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Qué León

Qué León is a movie starring Christine Marzano, Virginia Del Sol, and Ozuna. A love story between a couple with the same last name but very different social statuses.

Other Titles
Qué León, Qué León (Una Vaina Loca), What a Lion
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
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Romance, Comedy
Frank Perozo
José A. Paxtor, Frank Perozo, Jose Ramon Alama
Anyelina Sánchez, Virginia Del Sol, Christine Marzano, Ozuna
Dominican Republic
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A love story between a couple with the same last name but very different social statuses.

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Virginia photo

Purchased this DVD for my son who is a fan of the lead character and has never seen it. The movie was very entertaining. The movie was based on a novel and the screenplay is very good. I think the audience would enjoy this movie more than the people who have never seen it. I think this movie was based on a novel by Roland Delaney and the script is very good. The characters are very interesting. I would have to say the lead actor, Luiz Fonsi, played the character very well. The audience will really enjoy this movie. If you are a fan of the lead character you would like this movie. If you are a fan of the actors who have played the characters you would like this movie. This is a great movie.

Matthew photo

I was a little hesitant to watch this movie because of its low rating. I've watched some of the films that were rated so low that I stopped watching it. But I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie. I thought it was a good movie because it has a good plot. It's funny, romantic, and makes you feel like you are in Mexico. The characters are all very well developed and there is no doubt that this movie will become a cult classic. I think the cast was perfect. Although there were only two Mexican actors, they were very good. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves movies and is into Mexico. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

Marilyn P. photo
Marilyn P.

This movie is simply great. The cast is just perfect. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The movie is about a rich girl who gets married to a man who has a problem. The movie is very funny and the cast is just perfect. In this movie, you can see the differences between a rich and a poor people. The difference is when you're rich, you don't have any problems and when you're poor, you have problems. And in this movie, it's so funny that you can't stop laughing. I highly recommend this movie.

Edward photo

If you're going to make a film about a guy's love life, you should do it in a way that makes sense. Take a normal guy and put him in a strange situation, then get rid of him. That's what the movie was trying to do, and it succeeds in the end. I really liked it. In the end, we see that Chinga, his wife, and his friend, all want to forget all the events of their lives and move on. That's where the film makes sense, but it's a good thing. It was a fun ride, and a lot of fun was had by the audience. I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

Nancy Howard photo
Nancy Howard

An amazing movie for anyone who loves Argentine cinema. A very fun, funny, and warm movie. The characters are well cast and the story line is well thought out. The camera angles are also beautiful. You really feel like you are in the movie. I especially enjoyed the piano playing of the grandmother. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes romantic comedies.

Mary photo

I've always liked Eliza Dushku, and I think she did a good job in this movie. She was funny, sexy, and her acting was great. I was very impressed with the acting of León, and it made the movie better. I'm not much of a big fan of Ben Kingsley, but he was amazing. This movie was very touching, and I really hope that they do another one. This movie was really funny and a great watch.

Phillip photo

The film is about two young people in their 20's who decide to make a short film together. They are quite different and different personalities but they are both quite childish and vulnerable. They have many similarities. One of them is a feminist and she has a lot of anger and frustration but also she is a good artist. The other is a loner and a very independent and free spirit and is quite witty. In the end, they decide to make a short film together. They decide to do it for the sake of making a short film. There are many changes in the story and in the plot. They decide to put all their worries about the other in the film and in the end they decided to have a break. But it was very funny. This is not a romantic comedy but more a comedy with some romance and a good story. I recommend this film to everyone.

Richard Wallace photo
Richard Wallace

The film, based on a true story, is a typical Latin American family comedy. The story is quite thin and very predictable. But what I really loved about this film is the way it depicts the normal routines of the Spanish culture. The whole story, including the Spanish language, the traditions, the religious and cultural elements, is very authentic and quite amusing. The Spanish family is all like this and as a matter of fact, the Spanish family is not all that different from the rest of the world. They all have their reasons for living in Spain, like wanting to get away from the troubles of their country, or just want to live in a peaceful country. But when one of the family is having a crisis, it is his duty to go to his relatives in Spain, who have everything to help him. The family is so well made and I think that this is one of the most original and funny family comedies I have ever seen. I give it a 9/10.

Nicole C. photo
Nicole C.

León is a classic Spanish movie about love, sexuality, and life. It is a love story, and it is beautifully told. I don't want to give away the ending, but I will say that the ending is worth it. The story follows a poor teenager named León, who comes from a broken family, and meets a rich young man named Josef, who tells him that his mother is a prostitute and that he is supposed to marry his girlfriend. The two meet and fall in love, and the two go off to live in a hotel in Spain, and then León finds out that Josef has a daughter, who he was supposed to marry. León and Josef find out that they are not related, and then they fall in love. This movie is very romantic and funny. The acting is superb, the film is visually beautiful, and it is a very funny movie. I recommend this film to everyone, because it is worth it.

Ethan Jenkins photo
Ethan Jenkins

I just want to say that the film is superb. I know that it's not for everyone but if you like the characters, you'll love this film. I highly recommend it to all who are into Latin American cinema. I'm not a Latin American person but this film made me realize that, I really do love Latin American cinema and that I should keep watching it. I'm very proud of it. This film is not about the characters. It's about the character of Cesar and the way he loves his family and his country. I think the film is great and I think all people who watch it should feel the same way. I give it a 9/10.

Lisa M. photo
Lisa M.

