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Active Measures is a movie starring Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Jeremy Bash. Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

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Aktīvie Pasākumi: Tramps Krievijas Pavadā, Intrygi - superbron Kremla
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Jack Bryan
Jack Bryan, Marley Clements
Nina Burleigh, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Jeremy Bash
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Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

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Harry P. photo
Harry P.

This movie is a must see for anyone who is a true movie buff, as well as for everyone that appreciates true movies of the 1970's. This film gives a very interesting look at the tragic events of Vietnam and its lasting effects on the United States of America. While I was watching this movie, I was mesmerized by the true story of John Tunney, a young boy from Ohio who became the only American killed in the war. The movie was truly riveting and it is a must for any movie lover that has seen it to see it again. James Coburn, Morgan Freeman, and O. J. Simpson also made a strong cameo appearance. I highly recommend this movie. See it at the theater if you can. See it in the theaters on DVD if you have a VCR.

Andrew Howard photo
Andrew Howard

this documentary takes the view that journalists work for the government and that they are ready to compromise their sources, even to the point of fabricating evidence. it's a disturbing view of how the public's trust in the media has eroded. the director's conclusion is that the only way to protect the American public is to reinstate a number of crucial journalistic practices that were temporarily suspended in the sixties. it's very disturbing to see how easily these core journalistic practices can be undermined. for example, a public officer could ask a newspaper to edit a story, and that would be the end of that public officer's authority. the director's idea is that the key to public service is to uphold and preserve this principle.

Randy photo

I think this is a great film. I'm a film student and I was lucky enough to attend the first screening of this film in late 2013. The film was very well received and the audience was full of people of all ages and political views. It was clear that this film was made with a lot of care and thought. The film follows the efforts of one family to get their son back from the United States. The son is a member of a terrorist organization and his family is on the run from the United States government. The son is trying to get to Canada where his family is safe, but the son is afraid to go and is desperate to get to Canada before the government catches up with him. The film follows the story of the son, his family, and the American government. The film was very well made and the director and writer did a wonderful job of creating a very powerful film. This film is a very important film and I highly recommend it to everyone. I hope that you will watch it. It is very well done. This is a very important film and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Joe C. photo
Joe C.

Filled with great stories and stunning visuals, Donnie Blanton's new documentary about Central Park is sure to be a classic. Not only is it a joy to watch (especially when you've seen the documentary twice) but it has some great insights into the neighborhoods, the art and history of the park, and how the National Park Service plans to protect and preserve it. It is worth seeing.

Tammy photo

I have never been so deeply affected by a film. It was like an intense experience. I found myself holding the hand of my husband and crying. It was a personal experience for me. I cannot believe that so many people have not seen this movie. I would love to see this movie again. I wish it was released in theaters. It is so important for people to know about the truth of the history of the human rights abuses that are taking place in Indonesia. I have seen documentaries and news reports about this. I have seen this documentary, and I will see it again. It is a must see for all of us who want to know the truth.

Carl W. photo
Carl W.

If you want to find out how we can make the world a better place, go see this documentary. And please, do not do it as a Sunday afternoon. By the time you see it you will have had enough of the corporate greed and how it exploits the environment. You will be happy that we can solve our problems. The evidence is everywhere, the facts are undeniable. A tiny bit of society change could have changed everything.

