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Mully is a movie starring Charles Mully, Esther Mully, and Isaac Mulli. A homeless orphan in Kenya becomes a lucrative businessman, only to give it all up and open an orphanage that today serves over 2000 Kenyan children.

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Adventure, Drama, Biography, Documentary, Family
Scott Haze
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Ndondo Mulli, Isaac Mulli, Charles Mully, Esther Mully
Kenya, USA
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What happens when a six-year-old boy in Kenya is abandoned by his family and left to raise himself on the streets? Mully is no ordinary rags-to-riches tale. It's the true story of Charles Mully, whose unlikely stratospheric rise to wealth and power leaves him questioning his own existence, searching for meaning in life. Against the better judgment of family and community, Mully sets out to enrich the fate of orphaned children across Kenya. Jeapordizing his own life and the security of his family, Charles Mully risks everything and sets in motion a series of events that is nothing short of astonishing.

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Jacqueline photo

Lovable, uplifting, and informative. A film that provides an engaging and respectful look at some of the most controversial and extremely important issues in the world today. It has the perfect mix of family drama, historical detail, and entertainment for the entire family. The story of a Korean War veteran's story of survival, friendship, and life. This film deserves much more praise. Everyone needs to watch it. - The internet has made the film even more real and powerful. - The style of the movie is classic. The costumes, art direction, and soundtrack were all extremely well thought out. - The movie has a wonderful message of self love and forgiveness.

Martha Scott photo
Martha Scott

Lincoln had a very different approach to politics and the rise of the Tea Party. At the time, it was a polarizing event. On the one hand, it was a wake up call to the way our government is run and the country was left with a very serious problem. On the other hand, it was an unprecedented election, and it led to a lot of angry people feeling that they were being deprived of their freedoms and that their voices were being ignored. It is still hard to understand how it all came about. Now, about this movie. It tells the story of how people are affected by this event in their lives. It is the story of two people who had an unusual bond. After years of arguing and disagreements, they came together in a moment of passion, and decided to start a campaign to have their voices heard. This event, which ended with the death of Robert Kennedy, would change the political landscape of the country forever. While some people look at this as the biggest political event in history, I consider it more of a revolution in the way that people have been treated in the United States. It would have been easy to become complacent and see this as just another election, but the two people showed that they had the courage to do something about it. It is difficult to express how much this event impacted their lives, but I will say that one of the most rewarding things about this film is that it touched me. It's not just a political documentary, but it is more than just a film about two people, and how their story was a shining light in a time of darkness. It is about their personal struggles and how it affected their whole lives. It also demonstrates how a great nation can be affected by what happens in our personal lives. I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to understand what happened in 18th century America.

Janet Bryant photo
Janet Bryant

This is a must see documentary, which is extremely important for anyone to see. It explains the serious and severe actions of the Church in its days. After the crucifixion, the Bishop of Rome was the one that was at the forefront, with the highest number of victims, and he was at the very top of the Church hierarchy. The facts are so outrageous and shocking that I couldn't help but shed a tear. The filming and interviewing of many people are made with such precision that you feel as if you were actually there. If you feel you could relate to the subject matter, then you should see this film. There are so many good quotes that I could list them. It is a must see for any one who cares about the Church, and the Gospel.

Mary photo

This is the most informative, colorful, and inspiring documentary I've ever seen. The fact that this film was shot in true rural New Hampshire, without any government-sponsored filming of New Hampshire to tell the story, tells me all I need to know. It was all in the camera. It also tells me what a wonderful job Ralph Nader did with his very short film, and the job he's doing on the PAC. I saw it as part of the New Hampshire Film Festival. The director, Andrea Pirelli, has done an amazing job on the camera and the script. This is an incredible documentary that everyone should see.

Sean photo

Why didn't this film receive the acclaim it deserved? It's a compelling and very moving story of a 19 year old girl who's journey to life after the devastating consequences of her cousin's suicide. I saw it at a screening at the Art Cinema in Manhattan and the audience loved it. It was very moving and the director did a great job capturing the heartbreak of the story and how the mother feels about her. It was very heartfelt and the movie was very well put together. The only problem was the length. I found it to be too long, and the film didn't have that emotional impact. It seemed too long. This is an intelligent, thought-provoking, well-made movie about an important topic. I enjoyed it, but it could have been longer. I'm going to give it a "9" instead of a "10" because I think it was well done.

