians and the film-makers did a great job of telling the story of the band. I enjoyed the documentary and found it to be very interesting and engaging. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the history of New York's punk music scene and the history of punk rock in general.

Kimberly S. photo
Kimberly S.

The famous journalist Carl Bernstein (Michael Sheen) is interviewed on the Sunday Morning show about the Watergate scandal that rocked the White House, and a good portion of this interview shows the wide ranging effect this scandal had on the rest of the country. As with the "Roger and Me" documentary, this interview is quite good and makes it worthwhile for a few seconds. However, the more interesting portion of the interview is with the reporter in the studio who gets the biggest laugh, and it makes it a bit more interesting. The documentary is worth seeing and shows the effect this scandal had on the rest of the country, but there's a small moment where the interview is pretty cheesy.