Betty photo

This documentary on the MPAA for Kids was one of the most insightful and fascinating I have seen. The guys that produced this were no strangers to all the kiddie flicks being sent in today, so it was clear that they had already got their facts straight. The "M" word is replaced by "F" word and the major R-rating is given. The director gives a short, well-paced, and well-researched introduction to the MPAA for Kids program. As the kids begin to hear about the MPAA, they start to realize that this is a dangerous program that ruins children's childhoods. One kid, who is a big NFL fan, asked the director what he thought about the rating of Football on the NFL. This young kid said, "What about the 49ers and the Raiders? This is what the rating system is all about!" What this kid said was almost too funny for words. The next thing you know, all the kids started laughing their asses off! The director (Fmr. MPAA for Kids Director) does a good job of explaining the philosophy of the MPAA and how they have created an unwritten code that allows kids to go off with a friend for a week and see a "scary movie". I was totally shocked to hear that the MPAA actually believed that they could give a rating of "R" to a movie that has a rating of "PG". I am an avid film viewer and I have seen all of the movies that have been rated "PG" but if you talk to me, I don't care what the rating is, I just want a good film. I have seen films rated "PG" that have "R" ratings that have been great. I am sure that "PG" films have been more dangerous to the children than "R" films. However, the director gives a short, but brilliant, message to the MPAA. As the kids are leaving the theater after seeing a film, the director said, "This is the most dangerous rating in film history". I have never seen this much of a positive message from the MPAA for Kids. What is a "R" rating for? A "R" rating is used for films that are "fatally harmful" to young children. Some movies that are rated "R" are, "The Deer Hunter", "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Citizen Kane" and "The Shining". The director talks about all of these films and how they have a rating of "R" in them, and the director admits that "R" films have a much higher chance of being dangerous to young children than any other kind of film. I think that this film really got something from the MPAA for Kids. I don't know what it was, but this film really makes you want to see what their ratings are for other movies. You really want to know what they have on their "in-house-rated list". I think that this movie really made me want to go out and get a copy of the film and watch it. Overall, I give this film a "9" for the honesty of the documentary and the good message it gave. I hope that all the MPAA for Kids directors get to watch this and start to see that their rating system does

Edward L. photo
Edward L.

After reading all the negative comments about this movie, I felt compelled to make my own review. I found myself drawn in the movie as a result of the beautiful work of cinematographer Nathan Luskin, who captured the raw beauty of the "bare beach". At the same time, the documentary film is very appealing. It is very well made, engaging, and even moving. "We Are Being Stranded" was also very gripping, and one can only thank this movie for that. Now, I will not attempt to put the negative comments into a plot description. Instead, I'll only say that I found this movie to be very "real" and easy to relate to. One of the best films of 2006. Even if you are not a beach movie fan, you'll find it to be a valuable movie. "We Are Being Stranded" is a wonderfully designed documentary.

Mary Jimenez photo
Mary Jimenez

Where do I start? First off, I know a lot of people do not like the documentary. I am not one of them. I think the film is interesting and I can't get past the feelings it causes me to have when I watch it. I think the documentary is fascinating, I think it's insightful, and I really like some of the stuff that they talk about. I do think some of the stuff in the documentary doesn't seem very genuine. The documentary goes through some very interesting and dramatic things that happen in a very short period of time, and it's hard for me to believe that some of them actually happened. I think a lot of these things are probably connected, but I think a lot of these things are not believable. So there is some bits of my life I can't put up with, so I can't really take anything serious. But overall, I thought this film was great. I think it was well-done, and I think that the documentary is really well-made. It's not an easy documentary to watch, but I think that it's very powerful, and I think it makes you think. I don't think I ever cried at a movie, but this movie really got me through. I don't think I've ever cried during a documentary, and I'm glad I watched this one. The other thing I like about this movie is that I think it's a good movie to show your parents that there's not always a lot of good to be had, and to show yourself and your life a little bit differently.

Jesse C. photo
Jesse C.

The U.S. Dept. of State's "Expert Consular Comments on Human Rights Abuses in Sri Lanka" tells the U.S. government's view of Sri Lanka's human rights abuses: Human Rights Abuses: The U.S. Department of State's "Expert Consular Comments on Human Rights Abuses in Sri Lanka" (April 27, 2009) - According to the State Department, Sri Lanka's leaders tortured people by kidnapping and subjecting them to physical and psychological torture. This deprivations of human rights include the deprivation of food and water, denial of medical care, denial of medical attention, and the denial of civil and political rights. The Sri Lankan government did not adequately investigate reports of political assassinations of people. These reports included government officials and former government officials and political party members. In some cases, the government ignored official reports and encouraged people to speak out. In many cases, the government issued fabricated "acts of terrorism" to justify arrests of and criminal prosecutions of innocent persons. The Government also did not ensure the safety and security of family members of detainees. The government failed to provide adequate mental health care to detainees, and some detainees suffered from mental and physical health problems that they were not able to control. In many cases, detainees reported that they did not receive adequate mental health care during detention or were not provided with any psychological counseling during detention. Many detainees reported that their relatives were not informed of their detention and treatment. Most detainees reported that they had been held in solitary confinement or in other cells that were closed to other detainees. Some detainees said they had received inadequate medical care during detention, particularly in their mental health. Human Rights Abuse in Sri Lanka: The United States is concerned about the possibility of further human rights abuses by the Sri Lankan government. Many detainees' families have fled Sri Lanka because of the instability and instability of the government and the difficulties of securing humanitarian aid. The United States urges Sri Lanka to take immediate steps to implement laws that protect human rights and to end a pattern of detention and other abusive tactics. The United States remains deeply concerned that abuses in Sri Lanka may be continuing and will continue to be a priority of the United States. As of April 27, 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka had not investigated or prosecuted any human rights abuses reported by the U.S. government. The U.S. Department of State urges the Sri Lankan Government to urgently investigate, prosecute, and prosecute those responsible for abuses, including torture, and to make progress toward ensuring that the families of the victims of abuse have the assistance and protection they need. This action is in response to the Human Rights Abuses Commission's (HRC) March 8, 2009 report, which was based on information provided to the HRC by the Sri Lankan Government, that the Sri Lankan Government continued to subject people to torture and other ill-treatment, including denial of medical care, denial of civil and political rights, and the mistreatment of detainees and detainees' families. The United States continues to advocate for the release of all detainees from detention. U.S. officials continue to speak out about the unjust detention of innocent civilians and military personnel in Sri Lanka. The United States continues to urge the Government of Sri Lanka to address its policies and practices that lead to the abuse of human rights. U.

