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The Dark Below

The Dark Below is a movie starring Lauren Mae Shafer, David G.B. Brown, and Veronica Cartwright. A woman struggles for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer stalks her from the surface.

Running Time
1 hours 15 minutes
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Horror, Thriller
Douglas Schulze
Jonathan D'Ambrosio, Douglas Schulze, Douglas Schulze
Arielle Olkhovsky, Lauren Mae Shafer, Veronica Cartwright, David G.B. Brown
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A woman struggles for survival beneath a frozen lake while a serial killer stalks her from the surface.

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Donna photo

I was pretty hesitant to watch this movie but I ended up enjoying it a lot. It has the potential to be a great movie, especially if the dialogue was fresh and interesting. The acting was pretty good for the most part. There were a few bad lines and a couple moments where they tried to put too much into their lines but the overall quality was good. The story is pretty slow paced but it is entertaining throughout. The visuals were pretty cool and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a horror movie. It is definitely a good movie to watch.

Doris Brown photo
Doris Brown

I saw this movie when it was first released and I really liked it. The story has some really great twists and turns, and some great acting. It's really scary as well. There are some great things that you don't see a lot of in horror movies. The first few minutes of the movie is the best. It was really exciting and scary. It's really creepy, and the acting is great. The only downside is that the last 20 minutes is a little weak. The only downside is that they didn't have the "perfect ending" that the director wanted to create. It was a good movie, but it just wasn't perfect.

Christine Kelley photo
Christine Kelley

The Dark Below is a very scary movie, because of it's atmosphere and it's creepiness. The scene in which the girl is attacked, that is one of the best scenes in the movie. The acting in this movie is good and it's scary at the same time. The movie also has very great special effects, the sound effects were very scary and there are many scenes that was scary. In conclusion, the movie is good, but if you don't like scary movies or if you like a lot of horror movies, then you can't find something good in this movie, so I recommend you to watch the movie anyway, but you can't find anything special in it, so I recommend you to watch this movie anyway. I give the movie 7 out of 10, and I give it a 7/10.

Andrea Gibson photo
Andrea Gibson

For a low-budget horror film, The Dark Below has a lot going for it. It starts off in a desolate location, a man is shot in the head, seemingly by a maniac, and the next shot shows the character walking out of the hospital. He doesn't survive and the film goes on to show how he gets to the church where the cult is based, where he encounters a girl who lives with her grandmother, and she introduces him to her boyfriend who is also a cult member. I have to say that I was extremely excited about this film, because I thought it would be a nice surprise after the film's slow start, but when I went to see it, I was a little disappointed. Although this film has a few scares and some suspense, the slow pacing and lack of budget really hurt the film. The main problem with this film is that I had no idea what was going to happen next, and the scenes that they did show were kind of out of place. The film is also a little confusing, and there is not enough development of the characters and plot. If you want to see a good film that is not as successful as what I have mentioned, I recommend Saw 4. If you want to see a horror film, that's a different type of film, then I recommend a film like Children of the Damned.

Ralph Turner photo
Ralph Turner

After a brutal encounter, some friends take shelter in a private home. There, they learn the sick and twisted secret of the previous owners, and how they managed to avoid capture. Over a dozen characters are linked to the mysterious culprit, and they must fight to survive. In the unlikely event that the story doesn't seem to be quite enough, the "story twist" is expected, and it is a pretty typical one. If you like your movies with more twists and turns, this movie might be for you. But if you're looking for a nice story and no action, the movie will disappoint you. And if you like you enjoy good acting, this movie is for you. And last but not least, if you're into sick humor, this movie is for you. In the end, I can only recommend this movie to those who like their movies "gore-free".

Thomas photo

Kaiten offers a darkly humorous vision of the ghost of the cabin where eight friends were murdered in an underappreciated indie flick. An ordinary man with an uncommonly large heart, he cares for them, and tries to keep the peace in the face of a gang of ghastly monsters. There's a good amount of humor, and the story moves quickly. It's an improvement on his previous effort, The Cursed Cabin, and is better paced and more cinematic. The film is well directed and has some nicely done special effects. But if the script had been more interesting, I think the film could have been better. As it is, it's not as funny as The Cabin in the Woods, but it's still a fun little horror flick.

