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Pati Patni Aur Woh

Pati Patni Aur Woh is a movie starring Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar, and Ananya Panday. Chintu Tyagi is an ordinary, middle class man who finds himself torn between his wife and another woman.

Running Time
2 hours 6 minutes
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Comedy, Romance
Mudassar Aziz
Ravi Kumar, Mudassar Aziz, Jasmeet K. Reen, B.R. Chopra, Jasmeet K. Reen, Mudassar Aziz
Kartik Aaryan, Aparshakti Khurana, Ananya Panday, Bhumi Pednekar
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Chintu Tyagi is an ordinary, middle class man who finds himself torn between his wife and another woman.

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Stephen Pena photo
Stephen Pena

So i am not a big fan of the Kannada movie industry but this is definitely one of the better ones to come out recently. I enjoyed the movie. Storyline was good. Acting was good. All actors did a good job. Music was great. Acting of Srk was great. I am also not the biggest fan of Sridevi but she did a great job. Overall movie was good but it could have been better. Good movie for Kannadiga's who love movies.

Carl W. photo
Carl W.

This is a refreshing movie in its own right, in that it doesn't just seek to entertain its audience. It also teaches the audience some life lessons and doesn't just slap you on the face with it. The dialogues and the acting are outstanding. The storyline is different from what most of the Bollywood movies have to offer, and it's all kept to a minimum. It's a typical Indian romance, that leaves you wanting more. The characters are very interesting and the ending is brilliant. I was blown away by this movie, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. My only regret is that I haven't seen it in theaters yet. This is a must watch for any movie lover. 7/10

Christian M. photo
Christian M.

This movie was fun. I was waiting for this to be a good movie to watch, but it was not. But it is a good movie for people who love bollywood.

Jose S. photo
Jose S.

As I have already stated in my review of Ondkavee, this movie is better than Ondkavee. I don't agree with the earlier reviewer who had stated that this movie was a joke. This movie has lots of laughs, a nice story and a good music. The movie started with a big bang and stayed with a bang. A good story and good songs. The climax is a bit disappointing but still the movie had a nice ending. The movie was quite good in all aspects. There were a lot of jokes in the movie, and the cast was good. There was a lot of action in the movie. Overall, it was a good movie.

Diana Wong photo
Diana Wong

Amar kapoor as a man who wants to forget his past hurts many people including his ex wife. But it is his desire to understand the female mind that will help him in his quest to understand his own wife. Piyush Mishra as a young police officer who is very determined to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding his missing daughter. In the process he finds himself also in the middle of a war. Two teams of policemen try to find the daughter, but Mishra's team is always outsmarted by the older generation. The film is a romantic comedy with a touch of comedy. The script has its fair share of good laughs. The cast is good and the film's director gets full marks for the brilliant direction. I would say this film is for all those who love a good romantic comedy.

Gerald T. photo
Gerald T.

The most important thing in this movie is the story itself. The actors did an amazing job with the script and in some ways, the story was a little too predictable. This is a movie that everyone can watch and laugh at. It's full of laughs and at times, it's even a little sad. Even if you don't like the story, there's still a lot to learn from it. There's a lot of entertainment to be had here. The character development is also well done. P.A.B's character was good and could have been developed a bit more. The drama is also good and goes well with the jokes. The ending is not completely predictable and is kind of hard to predict. It doesn't feel like a normal romantic comedy and I recommend everyone to watch it at least once.

Walter E. photo
Walter E.

It's the movie, that you want to watch with a date. "The movie that has been taking on for many years. Another highly enjoyable comedy" you think, but you will be wrong. Anulka Chaudhary does a fantastic job. The other players like Rakesh Roshan and Anirudh Chaudhary did well as well. Songs like "Kakkiki" are great. The story is a little bit predictable, but the entire movie was good. Definitely worth a watch.

