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I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro is a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, James Baldwin, and Martin Luther King. Writer James Baldwin tells the story of race in modern America with his unfinished novel, Remember This House.

Other Titles
Ja nisam tvoj crnja, Nisem tvoj zamorec, No soy tu negro, Je ne suis pas votre nègre, Chúng Ta Dêu Là Con Nguoi, Remember This House, 我不是你的黑鬼, I Am Not Your Negro - Não Sou o Teu Negro, Ma ei ole teie neeger, Eu Não Sou Seu Negro, Ja nisam tvoj crnac, Nem vagyok a rabszolgád, Δεν είμαι ο νέγρος σου, 私はあなたのニグロではない, Ben Senin Zencin Değilim, Nie jestem twoim murzynem, I am not your negro
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Raoul Peck
James Baldwin, Raoul Peck
James Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X
Belgium, France, Switzerland, USA
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In 1979, James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, "Remember This House." The book was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and assassinations of three of his close friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. At the time of Baldwin's death in 1987, he left behind only 30 completed pages of this manuscript. Filmmaker Raoul Peck envisions the book James Baldwin never finished.

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Donna O. photo
Donna O.

All in all, a well done documentary. I would have liked to see more of how he was able to overcome the racist attitudes he faced and what he did to make himself a better person. Also, I would have liked to have seen more about the film. It was amazing to see how far he had come since his father passed away. He made it possible for him to get through his own tragedy. A good documentary about a man that was given a gift, and did not take it for granted.

Judith F. photo
Judith F.

It was very interesting to see how some of the people that appeared on the big screen for the film did in real life. The difference between black and white is very large and this documentary makes you see that in all races you do not always have to be white to be black. One of the major things that I enjoyed about the film was that it did not focus on one specific point of view. Rather it showed a lot of people's views of different races and gave them a chance to tell their own stories. Overall I liked this film very much and it was very well done. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to know more about the issues facing African Americans.

Kevin Perry photo
Kevin Perry

I've been an African-American since I was 4, and while I don't necessarily agree with the views expressed in this film, I felt that I was able to reflect on the issues in a way that was able to reach a more open minded audience. I believe this film would be a great tool for the African-American community, as it gives them an opportunity to get out of their shell and understand what it's like to be a part of this country. It also gives them a chance to hear some of the viewpoints that people with differing views may have. It is not a one-sided film, and I think that's what is most interesting about it. The director was able to give us some of the African-American community's perspective, which was very powerful. I'm sure this film will resonate with many people, and I feel that it has an important message that is being heard by many. The majority of people, who I've spoken to about it, were surprised that it was able to get such a positive response. I think this film shows that there is a lot of love and support that exists for the African-American community, and I feel that it will help increase awareness and make us all a better community. I feel that it is very difficult to tell a story that is both historically accurate and the way that it was. But this film does a good job of bringing some of the realities of the American experience into the modern day. This film also gives us a chance to see how things are going to change over the next few decades, and how we should be preparing for that. I felt that the director was able to present a very balanced perspective, and I felt that it was an effective tool for getting the African-American community to open up to the knowledge of how things have changed over the years. It also shows us that we can't expect things to change overnight, and we need to do a lot of work to make sure that we are prepared to deal with this transition.

Anna D. photo
Anna D.

I am not your Negro is a documentary which follows the journey of a young black man to prove his identity and prove his dignity in the eyes of white people. In the story, the young man's name is Elliot and he is the son of a white woman who wants to become a black woman. When Elliot's family receives the letter of his mother's choice, he decides to follow his mother's choice. The whole film deals with the struggles of his family and his journey in the face of white people. It is an amazing film, a must watch.

Crystal R. photo
Crystal R.

The movie is a good one to watch. This movie is a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., who has done many things in his life to help uplift black people. I am sure that everyone is wondering how this movie is different from the other MLK movies. The movie has a lot of facts about the civil rights movement, and also the love and respect for the MLK family. It has the humor to make it a good movie to watch. And, of course, it has a lot of the facts about the movie about MLK. It has all the facts about Martin Luther King, Jr., his ideas, his thoughts and his movement. In this movie, he was portrayed in a good way, and also a bad way. He is not shown as a good person, but rather a bad person. It is good to see that his views about the civil rights movement, is not what is preached by the people who want to have this movie and want to have MLK portrayed as a good person. This movie is a tribute to MLK, who has done many things in his life to help uplift black people. It is good to see how his ideas, his thoughts, and his movement is honored in this movie.

