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Frankie is a movie starring Isabelle Huppert, Marisa Tomei, and Jérémie Renier. Three generations grappling with a life-changing experience during one day of a vacation in Sintra, Portugal, a historic town known for its dense...

Other Titles
ポルトガル、夏の終わり, A Family Vacation, Френки
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
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Ira Sachs
Mauricio Zacharias, Ira Sachs
Pascal Greggory, Isabelle Huppert, Marisa Tomei, Jérémie Renier
Portugal, France
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Three generations grappling with a life-changing experience during one day of a vacation in Sintra, Portugal, a historic town known for its dense gardens and fairy-tale villas and palaces.

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William photo

I am amazed at how many people give this film a low rating, just because it is different. It is not 'dull' it is 'flawless'. 'The Great Gatsby' was a masterpiece. The only problem is it was 'too' different. The problem with a great film is that it is so 'dull' that you don't notice it, until it is pointed out to you, and then you know you have a great film on your hands. Not this one. I was very impressed by this film. This is probably the best film of the year so far. 'The Great Gatsby' was a masterpiece, but this one is just as good. It is the perfect mix of art and entertainment. I am sure that the IMDb ratings are not really based on quality, they are just the score. This film is the absolute best film of the year. I was extremely impressed. I am sure that most people were. It is not 'a classic' it is not 'great'. It is just 'perfect'. It is perfect. 10/10

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

All the movies I have seen lately (except for Stephen King's THE THING, and the remake of DOG DAY OF A FEASTING, which I haven't seen yet) are HORRIBLE and/or just plain boring. this movie was amazing. I don't know why they just turned it off, but I know why it was so great. Don't listen to the bad reviews, this movie is the best movie I have seen in a long time, and it is definitely not for people who like horror. I am a huge horror fan, but I will not be watching any horror movies that are based on the books. I give this movie a 10, and recommend it to anyone who likes action, mystery, romance, and/or comedy. If you liked RAN and the HORROR OF THE LOST FILES, I can't wait to see them!

Juan W. photo
Juan W.

Wow. This film was the most awesome I have ever seen. I loved the way it portrayed young people who were going through the same thing as the adults. The entire cast did a wonderful job. I also loved the plot. I am a huge fan of "A Mighty Wind" and the entire story was well thought out and well told. I cannot wait for this to come out on DVD. If you love an action film, or just want to see a great story, then this film is for you.

Nicholas photo

It's a shame that a movie like this can't get a wider audience and if it does, that it has to hide behind what it is. The film uses visual tricks to create a slow-burn atmosphere which is quite effective and draws you in. It's a shame the ending is rather weak but I guess it's meant to be. Also, it is good to see that this film is a blend of two genres. One is a dark comedy and the other is a drama. I'm quite surprised at the overall rating. It seems like the opposite of the way most people would rate a movie. I've seen this movie in a theatre several times and I've yet to leave. It is a powerful film that is almost impossible to forget. The art direction and cinematography are phenomenal. The acting is top-notch. The characters are well-developed and their interactions are perfectly realistic. The story is entertaining and even moving at times. The film was definitely not made for an audience of one. The film is great for all audiences, but I think it's perfect for teenagers. If you don't like this movie, it's not because of the subject matter or the way the film was made. It's just because you can't stand the sound of this film. So, if you like the film, see it again! You might enjoy it more!

Donald Matthews photo
Donald Matthews

A young woman (Michelle Williams) at the time is coming out of the same sort of training that many of the girls at that time had. After being sexually abused by her father (the director himself), she is going to find a safe place and life to belong. A place where she can be happy. She is in a special group for the girl's at the time, called The Light, because when the subject of the abuse comes up, the group is very close. She is a very private girl, and in order to keep her a secret, she has a password that is given to her by the group. One day, she is attacked by a thug. After a fight, she gets into the man's car and goes to meet him. When she returns, she is arrested, and the man is released. When she is released from prison, she is almost ostracized by the rest of the group, but she wants to stay a secret. She is close to her father, and she asks him to watch over her, and she is willing to do so. It is a very sad story, and the acting is top notch. The film also features a great soundtrack, so there is that. This film is one of those films that you just can't watch without thinking about it. It is a great story, but the film also has some good drama, action, and humor. I am not sure if there is any way to watch this without thinking about it. I believe that there is a second movie in the works for this story. I hope that there is.

