Watch Tang ren jie tan an

Tang ren jie tan an

Tang ren jie tan an is a movie starring Baoqiang Wang, Haoran Liu, and He Chen. After being rejected from the police college, a mannerly man travels to Bangkok where he and an energetic distant relative must solve a murder case.

Other Titles
Detective Chinatown, 唐人街探案
Running Time
2 hours 16 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Mystery, Comedy, Action
Sicheng Chen
Sicheng Chen
Liya Tong, Baoqiang Wang, He Chen, Haoran Liu
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After being rejected from the police college, a mannerly man travels to Bangkok where he and an energetic distant relative must solve a murder case.

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Judy A. photo
Judy A.

After watching Rogue One, I was left wondering where my patience for sequels and the previous Star Wars movies were. Like many other Star Wars fans, I was going to say that I would skip Episode 7 and return to the series, but then I remembered that I had finally watched Rogue One, and I had the urge to see what it had to offer. To sum up, Rogue One is not as good as Empire Strikes Back or The Phantom Menace, but the humor is better than some of the other Star Wars movies. The fights are more inventive than in the first trilogy. It has a deeper focus on the "good" side of the conflict. The cast is more than adequate. I felt it was the right call to end the story on an even note. The question remains: which one will I like best? It's not a tragedy for me, I just don't know if my long-suffering son will be moved by Rogue One, or by Empire Strikes Back. He seems to love both. So, a perfect 7 out of 10.

Joan photo

It's really fun to watch this film as it is an action film with many different action scenes. From the action scenes, we see that they are not that difficult to understand. The speed, the speed, the speed! The top actors, such as Ziyi Li and Wu Jing, act in a simple manner and I found it very cool. This is not a film for the weak-minded. Enjoy.

Ryan photo

While this movie was released in 1998, the story and the direction is really interesting and creative, even though it isn't the "classic" of the series. The plot doesn't seem to go on for that long, so there is a lot of change. I really enjoyed this film, and I recommend that you watch it with an open mind. If you like Hong Kong action movies, I think you will like this movie.

Bruce B. photo
Bruce B.

As is often the case, I love a movie where it keeps me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie. Some are more skillful at moving me to that edge than others, but this is one that takes me right to the edge. The movie revolves around a CIA agent called Hunter Miller who must find out why a ragtag team of private spies have gone rogue and begun killing anyone who crosses them. This is done by hiding out at the airport during a criminal heist to find out the answers. He doesn't have that much to do during his time on the job, but he's pretty good at it. In addition to his job, he runs into fellow agents and their girlfriends who go out with him when he has nothing else to do. The movie runs a bit long and then slows down a bit, but that's actually good for the movie, as long as you're looking for something to watch. It's a rather violent movie, but not that graphic. It has some brilliant action scenes, but don't expect a lot of action, or at least nothing that wouldn't get you excited. This movie is smart, well-written, and knows how to bring out its funny, intelligent humor. I've already seen it twice, so I'm sure I'll be seeing it again. There's a lot of humor that the movie throws in throughout the whole movie, and that's why I think it's such a classic.

Ethan photo

Director Li Ziyi is as usual excellent at the same time. She once again creates a film that is a parody of the so-called "western style" films that are often made these days. The plots are quite absurd but to the point of even where I can not even imagine. She is able to create such a sense of humor out of that. The performances are also fantastic. To the first I have to say that the use of German actors were quite a good idea, as they brought the film to life. Also the writing is quite interesting, and by that I mean it is able to keep you entertained throughout the entire duration. It is funny and even sometimes interesting. All in all a good movie. For those who want to see a really good movie, I recommend it. I rate it 7/10.

James Miller photo
James Miller

This film is set during the Second World War. Four sons, Lin, Cheng, Lei and Chang are able to save the emperor's life and hide from the Japanese army. Only Cheng is captured and interrogated. The other sons are being taken to prison and while all are innocent the warlord is searching for them. The whole film is based on a 1 minute story. This is what I liked the most. The action is much more detailed. The story is good but a bit strange. I did not see the whole story in the film but the early scenes of the four sons are great. The twist in the end is good too. I really enjoyed this film. Good special effects, good acting, good comedy and great story. It is better than many recent films from Hollywood, it is about freedom of speech and his nephew's torture and interrogation. The whole film is much better then "12 Years a Slave" and "Boy's Generation" but not quite as good as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". This is a good film, it deserves much more of a rating.