Michael Bell photo
Michael Bell

I recently saw the film "I am not your negro" at the Sydney Film Festival, and it's really hard to say what to make of it. It is a film about the challenges of black people in South Africa in the 70s, and I must say that it's really well made, and well thought out. However, I think there are certain things that could be improved on, and a few things that I did not really like about it. Firstly, the music in the film is also not that good. I don't think that the music is very well done. Some of the music seems like it's borrowed from the 70s, and some of it is very poor. The film is also pretty much boring, and I think that the director probably tried too hard to make it look like a great documentary. Also, I didn't like that the film really focuses on the main characters and their trials and tribulations, and the characters are not really the main focus of the film. In the end, I think that the film is a good documentary, but it could have been a lot better.

Dorothy photo

This is a great film and a very brave thing to do. The film takes an honest look at the reality of racism and also tries to bring the subjects into light. It really gets you thinking and making you think about what is really happening in our world. The problem with documentaries is that they are all different and it can be hard to tell one story from another. This film goes into a lot of detail on the different people and places. There are so many stories and many places in the US. It's not just a movie about the events in the 1960s. The director also covers the whole civil rights movement and many other movements in America. This film is also very hard to watch because the subjects are not really in the best of light. It shows the reality of racism, but also the world of political correctness and lies. It shows how racism and injustice are taking over. The director also goes into the racism and bigotry that has taken over in many other countries in the world. The reality is so different from what the film would have you believe. It shows that this country is full of the most prejudiced people on the planet. But the film also shows that there are still some good people who want to make this country better. The documentary really makes you think about what is really going on in our world. I recommend it to everyone. It is a great look at the reality of racism.

Maria Aguilar photo
Maria Aguilar

This film is worth watching, even if it is just for its candid interviews with the people who know what it's like to have a reputation. The film covers several eras and people. It's a fascinating look into the careers of different individuals, both in the industry and in the world. The interviews are well done, and the film is worth watching. It's a really good documentary that could make you feel as though you've known someone who is part of that company. The movie is very entertaining, even if you don't know the people or the company. It's entertaining because the interviews are real and the stories are so interesting. There's nothing that's not interesting about this documentary.

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

This film presents the story of the creation of the film, "The Burden," and the meeting of a young black man and his white gay black girlfriend. I was struck by the contrast of the youth's enthusiasm for the film and their reactions to the film. One thing I did not understand was why the young black man felt that he was in a race with his white gay black girlfriend. There was nothing racial about their relationship. However, the black man's remarks at the screening showed that he did not see his girlfriend as a race and that he saw the film as a story about love and acceptance. I thought the young man's enthusiasm for the film was the thing that really impressed me.

Jack photo

I have to say that I was very disappointed by this movie. I expected it to be one of the best movies of the year. I was expecting a life changing, or at least revolutionary movie. But I got a piece of a movie that was actually just a little bit disappointing. The movie had great potential but failed to deliver. I'm not going to bother to list the positives because the film is not even worth mentioning in this review. My biggest problem with the movie was the direction. The director didn't know what to do with this movie. Instead of following the story through to the end, he decided to go around the entire story and the movie is ruined. The movie has a great potential to become one of the best films of the year, but the director failed to deliver. This is the second movie I've seen this year that had a great potential to be great but failed to deliver. In the case of The Reader, the director actually managed to make a movie that was very interesting and engaging, but then lost all of the potential and turned it into a disappointing movie. But in this case, it's not even worth mentioning. I actually think this movie is a little bit overrated. I think this is a perfect example of a movie that should be much more better than it is. My biggest problem with the movie is that it is not entertaining. It is a very serious movie, so I think that the director should have used that in a better way. But the movie is not that entertaining. It's like watching a war movie. It's entertaining in a way, but it's not entertaining in a good way. I actually think that the director should have used the war as a way to make the movie more entertaining. But I guess I'll just have to wait for The Reader 2. I think that this movie is probably going to be very popular, but I still think that this is not a great movie. It's not even a good movie. I think that the director and the writers should have been better at making the movie entertaining and at being more entertaining. I think that they just needed to know what to do in order to make a great movie.

Peter S. photo
Peter S.