Walter photo

Like some of the reviewers, I read the book a few months ago and still love it. The movie was excellent. The casting was superb. It was a "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" movie. But it was the story that made me laugh. A study of how people cope with change. How we deal with death. How we try to recover our youth and care for our children. How we have to deal with loss, or how we are at one with the world. That is what makes this movie so funny. It is a long movie, but I think you will find it to be an excellent movie. Especially for the viewer who loves stories that make you laugh. I also love the way in which the movie has not just a "good" story, but a "happy" one. It's a movie that you can watch over and over again. It has a bit of everything. It has a happy ending, but it's not a happy ending that you don't really want. The ending is so touching and so touching. I recommend this movie to everyone, it's one of my favorites.

Ruth photo

There is something about this film that always makes me fall in love with it. The writing, the acting, the plot. The acting by Peter Riegert and a young, very talented cast make it very difficult to dislike this film. The story follows the life of a young man named Frankie, who has just come out of a mental institution after having a psychotic break out. In order to complete his therapy, Frankie is sent to live with a wealthy family in a beautiful beach house. Frankie is the most mature of the group, and after watching his new family, he begins to develop feelings for them. He starts to show a strange interest in the daughter of one of the family, but after realizing how much of an idiot she is, he is quickly drawn to this family's daughter. When Frankie starts to realize how much of a fool he is, he decides to leave the family and start a new life. Eventually, Frankie finds himself in an unhappy situation in the real world, and is forced to take a new and more dangerous road. This film has the power to give you a real feel for the loneliness of a teenager. The acting of Peter Riegert is superb. He has the ability to transform from a drunk into a completely different person, a man who is still just a teenager. And it is impossible to dislike him. His performance is amazing, and so is the performance of the cast. The plot is very well thought out and I cannot think of any flaw in it. The ending is an amazing piece of film making. I was touched. The only thing that I did not like was that the film was a little slow in the beginning, but by the end of the film, I was completely on the edge of my seat. The film is absolutely beautiful, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good film. The way the film tells the story is so interesting, it would be impossible to get bored.

Michelle M. photo
Michelle M.

I was so impressed by this movie. It was such a good movie, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. And I didn't want to see it. I watched it about an hour ago, and it just gets better and better. I didn't know this movie was going to be this good. I never even heard of it until now. The whole movie was amazing. I didn't want to believe what I was watching. I had such a good feeling that it was going to be great. I'm going to watch it again tonight. It was really good. I watched the other movies that were in the series, but this one is my favorite. I think I would go to see it again.

Richard photo

To make a true-to-life story of a real person, what do you need? A good story, and in the right place. This story is true, and the good people are out there. I think every man and woman should see this film. If you are tired of the tired and boring Hollywood movies about true things, you should see this movie. I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Old Church in Princeton, New Jersey. It was shown on a very large screen, and everybody in the audience was laughing and enjoying themselves. I think this film should be shown at every school in America. It is a wonderful story of an amazing person, and I think everybody should see it. I hope this film will inspire many people. There is no person in the world that deserves this film, and no group or nation has ever been so humiliated and abandoned, than the people of Germany. We have the capacity to love and to love with all our hearts. This film is a glimpse into the beautiful world of friendship, of people who love each other, and who can love for no other reason than the love they feel for one another. I recommend everyone should see this movie, and I am sure it will be shown in every high school in America.

Douglas Gonzalez photo
Douglas Gonzalez

So as a big fan of the previous films, I thought I would give this one a shot. I thought it would be an absolute bore, and boy was I wrong. I went into the film thinking I was in for a serious thriller. I was wrong, and more than right. I felt that it was a heartwarming movie, and it didn't shy away from the issues that came with the characters being gay, especially Jimmy, played by Jack Black. I loved how he played this character, it really showed the pain he went through, and how he had to deal with his feelings for the gay character. The other actors were great, too. When you have a character like that, you want to see them struggle. Michael Clarke Duncan was great, too. He was funny, and had a great relationship with the character. As a viewer, I loved the film, and the characters. I can't say enough good things about it. There are a lot of films out there that are about gay people, and I don't think this film can ever compare to them, but it still made me smile. The performances are great, and I really hope that this movie gets nominated for an Oscar. This is one of the best films of the year, and I hope that it does well.