The three main characters are all incredibly clever, likable, and fun to watch. The story is very amusing and engaging, and I was constantly smiling and laughing. The acting is very good, the music is well done, and the characters are really well written and well developed. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I think that this movie is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a light-hearted comedy, and anyone who enjoys the Mexican style of comedy. The characters are very likable, the humor is very funny, and the story is interesting and enjoyable. The only thing I didn't like was the movie was too long. I felt that the movie could have been cut down by 15 minutes, but that's just me.

Laura Boyd photo
Laura Boyd

A curious movie about a simple young woman in love, who has to deal with life and her life, her family, and her place in it. It has great music, great acting, and great humor. But the most important thing is, it's a real movie. The most important thing is the characters. The characters in this movie are really real, they are not cardboard cutouts, they are not caricatures, and they are not people who you can take into a movie and have it be like a cartoon. The characters are all interesting, and you feel they are real people. The acting is amazing. Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts give the best performances of their careers. The only real problem is that the film has some pacing issues. There are a few scenes that drag on too long, and the film doesn't really know when to end. It also has some scenes that are just plain awkward, and the ending is completely predictable. Still, it is a really great film, and I would definitely recommend it.

Deborah Franklin photo
Deborah Franklin

I'm going to try and avoid the usual Hollywood cliches and tell the truth. This is a film that is totally unexpected and is definitely worth seeing. The main reason I gave it a 9 instead of 10 is because I really did not expect this to be as good as it is. I've always found myself disappointed in movies because they have all the potential to be great but fail to deliver. I really did not expect this to be as good as it is. I don't think it would have been as good if it wasn't for its director and the writer and all the other cast members who made the film what it is. What really makes this movie so great is the chemistry between its main characters. All of them are great actors and each of them have something to offer to the movie. The plot is simple but it is done very well. The film moves along at a very fast pace and does not take long to get to the end. There are very few parts that drag on, but the movie is not slow at all. The directing is wonderful and the camera work is fantastic. It's just a really well put together movie. I think that people who watch this movie for its plot will be disappointed because it is actually a lot more than that. It's about life, friendship, and finding yourself. It's about relationships, friendships, and finding yourself. I don't think I could have asked for a better movie and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Ronald Austin photo
Ronald Austin

I really liked this film. I have read all the reviews and the people who said it was a boring film, or that it was badly acted and the ending was dumb, they were right, it was slow. but it was really funny and a lot of the jokes were great. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to laugh and be entertained. I have watched it a few times and I still laugh at it. The actors and actresses were great and the film has a good story to it. I love how it was shot and the locations, and the way the actors all fit into the story. I think everyone should watch this film, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh and have a good time.

Catherine G. photo
Catherine G.

This movie, which I watched with my boyfriend and a few friends, has brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. My friends and I are also familiar with Luis Vazquez, a classic Spanish comic book artist, who is one of my favorite authors. This movie is set in a small town in the country and the characters are a young couple who are doing something adventurous to experience the countryside. They travel from one place to another, all the while going on an adventure with a kid that they find on the road. The movie was not meant to be a comedy, but it has a lot of funny moments. It is also a good reminder of childhood, so if you have any childhood memories, go see it. My boyfriend and I are still in love with the movie.

James A. photo
James A.

This is a cute, romantic, funny and sometimes intense film. It's based on the novel of the same name by the same author who is most famous for his novels about the lives of the class of the "middle class" in the 1950s and 1960s. It has several similarities with that other film, "The Three Musketeers" (which was also based on the same novel) and it also has several similar elements: a middle-class family and their school life, and the challenges of living in a society that's different from your own. That's why, I think, the film is better than the other one. There is something special in this film, like a bittersweet sweetness. It's like a great big brownie, but you can't eat it all. If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it. It's a film you have to see.

Craig B. photo
Craig B.

What a wonderful movie, a must-see. One of the best I've seen in a while. A gay-themed drama about a man's struggle with his sexuality. Not too serious, and the movie is really well-done. I thought the acting was great. The dialogue was well-written and well-acted. It was a great date movie. I'd recommend it to anyone. I highly recommend it to anyone. It's a great date movie, or just a great movie to watch with your friends. It's a great movie for everyone.

Scott R. photo
Scott R.

A simple story about a young woman, that never had a chance to grow up, but it's more than that. She has a very good friend, that never really understood her and is still thinking about it. And when she starts to see her friend in a different light, things go from bad to worse. But still, she tries to make her friend happy. And even after a lot of time, they still try to find some light in each other. The story is very interesting, and the film shows a lot of beautiful places, that I really like to see in the movie. And the acting is really great, especially of the two main characters, that really make you really feel for them. I would recommend this movie to everyone that likes romantic comedies. If you want to see it, I suggest you to watch it.

Albert S. photo
Albert S.

This is a great movie for anyone who loves quirky comedy with some twists. I would give it a 9/10. You'll love this movie if you like the following: romantic comedies, comedies with romantic comedy elements, and drama. I am a bit of a romantic comedy buff. It's just that I can't say the same about this movie. If you are looking for a movie with a romantic comedy, this is not it. The movie has a great story and characters and the acting is great. The movie is also set in the past, which is a good thing to do, since the movie is set in the past. The only negative thing I have to say about this movie is that I found it very hard to relate to the characters and the story, because it is set in the past. But it is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. I hope you enjoy this movie.

Cynthia King photo
Cynthia King

I think it's very easy to understand why this movie is so popular. It's full of both humor and heart. In addition, it has a great soundtrack, which makes it perfect to listen to in the car. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you love movies and want to laugh and cry, you will love this movie.