Jonathan Gilbert photo
Jonathan Gilbert

I never read the manga, but I saw the anime, so I watched the movie. I found it a good addition to the series. Although, I'm not quite sure how to summarize the movie. It is what it is, a movie. The plot was kinda what you would expect from a movie of this sort, but that didn't matter. The action scenes were awesome and I never once felt like I was watching a live-action movie. It's too bad that it was always this way. It felt like all the other Bleach series were just made to cash in on the live-action movies that were already out. If you like the Bleach manga, you will love the movie, if you don't like the manga, you won't enjoy it.

David photo

While this movie is labeled as a sequel, it is actually a prequel, not a sequel to the first part of the movie (I believe the title is "Taichi no shiro"). The character of Daichi is from the first part, the movie title. Also, this movie is really slow at some times. It's quite hard to keep up with the story. There are a few moments when the speed seems to be so fast that it is impossible to keep up with it. The only really fun part of the movie is the first, because it's the most important. The rest of the movie is pretty boring. There is not much action, and there is not much humor. Although I am a fan of Akira Kurosawa, this movie is really dull. I think this movie would have been better if it had been titled "Daichi no Shiro" (Shiro Daichi) or something like that. There is not much action, so I don't think you should watch it at all. This movie is on Netflix, and you should probably watch it right away. However, I also would not be very surprised if you decide to watch it. It is not very long and it is not very boring. The best part of the movie is the first part, which is about the young Daichi's life in the countryside, and in the jungle. This movie is very well made, so if you have an hour and a half, it is very worthwhile. This movie is better than I expected, so I am going to watch it again.

Howard photo

I first heard about what these guys did while watching the movie "Three Bods". I had not seen the movie until it came out on DVD and decided to rent it. I was surprised to find that this was one of their greatest movies and that they had only made four movies of theirs before making this one. Three Bods is about two drunk men, Wu Tien, Ten Thousand Mile Lung and Peter Hu, who steal the bikes that belong to Chris Ten Thousand, a sales manager for the bike shop in town. With all the bikes missing, the three men decide to sell the bikes for a profit. Once they have the bikes, they decide that they would use the money to clean the local river and fly to the Pacific Islands to protect it. It seems that a religious couple living on the island are under threat and they must battle them to survive. Ten Thousand wants to kill him but then the only other option is to kill the Christians so they will not be subjected to the blood of Christ. The plot is a simple one but the execution is good. With a few exceptions, the dialogue is silly. Most of the time, the actors do not know where their lines are going and the dialog between them is full of bad jokes. I can understand why the actors would want to make up some funny stuff, it is hard to make a solid line. The acting is good because the actors can handle a bad line easily and you cannot see the actors struggle to make the line work. The plot is good but not great. In the beginning, they have to get the bikes before the guys start their plan and it is a good premise. Then it is just all talk, which is boring. However, once the characters are on the island, the plot starts to grow and the action starts. I do not want to spoil the movie so I will not say anything about the action scenes but they are good, especially the fight with the Christian couple. The fight at the end was a good twist and the climax was good too. This movie is mostly amusing but some of the jokes are lame and other people are offended by them but I do not think that it is bad. I recommend it. It is much better than a lot of movies that have been made in the same year.

Roy Dunn photo
Roy Dunn

The movie starts by introducing us to the main character of the movie, Major (Chow Hyeon-Go) who is one of the senior military officers of the army. She is willing to go against orders to do something that she knows is right and to protect her lover who has fallen to the enemy. The film is set in Korea where some of the major battles have happened. The plot line is simple but the movies does an okay job at keeping you interested in the action and the situations. The best part is that this is not a typical korean movie. It has a bit of humor which the movie also knows to keep in the viewer's mind. The director does an outstanding job at making this movie look and sound good. The script is great because you have to remember that the movie is based on a book which is too old to have been written a long time ago. I really do not have a lot of words to say about this movie. However the movie is definitely not as bad as the other korean movies I've seen lately and is definitely worth seeing.

