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Woodshock is a movie starring Kirsten Dunst, Joe Cole, and Pilou Asbæk. A haunted young woman spirals in the wake of profound loss, torn between her fractured emotional state and the reality-altering effects of a potent cannabinoid...

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1 hours 40 minutes
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Drama, Thriller
Kate Mulleavy, Laura Mulleavy
Laura Mulleavy, Kate Mulleavy
Steph DuVall, Pilou Asbæk, Kirsten Dunst, Joe Cole
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A haunted young woman spirals in the wake of profound loss, torn between her fractured emotional state and the reality-altering effects of a potent cannabinoid drug.

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Ralph photo

The audience in my theater was in complete shock. Absolutely. This film completely blew me away! The story line was engaging and the way the characters are developed and the environment through the character interactions were amazingly realistic. The actor's performance was incredible. The way they develop this girl and how she goes from wanting to escape to not wanting to escape were amazing. The interaction between the two young men (and girl) were extremely realistic. They seemed to be all of the little kids that are being "taught" how to live life, to be like the adults they were being "taught" to be. The way they developed these little kids to be their own adults made this movie one of the best I have ever seen. It truly showed how a little girl can make someone that is loved and respected not just by herself, but by others and by the entire community. The director does a great job showing how the characters grow and change from the beginning of the movie to the end. The director also shows how children can change in the wrong ways when they get older. This movie will definitely become a classic and I will watch it again and again.

Frances B. photo
Frances B.

I remember the first time I saw this film, i was 11 years old. I really liked it at that time, because it had some scary moments, and it had something in it. I have never seen it again. I went to my local video store today, and it's like that. I never get the chance to see a movie, because they never show it on tv, or I get the real chance to see it. Anyway, I was amazed by the quality of this movie, the actors, the photography, and the very interesting storyline. I even believe that this movie is one of the best horror movies ever made. Even now, when it has been seven years, it still holds my attention, it's still very interesting and well made. I always give this movie a 9 out of 10, and I will recommend it to my friends and family.

Scott R. photo
Scott R.

This film could have been a boring waste of time. I've seen too many movies in my time where the actors come out of the movie and the viewer has no idea why they are in it. I'm an independent film critic and I'm always puzzled when I hear people comment about a film they did not see. Usually when it comes out on DVD, they say "Wow, I didn't know that was coming out." It's all hype. You go to a movie with no idea what you are in for and it turns out to be something extraordinary. I would not be surprised to find out that this film will be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I saw this film for free because it was advertised as "An inside look at an activist." I left the theater full of new information and new feelings. I'm not a big fan of politics and politics is a pretty dim subject, but this movie managed to make me feel like I understand this subject better than I ever have before. It has been years since I've seen a movie that had this many depth and emotion. I highly recommend seeing this movie. It will give you that extra little bit of a kick. This film is not political or a movie for the political crowd. It is an independent film that is easily appreciated by all.

Christina photo

I am going to be brief because this is a very well done movie. People who are getting paid to post negative comments on this movie have it backwards. This is one of the best, most realistic movies that I have seen in the past few years. It is realistic in a sense that it seems that the people involved know more than most people on Earth. The acting is good, the characters are believable, and the plot is solid. I thought the ending was really well done, and I don't see how anyone could dislike it. This is a movie that I would recommend to anyone.

Ethan Reed photo
Ethan Reed

In a nutshell, this is an excellent movie for people who like a realistic movie to get caught up in. I'll say that I had no expectations of this movie before I saw it. I got caught up in the movie and I didn't want it to end. I give this movie a 9/10.

Brenda Campbell photo
Brenda Campbell

I love this film and this is the first time i have ever been so inspired by a film to start watching it.It has a very intense and intense storyline and i would recommend you watching it, i also thought it was a good emotional thriller because you really feel for the character. I would definitely recommend you watching it, i would definitely recommend you watching it. This film is not for the faint hearted or the easily startled.

Bryan M. photo
Bryan M.

