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Royahaye dame sobh

Murder and theft, drug dealing and addiction: young lives marked by traumatic stories lead to this Iranian "Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre" for girls. Some of the girls feel more at home in prison than they did with their families. A rare documentary glimpse inside a locked-up world and a respectful portrait of young women struggling to recapture some sense of personal dignity.

Other Titles
Starless Dreams, Sötét álmok, Des rêves sans étoiles, Bezgwiezdne sny, 少女は夜明けに夢をみる
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1 hours 16 minutes
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Mehrdad Oskouei
Mehrdad Oskouei
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Julia Sims photo
Julia Sims

I didn't know what to expect from a documentary. I watched it, thinking it would be another film that is either going to be funny or, in my opinion, boring, but I was wrong. This documentary follows the life of Durga Sen, a famous and respected businessman, who finds it difficult to settle down and has a lot of problems dealing with his two sons and their marriages. The movie is really well made and it's a must watch for people who love documentaries and film.

Jeffrey Wagner photo
Jeffrey Wagner

This is a must watch movie for the whole family, because the story about a girl who is sold to a village because she refuses to sell the same to the village head, her first move is to a casino, where she wins the jackpot. This movie is about human values, how one's life becomes a total joke when one's family's values are crushed, and the story is interesting and must-watch for everybody. The movie is really important and tells about something that happens in all our lives. Watch this movie and enjoy.

Louis May photo
Louis May

I just want to say a few words about this documentary. It's been a while since I've seen such an excellent movie about history. It's an amazing work, and not just for the purpose of bringing history to the cinema, but also for the inspiration of the viewers. It's a combination of some historic events that had a special effect on the history of Sri Lanka. Especially the friendship between the missionaries and the local people. The film presents the people who lived during that time period in a very different way from the history depicted in the film. The documentary is so much more than a documentary. It's about the history and the reason of their death. It's about the actions of those who had problems with each other, who were sad for having had to endure a certain injustice, but that is something that they had to endure in order to become the people they are today. The history is also a history of political decision-making, the rights of the minorities. The movie doesn't only have a short introduction, it shows you all the moments in the history that the story focuses on. It's quite an important history that's been neglected. It's a must see for all people, and is a great lesson for those who are not as experienced as the film maker. It is a documentary about the past, but it is also a lesson for the present. It is also a beautiful art, with the various religious sects, and with all the different ethnic groups that came to Sri Lanka from different parts of the world. It's a story of courage and perseverance, and it is a story of beauty. It's a great piece of cinema that everyone should see.

Roger photo

this is a documentary made by Marjane Satrapi (father of Sona Hussein) a brother of the late Sona Hussein and grandson of his other cousin Sona Ali Saeed. Many of the people of a lower caste are interviewed on the topics of caste in a way that paints them in a negative light. There is no blood shed here, this is about a family, some of the members of the family are interviewed and others are interviewed by Satrapi. The interviews are mostly concerned with women, they talk about how some of them have been exploited by the upper caste for some political or economic reasons. As we can see from the title of the movie, it shows the majority of people of a lower caste are not portrayed positively in the movie, this is a rare thing to see in a documentary, however it does show that the upper caste are well known for how they treat the lower caste. In the end, the documentary does show that even a poor family could have a positive impact in their community, not a good example for the lower caste in that they are still oppressed.

Kimberly photo

This is a very good movie that exposes a few aspects of the modern world. The movie begins with the presentation of some typical episode of modern life, followed by a couple of brief facts about the history and modern world. The first half of the movie tells us that the relationship between parents and their children is strained at best, with some parents basically indifferent to the other's needs. These facts are presented in a very graphic way, and the effect is powerful. These facts are followed by the dramatic events that occurred when one of the parents died, and the subsequent effects on the other's family. The events are depicted very realistically, and the picture of modern society is just as powerful as the movie itself. The viewer will come to understand that modern people are forced to live in a dangerous world, and that the modern world does not tolerate and does not understand the existence of the modern society. In a nutshell, the movie presents an accurate portrayal of modern life in modern times.