I am not a fan of Ron Howard, the man behind A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator and The Newsroom. This documentary is not my favorite of his, and it is not his greatest. But this film is a great and important one. It gives a new look at Martin Luther King, Jr. by showing his life from his youth, to his rise and fall, and how he changed the world for the better. This film is very important because it is the first full-length biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. and this is why I love this documentary so much. The film tells us how he changed the world, what he did and what he didn't do, and how he became what he was. There is also a story of how he ended up getting fired from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and how he used his new found fame to get his life on track. This film is important because it tells us that Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the most important figures of our time. This film is not for the weak hearted, but it is for those who have been affected by the man. If you love Martin Luther King, Jr., then this documentary is a must see.

Lauren Newman photo
Lauren Newman

When I first saw the trailer for "I Am Not Your Negro", I thought it was going to be a documentary on the Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights Movement in the South, but after seeing the film, I learned that it's really a portrait of a black man who went to the same school as my dad, and the fact that he was not white made him an outcast. He was also a vegetarian and I found out that he died in prison. I thought it was a very powerful movie, especially because it showed that there are still people in the world that have to work hard just to survive. He was a different kind of man, but he was not a different kind of man. The ending was so sad, but I was very touched by the ending, and how the life he had was the life that he wanted, and I was very happy for him. I really recommend this movie, because it shows how real it is, and it really makes you think about it.

Gregory P. photo
Gregory P.

I can only imagine what went through the minds of many African Americans in the 1960s, and I wonder what they are today. As far as I know, I am not the only African American who remembers these days. I remember seeing some of the most famous black actors of that era. I can't believe they were portrayed as characters that they were. I am reminded of how the black community was portrayed in the media, but what I saw in the media was not representative of the African American community. For example, the black community was portrayed as criminals. This was not true. There was a time when the police were trusted with their families and respected. In my opinion, the media portrayed the black community as criminals, and it was wrong. I am very proud of my African American friends and family. I am very proud to be an African American, and I am proud of my family. I don't think my family will be the only one who have to be proud of me.

Martha Rice photo
Martha Rice

I love a good documentary. When it comes to films on social issues, this is a must-see. I agree with some of the points the film makes about racism, and the effects it has on the lives of black people. However, I found it hard to understand how black people could be so mean to each other. The film doesn't say how or why this is the case, but it seems like the racism of the black community is so out of proportion to the actions of their white neighbors. The scenes with these two friends are in my opinion the best part of the film, because it illustrates the phenomenon of racism in the black community, but also gives a better understanding of why some people seem to get away with it, and why others don't. It is certainly a film that I would recommend to people of all races, and to people of all political persuasions.

Arthur photo

This documentary isn't particularly about race. Instead, it's a testament to the importance of family in the lives of black people. The basic story of two young black men's quest to be accepted by a white family, but the differences between them and the white family are very real. As these two young men learn from their family's experience, they realize the importance of family and the differences between families. It's a lesson in true family values, and of course it's told by an expert who has both family values and knows what it means to be a black man in America. As they learn from the family and the community, they learn that they need to be true to themselves, and their families, and this is one of the most important lessons of the film. Overall, the movie was excellent. The focus of the film was the importance of family, and the contrast of family values to the white family's values. The story of these two young men is very important, and I think it was well worth the watch.

Joshua photo

This film was incredibly well done. I've been in the music industry for quite some time and have learned a lot about the business side of music. This documentary covers many aspects of the music industry. The filmmakers go into great detail about how music is a business and the business side of the music industry. This documentary was not only well done, it was also very informative. This documentary had a good balance of music and entertainment. I highly recommend this documentary. A+

Frank Schultz photo
Frank Schultz

A great documentary, a must see for everyone who doesn't know anything about the history of the civil rights movement in America. Even if you don't care about the issue of race in America, the film will still be a good tool for educating yourself about it. It's really a great documentary and can be easily enjoyed by anyone.

Jacqueline Munoz photo
Jacqueline Munoz

I'd like to start by saying that I am a proud member of the Black Entertainment Television network, so I have seen the majority of the film before viewing it. I am a huge fan of Michael Moore and his films and am glad that he is the best at doing documentaries. It is always interesting to see a film in which the subject matter is of interest to him, and his own history is discussed in great depth. I am also a huge fan of "Scrooged", and was a bit worried that this film might be similar. But "I Am Not Your Negro" is not really about the subject matter. The film is more of a celebration of Michael Moore's rise to power, and his goals. It is not really about him as a black man, but more about his "blackness". While this film is about the man behind the mask, I think it is interesting to learn about his own personal life and the roots of his politics. I am a fan of both the original and the remake of "Scrooged". I believe that the original is a better movie, and I am not a fan of the remake, but I am still very much a fan of the original. If you liked the original, I would definitely recommend this movie. It is interesting to see the different attitudes of Michael Moore's supporters and opponents. I believe that the director of the film has a lot of influence in the way the film is shot, and I think that his ideas are very close to the political beliefs of the people who actually vote for him. I also think that the soundtrack is very good, and if you like the original, I recommend you to listen to it.

