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Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke is a movie starring Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Tara Strong. As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall...

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Batman: La broma asesina, Batman: Zabójczy zart, Betmen: Ubistveni vic, Batman: Killing Joke, Betmens: Nāvējošais joks, Batman: Rire et mourir, Batman: Öldüren Şaka, Battoman: Kiringu joku, Batman: Gyilkos tréfa, Batman: La broma mortal, Batman: A Piada Mortal
Running Time
1 hours 16 minutes
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Thriller, Animation, Crime, Action, Drama
Sam Liu
Brian Azzarello, Brian Bolland, Bob Kane, Alan Moore, Bill Finger
Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Ray Wise, Mark Hamill
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness.

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Brenda photo

I saw the original Batman and I loved it. The Joker is one of my favorite characters and I think they did a great job portraying him. I love the character of The Joker, but the film, I didn't really enjoy it. It was slow and boring, and I don't think it was that great of a story. I also didn't like the film, but I think they did a good job with the story. I thought the film was good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the comic and wants to see a good movie. 8/10

Rachel G. photo
Rachel G.

I saw this movie last night with a couple of friends and we all agreed that this movie was great. I would have to say it is probably the best adaptation of a comic book we have seen. I think the only reason people don't like it is because they are used to movies like the Dark Knight and Spiderman. I think the movie was good but I would say it is a bit different from the comic and it could have been a little better. I would give it an 8.5/10

Douglas photo

This movie is a very good one. It is not a movie for everyone, but if you are a fan of the comic book, then you will enjoy this movie. The plot is very well written and it keeps you interested. It is well directed. It has a very good action. I really enjoyed this movie. I am very happy that I watched it. I think that it is a great movie and I will buy the DVD and watch it again. I am very glad that I watched it. I also think that it is a great movie. It is a good movie to watch.

Denise Morrison photo
Denise Morrison

Batman: The Killing Joke is a very well-written and acted film. However, there are some flaws in the film that make it very difficult to fully enjoy. It is difficult to get into the film because it is so hard to follow. I could not follow what the hell was going on, and there were times when I just wanted to jump in the movie theater. The film is very hard to follow because the main character and the villains are completely different. The film is not as interesting as the comics, and it is not as exciting. I would say that this is a film that is worth seeing, but I would not say that it is a film that is perfect. If you are a fan of the comic, or you like to watch a film that is very different from the comic, then you will enjoy this film.

Walter photo

It's the first of the three films, and it's the best. The story is fantastic, the characters are more fleshed out than any comic book adaptation I've seen, and the action is so well done that it's almost disturbing. The visuals are stunning and the score is very effective, not to mention the story. The characters are more fleshed out than any comic book adaptation I've seen, and the story is a lot more interesting and different than most comic book adaptations. I think this film will stand the test of time, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has never read the comics or seen the other films. If you like the first two movies, you'll probably like this one. I don't think there will be a shortage of sequels, and they'll probably be better than this one.

Anna L. photo
Anna L.

This is a film that is not very good at all. It's not that bad. The story is very weak, the characters are very poor, and the visuals are very poor. But what the hell? I can't understand why the producers did not have a higher budget to make a better film. I mean, the budget could have made a much better film. This is a poor film, but not a horrible one. I have a lot of respect for the director of this film, he is an excellent director, but he made a poor film. I recommend this film to people who like action films, or the directors of action films, or the people who liked the first two Batman films. It's not a good film, but it's not a terrible one either. 8/10

Harry Butler photo
Harry Butler

I think I'm in the minority in that I like this movie. I think it's a good movie, but I think it could have been better. The first few minutes of the movie were pretty good, but then the movie began to drag. I think the second half of the movie should have been better. I think the creators could have been more careful and not so concerned with making a "cool" movie. This movie was not that good, but I did enjoy it. It is definitely worth seeing, but it's not one of my favorites. I think it would be better to watch this movie a few times and then put it in the "other" category.

