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Followers is a movie starring Amanda Delaney, Justin Maina, and Sean Michael Gloria. A social media couple's camping trip is ruined by filmmakers making a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down off social media and kill...

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1 hours 22 minutes
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Ryan Justice
Nishant Gogna, Amanda Delaney, Justin Maina, Sean Michael Gloria
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A social media couple's camping trip is ruined by filmmakers making a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down off social media and kill them.

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Tammy Valdez photo
Tammy Valdez

With a title like "The New Teenager", one would expect a movie to be set in a high school, but it is set in a middle school. The movie is very predictable, but I found it very enjoyable. The movie is an independent film and I really don't think it is very well known, but I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into indie movies.

Marilyn S. photo
Marilyn S.

I'm a big fan of the original movie and I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in this one. It had some great scenes, but it didn't have the impact of the original. I think that this movie has a lot of potential, and I think that there's a lot of potential to be made out of it. The acting was great, and I think that it was very well directed, especially the first half. I think that the music was good, and the cinematography was also very good. It's a pretty good movie, and I think that the original movie is the best one. 7/10

Marie photo

I'm not a huge fan of H. G. Wells. I can appreciate his work, but I find it to be a little bit simplistic. And as I am an avid reader, I don't find his works to be very inspiring. I have a hard time with the fact that he wrote about the plague, but the same plague that he described in his works is still raging in the world. The plague in this film is the same plague that is raging in the world today. I know that the plague in the movie was more of a metaphor than a literal representation of the plague. It was a metaphor to illustrate how man can be changed by the actions of a single individual. So, I thought that it was a good movie. The actors did a good job with the characters they were given. The only thing I did not like was that I was not really happy with the ending. It seemed to me that it was kind of rushed, and I didn't think that it was necessary. All in all, I thought that it was a good movie, and I think that it would be a good movie for any person who enjoys a good movie.

Gloria Fox photo
Gloria Fox

I saw this movie for the first time when I was a teenager. I remember being scared of the dark, I remember thinking how it looked and how it sounded. I was really impressed with the visuals, the lighting, the characters, and the plot. When I saw this movie again, it was in the early 2000s. It has stayed in my mind for some time, and I can't help but think about it. I love this movie, and I can't get it out of my mind. I think the reason I like this movie so much is because I've seen it so many times and I still remember it. The thing that really gets me about this movie is the acting. It's just so good, so believable. Every single actor did an amazing job, and it was just amazing. The story is a little bit different than other movies, but it's still very good. I think the reason this movie has stayed with me so much is because I've seen it so many times and I remember it so well. I love it.

Carol F. photo
Carol F.

I am not a fan of the Bond series and I don't think that a lot of people are either. But I like this movie because of the fact that it is not just a Bond movie. It is more than that. It is a character study about the last two Bond girls and the way that they look at life and the world around them. I am a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter and I am also a fan of Judi Dench, who plays a great role in this movie. It is a movie that you will enjoy, you will laugh and you will cry. It is a good movie and I recommend it to everyone. It is a must see.

Larry photo

This is a solid movie. There are a few things I didn't like about it. The first being the dialogue. It was awkward and choppy. Second, the story, though it was original, didn't really make sense. The way the plot was told was confusing and the story just went on and on. I don't know if it was intentional or not but the way the story was told just didn't make any sense. I also didn't like the fact that the movie started with a love story. The whole movie was just a chase to get to the end. The ending was also really disappointing. I really liked the way the movie ended. I also thought the acting was good. I didn't like the fact that they used a lot of Japanese actors. It really hurt the movie because the characters were really convincing. I thought the film was really good and I definitely recommend it.

Christina F. photo
Christina F.

I really enjoyed this movie. I'm not sure why it didn't do as well in the theaters. Maybe it was too dark? I thought the performances were great and the cinematography was beautiful. It was a great movie. I'm glad I went to see it and I'm glad I went to see it on DVD. I'm not sure why it didn't do so well on the big screen. I know it was a dark movie but I don't think it was the type of movie that would appeal to all audiences. Maybe it's just a good movie for fans of the original series.

Lisa photo

The "A" list (MTV, George Michael, Dustin Hoffman, Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton) and the "A" list (Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx) all have a lot in common. So it is only natural that they would all get together for this film. So many things come to mind when one thinks of "A" list. One is the incredible talent of the actors. The two leads are certainly up to par. Dustin Hoffman was on the right track with "The Graduate" and "The Game". Justin Timberlake is on the right track with "Magic Mike" and "The Mummy Returns". So it is a shame that the two films were not enough to make this film a hit. But, the production values are definitely there. It is obvious that the film was done with a very large budget. The camera work is superb. The script is strong and the dialogue is well written. The acting is not a weak link. The actors all deliver their lines with authority and without saying much. The story is also very well written. This is a film that everyone should see. I rate this film a 7 out of 10. It is definitely a film that will be in my DVD collection. If you like to see these actors work together, you should definitely see this film.