Walter Ryan photo
Walter Ryan

I don't want to go into a lot of detail on this film, because it would not be fair to do so. All I can say is that this is a true story. It is based on the true story of two African-American women, both of whom were living in the South at the time. Their paths eventually crossed, and both of them became friends. One was a child in prison, while the other had no idea what life was really like outside the prison walls. The film itself is very inspiring, and will probably resonate with many people. It's also very easy to relate to, as many of us have been to prison. I would recommend this film to everyone, because it is such a positive film. It does not preach to anyone, but rather shows what it was like to live in the South, and what it was like to be friends with the "niggers".

Karen E. photo
Karen E.

A compelling and sobering documentary about the impact of the civil rights movement on black Americans in the 1960's. It tells the story of the rise of the Black Panther Party and the aftermath of their rise. It also shows how a series of events led to the mass murder of civil rights activists and the segregation of blacks in the South. What's most interesting about this film is how it tells the story of two different groups of people and how they feel about each other. The audience sees this conflict, but they also see how the different groups of people come together to face the challenge. There are many stories told in this film and the viewer will come away with a greater appreciation of the struggles that the Civil Rights Movement faced. It is an excellent movie to watch.

Crystal photo

This is a wonderful documentary. The film is based on the story of Jean-Paul (sadly no last name given) who was kidnapped and held captive by terrorists for more than a year in Afghanistan in 2001. His case is the basis for this documentary. The film covers a wide range of issues, from how he was treated to his release, to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. It's a moving film and we learn about the role that religion and other cultural beliefs played in his treatment. But the film is also very funny and informative. We see clips from Jean-Paul's own music, interviews with some of the terrorists he was held captive with, and footage from one of his prison interrogations. The film is an excellent first attempt at an accurate portrayal of an American's ordeal. It also illustrates how this situation is in no way unique to America. It's a far cry from the desperate situation of people held captive in Afghanistan, for example. This film also has some humorous moments. We see the filmmaker giving a concert of a classic rock song, some clips from a black and white documentary, and an interview with one of the terrorists who kidnapped Jean-Paul. The film also provides the facts and background of the hostage situation, in addition to a fascinating history of the region. The film is made in English and features interviews with the filmmaker, the press, and others. There are also some interviews with the families of Jean-Paul. The film is well made and informative, and is a good addition to anyone's library.

Jennifer Hicks photo
Jennifer Hicks

The acting in this documentary is very good. I thought it was very important that the director/writer/producer/star themselves address their own and the audience's own prejudices and biases in the film. I am glad they did. In a sense, they should have addressed all of us in the same way. Although some of the scenes were funny, a lot of them were very sad. I am not a white person, and I don't think it's fair to label me a racist because of the film. The subject matter is very controversial, and I do think that we all have biases. It's no secret that the black community is not used to being treated this way. That being said, I thought that the film was very good, but I do think that it is extremely important that we, as a society, acknowledge that there is a problem with racism. It's not going to change overnight, but it can be changed. I'm glad that this movie was made, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you want to know what it is like to be black in America, watch this movie. I did.

Lori W. photo
Lori W.

The most disquieting part of this documentary is that while it presents the situation of a black man who has become a white man, it is completely silent about how racism is one of the main reasons why black men do not want to be black and instead of acting on this fact, they instead, prefer to look at it from a different angle. This is not to say that people of color have no sense of self worth. It's just that they do not look at this issue from a black perspective. Why do black men not want to be black? There are many reasons, but the most important reason is that they don't have the confidence in their own abilities, and believe that if they were black they would be able to beat them at their own game. The documentary does a good job of showing this perspective and does not ever mention that racism is one of the main reasons that prevents black men from becoming white. The documentary also does a good job of showing that this is not just a black issue, but an issue that is being taken seriously by black people all over the world. In fact, the documentary could be titled "A Question of Self Worth" because while the documentary does not say that it is the only reason that black men are not interested in being black, it does show that it is an important reason.