John Henderson photo
John Henderson

This is a great documentary, that should be seen by everybody and everyone should watch this. I watched this about a week ago and it is such a great film. It will not tell you anything about the real purpose of the government of Israel. The story is told by the film maker and by the many people he interviewed. It is almost impossible to predict what will happen next and why. I find it very difficult to believe that an evil will rule over people if they are not guided by the intelligence of the people. I believe this to be true. It also shows what the US and the EU have been doing in the Middle East. They support the army and not the people. I think that this film is also important for people who don't want to be influenced by political parties and organizations. They should watch it.

Samantha photo

I was recently introduced to this documentary as part of a screening hosted by the National Institute of Film and Television. It was an incredibly powerful and moving documentary. This film, as well as several others, tells the story of how "intelligence agencies" have engaged in mass surveillance over the past twenty years. The NSA has been the subject of a number of documentaries, and this film focuses on the history and activities of the NSA. The NSA was a group of people who put together systems that allowed them to intercept phone calls and Internet traffic, and information was filtered through this network. This was called the "network operations centre", or NOC. The NSA worked in secret, but it was a highly secretive place. The NSA could have been called "The Emperor's New Clothes". Once the system was built, it had enormous power. But then, when Edward Snowden and the documents about the NSA were made public, people started to realize that the NSA wasn't so secret after all. The NSA has been operating in secrecy since at least 1969. According to these documents, from 1971 to 1984, the NSA conducted more than 200,000 "electronic surveillance" (techniques that use radio waves to "surreptitiously" collect data) and 21,500,000 "implants" (devices implanted in humans to collect data). The CIA, NSA, and the British police were also involved in collecting and analyzing intelligence data. These data collection and analysis were conducted in secret and this work became known as "Deep Throat" and "On the Trail". The results of the data collected have been very beneficial to the US government. According to the director of the NSA, the information gathered through electronic surveillance has been used to prevent terrorist attacks on the US. The technology that the NSA uses to spy on its own citizens is called "Intellicine". The intelligence agencies also obtain huge amounts of data through wiretaps and metadata collection. This information has been used to look at foreign governments and citizens and track their behavior, including their movements and interactions. And now, even more information is being collected and analyzed using the Intellicine. This makes the NSA far more powerful and effective than it was before Edward Snowden's disclosures. But these revelations have also caused major problems in the NSA. The NSA's data collection and analysis are now being overseen by a civilian group, called the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or ODNI. In the film, the Director of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers, was a key player in the NSA. But Admiral Rogers has been out of office since December 2001. Since 2002, Admiral Rogers has been in a position of authority, but he has been removed from the top position in the NSA. Admiral Rogers' replacement, Admiral Michael Hayden, was a close personal friend of President George W. Bush and a close ally of the CIA. Admiral Michael Hayden has been named to the position of Director of National Intelligence. This is all quite a surprise, and not all of the problems with the NSA can be blamed on Admiral Rogers. The problem is, Admiral Rogers has basically given his approval to the CIA and the NSA to conduct mass surveillance, much of it without any public oversight. When we first learned that the NSA was collecting information on American citizens, we thought that the NSA was spying on US citizens because