Thomas Torres photo
Thomas Torres

It is a difficult question to answer, what does a comic book adaptation to film do? It is very difficult to do justice to the characters and the original story, and there are many films that have tried to do this, but none have really succeeded. The Killing Joke is one of the few films to actually get it right. It is a perfect adaptation of the graphic novel, with only a few minor changes. The story is simple enough, with Batman's family life and his involvement in the death of his parents, and the Joker's plan to take over the city and kill everyone. It is a very well-written story, with great action, some comedy, and a great plot. The animation is fantastic, with the characters being very well animated, and not too similar to the comics, which is a good thing. The action is also very well done, with the animation really adding to the action. The character's designs are great, with the Joker being a very well-designed character, and the Bat suit being really well done, and the costumes are also great. The soundtrack is also very good, with the music making the action sequences, and making the story feel more exciting. The story is very interesting, and has many different ways of doing things, and some really funny things, but it is also very realistic, and makes you think. It is not a film for everyone, but for those who love the comics, it is a very good film, and should be praised for the good work it has done. If you like the comics, then you should definitely see this film. It is a great film, that you will not regret seeing. It is also a great film to see for anyone who is a fan of the comics, or Batman, it is an excellent film.

Randy Cole photo
Randy Cole

I will start by saying that I was really disappointed in the first movie of the Joker. I was expecting more. It seemed to me that it was not as good as Batman Begins. That being said, I am a big fan of the Batman series, and I do not have a problem with the direction that the series has gone in the last five years. I like the fact that it has changed, and not as many things were the same. But I think that this movie was way too slow and dull. The story of the Joker and Batman was weak and not good enough to make me interested in it. The movie was too long and not enough time was spent on the Joker. I think that the ending was a little bit too rushed. It felt like they just threw in the end of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Batman, but not to the people who like the series. I think that the people who like the series will be disappointed, because the movie was too slow and boring.

Crystal Mills photo
Crystal Mills

After the massive success of the first two installments of Batman: The Animated Series, writer and director Chris Nolan set out to continue the story of the Caped Crusader. He had previously said that he wanted to make a movie that was closer to the comics, and he succeeded. However, it's hard to say how much of the movie is faithful to the comics, as some elements are not present in the comics and are left out. In the case of the first two movies, Nolan had to work with the comics, so he had to cut out parts of the story that would not have been possible. This is what happened with the Joker and Catwoman. In the case of The Killing Joke, the story is actually quite faithful to the comics. I think that if you are a fan of the comics, you will enjoy the movie. However, I think that it's a good movie for fans of the Batman and Superman movies. I would say that it's a solid movie, but not great.

Angela Perry photo
Angela Perry

It's the first of the Batman movies, and it's not like they're trying to copy the first movie. Batman is not the one who gets his ass kicked in this movie, but rather the Joker. That's why the Joker was a more important character in the first movie, so it made sense for him to have a bigger role in this one. It was also nice to see the Joker as the main villain in the movie, instead of him being just the usual "crazy villain". I really like how the Joker was portrayed. He was a big part of the story, and he was more than just a villain. I also like how the Joker's character was changed from the comics, which was kind of cool. I don't really care for the Joker, but I also don't care for Batman. I think that's what makes Batman the most interesting character in the Batman series. I don't think that Batman is the most important character in the Batman movies. Batman is more of an interesting character, but I don't think he's the most important character. I think Batman is more of a character that you can relate to, and the villains are more of a side character. I think the Joker is the main villain, but I also think that Batman is the main villain, because of the fact that he's the most interesting character in the Batman series. I think the movie was okay, and I think it's a decent movie. I don't think it's the best Batman movie. I think it's not the best Batman movie, but I think it's the best Batman movie. I think the movie was good, and I think it's a decent movie.

Gregory Hansen photo
Gregory Hansen

With Batman: The Killing Joke, director Chris Nolan had made a superhero movie that was able to live up to the hype that was building up to the release of Batman Begins. In a year full of superhero movies, the Batman movie that stands out as the best is The Killing Joke. It is a masterpiece, with the combination of dark humor, emotional scenes, and a story that has a lot to say about a world that has gone to the dark side. The film takes place in Gotham City, and is a perfect example of a comic book film. There are dark, gritty, and gritty comic book scenes, and the movie has a strong visual style. The acting is superb, especially from Christian Bale as Batman. He brings a dark, mysterious, and intimidating Batman to life. He is truly the best Batman of all time, and is definitely one of the greatest superheroes. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is also very good, and gives a strong performance. Gary Oldman gives a great performance as Alfred. The film is great, and is one of the best superhero movies of all time.