Scott G. photo
Scott G.

I remember watching this film back in my school days and loving it. I was in love with the young Dylan Thomas. The film has a wonderful sound, the music is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the story of the Boy Who Would Be King. (IMDB)

Scott W. photo
Scott W.

Another reason why this movie was so enjoyable to watch. The main character, Frankie, was such a lovable and intelligent person. He was a little rough around the edges, but that's what you'd expect from a movie like this. We were constantly being encouraged by the person playing Frankie to be a better person. Not only did he try to be a better person, but he was also a human being who just wanted to be a good person. The comedy was what made the movie, and I'm glad that they didn't give it the score that it got on the IMDb. I was constantly laughing, and as I said, it was just an overall good movie. One thing I don't understand is how many people didn't like the love story between Frankie and his wife. As I said, I was constantly having a laugh, and I think that if you really pay attention, you will notice that there are a few similarities between the couple. Overall, it was an amazing movie, and it's hard not to like it.

Craig photo

I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of this movie. It's definitely one of the more realistic movies I've seen in the last five years. It's a movie I could watch again and again. It's beautifully filmed, and it's filled with one of my all time favorite songs. If you're not a big fan of the "typical" Disney movies, then this isn't for you. If you like the "typical" Disney movies, then this is for you. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Arthur J. photo
Arthur J.

Just when I think I've seen it all, this film comes along, bringing the incredible depth of human emotions and their devastating consequences. The story is a truly beautiful one, with heart-wrenching themes about life, and relationships, but it's the performances and dialogue that make it truly a great movie. For me, the acting of the main characters is the strongest part of the film. Everyone is extremely great, but especially Al Pacino's performance is top-notch. I won't go into a lot of detail about the story, since I already know it, but I think it's extremely powerful. I've also seen it on a DVD a few days ago, and it's quite sad that I can't get it anywhere in the store, because I have no idea where to get it, but it's something I want to see again. I have no idea what the film's rating is, but I think it's one of the best I've ever seen. I'm glad that there's more people out there that know about it, so I can spread the word. This film deserves a much higher rating, and it has to get one.

Nicholas photo

I think the movie is great. I don't really like the ending, but I didn't really care about it. The movie is a good drama, but it's not great. It's a good movie, but I think the ending is really stupid. It's not just a stupid ending, it's a stupid ending that makes no sense. It doesn't make any sense at all. The movie is not about the ending. It's about how the people in the movie died. I think the ending was really bad. I think the movie is not great. I think the movie is a good movie, but I think the ending is really stupid.

Harry E. photo
Harry E.

This is a true story about a teenager with mental illness who works on a railroad bridge in Oregon. This film deals with both the physical and psychological aspects of what happens on the bridge, the performance by the lead actress and the psychological issues that develop. The film was directed by Taylor Hackford, who wrote and produced the film. His previous film was "Vetema" and it was a very good film. He has written for more than a dozen TV series, and has directed at least three television movies. This is one of his best films to date.

Donna L. photo
Donna L.

A lot of people have commented on this film saying how good it is, well I have to agree with them. The story is good and everything. The acting is good, the music is good and the direction is good. I am sure that a lot of people watching this film will never get over the fact that there are black people in this film. I know that when I went to see it in my first day I thought that this was not going to be a good movie, but I was wrong. The cast and the direction is what really makes this film special. I think that it is an incredible film. I thought that it was very well done. My vote is a 10 out of 10.

Sharon O. photo
Sharon O.

I really do not understand how people can be so negative about this movie. I don't even have an opinion on the controversial subjects such as homosexuality, abortion and the government as well as a lot of other topics that are explored in this movie. The performances by everybody in this movie are outstanding and a wonderful blend of hard to watch and softer scenes of love. I truly believe that everyone will love this movie. This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I just can not get over the fact that I was raised in a religion and have always felt that religion is a lie and that a lot of people are trying to make religion into a "Cult" or "Cult Religion". I hope this movie will teach us all a lesson, maybe even make us question our religious beliefs. If you want to find out more about religion, watch this movie and you will be glad you did. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 and I truly hope that everybody who sees this movie will learn something and maybe even change their religious beliefs. I have seen this movie and I am sure that many of my friends did as well and so did my mom. If I had not seen this movie, I would never have known about all the issues that go with the "Christian Church". This movie is a lesson in tolerance and tolerance will always win the day.