Debra Duncan photo
Debra Duncan

I'm not really much of a fan of documentaries, especially in their "artsy" or "futuristic" context. Even documentaries that are more into the history and/or drama of a particular place or era often prove to be an overwhelming waste of time. While the title is all over the map, "Mully" works perfectly as a simple but gripping story of a man's struggle with depression and, in turn, his friendships with those around him. "Mully" is not the story of an "everyman" who goes through an intense period of depression. It's a story of one man, whose life and personality was not affected by his depression, but he was nonetheless affected by his depression. "Mully" never once tries to make us sympathize with Mully, as such. We see his depression as the cause of his depression. The depression doesn't become the main story of the movie. We see Mully's depression as a small part of a much larger story that, for him, was much more important than the depression itself. We see his depression as something that wasn't even remotely responsible for the deaths of his friends and family. In the end, we see the depression as something that, though it was a part of Mully's life, did not affect his overall well-being. It's not even really Mully's fault, as such, as he has just been so depressed all of his life, that it's easy to see why he was always depressed. Mully is the one who died and "Mully" does not blame him. His depression and his death have nothing to do with Mully's depression. The story of Mully is that of a man with a complex, and for some, hopeless, life. The story of Mully, in this movie, is not the story of one person who gets depressed, or even a man who gets depressed. It's the story of a man with a complex, and for some, hopeless, life.

Jeremy Santos photo
Jeremy Santos

Mully is a film that not only respects the old movie making, but also brings a little something new. As with all documentaries, Mully follows the actions of some very talented people. These people are trying to revive the lost era of photography. As they travel the world, they bring back the old film makers who lived before the time of film. Through these interviews, Mully explores the impact of film making on people and the world. Through Mully, we discover a lot of interesting facts, such as the famous 'Franken-stopper' (the infamous image of a woman running naked in front of a camera), the inventions of film, and many more. It is an incredible documentary that anyone can learn something from.

George E. photo
George E.

I am currently watching the movie at a midnight showing at the Austin Film Festival. I am a film student and the movie was especially interesting. The cinematography is gorgeous, the movie itself is interesting, and I will definitely see it again. It is a time capsule of the mid-90's when most people were just starting to enter into the tech world and were figuring out what they were going to be doing in their lives. I think most people are probably too new to the concept of technology and don't understand what it means to be disconnected from technology. It is almost like we are living in the Matrix. And I think that the movie is interesting because the technology of the 90's was a glimpse into a future that we still don't understand. I hope that people can get the chance to see this film. I think it is going to be a great movie for those who are interested in technology. I am a teenager and I am interested in technology, and I think that this film will help me understand it better. As an adult, I think it will help me understand what technology means to me.

Frank photo

Mully was a wonderful little film. It was shot in a beautiful fashion, the photography of which I have seen many times. I especially liked the cinematography. The moody moody cinematography is really beautiful. I have found it to be quite calming. The voice-over narration is very helpful and helpful for understanding the film. If you are the kind of person that does not like 'instant' information and want to be on the edge of your seat, this film will not satisfy. It is a very slow paced film, but it will make you feel better. The last 15-20 minutes of the film is very hard to watch, because it is so powerful and powerful. The last 15-20 minutes of the film is like a montage of two worlds being destroyed, and two people seeing their world being destroyed. There is a scene at the end that is really powerful, and I highly recommend it. If you have been expecting to see a slasher movie, you will be very disappointed. However, if you are a zombie fan, or someone that can appreciate a good film, and a movie that has a story and is well-made, then you will love this film.

Charles Perkins photo
Charles Perkins

I saw this film as part of the Royal Film Festival and thought it was a fine production. I don't normally watch documentaries, but I think the producers of this film did a great job of conveying the impression that the men in this film were authentic people and that the "letters" which were exchanged were as real as they could possibly be. The interview with the ex-diplomat is especially moving. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the importance of maintaining friendships and the importance of this technique to a person's well-being. I would also recommend this film to those who are in the military or in the profession in which this documentary focuses, as well as anyone who wants to know more about how the media reported the war in Iraq. This film does a great job of telling this important story.

Benjamin photo

There are some films that can be easily labeled as "classics", like Citizen Kane, Schindler's List, "Trainspotting", or "The Story of O". The list of classics is growing, but Mully is just as well-known and well-regarded. This documentary tells the story of what the children and families of the real refugees in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War were like, as well as the refugees that were brought to Canada during the Syrian Civil War, which were the focus of the film. The children, who were small children when the conflict began, eventually grew into adults. The film does a great job of showcasing the human tragedy of the civil war, while also showing the relationship between the refugee families and the Canadian government. Although the film is about a single event in time, the aftermath of this conflict is still very much a part of Canadian history.

Austin Peterson photo
Austin Peterson

I love documentaries. I love documentaries because they do not have a focus. There is no emphasis on a topic. They show how much the participants feel, what they believe. I love documentaries because they provide an important lesson. In this case, it is a lesson that everyone can learn from, how the American government can be corrupted by special interests. I am sure that all Americans are tired of hearing about the failures of government, but I am also tired of hearing about corruption. The film was beautifully shot. The images and audio were beautifully arranged. The characters are portrayed beautifully. The narration is very moving. I will give it a 9/10. It was a great documentary, I recommend it to everyone. Thanks for reading, R.P.