Diana Olson photo
Diana Olson

I watched this movie while in college. At first, I thought the title and the film title must be related to the fact that I'm in a relationship with a woman. But as the movie progressed, I realized that the title and the film title were unrelated to the female gender. In my opinion, this is a "classical" movie with no ideological message. But the content is compelling and somewhat unique. It's a well-made, interesting story about human connection and relationships, perhaps more than about marriage and family. The chemistry between the main characters is quite strong. As a romantic comedy, the humor is not "sour", but never at times seems forced. The story's content is unexpected, as it does not follow a standard romance/family story arc. I strongly recommend this movie.

Vincent L. photo
Vincent L.

I think this is an interesting film and I found it both a little strange and entertaining. I don't really know why. I've seen a lot of odd films and this is different to the usual "waste of film" type films that Hollywood and other arts have been releasing lately. The whole film is about an isolated village in India and it's people that live there. The village is essentially very primitive and only has one restaurant (not very special) and it's small, what little food they have is quite poor quality and full of dirt. There are also very few trees. This is very different to the rest of India. Many people in India eat just two meals a day and that's how they live their life. I've seen many films that show how the natives live, but this is the first I've seen that was actually about the people living there. I don't know what that is supposed to mean, but it's a good description of the way the people in this village live. They have very little in the way of modern amenities and are living with the old ways of life and still trying to live it. The film focuses on their small farmhouse, but does a nice job of showing that they are living with nature. As I said before, they have a huge tree that they use to get water for the crops they plant and in the small space that they have. They have not invented any type of modern conveniences but use traditional ways of living. This film is a very interesting look at the people who live in this village and it's way of life. It's interesting to watch and I was surprised how this was not as visually stunning as the director intended it to be. It was a beautiful film though, I liked it.

Julie Day photo
Julie Day

Movie that combines the news, beleifful, taxes, drugs and a lot of restiveness. If you want to watch an exciting (Bollywood) movie without romanticism this movie is for you. Your opinion in this movie is not important because in the movie it says that it is not a romantic movie. It is an story of the Indian society. The movie is not all happiness and good guys. It is a story about the poor, unfortunate and the story of the media. It is an old school film. Even if you do not like the movie you can see how it is made and how the people deal with their problems.

Harry photo

Only a handful of documentaries get a chance to stay in your memory. As an example of this, I could just write a paragraph on this documentary, but the whole point of this documentary is that an Indian man has written a new, positive song called 'Haa Na Na' (Remember this). He was set up in a very high social class as an indentured servant, and then he was brought to a wealthy family in Calcutta by a lady who was not just a maid, but was a nurse and a governess. He didn't get an education, and he had to earn his own living. The music and lyrics of the song, written by the man, was given to him by his new employer. From then on, he was able to enjoy a decent lifestyle, and to write songs. This is a very rare thing in the world. It's a very true story and I think that the Indian people will be very proud of the person who is this man. The song is not just for people who are happy, and it is a very real song. The lyrics are really beautiful and to me, it's a very important song. The melody is very nice, but the lyrics are also very poetic. I thought that it's a very fine piece of work and I think that everyone should listen to this song and I hope that the Indian people will think about this person who is this man and their relationship with him. This documentary is very good, and I think that everyone should watch this film and not forget about this person.

Sean Hanson photo
Sean Hanson

I have recently seen this film again. It is a very emotional film, but the themes, and the images are very realistic. I feel very much for this family. I have a son who has Down's syndrome, and my husband has had a son who is also diagnosed with Down's syndrome. They both deal with a lot of struggles, in different ways. This film is very moving, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic.

Carl photo

After watching this movie, it makes me realise how far we've come in the fight for a just and sustainable world. Just like the natural world that our ancestors had passed down to us, from the trees to the air, it is a place we can protect and we can understand. This movie is to show us the pain of suffering, not to sell a point. In this movie, Ayaan, has told the story of what happens to people in a small community when their land is stolen by a big corporation. The reason why the corporation steals their land is for the profit. Not for any other reason like them. It is a matter of greed and no other motivation. And so they stole their land, which they lost their lives over. And then they lose all hope for the future. Their life has just ended because of greed. It is a story that gives a new perspective and a direction to the world we live in today. It is also a lesson to show us how we can not only save our land and our friends but we can also save our own life.