Ann photo

The movie has something to offer the audience of the age of 21. I found it to be the best movie I saw in this year. The story is very good and the direction is good. The movie has a great message. It tells us that we have to take the responsibility of our life. People who take care of their health and wealth are the ones who will have more than money and wealth. We should look after the health of our body and soul. This movie will be very popular. I can't tell you the time of the release of this movie. I can say that it will be one of the top movies in the next few years.

Benjamin photo

In this Hindi comedy, Salman Khan washes up after a falling out with his love interest in this Indian film. As a rule, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra were always on screen together. In this film, they are not on screen at all. Both actresses have done an amazing job. Khan and Chopra are good at portraying their characters. Their characters are somewhat off-kilter. Khan is much more a typical character, which can be seen in most of his films. While his character is kind of ridiculous, Chopra's character is more believable. Overall, this is a good movie, and is worth watching. Rating 7/10

Jerry photo

I would like to say that this movie is not so much like "one of the best films of its genre". However, it is very good, and not just because of the story. As always, I was impressed with the way the director managed to keep the audience entertained by giving them funny and dramatic events at the same time. The comedy part in this movie is of course the most entertaining part of the movie, and has a very unique quality about it. You won't laugh out loud and you will definitely feel some kind of discomfort when seeing these situations and characters. The performances of the actors were also very good, as we've seen in the past. The music is also very good. A very good film to watch if you like romantic comedies. 7/10

Stephen Ford photo
Stephen Ford

This is an ordinary movie. If you love Thessaly you will love this movie. It is the story of a rich and famous businessman called Sathish who comes to the country for taking up the job of a President in a country called West Bengal. He soon falls in love with a girl called Sonali. It is a typical story of the characters coming together and making a connection. But the thing is, the story of the movie is not the same as Thessaly. There is no story of Sathish who was rich and famous. There is no story of Sonali who is an ordinary girl who wants to marry a rich man and becomes a dancer. It is a movie about two people falling in love. I really liked this movie because of the love story. And the love story is what makes this movie good.

Roy photo

You may feel ashamed of your reactions in first 2 minutes of this movie. It's a movie about traditionalism. Most of you won't find it funny, but you will definitely find it. It's a Hindi movie. So what if it's not a 'real' Hollywood movie. It's an 'Indian' movie. If you feel ashamed, don't watch it. You can just ignore the stuff you don't like and you'll enjoy the movie. But if you don't like it, don't watch it. You can also ignore the 'wedding' part. It's not necessary, but you may like it.

Billy J. photo
Billy J.

From the start, the film is predictable. The main characters have no personality and are simply puppets in the hands of the director. However, the film has some good moments. The story starts out a bit slow and the first half is also a bit tedious. The climax is a bit over the top. But the story is interesting. The cast is great and all the actors are playing their parts very well. A good entertainment for a boring Sunday. It's not a very emotional film but it is good entertainment.

Jason K. photo
Jason K.

I liked the movie. The movie shows the efforts of a group of four people in becoming a team, it shows how they go through various difficulties and how they overcome them. It is a great love story that I hope a lot of people would like it. I would like to point out that the movie is not the biggest movie I have seen. It is a small film, but the message and the messages of the movie are very good. It is a story of friendship, love and struggle. If you want to know about the human relationships and how they change over time then watch the movie. If you want to see a good movie that will keep you in tears then watch the movie.

Kevin photo

I did not really know what to expect from the movie, when i saw the title. I was expecting a different kind of movie, with more of a traditional taste. But this was very different. I have to say that the movie was very good, but that was not the only reason for watching it. It was just soooo good. My favourite scene is the car accident, it is so funny and good. I can watch this movie many times. I don't understand why people say that the movie is a bad thing, because I would say that it is very good. If you liked romantic movies, you will love this movie. If you don't like romantic movies, you might find this movie boring. Just watch it and see. Rating: 7/10

Donald B. photo
Donald B.