Martha Valdez photo
Martha Valdez

This film is not for everyone. It is a bit slow in the beginning, and a little long in the middle. But once the film gets going, it is a very fun, entertaining, and fast paced thriller. The film does not have any major plot holes or holes in the logic of the film, and the acting is pretty good. The film also has some pretty scary moments, and there is a very good ending. Overall, a very good film that is worth watching.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

I had not seen this film in many years. I was intrigued by it. It was in a department store in a large city. I was very impressed. It was also the first time I had seen the director. I saw some of his previous work and liked him. This film was very interesting. The plot was a little over the top, but the director made it work. The acting was very good. The direction was great. The music was very good. The direction was very well done. This film was very enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

Evelyn photo

This movie is a simple story about a couple who goes on a trip to a remote island in the South Pacific. They meet a charming young woman who has a secret. The man starts to be attracted to her and when she reveals her secret, he has to choose between her and his mistress. This is a simple movie, but it is quite good. The story is simple but well written and the actors do a good job. The story is a little bit predictable but it is quite good. The characters are quite good. They all have some charm. The scenery is pretty good and the acting is good. The film is quite entertaining. I would recommend it.

Sharon photo

I went into this movie expecting a lot from it, especially since I was a big fan of the series. I think the movie is an improvement over the previous one, but not a very good one. The main problem I had with the movie was that it seemed to go on forever. The first half of the movie was slow, and I kept waiting for something to happen. It was so slow that I couldn't tell what was happening, and I was bored. It seemed like there was no point in the movie, which was a problem because the first half was so good. I was not a fan of the ending, and it just seemed like a little thing that was supposed to be special, but didn't work out that way. I didn't care for any of the characters, and I didn't like the ending. Overall, it was an average movie. I think it could have been better if they had just focused on the plot more, and not the characters. I think this movie will be good for the fans of the series, but not for the general audience. It's worth watching for the first half, but not worth the second half.

Roy photo

I saw this movie with a group of friends and it was a really good movie. I don't know why it has so many bad reviews but I'm glad I saw it. I think it's an interesting and really well done movie. The acting was good. The characters were all very well developed. It was a little slow in parts but it was good and I really liked it. I think this is one of those movies that you should watch once and I'm glad I did.

Jeffrey Lee photo
Jeffrey Lee

I'm not really a big fan of James Gunn movies, but this one is worth a look. I liked the movie because it was different, different, different. It's a typical thriller movie, which I like. The only problem I had was that it was too long. It could have been cut down a lot, but I think it would have made the movie more interesting. The story is about a man who is the only survivor of a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He has to stay with his girlfriend for a while, but he decides to go back to the plane. He gets on the plane, and the other passengers are pretty scared. He has to help them get off the plane and make sure that they survive. I didn't like the way that they kept showing him in different places and different things. He was getting too old for the job, and he didn't have the energy to stay with his girlfriend. I also didn't like the fact that they showed him getting injured, and I think that would have been better if they had left him alone. I thought that they could have made the movie a little bit more exciting and a little bit more thrilling. I liked the story, but I thought the movie could have been a little better. Overall, I recommend this movie. I like it a lot. I think that it's a good movie, and I think that it's worth watching.

Elizabeth photo

I have not seen this film in a while, so I was very interested to watch it. I didn't know anything about the movie and just wanted to see how the actors were, especially after seeing the trailers. I am glad I did. The movie is a very realistic, realistic, realistic film. The acting was great and the characters were believable. It is very hard to act in a movie like this, but I think they did a very good job. I don't know if this movie was meant to be a drama or a thriller, but it was definitely a thriller. I think it was very well written. I think the audience will enjoy it. I have seen this movie a few times and I never get bored of it. I think it was a very well made movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good thriller or drama. I would give this movie a 7 out of 10.

George Ward photo
George Ward

The makers of "The Other Side of the Wind" and "American Pastoral" set out to create a new genre in which a murder mystery is based on a Hollywood film and this is a rather successful one. The film stars Robert Duvall as the detective who has been assigned to the case and he plays the role very well. The film is directed by Bruce Spence and the film is very entertaining. The plot is quite good and the film is very entertaining and I really like the film. It is a very good movie to watch and I think that you should watch it. If you like the films of Bruce Spence you should watch this one. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Kenneth T. photo
Kenneth T.

I saw this movie with a friend of mine, and I thought that this movie was really good, and the storyline was really good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good mystery. It is a good movie for the whole family. It is also good for people who are fans of the original movie.

Martha H. photo
Martha H.

Not a great movie, but a good one. I saw this movie about 3 times in a row and I still find myself watching it again and again. I think this is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I've never seen a movie with this many stars and this many actors in it. I think it's a shame that this movie didn't get more recognition. I would recommend this movie to everyone. If you liked "Kill Bill" then you will like this movie. If you don't like Kill Bill then this movie isn't for you. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then this movie isn't for you. It's a great movie that has great acting. If you want to see a great movie then see this movie.

Jordan photo

I think the movie was very well done, but I have to say that I didn't like the ending. It felt rushed and not a whole lot of character development was done in the movie. But overall it was a great movie, I think it is a must see.

Nicole photo

The film is about a group of people who are caught up in a plane crash in the middle of nowhere. The survivors are all transported to the town where they are to be killed. The townspeople have a grudge against the survivors and they decide to take revenge by killing them one by one. This film is very well made and has a good cast. It also has a very nice story to it. The film has a very good ending and it makes the film more suspenseful. The cast is good and the film is very well made. I recommend this film to fans of the genre. I give this film a B+.