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If the Dancer Dances

If the Dancer Dances is a movie starring Davalois Fearon, Gino Grenek, and Meg Harper. If a dance is not danced, it vanishes. If the Dancer Dances follows a group of New York City's top modern dancers as they reconstruct an iconic...

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Maia Wechsler
Barrington Hinds, Gino Grenek, Meg Harper, Davalois Fearon
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If a dance is not danced, it vanishes. If the Dancer Dances follows a group of New York City's top modern dancers as they reconstruct an iconic and mysterious work by the legendary Merce Cunningham, revealing what it takes to keep a dance alive. Timed to coincide with Cunningham's centennial, the film confronts one of the most urgent issues facing the dance world today: how do we prevent the loss of masterworks to time?

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Donna A. photo
Donna A.

I have just come across this documentary and I am now very much looking forward to seeing it. I really like the way the documentary is presented. The way the documentary starts off is very interesting, because it shows the story of the two young boys who went through the story of the Dancer Dances, but the story is not finished yet. I think that it would be a great idea to continue to the story to see how the story ends. The thing that I liked about the documentary is that it shows the different stages of the Dancer Dances, which is very interesting and I hope to see more documentaries like this one in the future.

Roy photo

This documentary is an interesting look at the musical community. The interviewees are not just singers, but they also include many other professional musicians. They discuss the origins of the music, the development of the genre and what it means to be a musician. Some of the interviews are quite informative and even the narration is well done. I think the documentary is an excellent resource for anyone interested in musical history.

Phillip Castro photo
Phillip Castro

This documentary takes a look at the lives of people who are out of prison or on parole, and it's interesting to see how they live in New York City. It's also interesting to see how some of them are getting along, and to see how they are changing. They talk about how they are getting to know each other, how they have changed, and they talk about their goals for the future. I think the most interesting part of the documentary is seeing how some of them are dealing with the criminal justice system. Some of them have got through the system, and some of them are still dealing with it. This documentary gives you a good idea of how they are doing and how they are doing it. This documentary is very informative, and it gives you a good idea about what is going on in their lives. The documentary is very well made, and it gives you an idea about what they are going through, and how they are dealing with it.

Adam photo

This documentary does a great job of showing the history of the dance, and the dance of all kinds. We learn about the origins of the dance, how it was invented, the history of the people who practiced it, and the history of the choreography. It is an excellent look into the history of the dance, and the dance of all kinds. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who loves dance, or who has a love for history.

Brandon J. photo
Brandon J.

This is a very good documentary about the relationship between a young man and his former high school dance instructor. The documentary is very well done and is very well researched and presented. The students are all interviewed and the director gives a very good insight into the students and their lives. The documentary was very well done and should be considered a must see. It is a very well done documentary that should be viewed.

Douglas photo

I love this movie. It's a funny look at the lives of a few musicians and their families. I was surprised that the director didn't use any music in this film. The director used a mix of the songs from the soundtrack and clips from the actors. It was very interesting to see how these artists are all very different and not all have the same story line. I was particularly impressed with the director's commentary of his favorite songs. I would recommend this film to any musician or music lover.

Melissa photo

This documentary is a pretty good look at the lives of some of the people who made the movie and the work they did. It is an interesting look at the movie, but also the lives of the people who worked on it. It is a little too long for a documentary but it is well worth it.

Victoria Gray photo
Victoria Gray

This documentary is an overview of the Dancer Dances, the annual international music competition in which the world's top young musicians and dancers are selected to compete for the prestigious "Golden Bill" in the U.S. at the end of the year. It features interviews with many of the participants as well as the judges, the dancers and their families, and the American music industry. The documentary is shot in both English and Spanish with a mix of interviews and music videos. It does a good job of showing the various stages of the competition. The interviewer, Julia Edwards, is very fair and fair-minded and she does not steer the subject in one direction or another. She is also very articulate, very friendly, and very funny. It is interesting to see what the Dancer Dances are about. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who loves music and wants to know more about this wonderful event.

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

A beautiful film that tells the story of the Dancer Dances. The dancers are the most important people in the story. I think this is a very important documentary. I feel the film is very honest. The audience can feel the pain of the dancers, and understand the pain that they have. The film also tells the story of the dancers and their families. This is very important because it shows the struggle of the dancers and their families. The film has some very interesting interviews with the dancers. The film also has some great music from the dancehall and that's one of the main reasons I would recommend this film to people. It is an interesting story about the dancers and the people who they are. I also think this is a good film to show to your children. The story is very important because it shows that you can be in the center of a world, and it's also important because it is a story about a world that is dying. This is a very important documentary. I give it a very high rating.

Judith Young photo
Judith Young

This is a wonderful documentary about the dance that is the backbone of all cultures, and how it is lost to the modern world. It shows the dancers of many cultures and it tells their story. The dancers of the Dancers Dances, the movie, shows how they did dance. This film is very powerful. It's a good story, but it's also very beautiful. The dancers are very inspiring, and they inspire us to do something in our life. They inspire us to be different. They inspire us to be ourselves. This is a beautiful story that is not to be missed. I highly recommend this film.

Jennifer Clark photo
Jennifer Clark

This film is a wonderful documentary on the lives of some of the world's best dancers. The film includes interviews with several dancers and the director, the dancers themselves, the choreographers, and the people who love them. The film also includes a number of short videos of the dancers performing their choreography in various settings, including a skit on the "Today" show, a dance routine on "Entertainment Tonight" and a live performance on a college campus. The dancers are real people and they are so funny and engaging in the film. It is a very enjoyable film. It is not a documentary, but it is very entertaining. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys dance. The dancers in the film are all professional and they are all very talented.

Cynthia G. photo
Cynthia G.

I have been a Dancer for 12 years and I have never seen a documentary on this subject. I am a Dancer, I dance in a band with my boyfriend and I have been dancing since I was 8 years old. This documentary is amazing. The story is incredible, it's amazing that a film like this can make me go to the gym to be more healthy. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about Dancers, especially those who are not dancers. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about dancing. This film is amazing, and you should watch it.

Ann King photo
Ann King

This is a documentary on the life of choreographer and choreographer Terence Blanchard. It's a story of a man who was a dancer and then a choreographer, and who was working in the early years of the art form. The story is told from his perspective and through his daughter's perspective. The story is interesting, funny, and touching. It's a must see for all who love dancing.

Dorothy photo

The story is not great, but it's a story. It's a story about the struggle to survive on the streets of New York City in the late 1980s. This film is very well done. The photography is beautiful, and the story is interesting and intriguing. I was very moved by it. This is a must see for anyone who likes the film. It's very powerful, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story.