Shirley F. photo
Shirley F.

After a few weeks i tried to watch this movie in the cinemas but was at the cinema by myself. But i was curious to watch this movie and of course i found this movie on the net. Also my brother was with me. As a Chinese i saw many issues that i have a problem with and after watching this movie i feel there are many things that i would like to say to this movie. This movie has a lot of action, drama, action, romance, comedy and they have also a lot of action. But there are a lot of action in this movie also there are few jokes that you can laugh at. After watching this movie the characters are very funny and that are really interesting for you to watch them. For the only flaw is the Chinese dialect of English i don't know how to say that i think that it was the not the best translation but it was understandable for me. Also this movie is more expensive then it should be because of the language.

Jeffrey photo

This is quite possibly the best Jackie Chan film to date, and the best to date by far. It's not the best film ever made, nor the best martial arts movie. It's good, however, and when I say it's good, I mean the best. This film has it all. If you love Jackie Chan, or even if you hate him, you will like this movie. It is not one of his greatest movies, but it's a good one. He is incredible in this film, and I think he is quite clearly the best in his career. The first half of this film is quite good, but after that, the plot becomes quite stupid. I am not kidding you, you will be laughing your butt off at this movie. I do like the ending though, it's a bit of a cliffhanger. I do also think this film deserves its current placement in the top 250, because it is a wonderful martial arts movie that I never thought I would see. I do recommend it to everyone who loves Jackie Chan, and I will be seeing this movie again soon. Everyone else, please ignore this review, and go see it yourselves. I highly recommend it, I'm going to see it again tonight, and I recommend you do the same, because this is a must-see. Final note: I will definitely be purchasing this DVD for my collection, and I am sure I will buy it for my self. So, see it, and you will see that it is not like you thought it would be.

George Jenkins photo
George Jenkins

If you love martial arts action films you'll love it.

Laura C. photo
Laura C.

I've seen this movie about ten times now. One of my favorite parts is when the students kidnap the detective and hold him hostage. Not only does this movie have a good plot but it's also incredibly silly. Especially the first time I saw it I was laughing like a mad man. Don't let anyone tell you this movie is stupid or not funny. Watch it and make your own opinion. Most of the critics either hated or hated it. I liked it so much I've seen it twice and I don't have a problem with it anymore.

Amanda Lewis photo
Amanda Lewis

The movie's plot is straightforward and that's what you'll find with the film: a kidnap, a take-over, a shootout, a man trying to save a woman, and a surprise confrontation. There are also a few flashbacks and a mind-f*ng twist ending. I liked this movie: it is as sweet as a bouquet of roses and as fun as the icing on a cake. On top of all that, you'll be interested in seeing what happens to Chen Yue. Just don't expect to see her at all. The rest of the cast is the main reason to see this movie. It is a must to see all the great actors - Li Zhen, Li Zhen, Chen Yue, Chen Wei, Chen Yang, etc. - who play there parts to make you laugh, cry, and become instantly engrossed. In short, I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. I'm really looking forward to see Chen Yue in the next one.

Walter L. photo
Walter L.

A peculiar movie with both action and romance. This movie is somewhat limited in acting talent but also quite funny. The plot is interesting. The action is outstanding. The story is rather simple but also quite enjoyable. If you are not used to this kind of movie then you will not understand the plot, but it is more than enough for you to enjoy. Not recommended for the parents of kids. The acting is pretty decent. The only really terrible performance is by the main actor who plays a villain. A perfectly acceptable effort. It will never be a classic but it is nonetheless a good movie for those who like action movies and the romance story is not the typical one. Enjoyable.