I haven't seen anything quite like this movie. It's got everything: realistic characters, believable situations, and terrific performances. It's just raw, real. If you're expecting the "old school" of movies, you're not going to like this movie. And if you want a movie that will make you think about it for a while after, it's going to do that to you. This movie is about humans trying to adjust to a new world that they don't really understand. It shows what happens when you believe something that is not true, and at the same time it shows what happens when you try to let go of it. And the best part is, it's not over-done. It's something you can watch over and over and you'll never get bored with it. It's also very political, and that's always good. This movie's also a metaphor for racism in America, and the people who are willing to believe things like this, and the people who aren't, are all the same. And that's something that is very hard to deal with. It's a very interesting movie, and I recommend it.

Howard R. photo
Howard R.

I have never seen anything that has given me such a sense of how society can be so warped and what it takes to be human to be acceptable, one might even say normal, to others. I watched this film and I really do believe that what is meant by living is the ability to leave behind the world you are in and live in the world you wish you had. Living can be painful and even traumatic. As an average American, it is easy to just focus on the things that are easier to see in other cultures. Like when you go to an art gallery, and everyone is dressed like hipsters, what are you seeing and why? Or the more subtle and mind bending subject that is sexual harassment in our workplace, what are you seeing and why? It is difficult to be able to handle the everyday challenges that people face, it seems like a kind of the constant barrage of our consumer society, but instead of it just being a group of people duking it out, there is always someone that is "different" in some way. The people that seem more "normal" in this world, are just an illusion. And as I look into society in general, I see that we don't have many choices when it comes to being able to survive and to live, in order to satisfy the needs of others, it would be harder to do so than when it is done by one's self. Is it true that the only way to be normal is to be acceptable?

Joe Holland photo
Joe Holland

Being a teen with ADHD, it is true I often make poor decisions that cause problems. But there are worse things that can happen to you. So this is the challenge the film presents - we're all screwed and the only way to make it through is by creating situations that remind us of the life you want. The film explores that idea in the best way, with a lot of wonderful acting, without being overly dramatic. The actors are all fantastic, and the cinematography of the film is really well done. I was in tears during several of the scenes. This movie was actually more effective for me than the Serenity series. Overall, the film really is very well done, but I still didn't like the ending very much.

Grace Ellis photo
Grace Ellis

I do not understand why this film is not getting a wider distribution. There are just a lot of real life situations that may happen in your life and you should take advantage of them. The acting is very good in this film, it was truly a good story and it should be appreciated by all of us. If you like this film please don't forget to check out "Broken Flowers" it is just as good as this movie.

Pamela Berry photo
Pamela Berry

One of the very few movies that have affected me and made me think and learn about my own life. The performances are great, the story is complex and the ending was surprisingly strong, yes it was predictable but nevertheless what is? What do we get out of that? Nothing really. All we have is a film with a strong message. Highly recommend.

Johnny photo

I have never seen a film that made me cry. I actually cried twice during this film. I am usually not very emotional during films like this, but this film made me cry at least 5 times. It is a dark, dark movie. The director is very artistic and the camera is actually filming the storm that is happening in the middle of a rain storm. I loved the way that the director cut away and showed the people's reactions to the storm and that was another thing that was so heart warming. I like that the actors are so real and that it was very intense and I especially like how the director didn't show too much in the middle of the film. I also liked how it didn't show the characters dancing and the little things that people had done during the storm. I really like how this film told the story of a mother's love and care and how she was caring for her son while the son was being taken away. The film is so real that the director used to fake storms and let the storm make the actors react and react. It was very great. I think that this movie is a great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great movie to watch. It's so great and definitely worth the watch. I also recommend this movie to anyone who is new to any kind of movie, I think that this is one of the best movies ever made. 9/10