Tammy photo

Watching the movie, this thought struck me: Why the hell does India have a movie culture? Why not speak English or Hindi in every film? You'll never understand the tribal culture if you don't speak their language. In the end, I thought India had a movie culture, as there are so many movies made with subtitles, but all were in Hindi. I mean, you'll never understand the tribal culture if you don't understand their language. I think we're all willing to go to an outsider's point of view, to give it a fair shake. But a movie has to be Indian to be considered Indian. If you don't speak their language, you can't understand the culture. That's why there are so many movies made in Hindi, without English subbed. It makes the culture more accessible. I'd say Hindi movies, at least, make sense if you understand their culture.

Ruth photo

In some ways the documentary is very authentic, in fact it has the look and feel of a documentary. The problem is that the story itself is not very interesting or compelling, if I had to do it again, I would try to find something more interesting to make the story more interesting. The reason for that is because the story is largely one of intimidation and propaganda, one very simple narrative of an African leader being threatened by his own people. The narrator shows that this is happening, but he never tells us what it is, nor does he tell us what the central story is. This could have been an interesting documentary, but it is much more entertaining to see what is happening on the ground. I have always been fascinated by the sad reality of the European colonial history of Africa. I loved Going My Way and of course the movie long forgotten or forgotten is Travels with a heroine by Ghadja Banjo. The movie is very well done, but if it was just as interesting and gripping it would have been way too long. Overall a good documentary about Africa, but not really an interesting documentary.

Christian photo

Having grown up in a town that was completely swamped with American culture, it is only natural for me to be curious as to what was going on when there was "no Americans at all". Though I live in a very diverse place, I still keep in touch with the "Jive Talkers" from the 1950's. But I must admit that the pictures I saw and read of these people are from the 1940's and this is an amazing documentary about a group of people who still lived in one of the most secluded and poor areas of France. They did not have electricity, no cars, and were completely dependent on the support of their families for a living. They didn't even have an internet or mobile phone. It is incredible that so many people would have so little, yet they could still create this sort of life for themselves. They are extremely creative, and even today, many still make use of all the tools that are available in their modern world. There are also many interesting facts that I can not recall. But this documentary will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.

Virginia R. photo
Virginia R.

This documentary looks at the high school girls' fight for the right to wear hijab in school, and the response from society. The results have been devastating. One school had over 1,000 students and over half of them wore the hijab. Students in other schools had been forced to stay home with their parents during their classes due to fear of parental disapproval. Although the girls' argument that the hijab could cause all kinds of problems was taken to the school's administration, they ignored it. Parents, parents everywhere, women's rights advocates and members of the Congress are invited to the schools in the hope of swaying the school administrators to stand up to the oppression. While many parents agreed with the call to end the practice, the parents of one girl who wore the hijab to school for two years and who was harassed and assaulted by the police had no interest in following through with the protest. After her mother made an official complaint, the girl's father relented. But the decision to wear the hijab at school was only possible due to the efforts of the young women in the documentary. This documentary is definitely recommended for anyone interested in the struggle for women's rights in the modern world.

Albert photo

This is a great film about a family who suffered terrible tragedies and are trying to get through it all in the eyes of the media. This film is so powerful. One of the main issues they struggle with is the way the media tries to ruin their lives. The family starts to suffer the most when they learn that a friend of the family was involved in a drug bust and that it had to do with the government. They're forced to hide in a hotel as the media and the authorities are everywhere. One of the family members had to give up her job as a newspaper reporter. There is also an issue of the family being cut off from their bank accounts. They start to worry that they can't get help. It's really sad to see how these families are affected by what they've gone through. I think the filmmakers did an amazing job in showing this story. They really put the viewer in the scene and made it even more intense.

Russell W. photo
Russell W.