Maria photo

I really like this movie. I watched it twice and it was a great watch. If you liked the last film, you should like this one too. It has some elements from both films. This is a film about isolation and how bad it is for the people living in the prison. A couple who lost their son are living in a dungeon of sorts. They aren't alone but the ones who are in the dungeon. The hell itself seems to be the place for them. They also have a child who is being held captive. After many murders and horrific acts are committed, they begin to notice the changes in the people in the dungeon and how they are losing it. There is also a young girl in the prison. She is the captive's older sister. I liked the film. I don't like the title but I don't think it would be anything better. It does well. The acting is great. Some people say the dialog is bad but I don't think so. It is believable. The score is great. It is really creepy. If you like this movie, then you will like the last one. I enjoyed the new story, I didn't like the original one. It is a fun horror movie. I give it a 7. You can watch it, you will like it. I think this movie deserves a higher rating, it is a good horror movie, good plot, and the acting is great. If you like the first one, then you should watch this one. It is worth it.

Katherine Myers photo
Katherine Myers

I enjoyed the Dark Below, it was one of the better entries in the cannibal movie genre. I was expecting it to be like a mix of Shaun of the Dead and Hostel, and I was actually surprised to find that it was not at all like that. The only thing that Shaun of the Dead does is make a lot of money and does some decent remakes, but the fact that this movie is not even close to being as well made as the first one should tell you that this movie isn't going to be as good as Shaun of the Dead. The movie is pretty much the same. No controversy, no gore, no awesome special effects, and no characters you actually care about. The film does have some nudity in it though. But not too much, not too little, but a little bit of all. The movie is pretty well acted and the acting in general is good, but the script wasn't as good as it could have been. There were a couple of moments where I felt that I was actually reading the words from the script, and I don't mean in the movie, I mean in the story. There was also a lot of long exposition scenes, which actually made it hard to understand the plot at times. I also have to admit that the zombies were a little annoying, because they just kept coming back. The main character also felt like a little bit of a robot, because I didn't really feel any emotion for him. I also found it weird that one of the females, who the protagonist really cares for, was trying to save the protagonist's ass. Another thing I didn't like was that the main character was a little bit of a patsy. Like I said, I didn't care for him, but it's just a little. The characters didn't really make sense and the plot was kind of a mess, but it was still a really good movie. I don't think anyone will like it, but it is still a decent movie. If you have seen the first one, then you will know what to expect, but if you don't, then you will probably like the movie. If you don't know anything about the first movie, then you won't care about the movie, and if you do know about it, then you will probably like it. 7/10

Madison photo

I will say that this film was not a complete waste of time, but at times the writing seemed a little rushed. And that's why it's a 7 out of 10. And for me personally, the gore was an important part of this film. It's also a very interesting story about a character who starts off as this strong, determined, and in the right place, but his feelings get the better of him and he kills and tortures everyone in his path. This makes him somewhat of a psychopathic monster and it's very well portrayed in this film. The writing, acting, and direction is very well done and if you like slashers then you will like this one. I am happy I got to see this at the local movie theater and I would have been happy to have seen it on a big screen, but I was very happy that it was only a 2-DVD set.

Denise Price photo
Denise Price

I've never read any of the Harry Potter books so this one was kind of like a comic book for me. I liked the way it moved at a pace that made it feel like it was real, though the screenwriting was not quite that good. I did like the writing, the voice work, and the effects. The acting was not quite up to par for me. The child actors were great. The grown ups, although they were bad, didn't make me dislike the movie, though they were not bad enough to annoy. But the kid's acting was a little strange. I could have done without the mother's rant and moan. And I think there were a couple of the actors who were played by the same actor for the first and last times. So the mother was pretty annoying. It's worth seeing. Definitely worth seeing. 9.5/10.

Adam W. photo
Adam W.

This film started out quite cool, and I was interested in what was going to happen next. But halfway through it got pretty lame. The dialogue between the girls was pretty stupid, and the plot holes were big. Not enough time was given to the boys. I really can't say much more without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it. Go see it for yourself and judge for yourself. I would give it a 7, but it's worth a lower 3.

Alexander photo

I have to admit, I wasn't all that interested in this film until I saw it first in IMAX, where I was laughing out loud at what I was seeing. It is a really good movie, though. It is definitely better than the other two films, though. The story is very original and makes sense, and the characters are all believable. The atmosphere is dark, and it's always eerie. The only downside is the amount of blood and gore. I've never seen the other movies, so I can't say whether it was good or not. All in all, I'd say this is the best of the Dark Below series, though the other two are not bad, either. It's worth seeing, and I definitely recommend it. 7/10.

