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San ren xing is a movie starring Wei Zhao, Louis Koo, and Kathy Wu. Realizing that he will be defeated in no time during a police showdown, a thug shoots himself to force the cops to cease fire and take him to the hospital. In the...

Other Titles
Sam yan hang, ホワイト・バレット, Three, 三人行, White Ballet, Howaito baretto, Trójka, Three on the Road, Tres, Tam Nhân Hành
Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Action, Thriller
Johnnie To
Ho Leung Lau, Nai-Hoi Yau, Tin Shu Mak
Louis Koo, Kathy Wu, Wei Zhao, Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn
China, Hong Kong
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Realizing that he will be defeated in no time during a police showdown, a thug shoots himself to force the cops to cease fire and take him to the hospital. In the hospital, he claims human rights to refuse immediate treatment in order to bide time for his underlings to rescue him. The detective in charge sees through his scheme but decides to play along so as to capture his whole gang once and for all.

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Ronald photo

The only thing I don't like about this film is that the characters don't have any color. While they are nice, the color just doesn't fit the characters. And I don't like the way the way they shot the fight scenes. It is very messy and you see the bad guys like every three seconds. All in all, I would recommend this film to all fans of Hong Kong action movies. It is a very good film. If you like to see a lot of action, you should definitely watch this film.

Gregory photo

The sequel to the superb Hong Kong actioner, "Dum Dum", is a violent, action packed thrill-ride with lots of gratuitous violence, bloody deaths, and plenty of gun battles. In the spirit of the previous film, the sequel is a bit less stylized, and more about the fast pace of the action. Even though the action scenes are still great, there are several stylistic changes to the story that are still very effective. When compared to the first movie, the sequel is very much on the same level of great action. It has a much more interesting plot than the first movie, and the plot is a lot more consistent. The story is essentially about a renegade cop who has been the target of a government assassination program. The assassination program is supposed to be the work of a corrupt agent named Sze, who has been spying on the police and is slowly killing them one by one. He is the only thing keeping the program going, and the murder of the police chief (who died when Sze blew up his car) also leads to the birth of a new, highly trained special-ops unit. The story is a little bit more interesting than the original film, but the action is still top-notch and the storyline has been expanded and more complex. The action is especially violent, and even the gun battles are quite bloody and bloody. The action is still outstanding, but the violence is also more creative. The shootout at the end of the movie is highly stylized and stylized enough to be fun and extremely cool. The cinematography is also a big improvement from the first movie, which was a bit gritty and dark. The editing is also much improved from the first movie, and it is now more precise. The editing is a big improvement, and is more precise than the first movie. The story is much more complex, and it is now much more consistent. The plot has been expanded, and the storyline is more coherent. The ending is very unique, and there is a twist at the end that I will not reveal. I think that the ending was awesome, and the movie did not disappoint me at all. Overall, the plot is a lot more complex and creative than the original, and the action is more incredible than the original. The action is much more exciting, and the gun battles are far more spectacular. It is one of the best movies I have seen this year, and it is probably the best action movie I have ever seen. It is definitely a contender for best movie of the year. Overall, "Ride with the Devil" is a very interesting movie that is very well made. The plot is interesting, the action is great, and the cinematography is very good. It is an excellent film that is definitely one of the best of the year.

Tiffany photo

This film has some very high standards set in place. One of the best and best part of this film is that it not only sets high standards but it also is very realistic in terms of how this could have been and what could have been done. This film is not for all to like. It does contain a lot of violence and in some parts is graphic but that is expected. This film is one of the best film of its kind in a while and i think is the best Hong Kong action film of the year. The actors are great and very believable in their roles. The story is simple but very good and very interesting. The music is great and well suited to this film. The acting is great and believable in the characters. The action is very good in this film and i have not seen a better Hong Kong action film in a while. I would give this film an 8 out of 10 and would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for an excellent action film. I am very disappointed that this film was not nominated for an Oscar but that is how the system works.

Maria Schultz photo
Maria Schultz

This is definitely a movie I can watch again. It is fast paced and has a good storyline. I don't know if the movie has it's sequel, but I don't think so. I'm just glad it's not a clone of a Chinese movie.

Lauren Butler photo
Lauren Butler

Long before I saw the film I had a feeling that this film would be a major hit. But at the time I wasn't sure. I had a feeling that this film was going to be a disaster. But it wasn't. Not only was the film funny, but it was a good story. Yes, the plot is simple, but the film is so much fun that it makes it all worthwhile. It's not about the plot at all. It's about the way the plot is created. The way the filmmakers create the plot, how it is brought to life, and the way it all comes together is just awesome. As soon as the action starts it gets really intense. I had never seen so many fast cuts in a film. As the movie goes on and the story keeps getting more and more interesting, the action scenes become more and more exciting. It gets to the point where it's just too intense. The way the film ends is also excellent. The way the film ends is very intense. But the way it ends is more intense than the rest of the movie combined. I haven't seen a film that's been like that. If you haven't seen this film yet, do it now. It's not like the first three films in the "BakChun" series, and it's definitely not like the previous films in the "BakChun" series.