Jordan photo

Yes, this movie is in a completely different category, and I will not compare this movie to any other movie, because it is not. Instead of trying to fill in all the information of a movie to the 1st, or even 2nd, of the title, I will simply mention some basic aspects, and let it go. First of all, the story itself is somewhat original, which makes it a good watch. If you don't have any knowledge about Chinese or Chinese culture, it might be difficult to understand, but if you do, you will surely enjoy it. I must admit, I have not been to China before, but I think this movie does a good job of depicting the culture. The Hong Kong cast was good as well. The script is very well written, and the directing is a masterclass, much better than what I have seen in Hollywood. (Hollywood would probably say this was a box-office failure, but then again, when I compare it to their American movies, it is clearly the best) There are many subplots, and all of them are interesting to watch. There are no hard-to-swallow jokes here. I must admit, the fight scenes are very well shot. I really enjoyed watching the fight scenes. I also like the fight scenes in this movie were they are done well. The whole movie is mainly about the drama. I actually feel like I have just watched a drama. The problem is that the drama is not very good. The plot and the ending are good, but the drama is all wrong. The climax is almost too predictable. It all just seems a little forced, and not very well done. It almost seems like this movie is trying to be a comedy, which is funny, but it is not. The relationship between the brother and sister is also not very good. The two are not very close, at least. So the sister was great, and the brother was not that good. I would not have minded if the brother just talked a little, which would have been a better brother-sister, or the sister just watched over the brother, which would have been better, or the brother just tried to beat up the sister, which would have been better. So overall, the relationship between the brother and sister was good, and the brother did not do anything to make the sister fall in love with him. The brother did not do anything to make the sister fall in love with him. So the brother and sister did not really have a good relationship. I am not criticizing the brother, but it is not good. Also, I was not very satisfied with the ending. The movie did not end in a good way, and it left me cold. I would have liked it more if it ended in a better way. Overall, this movie is an extremely interesting drama that you can watch once, and I recommend it to everyone. It is a great watch for people who want to experience a different culture. I would suggest you to watch it.

Kelly L. photo
Kelly L.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was expecting a comedy. I was really surprised to find out that this is actually a movie of many layers. One of those layers was of the theme of rebirth, the second layer was of the martial art world, the third layer was the illusion of "virtues" in the world of art. The movie is simply beautiful to watch. From the beginning, the movie is set up very nicely, the characters are very well developed and there is not a single dull moment in the whole movie. The characters seem real and the plot flows perfectly. Although I have heard many people complain that the movie is stupid and slow, this is not true. The story in the movie is not the stupidest in the world but it is one that is very consistent and has very good moral aspects. There is also a very strong contrast in the characters of the good and bad. The good guy is the protector of the world of art and the bad guy is an idiot who does not understand the world of art. The final climax of the movie is very impressive and I can honestly say that I was shocked in how the character of the good guy was defeated. I was really surprised in that the story is not simple or straightforward but rather a movie that is very well written and has many layers. For example, the scene of the meeting between the "good guy" and the "bad guy" has many layers. I really recommend to everyone who has not seen the movie to watch it. I will definitely watch it again.

Katherine O. photo
Katherine O.

I don't really like this kind of movies. Most of them end up being so bad it makes me laugh out loud, and for me that's the definition of a "good" movie. No good movies are made that I don't like. There's always a period where I'm like, "I'm going to watch it till the end and see if I can laugh even harder" and it never happens. A lot of movies are like that but not so this one. The style, style, style. The acting is decent, and I really liked the characters' personalities. Also, the stories are actually pretty good. They are told in a more "slow" way than most movies. If it's something you're interested in and you're into movies that will make you laugh at least a little bit, this is a good movie to watch. If you're a guy, I don't know if you will like it because it's not really like you are at all. If you're a girl, this is a good movie to watch because it has a nice story line, lots of acting and good scenes.

Joyce H. photo
Joyce H.