Brittany photo

It was kinda like an Action/Thriller Movie. But it's kinda weird and the Movie is maybe too short. The movie starts out with an impression from the beginning to the end. The moment the prologue ends I felt that the movie was over. The movie did have a little less problems with the story and some of the characters could have been better written. There were some problems with the acting. When the bad guy has a mask on I thought that the person who played the bad guy might have been a little bit better. Also the characters lacked the emotion. They didn't show that the characters were in deep trouble. I thought that the movie had a very Good Drama. The ending was good. Overall I think that it's good, but nothing special.

Alan West photo
Alan West

Hollywood needs to get out of its comfort zone and look at film and television as two different media, "Fear Factor" and "Fear" for all they're worth. I hope the talent will finally be able to use their skills and find a way to combine them for a better outcome. Personally, I liked "Fear Factor" and the fact that it was a good suspense thriller. I loved the big-name actors like Will Smith, Ben Foster and Dustin Hoffman, and the direction was solid. But the writing was far from perfect and some of the plot twists were confusing. I always feel like Hollywood is afraid to make a truly good film, because they don't want to be labeled as "the B-movie and C-grade" movies. "The Dark Below" and "The Mummy Returns" both had flaws, but "The Mummy" had some really good moments and I'm happy they brought back Kevin Dunne and Barry Pepper. "The Dark Below" was a bad film, but it was still a good movie and I would recommend it to everyone. It's not a masterpiece, but it's not the worst film I've seen. The acting is good, the story is good and the special effects are great. The plot is too simple, but that's what makes it so great. I was never scared at any point in this film and the ending was extremely predictable, but that's what made it so good. I really do think that the only flaw with this film is the writing, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. So I recommend "The Dark Below". 7/10.

Shirley photo

The Dark Below is a twisty, scary movie with a spooky plot. It's great that someone actually did this movie right, and it's a shame it wasn't much of a hit. I love the idea of the movie, and it's good to see a really big budget movie that really isn't as trashy as most movies that do the same thing. The movie does have a few elements that are a little too close to how a movie should be, such as a heavy rock soundtrack that is playing over the top of every scene. Also, the movie does jump around a bit, and sometimes the action doesn't match the mood of the scene. The story was good, the characters were great, and the actors fit their parts perfectly. The only reason I didn't give it a higher score is that it didn't have a lot of action and it was a bit too slow for my taste. The acting was really good, especially Michael Rooker, who had a fantastic performance. I would have to say this is a great action/horror movie that people should see, if only for the decent acting and the spooky atmosphere that the movie has. It's definitely worth checking out, and it's better than most movies that people make these days.

Gerald Franklin photo
Gerald Franklin

I was impressed with this movie. I am a horror and ghost lover. I know that people who have seen the movie and love it, will love the rest of the movie. I don't think this is the best horror movie ever made. However, it is one of the best ghost and slasher movies I have seen. The storyline is fine and there are a lot of scares. The atmosphere is good. The movie looks good. I have seen it over 30 times. I think the movie could have used some more gore and a little more time to develop the plot. But, it is not all bad. There is a lot of scary moments and the movie is a good time. I would recommend it to people who like horror and slasher movies.

Andrew J. photo
Andrew J.

A seemingly normal-looking Russian man (Ivan Toreshenko) is brutally raped and impregnated by a monster on a mysterious island. How does this get "accepted" by the local locals? The monster begins to terrorize the men and women and ends up being killed by one of the locals who believes that the monster is the god of the village. Now, we come to the plot of the movie. Here's the basic setup: after being raped, the monster awakens and goes on a killing spree. The movie tries to be a bit mysterious in the beginning but the fans of "monster" movies will be disappointed. The story itself is cliche and the plot is as thin as it can get. However, the filmmakers put in a lot of blood and gore and try to create a realistic looking monster. And I guess this is where the problems begin. The monster is not scary in the least. I'll keep it short: he looks like an exaggerated version of "the werewolf" from the "Werewolf: The Apocalypse" movie. And it isn't funny. In fact, the "monster" just looks too much like the "werewolf" from the film. Now, let's talk about the performances: every character in this movie is just awful. The director tried to make up for this by having some okay performances by some actors, but they are just not enough to save the movie. The performance of Shohreh Aghdashloo is really a surprise. She is by far the best actor in this movie. I was really impressed by her performance. Her character is not bad at all. In fact, she actually looks like a sexy woman who just went mad. I guess that's what makes her character more realistic than other characters. I also like the performance of Moni Khalili. She's a sexy but cool character. In fact, I think she's the most realistic character in this movie. The best thing about the movie is the movie itself. I think the director did a good job in creating an amazing atmosphere and creating a really creepy atmosphere. And the action is pretty good too. The action in this movie is good and exciting. But again, the story is very thin and the acting is not good enough to make this a good movie. I really enjoyed watching this movie, but I think the creators of the film should take a look at other horror movies. In fact, I think the best horror movies nowadays are films with different characters and different plots. "The Dark Below" is a good movie with an average plot. I think that this movie should be better than