Paul photo

I have to say that it's a great film. I really enjoyed it. The characters were well defined, the plot was easy to follow, and the photography was great. It was especially enjoyable to see how a first rate documentary was turned into a feature length film. I liked it because it was a good character study of the photographer Mully, a woman who has made a career out of taking portraits of the homeless. As she starts to realize that her life isn't what it was when she was a child, she has to find a way to cope with her grief. There are some good points to it, but I'm glad that it isn't a great movie. I like the idea of how it is a documentary, but I didn't like the fact that the director's hands were in many of the scenes. When I watch a documentary, I'm looking at it from the point of view of the subjects, and I don't like that when they are in the same scene, they aren't given the opportunity to express themselves. The camera is always focused on them. If they had more dialogue with each other, the movie would have been more interesting. I found the ending to be disappointing, because I thought it would have been much more powerful. I also thought the last 15 minutes could have been shorter, because there was no tension or interest in the end, and I felt like the movie would have been more exciting if the next scenes had been different. I would have liked to have seen more of what she found at the end of the film, but I think it was good. The movie is definitely a 9/10.

Raymond Evans photo
Raymond Evans

This is a great documentary about a man named Tom Mully, and a documentary film about this man named Tom Mully. Mully was a brilliant journalist who was jailed for his job, and he was fighting to get out of jail. In the early 1990's, Tom was able to secure funding from the ACLU and the New York Times to publish his book, "Life Under Fire," which was banned from many media outlets. He was able to gain fame and success, and eventually landed a new job, becoming an executive producer for "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Nowadays, Tom's experience in prison is well documented. But back then, Tom was still fighting to get out of jail. He found a lawyer who tried to convince the prison to release Mully. But after he refused to sign the petition to have his release denied, he was arrested again, and the charges were dropped. Tom was released from prison, and was able to earn a living in publishing. He continued to fight for his freedom, but in order to get his work published, he had to work for the prison as an inmate. Now Tom is a writer, and the documentary highlights his experiences writing for the prison newspaper. The film also highlights the successes and challenges of this courageous and outspoken man. "Life Under Fire" is a great film. But it is also a reminder of how difficult it is to work in the prison, and the fact that the prison does not even provide the same level of medical care as the prison at the same prison, meaning that Tom Mully's healthcare is just as important as the prison's healthcare. The fact that Tom was able to get so far, and to succeed so much, is one of the reasons he is such a hero. But it is also a reminder of how much of a struggle prison life can be, and the fact that people in prison can be just as dangerous as the rest of society. I recommend this film for any one who has had a family member in prison, or someone who has ever had a family member in prison. It is a great documentary that brings up many important issues about a man who worked so hard to get out of prison, and to be able to work in the newspaper industry. This documentary shows us the hardships of prison life, and highlights the many different ways that people can suffer from a lack of food, or lack of water, or even lack of healthcare. I recommend this film for anyone who wants to know more about the world of prison, and to see how people have different experiences than someone who has not had to deal with prison life. This film will also serve as a reminder to people of this country that they need to vote to reform the prison system, because prison is a powerful issue in our society. This documentary is very well made. It is a great example of the documentary medium, and a great film in its own right.

Raymond F. photo
Raymond F.

Mully was a remarkable film that is easily one of the most entertaining documentaries I have ever seen. It deals with a wide range of topics, which includes current issues in the news, entertainment, and religion. The filmmakers, who are all professionals in their respective fields, managed to make a powerful documentary that moves in a realistic manner. The film starts out with Mully and his family and then continues on to discuss the news, including terrorism, the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, and even the Muslim faith itself. The themes are dealt with with the hope of love and forgiveness. This film is a must see for any film student. Highly recommended.

William D. photo
William D.

What an incredible documentary! I watched it and wanted to watch it again. I can not understand how anyone could not like this. It is more than a biography. It is a remarkable movie with a beautiful and touching story. A must watch for all those who value their sanity and will not compromise their beliefs. I would recommend this to anyone who is living with a mental illness and is not sure whether it is the demons or the health problems. You will not be disappointed. If you do not believe me then watch the movie and decide for yourself. It is worth the watch.

Christine B. photo
Christine B.

I never thought I would be in a film that would deal with the lives of a small group of people who were in the last year of their life. Yet in this film, I felt like I was privy to these people's feelings. I felt I was a part of their lives. I really felt I was in their shoes, no matter how insignificant the small town I was in. I felt like I was a part of these people's lives, as they tried to make it through life and keep their heads above water. The setting was beautiful, the cinematography, and the music was a nice complement. The relationship of the two children was touching, but not overly sentimental. I felt they both tried to do the best they could for their parents. However, they did not fully know what they were getting into, and their relationship was very tentative and tentative at times. I was really glad they got a good response from the media and other people. I feel this film has touched me on many levels, and I highly recommend this film to people who are interested in the lives of people who are dying.