I liked this film. It's a nice looking film and the story is a lot better than most Hollywood films. The songs are great and it has a good cast. I like the story, the actors are good and the music is nice. The film is about a gay boy who is having a crush on a girl. He gets dumped by his girlfriend and is looking for love but his father won't accept him. He comes up with a plan to get his dad to accept him. The film has a very nice story, it's not a classic like many Hollywood films. It's not a very easy film to watch but it's entertaining. I like the acting, it's nice. The film is a bit slow at times but it's worth watching. I recommend this film to fans of gay films. It's worth a watch.

Nicole Gardner photo
Nicole Gardner

I was extremely hesitant about this film because of the earlier reviews here. However, I ended up loving it. Yes, it is the first film of the Indian film industry to have been released in English, which I found surprising. After all, India is not known for it's film industry. But the movie is still very entertaining. The story is about three friends, Vani, Anita and Anu, who find love in the second half of the film. But the question is: is it true love or not? The answer is not always obvious. Anu's mom gets involved in the romance and tries to sway the movie away from her, which is the problem I have with this film. But, as I said, this is a very enjoyable movie. I do not understand the backlash of this film because of the language issues. It is a good attempt at a romance movie, even if it is a little rough around the edges. So, I would recommend this film to people who are interested in the Indian film industry, even if it is just for a romantic comedy. And, I do not think this film will be as successful as it deserves to be.

William photo

it's a good movie, not a great one. A must watch for those who have loved Vikram Bhatt and those who have not.Rishi Kapoor is the heart of this movie, I'm surprised that Vikram Bhatt didn't like this movie. The cast is great, the comedy is superb,the movie is at least 100% watchable. Rajesh Khanna has done an excellent job, his acting is very good.The best part is of course, Rishi Kapoor and his fine performance.His last scene is the best scene of the movie.I would say this movie is a must watch for everyone who loves romantic movies.

Theresa photo

Pati Patni Aur Woh is a movie that has the mark of a Bollywood drama, with the same plot of a man who has a second chance in his life, that he really misses. After taking a wrong decision, he gets married to his girl's mother, in which he wants to forget his mistake, and after the marriage, he really does not know what to do. The movie starts with a beautiful wedding, which happens as a surprise to the whole family, that is, until the wedding itself. As the wedding is over, the rest of the movie is about the marriage, which is the typical Bollywood formula of a male who has a second chance in life, but after the wedding, the next steps are not so easy. What will happen after the wedding? There are many elements that come into the film, such as the love of the bride and the groom, the opposition of the groom to the wedding, the regrets of the bride after the wedding, and the wish of the groom to be reunited with his wife. The story is quite simple, but the movie is well written and directed. There are many elements that can make the viewer love the movie, such as the beautiful wedding, the beautiful family, the strong-willed man who wants to forget his mistake, and the characters are very well developed. On the whole, this is a film that is a very good Bollywood movie. The story is great, the direction is good, the acting is good, and the songs are good. This is a movie that is worth watching. I rate it 7/10.

Alice S. photo
Alice S.

I loved the movie. From the moment we were introduced to the characters, it had a feeling of being on a journey that we will never forget. I thought it was very interesting that the movie was shot in San Francisco and at the same time, I loved the music. It was very nice to have a movie with music in the middle of the film. Overall, I loved the movie and would recommend it to all people. It's a very enjoyable film.

Linda Reyes photo
Linda Reyes

Now a days most movies are predictable, but not this one. This movie was not predictable in any way. I was expecting a typical love story that you can predict the end. But this movie was very different from all the others and even some scenes were very unexpected. The songs were very good and they did not bore me at all. Rajat kapoor is always good. He plays the perfect villain and his part was very good. My favorite part of the movie was the love story between Bipasha and Rajat Kapoor. It was very good. My only complaint about the movie is that Bipasha and Rajat's character is very different. Bipasha's character is very clean and modern and Rajat's character is not clean at all. However, the end of the movie is a very good conclusion. This movie is great if you are a fan of Rajat Kapoor. He is a good actor and this movie was great. Watch it, it will be worth your time.