Jiale is a Cantonese film that doesn't come across as very bright to western audiences, but is in fact a fairly original Hong Kong movie that could make a great homage to western films of the 1940's. The film tells the story of Li (John Woo) who is a professional fighter who is teamed up with a girl (Jin Yeong) who is an up-and-coming fighter called the Super Six. This set of six fighters is ordered to train together, but the trainees are not allowed to leave their training grounds. Li has a brother and a sister named Ping, who is a fighter who is notorious for his vicious attacks on opponents, who is also part of the group. At the training grounds, they come to realize that the death toll from the incidents involving the villains is abnormally high. One night, Li and Ping are attacked by the villains, which the film has a 'pilot' style, that serves as the first of many flash backs. In this scene, the fighting continues until the villains reveal a solution to the problem, and the trainees must return to their training grounds. The film is almost a race against time, as the villains have caught up to Li's team, and want to shut them down before Li can get his hands on the weapon he needs. In the end, the team succeeds in preventing the villain from finding the weapon, and the film is over. The film has some good comedic moments, as well as a great use of realism, as the way the villains train their fighters is quite realistic. One scene in particular is a fight between Li and a girl, which is completely realistic. But, the biggest and most dramatic parts of the film are actually the fight scenes between the villains. Some of the scenes with the villains actually make them come across as quite scary. I loved the fights between the villains, as the film is just about every bit as good as the western films of the 40's. The villain in the film is really scary, and they actually go beyond being 'inbred' when they fight each other, to actually taking on human form, which is the main reason the film is so successful. John Woo's direction is top-notch, with the cinematography complimented perfectly. The Chinese language spoken in the film, a particular accent, was well-translated, but sounds strange to western viewers, but is actually very effective and adds a great sense of realism. The action in the film is certainly well-crafted, the fight scenes are cool, and the one-on-one fights between the fighters are fun to watch, the story is kind of original, but the film does have a twist. John Woo really gives a great deal of skill to his films, and I do believe that he is one of the best directors working in the industry today. The rest of the cast did well in their roles. I really loved the chemistry between the stars and the chemistry between Li and Ping. They fit together very well, and were quite entertaining to watch. The supporting cast was also very good. The Hong Kong scenery and the costumes were good, and I liked the music. Overall, the movie is really worth checking out, but don't be too hard on it because the originality and the quality of the film is excellent. The film is a good homage to the other films of the past, especially the western films of the 40's. But the film isn't going to appeal to western audiences, but is still a very good film that is worth watching.

Helen Jacobs photo
Helen Jacobs

In the future, a drone problem takes the lives of ten thousand people every year. No one really knows what it is, but one woman, a trash collector, believes that they are trying to collect a micro-environmental experiment, and is trying to prevent their deaths. I really like this movie and that's a bad thing. I say that because a lot of things in this movie don't make sense, but you have to accept it because it's a completely over the top parody of all sci-fi movies. In this movie, there are double crosses, gold teeth, mutants, bombs, fireballs, aliens, space junk, mutants, swords, karate and car chases. But, if you just accept that everything is a parody, you can just enjoy this movie for its visual style and the huge variety of actors and actresses. But then again, it's not like this is some new movie. I think everyone knows this movie. It is obvious from the previews and the pictures. The last trailer did it pretty well.

Louis photo

The movie was entertaining, with some of the best computer animation i have ever seen in a movie. The animation was done perfectly and it was just so awesome. It was the second movie i ever saw this, the first one was "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and this movie is just as good as that movie. You could just tell that they paid a lot of attention to detail. But, like the previous movie, the acting was over the top. From kuang fu-shi Gong Li, to mantha and everyone else, they did it really well. And in fact, the character development was great. For a movie like this, to not show any significant development at all, really didn't bother me. Also, the story was just plain stupid. But I thought that it was a good movie. It wasn't going to blow my mind or anything like that, but it was just a movie I thought was good. If you want to see a good computer animation, go see this movie.

Lawrence S. photo
Lawrence S.

I loved this movie. My husband and I went to see it after renting it and it was so much fun. The movie itself had an interesting story, the acting was great, and there was some real humor. I believe that the audience can enjoy this movie just as much if not more than any of the others. I also enjoyed the commentary by the actors on the DVD. It was an enjoyable movie, a definite go to movie.