Gerald photo

I really enjoyed this movie. The plot is great and the acting is also very good. If you are a fan of gangster movies you will be pleased with this movie. And the movie is not too long. I had a great time watching it.

Stephen photo

This is not the first Hong Kong action movie I've seen, and I wasn't expecting one, but I was surprised to find out that it's really good! It's a mix of a lot of different types of movies, and it's got a lot of action scenes. It's great action for the budget, and the film is well made. I think it's one of the best Asian action movies I've seen, and I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves movies about action, or if you're a fan of all things Hong Kong. It's good!

Kimberly W. photo
Kimberly W.

I had read about this film being a sleeper hit, but I was prepared for it to be just another attempt at a great Hong Kong action film. Well, I don't think that's really the case. It was quite good. I guess you could say that this film is an attempt at a modern version of the classic Hong Kong films such as Raiden and Fist of Legend. And while that is true, it still isn't the same thing. Because while the Hong Kong films have always had a certain charm to them, the modern films haven't had the same charm to them. Sure, I love them, but I also like Kung Fu action films as much as the next person. And I did enjoy this movie. I really did. And it's not just that it has a great soundtrack. I really do believe that's what makes it a classic. I can't remember the last time I have heard a really good action soundtrack like this. It has a very unique sound that you can't get from a normal movie. The music really fit the action sequences perfectly. I also love how the film had that Asian feel to it. I have to say that the film is pretty well paced and has a pretty good ending. I also really liked the action in this film. I don't know that I ever had that much fun with action films, but I did have a lot of fun with this one. There were a lot of good moments, especially the one in the middle of the film. And I really think that if the film had more of a romantic feel to it, it would have been just as good. It was kind of cheesy, but the music really helped keep it that way. Overall, I think the film is worth a watch. I will say that it is definitely not one that I would buy, but I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun action film.

Juan photo

In this case I was very surprised. After watching two of the biggest movies I've seen in the past two years, I'm still undecided as to which is better, Jackie Chan's "Secret Identity" or the late great James Li's "The Matrix." It was just too inconsistent and it was almost like they were just trying to get as many people as possible to see it. As I said, I think this is just a coincidence, I know that there are a lot of people that really don't like this movie. But I didn't hate it, but I still didn't like it that much. That's how the rating is here. "The Matrix" is the better of the two, because it has more action, more characters, more special effects, more explosions, more action. It's more exciting, it's a more well-developed movie. I can't really say that "The Matrix" is a great movie, because it has too many elements of a typical Hollywood action movie. I guess it's just a matter of preference. The other movie is "The Matrix," but I'll keep it simple and compare it to the previous movies. I don't know if there's a point to say that "The Matrix" is better than "The Matrix," because both movies are just movies in their own right. It's just that "The Matrix" is the better of the two. It's a well-made movie that has an awesome plot, great acting, and a great story. The action sequences are very well-made, but the plot of the movie isn't as interesting as it was in "The Matrix." I think the people who didn't like the movie were just comparing it to the previous movies. I can't say that I was satisfied with it, but I didn't hate it. "The Matrix" is just a movie that you can watch anytime. It's a movie that I can just sit down and watch. It's a movie that I could watch a few times with friends, and I could just say that it's a movie I could see again with my friends. I wouldn't mind if I'd seen this movie for a second time, because I really liked the movie a lot. It was just a matter of my personal preference.

Heather Andrews photo
Heather Andrews

Just saw this movie in advance. I have not read the Chinese original of this movie, nor I am familiar with the movie storyline. So I was not sure if I would enjoy it or not. In my opinion, this movie was very well made and very well done. The use of colour and how it was used was pretty interesting. The plot was good. There was very little use of the cliché of the 'evil businessman/kidnapper'. The villain was very well done. The ending was also very good. Overall, I thought this was a very good movie. I thought it was more realistic than the other action movies I have seen, but it wasn't the most realistic movie I have ever seen. I thought the story was very well done. I think that most action movies from China today are not as good as this movie.

Albert photo

I thought the movie was just too damn good. The only thing I could see missing was a much needed villain. There are some strong scenes in the movie and it's always good to see one of the two main actors of the movie back on the big screen, which we saw in "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", but this time we got to see both Keanu Reeves and the awesome Danny Glover. They both played their roles pretty well and made us believe that they were playing two completely different characters. The movie was also really funny, which is a rarity for a Hong Kong movie. I don't know if it's because I was in Hong Kong during the film's filming, but I swear the English subtitles are better than the Chinese ones and the Korean ones. I have seen a lot of Hong Kong movies that were dubbed in English and it was worse than this. I like that the movie wasn't really about the plot, which is the main part of the movie. I thought that the movie was so well made, it was a pleasure to watch and I really enjoyed seeing the Hong Kong movie in a different form than Hollywood. In my opinion this is the best Hong Kong movie that I have ever seen. It's really a must see.

George C. photo
George C.

