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Always Shine

Always Shine is a movie starring Mackenzie Davis, Caitlin FitzGerald, and Lawrence Michael Levine. Best friends Anna and Beth take a weekend trip to Big Sur, hopeful to re-establish a bond broken by years of competition and...

Other Titles
Zawsze piękna, Siempre amigas, Escapade funeste, ブラック・ビューティー, Σκοτεινές ψυχές, Démonaink
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Horror
Sophia Takal
Lawrence Michael Levine
Lawrence Michael Levine, Mackenzie Davis, Caitlin FitzGerald, Khan Baykal
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Best friends Anna and Beth take a weekend trip to Big Sur, hopeful to re-establish a bond broken by years of competition and jealousy. Tensions mount, however, leading to an unexpected yet inevitable confrontation, changing both of their lives...forever.

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Jennifer Keller photo
Jennifer Keller

If you are looking for a good scare movie to watch and get out of the house, this movie is for you. But if you are looking for a movie to enjoy in your own home, this movie is for you. The movie is excellent and I highly recommend it. The characters are very interesting and their relationships are very well developed. The acting is excellent and the movie was enjoyable to watch.

Carol photo

This is a movie that is worth seeing if you have a weak stomach. This movie has a great message that you should not let anyone tell you that you should not watch. This is a great movie that is worth watching again and again.

Bobby Hamilton photo
Bobby Hamilton

It is not easy to make a scary movie with a serious and profound message. This movie has a great message and very good acting. I recommend this movie to everyone, and if you like it, please share with your friends and family. I am not a religious person and I think this movie is more about how the mind works. You can always enjoy the movie and you can say, "I know what the message is about."

Cheryl O. photo
Cheryl O.

The only thing I can say about this film is it's a fun film to watch. There is a certain kind of movie that just leaves you in awe. This movie does just that. It is a film that will leave you guessing and also, feel like you've been watching something other than your normal movie. I liked this movie because it does take you on a journey. It is not something you'd expect from the typical movie. It is a film that will leave you on the edge of your seat, while also leaving you with a smile on your face. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good mystery. This movie will not disappoint. The ending of this movie leaves you hanging. There is no real reason to leave the theatre but I will be watching this movie again.

Brian K. photo
Brian K.

This is a fun movie. It is creepy, exciting and the story is not boring. You will definitely get a lot of laughs. I am a big fan of the movie and I think this is a great movie to watch with friends. If you like scary movies and you like horror movies. This is the movie for you. If you are not a fan of horror movies and you like fun movies then this is the movie for you. I give this movie 9 out of 10.

Elizabeth photo

In the first half, the plot is not very believable. In the second half, it is. I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie that had so much more to say. The story is about a young woman who has an unusual and tragic past. The people who were involved in her life are now dead and they have been moved to a remote place. The place is very remote, so the family who lives there has been moved to an unknown location. The people who live there are very suspicious of the new people that have moved in. A young woman is not who she seems to be. The only one who seems to know what is going on is the woman's mother. And she is not happy. This movie is a lot more interesting than you think it is. The first half of the movie is not all that great, but it is not bad. But as soon as the story starts to get interesting, it gets really good. There are a few twists and turns, but the plot never becomes confusing. This movie really is worth watching. It is not your average horror movie. It's not like you are watching a movie where all of the characters are wearing mask, and you think, "Oh, this is a horror movie, I think it's going to be scary." This movie is different. It's not the typical horror movie. It is more like a mystery, a mystery where you are trying to figure out what is going on. And it is worth seeing.

Craig Riley photo
Craig Riley

I'm a fan of old school horror, so when I found out that a film was making a comeback, I was excited. But in the end, I was very disappointed. The opening scene was the best part of the film. I thought it was very well done. But the rest of the film was just boring. It felt like a film without a plot. There was no buildup of the main character's personality. I thought the acting was good, but the script was very dull and very predictable. I would not recommend this film to anyone. If you have nothing to do, then you can go see it. If you want to see a good film, then I recommend something else. This film is just plain bad.

Ronald B. photo
Ronald B.

I will keep this short and to the point. This movie was a breath of fresh air. It was a great movie that was fun, entertaining, and a true "thriller". The story was very interesting, the acting was good, the production was good, the direction was good, and the music was great. The story was good and unique, but it was also very scary. I don't know if it was because of the music or if it was because the actors were scared of the story, but I think that the actors did an excellent job. This movie is a must see! I highly recommend this movie.

Mark Lucas photo
Mark Lucas

I thought this movie was a great piece of work. The story was great and the acting was excellent. I was blown away by how much I had enjoyed the movie. I've been a fan of his since the beginning. I hope there are more movies coming out of him. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a movie that has a good story and a good cast. The movie is a real sleeper. I was laughing so hard at some of the things that were happening. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story and a good cast.