Kelly Herrera photo
Kelly Herrera

The Killing Joke is a comic book adaptation of the popular animated series of the same name. The film stars Ben Affleck as Batman, and Henry Cavill as Superman. The film is directed by Zack Snyder, and written by Charles Leavitt. The film opens with a very short story that tells us what we know about Batman's origin. The story then follows Batman and Superman through a series of flashbacks to their childhood. This story has a great beginning, but when the film moves on to the present, it starts to fall apart. The story then moves on to a character who we have never seen before. Bruce Wayne, the Wayne Industries CEO, is in his office, and has a large photograph of a young Bruce Wayne on his desk. When Bruce sees this, he decides to keep it and give it to a museum in his mansion. When he goes to the museum, the young Bruce is actually Batman, and he is a billionaire. He is also the person who is leading the fight against the criminals who are causing chaos in Gotham City. Batman tells the museum employee that he is Batman, but he doesn't tell anyone else. He has to keep the secret, and tells the museum employee that he is Batman. The next day, Batman is told by his mentor, the Scarecrow, that the museum employee is actually Bruce Wayne, and he is now the person who is leading the fight against the criminals. Batman is then told that he must find the other Wayne's, and take them to the Wayne Manor, where they are safe. Batman then goes to Wayne Manor, and finds the other Wayne's. The first Wayne's are all gone, and Batman is now the only one left. Batman then finds out that the other Wayne's have escaped from the mansion, and they have gone to a restaurant called The Whisky a Go Go. Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne Jr. are having dinner there, and they are talking about what is going on in Gotham City. They have a great conversation, and Bruce Wayne asks Bruce Wayne Jr. to go to the museum. Bruce Wayne is going to meet his uncle, but Bruce Wayne Jr. says he is going to the museum. When Bruce goes to the museum, he finds out that Bruce Wayne is actually Bruce Wayne, and he is the real Bruce Wayne. The other Wayne's have also escaped, and are now at a restaurant called The Whisky a Go Go. Bruce Wayne goes to the restaurant, and he finds out that his uncle, Alfred, is also there. Bruce Wayne and Alfred have a great conversation, and Bruce Wayne asks Alfred to go to Wayne Manor to take him.

Julia G. photo
Julia G.

I'll be honest, I've never been a big fan of the Batman movies, but I've always been interested in the graphic novels, and this movie was great. I was glad that they made it so similar to the comics, which I loved. It was a great adaptation of the graphic novels, and they did an amazing job on making the movie stand on its own. I felt the movie was much more emotional and the characters more well developed, and the acting was great. I would recommend this movie to any fan of the Batman comics, but I don't think it would appeal to the most casual viewers.

Alice M. photo
Alice M.

First of all, I really loved the movie. The visuals were really impressive and the acting was great. The story itself was interesting and engaging. The only thing that really bothered me was the lack of proper development of the main character. There was only one scene that was really compelling and that was the one in which he was told about his past and the rest of the movie didn't really build upon that. It was like the writer just decided to throw in a quick scene to make up for the lack of a real development of the character. I understand that there are some people who will hate this movie and I can understand that, but I don't think that the movie was too bad. I do think that it could have been better, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't good. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Sharon Weber photo
Sharon Weber