Melissa H. photo
Melissa H.

Another gem of an artist. Great story, great performances. The best I've seen in years. Worth watching for any fan of the art, the acting or of art itself. I will be buying this movie for future viewing. For all of the "reviewers" that take any criticism from this movie as a way to have an opinion about a film, you are dead wrong. To see a great movie, and leave without an opinion is almost impossible. My favorite movies are Planet of the Apes, Ape, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Flight of the Phoenix, and this. You just have to see them, and be you know what.

Gloria Rivera photo
Gloria Rivera

This film is one of my all time favorites. The acting is very good, the story is great, and the direction is incredible. To watch an excellent movie, without it being 100% in-depth, is quite an accomplishment. The story is wonderful, and the direction is great. My only complaint would be that the girl's make-up isn't as good as the guy's. I don't know why, but the one girl is so pretty, and the guy looks more like a middle-aged man than a teenager. It's like, she could have done a better job, and the boy, he was just trying to be the best he could. I can't explain why, but it just didn't work for me. So, I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Deborah photo

There's a part in the film where he says that he was a prisoner of war and what was that like? Like, what was it like to be in a prison camp? And then later, he says, "we get to play games with each other." I think that he's showing us a little bit of the life that was in the camps. And we see the people who were playing games with each other and the games that they used to play. And you know, we see the children playing these games and the kids. I think that he's showing us that there was this strong connection between the kids and the adults. I think that we can all relate to this film. It's really moving and makes me feel really sorry for the people that were in the camps. And also, it's really touching and it makes me feel that I want to go back and visit the places that I've heard about. The place I have heard about. But also, there are certain places in the film that are just like you could go visit. It's a really good film. I think that it's a very important film and it's one that I think you should watch. I think that it really makes you think about things that you could do to help and to make the world a better place.

Louis photo

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I like it, and I think it's a good movie to watch when you want to be entertained. It was well acted, the story was interesting and the music was well done. The music is so well done that I think the actors really put themselves into their roles, and the story was good. I didn't really understand the whole time, but it did give me a good idea of what the story was about. I think it's a good movie to watch with friends who want to watch something different. I don't really recommend this movie to people who are expecting to see a lot of violence, but I think the movie was realistic, so that is a plus.

Andrew photo

I found this film in the bargain bin at the video store. I had no idea what I was in for, and to be honest I didn't want to know what it was about. I thought it would be a drama, but what I got was an action/thriller. It had great performances, and the cinematography was quite good, I don't know if it was the lighting or the camera, but it was quite interesting. The story itself was interesting, it was a little bit like a mix of "Fargo" and "The Others". The only thing that kept me from giving this movie a higher rating was the ending, it was so vague and unclear, but it was so good that it just wasn't worth the wait. It was so good I was surprised to find out it was based on a true story. I really recommend this movie, I think it is very good, and I think it deserves a higher rating.

Jane H. photo
Jane H.

I'm a big fan of music, and I liked this movie. The movie is about a man, Frankie, who is a musician and has a very hard time getting a job. He gets a gig with a rock band, but it doesn't work out and he has to move on to a new gig. At the new gig, he meets a girl, and the movie is about how she is not a good person, and how she is a whore. And she also talks about how she can't take care of herself, and how she's really in love with her band-mate. And it's not all about sex. The movie has a lot of things going on in it, and it is quite interesting. I just thought the music was pretty good, and the acting was pretty good. It was more about the music, than the acting. I also liked how the movie was more about the music than the acting. Overall, I liked this movie. It's not the greatest movie, but it's not the worst either.

Mildred photo

I can't believe this film got so many negative reviews, as I found it to be a very well acted film. It is about a young man (played by Craig Bierko) who is a bit of a troublemaker, but who is trying to deal with the death of his father. I'm not sure what they expected to see in this film, but I think it was a well-acted, realistic movie about a real person. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good film, and can appreciate a good film.

Walter P. photo
Walter P.