Ralph Ramos photo
Ralph Ramos

Shocking? Yes. Embarrassing? No. However, after viewing this documentary and realizing how low the human race has sunk, I don't regret spending the time on this. I think everyone should see it, and everyone should make the effort to get it. If they haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to go and see it. I think you will be impressed. For me, the most powerful part was the interview with Mike Clark and Paul Metheny. After the shocking revelation about the U.S. economy, the conversation with these two gentlemen was priceless. They spoke about their amazing experiences, and told us about the times when they had actually believed what they were being told by our government. They told us they believed and knew, and they expressed joy, knowing they could do something about it. It is sad, but I think most of us will be more than happy to hear this. I love this documentary because it touches on so many topics, it is so diverse and diverse. It is definitely worth seeing.

Harry photo

Eileen Branigin's documentary "The Anatomy of an Abortion" draws attention to the humanity, not only of a mother who is in need of an abortion, but of the many women who suffer without any sort of help. It has been said that the idea of human rights is to protect the basic rights of all human beings, but "The Anatomy of an Abortion" shows that the modern feminist movement has absolutely no clue about this fact. It shows women who need an abortion, and show them that the choice is theirs, and that no one, not even the state, is there to protect them. The film shows an increasing number of abortions in America, and the lack of any form of protection for women in our state. The film shows many of these women who have lost their lives because of the horrific procedure. The documentary is very informative and informative. It gets a lot of attention on some issues, but it never makes a pro-choice point. The documentary ends with a warning: The abortion industry in America has a clear choice to make: Life, or death. It's up to us to make that choice for ourselves. It's up to us.

Gloria H. photo
Gloria H.

I have a degree in psychology and I am fascinated by the subject of fear. I believe that the scientific community has been misled by the media and the public into believing that the only way to stop people from being frightened is to send them to a movie theatre to be scared. The problem is that there are only a handful of movies that actually deal with the subject of fear and I believe that this film will change the way we look at the subject. I also believe that it is time to retire the "Shyamalan" label on movies because I believe that he has completely missed the mark with this film. Shyamalan is one of the most overrated directors of our time and this movie proves that he has no talent to write a script or direct a movie. I am also amazed at the fact that he managed to put together such a great cast. I am really impressed by the fact that actors like Demi Moore, Brian Cox, and Christopher Plummer were able to give such good performances. I am also impressed that Shyamalan had the courage to bring the film to the public and also gave his own personal commentary on the film. I also believe that the audience was able to feel the fear and the anxiety that was going on in the audience. This is a must see film and I will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Elizabeth H. photo
Elizabeth H.

If you're interested in the inner workings of the intelligence community and the machinery that operates behind the scenes, this documentary will show you everything you need to know. I found it fascinating to hear firsthand about how the American government and intelligence agencies actually operate, which made it all the more fascinating to watch and study the film. If you're not interested in the military or government agencies, but just want to know what they're doing, then you're probably better off looking into Wikipedia or the news media for that information.

Joan Rios photo
Joan Rios

Like any film with a point of view, this film has something to say. This is one of the most important films of recent times, with the war in Iraq a leading political issue in the UK. This film was shown at the 2008 White House Summit. The film examines what happens to prisoners and their families when they are returned to countries where they have not been convicted of a crime. The film examines the way that families are treated by the military when they return from a war zone. The film is about Iraq as well as Guantanamo Bay. The film was shown at the White House Summit 2008. The White House showed this film and received a standing ovation. The film did not receive an Oscar nomination, and is not available on DVD. The film is very informative and very emotional. It was shown at the White House Summit 2008.

James Moore photo
James Moore

On the surface, I would say that the documentary seems to be a pretty good portrayal of the events of 9/11. The thing is, when you look closer, it is pretty obvious that there are plenty of things that are left out of the documentary. I will list some of the major issues that I felt were left out. While these issues don't really change the overall outcome of the film, they do help to make it seem like the documentary was more about covering up evidence that the government was covering up information about their involvement in 9/11, rather than being a portrayal of the events that took place on 9/11. I have listed them in order of most importance, but I would advise anyone who is considering watching the documentary to read through this article. Overall, this is a very well made documentary that is worth watching. However, it could be more thorough in covering some of the issues that I listed. I'd give it an 8.5/10.