Megan Herrera photo
Megan Herrera

I was fortunate enough to attend the premiere of "Mully" at the New York International Film Festival, which really got the ball rolling. As you can see from my summary, I really didn't like "Mully," though I did enjoy the fact that it was by an artist and was informative. The DVD version is available now, and the cast and crew did a great job. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I highly recommend it. My favorite scenes are the ones that show the parts of the film that I haven't seen, and the music is haunting. I also enjoyed the fact that the film is set in the early 20th century and that Mully's family is Indian, not European, which made the film more interesting to me. Mully's dad is a hunter and works in a call center, so Mully and her younger sister are all about hunting. At the end of the film, Mully (a young actress named Ana Lily Amirpour) tells the story of her mom's life, how she went from a working girl, to a stay at home mom, to a working woman, and finally, to a stay at home mom who made a big deal about how she never cooked food in the house, how her daughter was always naked in front of her, and how she died young. She was also a great mom, who was devoted to her daughter, and even encouraged her to be a good, quiet, and disciplined daughter. One of the most touching parts is when Mully tells her sister that her mother had a very bad time of her life, and how she had to leave her children. One of the characters is named Cleo, and the entire film was about her struggle to leave her family and her home. As a movie about a mother, the acting was excellent. My favorite actors were Meryl Streep and John Goodman, and the writing was superb. I can't wait to see the other parts of the film! I don't know if Mully's story will be shown on PBS, but I plan to buy it as soon as it is on DVD.

Samantha Rogers photo
Samantha Rogers

It is a fun movie to watch but can be quite upsetting. I saw a friend on IMDb who gave this film a "10", so I just wanted to know what he was talking about. I really enjoyed the film. However, I don't understand the 11+ rating. My friends, who I knew weren't going to like it, liked it. I personally didn't think it was that good. However, I could see where other people's eyes were and the intensity of the emotion conveyed. I felt like a child, at times, just watching it. It is not scary, but it is a good film. This is not a movie I would watch over and over again, but it is something to watch. It is great for a date night, and it will be a treat for the whole family. The actors were good and very natural. I am glad I saw this, and hope it makes it's way to the theatres.

Timothy photo

Mully is a film about the times when, after the Civil War, the Union was the victor and slavery was abolished. However, the film leaves out that the US government had been building up a prison for black men since the beginning of the war, as the documents in the film clearly show. At the time, the state of Louisiana was not ready for it, and wanted to keep as many black men as possible locked away. At that time, people of all races were being rounded up and taken to the new prison, nicknamed "Mully" (implying "mad", or "madly in love") The prisoners were put in the jail, but as they were being led into the building, it was discovered that there was a concealed elevator. These people were ordered to open the door and the prisoners were taken into the jail. However, as they were walking down the hall, they saw a black man, then all of the doors in the building were locked. This scene is of great importance because it illustrates the ignorance of the country. However, it also shows the incredible commitment the prisoners put forth to help the institution succeed. Throughout the film, a great deal of time is spent on the time that was spent in the prison, including the management of the prison, the law enforcement, the black commissary, and even the funeral of one of the men who died of what was later called "inflicted wounds". The portrayal of the prison is quite realistic and it portrays a place where black people were being rounded up and put into a harsh, often secluded environment, and it showed how the inmates were able to hold themselves together and make a great contribution to the prison. This film shows a story of the Civil War, slavery, and the prison and shows that there are many sides to a story.

Samantha O. photo
Samantha O.

The movie looks beautiful, but the storytelling of the characters leaves you with a sense of unfinished, as if they are missing the point. It doesn't help that the characters are written as if they were kids, but in reality, most of them are adults. Mully is a master at what he does, and we feel as if we are watching him. If we were kids, we might be sad that he didn't become a writer. We feel sad that he didn't do more with his life. We feel sad that he didn't have more control over his life. But as adults, we are not sentimental about what he did or what he has accomplished. He did something important. There's no way that we would be upset about the result. It's so incredibly sad that Mully did not live his life to the fullest. We want to live in a world where people like him, and that's what the movie is about.

Johnny photo

Even though Mully is not what I had expected, it was a very good film. It gives a balanced view of the controversial topics which are the focus of the film. The film covers a wide range of topics, from the U.S. government, environmental issues, the farming industry and the environment, to the Holocaust, WW2, and even the drug war. The movie covers a wide range of issues, and shows how these issues are not as separate as they may seem. It is the views that are presented in the film that are the focus. It is not the movies that make a difference, it is the viewer's opinions on what is being discussed that is the most important. If you think there is something wrong with the world, then you should be made aware of the topic that Mully covers. It is something that should be made known, rather than something that you hear about. Overall, I think Mully is a very good film and a great educational tool. I give Mully a 9 out of 10.