Jonathan photo

A starry eyed young woman is guided by her son's persistence to search for her long lost father. The young man, who has inherited her father's stationery, promises to leave the house with his siblings if she finds her father, for he says she has lost him. When he insists that he knows where his father is, her daughter, the young woman's boyfriend, quickly tracks down the family's mother and is horrified to find her dead, as well as the children. They are taken to an island, a place of savage and evil forces, where the mother and the children are held captive and forced to hunt for their father. The young woman and her boyfriend try to escape the island, but are captured and held there, and must use their hunting skills to find their way out. After the family is rescued, and the girlfriend is found dead, the girlfriend tells the young woman the last time she saw her father, she told him that she was pregnant. The young woman is in disbelief and the boyfriend begins to confess to the whole thing, but the young woman is reluctant, but as he gets close to confessing, he says, "You're a good girl." This film, called "The Dark Below" or "The Raft", is an independent horror film from Sweden, about a young woman who, with the help of a man, and a brother who is her former boyfriend, must track down her father, who has disappeared into a place of terrible evil forces, where he is being held by a strange cult, who want him for some reason, to be a part of their so called "Dark Below". This is an impressive film, I found it very interesting and thought it was very effective. There are some really good scenes, and some really eerie scenes, and the characters are well developed, and the acting is quite good. This is a very good horror film, it kept my interest for the whole two hours, it kept my attention all the way through. It's a very strong film, I can't say I would recommend it, but if you are looking for a good film with some really creepy scenes, and an intriguing plot, and interesting characters, then this is definitely worth checking out. It's not for everyone, but I think it is very worth checking out. It's a very good film. Rated R: Graphic Violence, Language, Strong Sexual Content, and a bit of violence.

Vincent Bryant photo
Vincent Bryant

I found it to be an effective psychological thriller, but I think it would have been even better if it had been a bit more psychological. However, for me it was quite well-made and a clever piece of filmmaking. It shows us what is happening to them as a family and how the bad stuff that happens to them affects the children. The story doesn't deal with the kids as much as they're both teenagers. One or the other of them is like a mentally retarded child who's on medication and then the drug wears off and the child is brought back into the world. However, it is also a good story about the fate of all the families who live in the area of the Dark Below. All the characters are played with such realism that you can really relate to them. The story is believable and you feel sorry for them, especially as they are both traumatized by the events in their lives. I really enjoyed the film because it has a very nice and understated visual style that is used, and it really gives you a sense of claustrophobia in a scary situation.

Ronald photo

The Shadows and the Horror come to life as the film begins, a new story is slowly revealed, involving a group of survivors struggling to survive in the harsh world of a ruined underworld, from a brief vision, we understand that there is more to it than meets the eye, and the future begins to thicken, a frightening new enemy begins to surface, bringing darkness to the world once again. The Shadows and the Horror is a fantastic film, the dark and disturbing world it depicts is so good, it will give the audience the creeps, the creatures the humans create to survive are truly incredible, the acting is not to be missed and the effects are truly frightening, there are some pretty intense scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with a strong sense of dread, it is definitely a film that will make you think and maybe even change your view of the world, once you see the ending, you will probably have to agree that it is definitely worth watching, it is one of the best films of the year, I highly recommend this movie to anyone, it is certainly worth watching.

Ethan B. photo
Ethan B.

Might be boring at times but it's fun, first of all, it's the classic story of a guy that has to go through hell and get out of it. He had a child and he is now a father and you can see him having a lot of life after the hell he went through. The thing that bothers me about this movie is the "flaw" of it. The writing and acting of this movie is well done but there are a couple of lines that made me feel a little uncomfortable. It was never very subtle and a lot of times when I would think to myself, "How can I watch this movie if it makes me feel uncomfortable?" I would try to ignore that and go on with my day, but eventually I would get a little annoyed and wouldn't watch anymore. I understand that I shouldn't, but I wouldn't recommend watching this movie if you do, because it's kind of weak and some of the lines were kinda weird and weren't that good at all. The story is not the greatest but I still enjoyed watching it and I am gonna say that it is still a classic.