Mark photo

Perhaps I'm a sucker for a thriller, but "Shoot the Messenger" has to be one of the most brilliantly shot films I have seen in quite some time. It has a surreal quality about it that is pretty much lost in most films nowadays. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am not too impressed by the cold brutality of "The Beaver" (I mean, that was a classic), but it was still a very effective piece of filmmaking. However, "Shoot the Messenger" just manages to rise above all of that to produce a very emotionally potent and tense piece of film-making. Michael Fassbender plays a journalist who is investigating a new and mysterious killer. He decides to travel with a colleague (played by newcomer Simon Baker) to Turkey and interview a man who has spent some time in jail, the killer of the journalist's partner. The killer is described as having a troubled past that doesn't really show up in the film. However, the killings are very disturbing and will probably make you jump a few times. I wouldn't say the film is sensational, but it's certainly very good. It does have a few problems, but one of the problems is probably that the film focuses too much on Fassbender's character, and in my opinion, he is pretty much what it's all about. I think that Fassbender gives a performance that is extremely strong and believable, and I think he deserves an Oscar nomination. The other thing that I didn't like about the film was that it felt a little rushed. There are two sections in the film, which I thought were superfluous and didn't do much to improve the film. There is one section in the film where Fassbender goes to interview a Turkish warlord (played by Jeremy Irvine) who is very important to the story, but other than that, I thought that the film was overlong. "Shoot the Messenger" is definitely a film that is worth seeing for Fassbender alone, but it is definitely a very good film overall. Definitely worth seeing.

Thomas photo

This movie shocked me. I was waiting for this movie to end but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I felt such a need to see it again. The acting was great. The story line is a simple one. A mother with mental problems chooses to make a new life for herself with the help of a neighbor. At the same time, a gang of thugs want to get revenge for the murder of her son. This movie got me thinking about this concept of society in a changing way. We are living in a revolution that has brought about the destruction of society. We live in a society that wants to survive without the help of society. I was amazed by this concept. This is my favorite movie. I love it so much.

Ronald C. photo
Ronald C.

This is one of those films you just can't watch with a straight face. The production design and special effects are a real treat. The storyline is simple but effective. The acting is good and believable. The music is very effective in conveying the point of the film. This is one film that you won't want to miss.

Charles photo

A rare case, a movie has received an 'R' rating in the US but has been released as an 'PG' (children under 14). However, this movie is a perfect example of how a rating is not as important as the story and acting of the film. It would be hard to believe a group of teenagers would take so much time and trouble to kill people. However, what makes the movie so disturbing is how these teens were subjected to the brutal acts of their friends. The cinematography, the acting, the amazing. The character development and development of the teenagers in the movie was outstanding. It was also interesting to see how these teenagers were put into a social and mental group because of their serial killing spree. It is the aspect of the movie that really makes you feel bad for the teenagers in the movie. It is just another twist to the story. I recommend it to anyone who is into true stories and want to know how these people live. A very good film.

Emma photo

After a first view of this movie, I can say that you should take the time to see it, or else you won't have it all figured out. If you don't have it figured out, you'll be frustrated and bored, and that's not what you're looking for. It has two stars for a shot at Oscar-season, and I think it's one of those movies that is a little too perfect for some things, but actually quite enjoyable. It's the kind of movie that you can watch every so often and be totally immersed in, and then be frustrated when it's not as good the next time. If you like this movie, I have a couple of other recommendations, among which is "Bad Moon Rising", starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

Terry photo

If you've read any of my other reviews, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Will Smith and a longtime fan of "Under the Tuscan Sun", a book I've been wanting to read since I was a kid. Well, I finally got around to reading it, and boy, I can't wait to see what happens in this film. So, I wasn't looking forward to the movie at all, but I was very surprised. The film wasn't that good. Sure, it had its good points, but there just wasn't anything that I was interested in, and I didn't really care about anyone. But, it was the music that really worked for me, and really helped me get into the movie. Now, I have seen it five times now, and I still enjoy it every time I watch it. I'm really trying to get into the music. I love the songs, and I think that if I were to be singing them to my friends, they would be more like how I'd like them. They really make the movie, and they really get you involved in the movie, and that's really what this movie was. It was entertaining, and I think that it did a good job at what it wanted to do, which was entertain. I think the two main characters did a really good job, and I think they brought the film to life, and made it a great movie. I like how the movie went from drama to horror to comedy, and how it kept me interested. My favorite part of the film was when they were at the hotel and they were talking about how it was so dark, and how their little things were bigger than what they could really see, and I really liked that part. The people they were talking about, how they were so scared of the darkness. That was really scary. The movie definitely had a good feel about it, and I think that everyone will be able to relate to this movie, even if you don't like the book. I think that you could probably relate to it, and I would recommend it to anybody. 9/10