Albert Shaw photo
Albert Shaw

Film analysis and strategy is not new to documentaries. But this documentary takes a completely different approach. This documentary follows the story of "Blue Dots", a group of young people in Kenya who are purposely chosen to work in a bio-dynamic laboratory. The Blue Dots work for the project and are also paid a daily stipend. The scientists, both male and female, start with the blue colored dots on their own and each begins to produce colored dots. The scientists believe that if they can find a way to manipulate these dots into producing more of the color red, then they will be able to produce more "blue dots" and thus more money. The Blue Dots are chosen by their parents who want to bring them up in a traditional Kenyan family. The director's purpose is to teach the Blue Dots to become ethnically distinct from other Kenyan kids, as well as to learn about the human mind. All the children are genetically unique, so the filmmakers try to identify the genes that they have inherited. The Blue Dots are chosen by their parents, but the director says that only one of the young women can make it through and be chosen to work in the bio-dynamic lab. This is a powerful documentary that is very accessible and you can easily relate to the stories, relationships, and culture of the Blue Dots. The Blue Dots are the underdog in this documentary. They are the ones that the director is trying to teach to be independent and create their own values and moral code. These films don't have very dramatic endings and are not too light-hearted. They have very meaningful dialogue that should be listened to by everyone. I think this documentary should be seen by everyone and everyone should watch it.

Kelly C. photo
Kelly C.

A very impressive documentary about the impact of U.S. attacks in Afghanistan, and how it has been portrayed by our news media and government. We've been told for years that we should support the US and our allies in Afghanistan, and this film paints a very accurate picture of what our own leaders have been telling us for years. The problem with this documentary is that the media still seem to show the wrong side of the story. It's really depressing, because what we're told is so very different from what actually happened. We've been told for years that we should support our allies and the U.S. troops in Afghanistan. A lot of us even believed that. What we're shown is that these troops were so poorly treated and the Afghan people were treated like cattle, that it's unbelievable. We've also been told that the invasion was "worth it" for the "freedom" we all felt in our hearts. It's difficult to watch this documentary. It's a real eye-opener, and shows just how long we've been lied to. I'm so glad this documentary has finally been made available for the public to see.

Nicholas photo

First of all, let me say that if you have seen "Gerry" and "Magnolia", you have seen the two best films of 2006. And second, to all those who want to hate this movie, I say, go to the movies and not to your computers, because "Mac" has a message that goes way beyond the movie "Gerry". Basically, if you want to take notes of your life, there is a better way than to follow along with every message that is presented in this movie. I went to watch this movie because my friends wanted to see it and I am not a writer. But I had a great time watching it and I think everybody should go to the movies and watch it. Especially to all people who like movies that are about the things that you see and hear in your life. You will learn something about yourself, or your friends, or your family, or whatever and this movie will make you feel happy.

Laura photo

The film is a really good piece of work. I would recommend this movie to anyone, even if they have not seen the movie before. The movie is a must watch, especially for the people who have never seen the movie before. The director, the actors and the story itself is really great. I really hope that the movie will be made into a documentary, because I really would like to see this movie as a documentary.

Jennifer F. photo
Jennifer F.

This movie really struck a chord with me, a boy from a small town who was brought up by grandparents who had guns for protection. The man is gun shy and lives in fear. As I watched this movie I couldn't help but find myself thinking of all of the people who have guns for protection, and that this film really showed the reality of gun violence. I was very moved and the guy's story is just incredible. I am glad to see that I can find an internet source that shows all of the laws that have been passed, and it's great to see the results of those laws. I have been researching gun laws and regulations for the past 5 years, and I am really glad that I can share this story with you. I hope this helps someone in your life. All of us need to understand and be educated about how to defend ourselves, and the dangers that come with that. Thank you for this wonderful movie!

Ruth F. photo
Ruth F.