This is a film I am sure many of you will love. It is a classic, and a film of its time. What I can't understand is how there are so many negative reviews for it. For the most part, I agree with the majority of these. It is an emotional film, and though the romance aspect is a bit superficial, I found it to be quite true to the actual events that took place in the film. There are no heart warming parts in this film, in fact it is very realistic, and has a great deal of drama. But the main character, and the plot, are not heart-warming. The cinematography is spectacular. The acting is excellent, and is believable for the most part. I can't remember a film that does such a good job of conveying emotions. This is not an average love story, it is a real story, and you can really feel the emotions being used in the film. It is a wonderful film that is very different from most romantic comedies. It does not have a happy ending, but there are no happy endings in this film. It is more realistic and honest than a lot of the romantic comedies that come out now. I think this is a great film. I rate it highly. It is definitely a classic, and a must see film. This is a movie that will be timeless, and it will be a classic to watch many years down the road.

Albert Castillo photo
Albert Castillo

I just saw this film tonight at the DC Film Festival. The movie had a lot of attention and I found it very interesting. It was a great film with a great story and great acting. I highly recommend it.

Harold Salazar photo
Harold Salazar

This film was very good. I didn't know what to expect and I'm glad I didn't. The story was very interesting and the characters were very interesting. I really enjoyed the film and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good film.

Rachel P. photo
Rachel P.

A great film, I don't know why it has such a low rating, but it's got a really great performance from Don Cheadle, and it has an amazing story. I'm not sure if I'd call it a love story, but it's a great story about a man trying to find out who he really is and why he's doing the things he's doing. It's about his past, but also about the future. It's one of those films that makes you think about your own life, and makes you wonder about your own life, and maybe you'll never understand what it is you really want, but it's worth a watch, and it's definitely worth a watch.

Joe Delgado photo
Joe Delgado

This film is a good portrayal of the values that make up the human condition. It is not to be taken seriously. It is more of a comedy of manners. The acting is good and the direction is top notch. The story is interesting and the characters are well developed. The film is well worth the time.

Laura Weaver photo
Laura Weaver

I had read many of the reviews on this movie before watching it, and I was a bit disappointed. The movie is very well done, though, and I think it is worth watching. I do have to agree with one of the other reviews that the movie was a bit too long, but I think it was a good length to tell the story of how Frankie became who he was. The movie starts out slow, but it gets better as the story progresses. I was impressed with the performances of all of the actors, especially Jack Nicholson, who is always amazing. I also thought that the movie was very realistic. I can't say that I really like the ending of the movie, but I think that it was well done. I do think that it was a bit too long, but I think it was still good. Overall, I think that this movie is worth seeing.

Billy C. photo
Billy C.

This is a fairly good movie about the life of a teenager in the late 1970s. The story is about how a young girl from a poor family is introduced to the world of drugs and sex. It is a simple story, but it is very well told. The actors are great and the story is very interesting. I think that it is a good movie for anyone who likes to learn about the drug culture in the 70s. It is also a good movie for people who are interested in the sex scenes in the movie.

Rachel P. photo
Rachel P.

I really enjoyed this film. The story is complex and the characters are really well done. There are a few things that I really didn't like. First, I didn't understand the reason for the Holocaust. The characters make a big deal about it but the real reason is that the Jews are in such a poor condition that they need a few extra years to be able to survive. Secondly, the ending is a bit too neat. The characters are not really happy with the ending. They want more, and the movie doesn't give it to them. There is a scene where the characters decide to stay alive and have a nice life, but they are no longer happy. Finally, I didn't like the way the Jews were portrayed. I don't think that they were all monsters, and the ending really is not in the right way. I think that they were all really nice people. I also didn't like the way the movie ended. The movie ends with a short speech, but there is no real explanation as to why the Jews survived. I also thought that the movie was kind of slow. It took a long time for the story to get going. The movie was also a bit too long. I think that the movie should have been shorter. Overall, I thought that the movie was really good. I recommend this movie to people who like historical movies.

Angela Dunn photo
Angela Dunn

I watched this movie with my boyfriend and we both enjoyed it very much. I think that the movie was very good, but it left me feeling that it was missing something. We both agree that it was the same for me and my boyfriend. I think that the story was good, but it could have been more dramatic and dramatic like in the book. I think that the acting was great and the actors did a great job. The movie would have been better if it was more dramatic and dramatic like in the book. I think that the movie was good, but it could have been better.