Katherine Bailey photo
Katherine Bailey

I'm not sure where to begin. I liked this movie so much that I watched it all the way through. It was not very graphic, and there were no hard-core sex scenes, but it was still very intense. It had a nice story, and the acting was very good. Some parts were a bit hard to understand, but it was okay. I think this movie is for the entire family. It's the kind of movie that you can watch with your kids, and they will laugh. Some parents may have an issue with the amount of sex scenes, but I thought the movie was actually very realistic. I loved the scenery, the scenes of Boston were amazing. The movie gave me chills, and I was really glad I watched it all the way through. There were some parts in the movie that you would think would be a little extreme, but I think that was part of the reason it was good. It really made me think, and it was realistic. I think the best part of the movie was when I got home from work and I had to put it all together, and I really enjoyed that part of the movie.

Carol G. photo
Carol G.

This film is simply amazing. It's about a lonely, bearded balding guy who has been responsible for several deaths and who has a dark secret. There are some amazing flashbacks to his childhood, when he's still a child, and to his past as a serial killer, and a bit of character development. This film is gritty and realistic, it shows how things could have been if you're born with a certain condition. It's interesting how this film has some of the best and funniest acting I've ever seen. Sean Penn's performance is amazing and very entertaining. The rest of the cast is great too, especially the two stars that play the movie's leads, though you don't see them much. There are a few small touching scenes and even a few dark ones, but overall it's a very sad film. It's very realistic and scary, but also full of hope. There are a few major themes that come up during the film, but I won't ruin them for anyone. Overall, this is a great movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Heather W. photo
Heather W.

I loved it! I thought it was great! I was totally absorbed in it. The only thing that annoyed me was the undercutting. There were several moments where I looked at my watch and said, "Oh, this is a big time." I would have preferred the title to just be "Horror", not "Horror at Horror" (which is what the film was actually titled). Also, the death scenes were completely realistic. When is a movie not realistic? I think it's so bad it's good. The director even went so far as to include plenty of modern music at the end, when the actors returned home, including music from the Simpsons, to tell us how they left the movie. And that was as far as the director went. There are many other great things that the film did for me. One is how this story was taken right out of reality. It was so well thought out that I had to check the sub-titles to make sure that they weren't talking about the red car. I was so pleased with this! Another thing I liked was the way that the director actually wanted to show us the events as they happened. This is really why I love movies. If a movie is told by the director, it really shows the entire story. There are times in the film when you would think the film was just going to end and then the director would come back with a "happy ending". There were several times where they just kept on going. And it made the movie more realistic. Another thing I loved about this movie is that it left the viewer with an emotional reaction to the story. It made me cry, and it made me laugh, and it made me laugh again. The characters were fantastic, they all had great qualities. You can see the hearts of all of the actors and actresses in this film. It was a great experience.

Virginia photo

I saw this movie the other night and I really enjoyed it. I am a huge fan of "Twilight" and "Frost/Nixon" so I knew the story so I was prepared for the crazy/very interesting plot twists. I loved that the main character has to live the rest of his life with the past and sometimes refuses to let it be with his own daughter. I loved that there were twists and turns in the plot. I would have liked to have seen more of the younger "Zed" in the movie. I thought the acting was very well done and the acting was believable. I thought that they did a really good job with the first third of the movie, but the last third was a bit weak for me. The ending was very good, although I wish there had been a bit more screen time of the older Zed. The ending of this movie had a twist that I thought was pretty shocking, but I was kind of surprised. Overall, I thought the movie was good and I was excited to see the movie again so I would definitely buy this movie on DVD. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes "Twilight" or "Frost/Nixon". I give this movie a 9 out of 10. I would say watch it and enjoy it.

Sharon Wells photo
Sharon Wells

I've never seen a movie like this before. It's the first film I saw with Kevin Spacey in the lead. I enjoyed it very much. It's a good film to watch if you are feeling down and just want to get some peace of mind. It's worth watching, especially if you've got a problem with the idea of a supernatural goings-on.