Joyce photo

I was very surprised by this film. I have seen quite a few films and most of them are not very good. I really liked this one though. It is a little bit of a different type of movie. It has a dark and gloomy atmosphere. The music in this movie is great. The story is very interesting and the characters are very good. The director has a lot of talent and this is one of his best works. If you have not seen this movie yet, I suggest you do. It is a really good film and I am really looking forward to see more of his work. This movie is one of the best I have seen in a while. Go see it!

Ann photo

A film that has the potential to be one of the greatest thrillers of all time. Well worth watching.

Walter D. photo
Walter D.

This is an excellent movie. I've been waiting to see it for a while and it finally arrived at my doorstep. I'm not sure why I waited so long. I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of the horror genre. It seems like all of the big horror films are based on vampires, zombies, and werewolves. But I'm not a fan of these films, because I just don't see the connection between the horror films and the vampire, zombie, and werewolf movies. I can't stand watching movies that are really stupid and boring. I have to admit that this movie has a few twists, but the plot is so good and the characters are so interesting that I couldn't help but like it. The movie is so smart and clever and keeps you guessing until the very end. The acting is great. The story is great. The characters are great. The ending is great. This movie is awesome!

Richard W. photo
Richard W.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very well written. The writing was very believable. The acting was top notch. It was a good story. I loved it. It is very scary and will leave you on the edge of your seat. The people in the movie were very well casted. The ending was very good. It was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone. It is definitely worth the watch.

Jeremy B. photo
Jeremy B.

I was very skeptical about this movie. It started out pretty slow. The "what if" sequences were a bit unbelievable and I was not expecting much from this film. I was wrong. This movie is incredible. It was so beautifully done. The first time I saw this movie, I was very disappointed. I was expecting a standard horror movie with a few jump scares. I was not expecting a movie that made me laugh so much and made me scream so much. This is a movie that will make you laugh, scream, and cry. This movie will make you wonder about the world around you. I thought the ending was a bit predictable, but overall I thought it was perfect. This movie is fantastic. This movie is a masterpiece. I can't wait to see it again. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Grace G. photo
Grace G.

While this is not the best movie ever made, it is a well made and well acted film. It is well made and well acted. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. If you like psychological thrillers and see them as more of a film than a movie, then this is a good one. I do not recommend this movie for anyone who has never seen a movie before. It is a good movie and a good film to watch with friends. If you see a movie and have not seen a movie before, see it. It will not disappoint.

Anna Kim photo
Anna Kim

I really enjoyed this movie. This movie really keeps you on the edge of your seat. This movie was extremely creepy. I was really scared and was feeling the tension in the movie. I was really surprised at how good the acting was. The character's names were really interesting. I really enjoyed the storyline. I also enjoyed the whole movie. I really loved this movie!

Judith photo

This is a very cool movie that isn't exactly new. The plot is very simple and I like that. It is not too exciting, and you have to be able to put your mind to it to get it. The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has a very good ending. I think the actors did an amazing job. I think this movie is a must see. It is not a horror, it is a mystery thriller. I really recommend it. I have not seen any other movie that I can compare this one to. It is a good movie, and I think you should watch it.

Jason Greene photo
Jason Greene

It's not hard to see why people love this movie. I think it's a movie that I'm going to watch over and over again. It's not that it's a remake, but a prequel to the original. And I'll just say that the first half of the movie is just great. The first half is about a family trying to recover from the traumatic death of their daughter, and the second half is a bit more like a mystery. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of horror movies, but this movie was great. It was the first horror movie that I've ever watched that really made me feel scared, and I always think that I should be. It's a good movie. I'd give it a 9/10.

Robert Carter photo
Robert Carter

I saw this movie for the first time last night and was completely blown away. The plot was very well done and the movie kept my attention throughout. The acting was also great. I will definitely be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a movie that makes them think. I was very impressed and would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that will keep you guessing the whole time. I would also recommend this movie to people who are looking for a movie that will make them think.

Ronald photo

I was looking forward to this film for a long time. I was excited to see it after hearing so much about it. I was surprised to find it was very good. The acting was great, and the story was very good. The plot was very suspenseful, and it kept you guessing until the very end. The characters were very well developed, and the story kept you wondering until the very end. This film was a great ending to a great year. I highly recommend this film.

Grace photo

I like this film. It is a great combination of a thriller and a psychological thriller. I liked the fact that it did not give you the answers to the questions, but kept you guessing until the very end. It is very well done, and is one of the few films that I have seen where I was not satisfied with the ending. The characters are great, especially the lead actress, who was very convincing. I also liked the way the characters were built up, and the way the film was done. It was done very well. This is a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers or psychological thrillers. 9/10

Joshua photo

I saw this film at the TIFF screening in Toronto, and it was very good. It is a very well made film, with a very good plot, and a great cast. The direction is good, the cinematography is excellent, the acting is good, and the music is very good. The story is good, and the characters are very interesting. It is very suspenseful, and it is very well written. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. I would also recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the "Scream" movies, or "The Others". It is a very good film, and it is very well done.