In the early years of the comic book industry, the stories had the character's names in the title. But by the 1960's, the titles had been changed to titles such as "Action Comics" and "Superman" and a few other names. But the names had not changed. So it's no wonder that the writers and artists still had to come up with names. But, for the most part, they had a hard time coming up with names. However, with the exception of a few names, they came up with names that were not common names, but rather names that had been used in the comics for a long time. This movie is the story of a man named Rorschach, who, at the beginning of the movie, is a police officer. He is called to investigate the murder of a man by a woman named Tess Mercer. But he is too busy to go to the crime scene. Then, he finds that the man's wife has been kidnapped by a gang of gangsters, led by Hugo Strange, and he is the only person who can stop them. I'll leave it at that. The movie is about an hour and a half long, but it feels like you've been reading the comic books for the entire time. There are many references to the comic books, and many of the comic books themselves. For instance, the main character's name is Rorschach. This is a reference to the Rorschach cartoons, which were very popular in the 1970's. So, the film's title refers to the character Rorschach, who was in the comics from the early years of the comic book industry. Another reference to the comics is the fact that the villain Hugo Strange is played by the same actor who played the villain of "Batman: The Killing Joke". Hugo Strange is the same actor who played the villain of "Batman: The Killing Joke", which is another movie I'll mention later. There are also references to the other comic books, like "Superman" and "Batman: The Killing Joke". One other thing that I will mention is that the movie has a couple of action scenes. However, these action scenes are not action-packed, but they are just fun. I also think that the comic book references in the movie are well done, but they aren't the greatest references. The acting is good, and the special effects are good. I really liked the scene in the bar where Hugo Strange is talking to the police officer and they are talking about the comic book references. I also really liked the scene where Hugo Strange is talking to the police

Kathryn Woods photo
Kathryn Woods

I just saw this movie today and it was a fantastic movie. I am a huge fan of the comic and I have to say that I was surprised by how much I liked it. It had everything a comic should have, great action, great story, great characters, and great actors. Ben Affleck and Michael Caine did a great job of bringing the characters to life and they played off of each other really well. I thought it was a great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great movie.

Deborah McDonald photo
Deborah McDonald

Having just watched the theatrical version of this movie, I have to say that I was very impressed. I had a hard time keeping up with the story, and while it had its flaws, it was definitely an enjoyable movie. I found the special effects to be very impressive, and while the movie was a bit too long, it was still entertaining. The acting was good, and the characters were well developed. The characters were not exactly fleshed out, but I don't think that it was a major problem. All in all, I enjoyed the movie very much. I would definitely recommend it to people who have not yet seen it. It is a good movie to watch if you're bored, and you want to see something fun.

Kathleen White photo
Kathleen White

The film, like the previous films in the series, is filled with the usual scenes and characters, but that's about it. The movie is the most "so-bad-it's-good" I've seen in a while, but it's still very watchable. It's definitely a movie I'd recommend to fans of the series and would be a good watch for those who haven't seen the previous films. It's definitely worth the watch, but don't expect much. If you're looking for a fun, lighthearted film, then you should definitely check this one out.

Mary C. photo
Mary C.

I was a big fan of the animated Batman, but in recent years, I've found myself looking at the Batman comics and wondering how the hell he managed to be the Dark Knight. I'm not going to lie, I was very disappointed with the animated series. The only thing I can say about the show was that it had a nice premise, and the animation was great. The movie however, is a complete mess. The pacing is terrible, and the dialogue is terrible. Batman is now a cartoon, and not a very good one at that. He is completely flat and has no emotion whatsoever. The Joker is worse. He's not even funny anymore, and he is not scary. He's just a big psycho with a mask. The whole movie is full of puns and jokes that are just terrible. The only thing that makes the movie watchable is the end fight scene between Batman and the Joker. That scene is the only reason to watch this movie, and it's very disappointing. I can't even call it a good movie, because it is so bad. I give this movie a 3/10, and I don't think I could ever recommend it to anyone.

Betty R. photo
Betty R.

The animation is not great but the film has a story, good characters, good story. If you haven't seen this film yet, watch it, it's a great film.

Lori P. photo
Lori P.

I am a big fan of Batman: The Killing Joke and it is definitely a great movie. I can't help but compare it to the first two movies in the series. There are some scenes that were very similar to the first two movies. It was definitely an enjoyable movie. The acting was good. It was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie.

Nathan photo

I am a big fan of the Dark Knight trilogy, I am a huge fan of the comics. The Joker is one of my favorite villains, I would go as far to say he's my favorite comic book character. And to see him portrayed by Michael Caine was a really nice treat. His acting is great, and the story is great. I like how they have made the Joker a dark villain, a bad guy who's trying to kill Batman. This movie doesn't have a lot of action, but I still enjoyed it. I really think that this movie is a great introduction for people to see the Dark Knight trilogy, and I am looking forward to seeing the other movies.