When you have a movie that's got a simple story, that's in the vein of The Matrix and about a city that is under siege by a group of cyborgs, you can't really go wrong. Enter the Fast and the Furious (2014). This one is about two guys that have to take on a new and pretty bad enemy in a futuristic city. What happens is that their enemies start messing with the city. There are some pretty cool action scenes, and this one is definitely one to watch, even though it's not as good as the first one. I also like the fact that these guys all have something against the system, which makes for some interesting character development. The action scenes are all pretty cool, and I also like how the story unfolds. If you liked the first one, this one is definitely worth watching.

Austin Fowler photo
Austin Fowler

A lot of people are saying that the film is not realistic. There is a lot of violence in the movie. But if you think that is just a movie, I think you must think that they are not so realistic, but even if they were, they would not have such an effect on you. This is not a film about violence. This is a film about the art of war, the art of killing. And the most important, the art of dying. I think if you are going to see a film about violence, it should be really realistic, because people go to see these kinds of films, to see how great and evil things really are. Well, I don't think it's that great and evil, but still, it is really interesting to see a film like this, because it is really interesting to see how people treat each other and how they are being slaughtered by their own people. You just see the people in this film looking at each other, looking at their own bodies, not caring about the other's. There is a scene in the film that is very shocking and I think it really stands out and sends a very strong message. When a guy comes to see this girl, the camera pans back and he says to her, "Please don't look at me, I'm not looking at you, I'm looking at my dead, dead boyfriend." That's the scene that really sticks in your head. This is an important scene in the film, because when you see the scene in the film, it really says something about this society, about the real horrors that people deal with, about this kind of war. I really recommend this film. I have watched it twice and I think it really deserves a lot of credit. If you like violence, if you like a good film, I think you should see this film.

Brenda Matthews photo
Brenda Matthews

Watch this film because it is great entertainment. A must for action and action lovers! Don't take this film seriously, just sit back and enjoy. It has a lot of action, some comedy, and some drama. Good casting!

Jacob photo

I did not know anything about this movie but found it really entertaining. The only problem was that it was not very interesting but the action scenes were so intense that i actually felt shocked and disturbed. The acting in this movie is top notch. I think that it is the best action movie I have seen in a long time. It is so original and well shot that you will love it! I also liked the story. I did not know what to expect but it turned out to be a really good movie. One of the best I have seen and one of my favourites! 9/10

Catherine photo

This film is based on a manga by Makoto Shinkai. It is a realistic action film about a bank robbery gone wrong. It has a very well choreographed plot, a good story line and is directed very well. The whole film is an action film with a good storyline and it's a must watch. The story is quite simple. A guy is robbed and he finds that the bank they robbed is filled with hostages, which he tries to get back. The action is very good and has good action scenes. The acting is good and the film is very well directed. The film is rated 7.9/10 from. the Fiend :.

Denise L. photo
Denise L.

One year after the last major sequel to "Seven" was released, the director and writers of the original movie were contacted by a Chinese crime syndicate to work on a movie. I think that the producers of the original were also contacted by the syndicate, as they are among the very few people in Hollywood today who actually know Chinese law. The result of that is that we have a "Seven" movie with nearly as much plot and character development as the first movie. One of the major changes that was made in the movie is that the Chinese characters now speak with a Chinese accent, instead of the original's American accent. I think that this is actually the only major change to the original, and it worked out well in terms of the story. The other major change is the plot. While the plot of the first movie was pretty simple, the plot in this one is quite complex. If you can figure it out, you will understand what I am talking about. It is kind of hard to explain, but it is definitely not as simple as you might think. I would highly recommend you watch the movie. I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Anthony B. photo
Anthony B.

I did enjoy this movie. The action is good, the story is decent, and the actors and actresses are very good. I do feel that the film could have been much better, but the story is good and it is very entertaining. The dialogues are good, and the soundtrack is also very good. The directing is good, the editing is good, the cinematography is good, and the effects are great. So, the movie is good. It is really a good action/suspense/action/action movie. If you want to watch a movie to relax and have a good time, I recommend this movie to you.

Lisa photo

If you watch this movie on Blu-ray, don't listen to the critics, watch it. This is the best martial art movie I've seen in a long time. What makes it even better is the great music by Gordon Wang, it's not just an action movie. It's not only for the action, the soundtrack is really good. The plot is well thought out and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It doesn't fall into the traps like Kung-Fu Connection and In-Wind. The fight scenes are well done, and there are some pretty good one on one fight scenes that can really spice things up. In my opinion, this movie is easily the best martial arts movie of all time, it doesn't get any better than that. I give it an 8/10

Jessica G. photo
Jessica G.

This movie was really good. It was very well made. The story is a mix of gangster, action, and thriller. The action was well done and at the same time very exciting. There was very little gore and violence. The characters were interesting, and the development of their relationships was very good. Some scenes were very funny. I would recommend this movie for any action fans or anyone who likes gangster movies. It was really good.

John S. photo
John S.

I really liked this movie. The story is set in the 90's. This is the era of the triads. This movie is based on a comic book series and based on the characters. The characters are very similar to the main characters in the comic book. I think that the story is good. The cast is good. You can see the actors doing their job well. I recommend this movie. Enjoy the movie.