Alan C. photo
Alan C.

I was fortunate enough to catch this movie at the 2011 Atlanta Film Festival. It was directed by Rob Pincus and was written by the director himself, but the movie itself was done by a small crew. This was a big mistake because this movie was very well done. The movie is about a man who is in a mental institution for his mother's suicide. He is brought there by his father who works there. The movie is a character driven piece, and the director really makes it work. It is very well done. The story is very interesting and I found it very interesting to see how the father deals with his son. The father really does a great job of showing his emotions. The acting is very good, and the director really shows it. The music is very good, and I really like the score. The movie is very well done and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good psychological thriller.

Vincent photo

A rather strange movie about a group of friends who are haunted by their mother's past. This film is definitely not for the faint of heart. It has a lot of graphic scenes, and is very violent. The film is very disturbing, and makes you wonder what is going on with the characters. I also like that this film is different than most horror films. It is a drama, and the story is much more complex. I like that the film doesn't go for the shock value, instead it goes for a deeper sense of emotion. The acting is good, the acting is very strong, and I really liked the music. I really enjoyed this film, and I would definitely recommend it.

Howard E. photo
Howard E.

The first thing I did after watching this movie was to find out who the mysterious woman in the story was. And, she was none other than Patricia Arquette. I just finished watching the movie and I'm still in awe of the quality of the production. It is quite a feat to have such a budget for a movie like this. The cinematography is simply breathtaking and you really feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. The story is well written and I really liked the ending. I don't want to give away too much but it is a little unexpected but I like it. It is one of the most thought-provoking movies I have seen. The fact that the story is based on a true story is a very nice touch. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who feel the same way as I do. If you want to see a movie that has great story, great acting, great production values, great cinematography and a really well written story. I highly recommend this movie. I will definitely buy it and I'm sure that many will too. Just don't expect too much. If you do, you'll be very disappointed.

Walter photo

If you like horror movies, you will love this movie. The characters are intriguing and the story line is good. If you are looking for a good movie with a plot and characters, this is not the movie for you. If you like a good movie with a good plot, and you like horror movies, then you will love this movie. This is a movie that should be seen by every horror movie fan. I hope that this movie does well. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I hope that you will enjoy watching it as well.

Paul K. photo
Paul K.

This movie is a pretty good one to watch on a rainy night. It has the typical story of a couple of people falling in love. It does have some minor flaws but they aren't that bad. The ending was pretty good. Overall, I'd say it was a good movie. The acting was good, the story was good and the special effects were good. I'd give it a 9 out of 10.

Rose Spencer photo
Rose Spencer

A film that is so well made and well acted that I would like to see it again. I don't think it is a horror film per se, but it is a thriller that is very well made. The cast is great and the story is interesting. It is not a film that is for everyone, but it is definitely a film that you will want to see again. It is not the best film I have ever seen, but it is definitely one of the best films I have ever seen. I recommend this film to anyone that likes a good thriller and a good cast. I give this film 9/10.

Jeremy G. photo
Jeremy G.

I thought this film was well worth watching. The atmosphere was very well done. It was not boring at all and it kept me interested throughout the whole film. The characters were well developed and I could not help but feel sorry for the characters. The film was not predictable and you can see the whole plot coming from the start. The acting was good and the characters were not just there to be "dumb". This is one of those films that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. It is a very good film and I would definitely watch it again.

Billy Butler photo
Billy Butler

The film is a story of a young girl who has the gift of the gab, a powerful psychic ability that allows her to see into the future. She has a friend named Clementine who is the same age as her. She meets a guy named Simon and they begin to have a relationship, but as the years go by they start to notice that they are not getting along. Eventually, they start to realize that they are in fact in love, and that it is their destiny to be together. The film is a fantastic movie, and I will say that it is the best thing I have ever seen. The acting is amazing, the story is great, and the ending is perfect. The movie is a great movie and I will be watching it again soon.

Jordan Williams photo
Jordan Williams

This is a movie that is a bit of a surprise. I saw it in a sneak preview and I must say it was really good. It's a bit of a twist on a genre that I love, the horror/thriller. I'm a big fan of the horror genre, and I'm a bit of a fan of the thriller genre as well. I have been watching movies like this for years and it's always a treat to see a movie like this. It has the good stuff, good acting, good directing, and it's suspenseful. It's a nice movie, but it's not a masterpiece. But it's a good movie. I recommend this movie to fans of the genre. I'm not sure if it will be a hit, but it's worth seeing.

Bobby Washington photo
Bobby Washington

This movie was a nice surprise. I like to see movies like this. I don't know why I didn't see this movie sooner. I will recommend this movie to my friends.