I just saw the documentary on TV, and for a non-Indian, it is interesting. The film shows India at a very different level of development, comparing to many other countries. It shows a tiny country with very poor infrastructure, very few services, very few jobs and very few opportunities. But thanks to the money it takes to be rich, and with the hope of more, it is possible to create a very complex social infrastructure, as it has in India today. The film is very insightful and very moving. There is no short of important issues to be covered, from the miseries of the poor, to the best of intentions. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. My thanks to the makers and the filmmakers. I really would like to learn more about this film. And the different world.

Jennifer P. photo
Jennifer P.

I've always liked Shahrukh and Prakash Roshan and their respective movies, but I wasn't sure if they were capable of it. But they proved me wrong. Their acting is natural, and I can't think of any actors who could have portrayed them as well as they did. I would give them the maximum out of ten if I had to. Shahrukh Khan, Prakash Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, and Suman Manji all did great in their roles. They've all had a tough time in getting roles but all have handled it well and delivered. The way the stories were told made it easy for the audience to follow and understand. I loved the music too. The songs were catchy and not distracting. They gave a feeling of how the time was passing. Overall, I was very satisfied with the movies. I was pleasantly surprised with their performances, but I was also impressed by their film-making. I highly recommend it.

Benjamin Fuller photo
Benjamin Fuller

At one point, The Dabangg Project felt like a lost cause. It was a depressing documentary about the tragic story of the Goula tribe in Indonesia and the people who lived there. But if you look beyond the gruesome details of death and pain and think about the time spent on this project, it's a beautiful film. I really think that this is the type of documentary that, when it's done well, makes you feel good about the world. It doesn't have to explain everything, but it's more about the experiences and feelings you've been feeling. The filmmakers did a wonderful job of showing us the beauty of the film and the people who made it.

Susan M. photo
Susan M.

Sathyan Reddy was a great philosopher. But his only relevance to this time is to keep a bar on music being called "poetic". In the 70s, when the young man was writing songs with a subtle touch, there was a big thing with him for making movies and if it hadn't been for that movie, it would have been forgotten. After his death, the film makers started following his principles and now the movie is the inspiration for people. It's difficult to understand when the movie starts that, it's a typical Bollywood movie. But when we see the superb work of various actors, we see the artist's true face. In the 90s, the old director Salman had mixed the Bollywood with the philosophy and other things to bring up a modern India. This movie can show that the old spirit is being revived. If this is the start of the resurgence of the old spirit, the new generation has to see this movie. When we see, the songs, the editing, the actors' performance, the story of a teacher who taught the younger generation a lesson and the anger of a poet, we see a new generation coming to the cinema, who wants to be treated as an equal. It is great, great job.

Tiffany photo

Funny, charming, moving, and beautiful film about an innocent girl who was separated from her mother when she was born and taken away to live with her grandfather. When she grows up she is adopted by a family of famous filmmakers, mostly of Turkish origin. She is given to a filmmaker by her grandfather, who feels she is good for some financial aid. The girl has no control over her life and she is bullied and abused by her adopted grandparents and her adopted mother. Finally, she is befriended by a filmmaker, who in return helps her with an abortion. The end is tragic and you feel bad for the girl. The film is about destiny and destiny, about fate and destiny, about the movie industry, about friendship, about the poor and downtrodden. Everything is in place for this film to be a beautiful, touching, sad, funny, moving, and an absolute masterpiece. It is also a documentary and a work of art. It is a must see.

Andrea R. photo
Andrea R.

A film which can sum up an entire generation and show the progress of the nation. My God how the film makers managed to create a true hero in a country that is not sure who it is yet. This movie is well deservedly in my Top 5 of all time. I am surprised how these young filmmakers managed to make such a thought-provoking and truthful film. The real-life scenes, the small details of the village, the schools of Jodhpur, the small details of the everyday life in the village, the beautiful music of Marathi and Bhojpuri, all of these are what made this movie to be what it is. I am a Marathi/Bhojpuri fan and I don't think this film could have been any better. I am a cinema lover but I have to admit that this film makes my heart sing. In my opinion it is more than a movie. It is a unique piece of art. It is a piece of art. So, if you are a Marathi-Bhojpuri fan and are not from UP, I strongly suggest that you should watch this movie. It is definitely not the normal Marathi film!