This is the first movie I have ever seen about a particular country and its people. The only countries that really stand out are Hungary and Spain. And that is just because I am a very intellectual person and an extremely hardcore anti-fascist who fought and killed people at the times of the Munich Olympics. And I have always loved watching films about human relations, and I always have my favorite documentary films. I have seen this film because I was interested to know more about the "war of the worlds" but also because I liked the film of Alberto Murruchari from Malta. I have read that he is also the director of this film. He did not know that I was interested in this film because I really love films about the human condition and also, after all, the conditions that people live in and the situations that they face. So I was very excited to see this film. The plot was very interesting to me, and the way that the narrator talks about it was very interesting. I have to say that the Italian version is a little better than the German version. The German version is filled with many flaws but the Italian version, which I had seen before, is filled with lots of things that I liked. The producer, an Italian actress, is an excellent narrator, and she gives a very strong voice to her own voice and to the voices of her friends and to the people around her. I also love the way that she used the music of Paul Simon to describe a lot of the events in the film. The narrator also used the music of Diana Krall. And I do not know why she does not use the music of Diana Krall. The whole thing is just amazing and I have to say that this is one of the most original documentaries I have ever seen. I think that this documentary is one of the best documentaries about the human condition ever made. It is very interesting and I think it is a good introduction to the human condition.

Jesse Gutierrez photo
Jesse Gutierrez

I have been watching this film since it first aired. I was so happy to see this documentary, because it gave me the chance to hear the words of people who were involved in the operation and how it changed their lives forever. This film is also an important part of the story of the War on Terror. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever had a friend or loved one who has been impacted by this war. It will open your eyes to the situation that many people have been through, and the lies that have been told about the war and its effects. I also recommend that you watch this film, because you will learn something that you never thought you would learn. I am truly grateful for the film, and I am looking forward to the next one.

Frances C. photo
Frances C.

This documentary covers the case of the Red Brigands. The film is centered around the fall of the Berlin Wall. It also covers the ten years that followed the fall of the Wall. The way that this documentary was presented was interesting. However, there was one thing that I did not understand, which is that the interviewees do not take any issue of the brutality of the Red Brigands and then say that it was justified by their actions. I do not know if this was a mistake on the part of the editors or the filmmakers, but it was interesting and worth watching.

Christina Mendez photo
Christina Mendez

What a truly great documentary. The documentary makers captured the essence of the students in their lives and in their time and the effects of the war on their lives and on their families. I found it very moving and thought provoking. I highly recommend it to everyone. I highly recommend watching it in its entirety.

Eric Ruiz photo
Eric Ruiz

This is an amazing documentary. I had never heard of it, but I had heard of the atrocities of the Holocaust and how horrible it was. This documentary was extremely informative and it really brought it to life. I was moved to tears at times and I could not take my eyes off the screen. I have never been to a museum so moved to see what these people went through. I am so glad that they did not forget about the victims of the Holocaust. I hope this documentary is shown in every school in the world. I know that there are many other people who have had a similar experience to mine. I will never forget it and I hope that others will also not forget. Thank you for showing this documentary to us.

Lori Cox photo
Lori Cox

I find it most compelling to watch this film because I know the story and I am a survivor of similar abuses committed by this Government. In this film, we follow the story of Barbara Simms, a woman who has lived with a mental illness for decades. As a young child, she was sexually abused by a family member, and the abuse continued into adulthood. The suffering was so great that she attempted suicide at age 12. As an adult, she was forced to live on a military base and had to live in a "homeless" lifestyle, eating rations of junk food. She never felt at ease in her skin, and the physical and psychological abuse only got worse. Finally, in her sixties, she managed to find a job as a teacher in an urban high school. Through this job, she was able to start over in a new home, and recover. I was surprised at the amount of suffering that Barbara Simms endured. I was a teenager in the late sixties when Barbara had to deal with such abuse. I am now 60 years old and have seen a lot of things and people that most of us don't even know exists. I can see that the "Government" has a very difficult time of explaining the millions of children and adults that have been dealt such horrible physical and psychological abuse. The film is educational in it's ability to show the progression of mental illness, that is accompanied by physical and psychological abuse. I must say that I am a strong believer in rehabilitation, and although this film was just an opportunity for me to see the abuse of children and adults, I would also like to see what happened to other victims of such abuse.

Carol photo

The film is a MUST SEE for those who love the film industry and the music industry. I am a fan of both and this documentary is a MUST SEE for those who want to know how the film industry is run. I can't say enough about this film. It is well worth the time to watch. I am a huge fan of the music industry and the film gives you a complete view of what goes on behind the scenes. I can't say enough about the film and the music industry. You will be glad you saw it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.