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Allied is a movie starring Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, and Jared Harris. In 1942, a Canadian intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they...

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マリアンヌ, Ba'alei brit, Liên Minh Sát Thủ, Saveznici, Allied: Un'ombra nascosta, Sprzymierzeni, Σύμμαχοι, 同盟鶼鰈, Allierte, Alliés, Sąjungininkai, Zaveznika, Müttefik, Aliatul, Tajna veza, Spojenci, Aliados, Allied: Vertraute Fremde, Liitlased, Five Seconds of Silence, Liittoutuneet, Sabiedrotie, Marrianne, Szövetségesek
Running Time
2 hours 4 minutes
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Thriller, Romance, Drama, War, Action
Robert Zemeckis
Steven Knight
Brad Pitt, Jared Harris, Vincent Ebrahim, Marion Cotillard
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

At the height of World War II, in turbulent 1942, the fearless Wing Commander, Max Vatan, lands on the desert dunes of Morocco to meet with the Parisian member of the French Resistance, Marianne Beauséjour. After a botched attempt to eliminate an elusive target during a suicide mission in the heart of Casablanca, Max and Marianne flee to England intent on starting a family soon; however, heavy clouds of distrust and suspicion will burden their already difficult relationship, when Max receives a shocking call from the Secret Service Division. In disbelief--with a terrible task in his hands, and crushed under a devastating dilemma--Max must summon up the courage to seek for answers in the perilous streets of a bombarded London, regardless of the outcome. Now, amid duty and love, who shall live and who shall die?

Comments about thriller «Allied» (27)

Aaron photo

The movie was very good. The story was great and it was very interesting. I have never seen a movie like this before. I think that the only thing that is bad about this movie is that the end of the movie was a bit rushed. I think that it could have been better. I don't know if the director wanted to make a movie that will be a big hit like the Titanic or if he wanted to make a movie that will be a big hit like The Aviator. He did not succeed at all. The movie was very good and I would recommend it to all people.

Adam Lucas photo
Adam Lucas

I have read the book and this movie was a great addition to the series. The two leads are brilliant, the plot is good, and the music is great. I liked the way the characters are drawn in the book and they really felt like people, not just some cartoon people. If you haven't read the book, watch the movie first. It's worth it.

Julie photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a great look at the beginning of the war. I liked the way the movie was shot and the music was great. The characters were great and the dialogue was great. I was impressed by the acting and the story line. I really enjoyed this movie. I hope to see more of this movie in the future.

Bryan R. photo
Bryan R.

This is a nice movie about the war in Iraq. I really enjoyed it. The story is interesting and the actors do a good job. This movie is not for everyone though. The scenes of the Iraqi people are very realistic and it makes you feel sorry for the Iraqis. This movie does a good job of portraying the Iraqi people as human beings. It is not a war movie like most of the movies that are out there. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie about the war in Iraq.

James Santos photo
James Santos

The most wonderful thing about this film is that it has a lot of beautiful images. The cinematography is so beautiful that you'll want to look at it again and again. The music is very good too. The director has done a very good job. You'll have a good time watching this film.

Nicole photo

This is a very well made movie, I thought it was really well done. I really enjoyed the movie, it was a lot better then I expected it to be. I thought the acting was really good, and the script was pretty good. I think this movie is good, and I recommend it to anyone who likes war movies. This movie is a good movie, I give it a 8/10.

Christian H. photo
Christian H.

I am not an American. I am an Austrian. And I can say that this movie was really good. But it was a little bit boring. The action scenes are so beautiful. But the movie is not a romance. The movie is about the experience of the war. It is a bit about the confusion of the future. And it is a bit about the story of the American occupation. So I recommend this movie to all who are interested in the history of the 20th century.

Emma photo

I just love this movie. I've seen it a few times and I've always loved it. The story is fantastic, the acting is great, the direction is brilliant. I can't really put my finger on the reasons why, it just makes you think and you just have to see it. I've seen it in 3 different language version, and I love it!

Deborah photo

This is the first movie I've ever seen in which I could not stop watching it. It's the best war movie I have ever seen. The acting is superb and the camera work is truly amazing. The battles are beautifully shot and the editing is amazing. The film is a must see for every one who loves war movies and action movies.

Christine S. photo
Christine S.

I was expecting this film to be a typical WWII action movie but this film had a different twist to it. I like this movie because of the plot twist that happened at the end. It made me think of what would happen if the main character's true identity was revealed. I also liked the fact that this film showed the effects of war on the individual. The film also has a great cast of actors that I will be recommending to my friends. I also like the fact that there are a few very hot women in the film.

Virginia P. photo
Virginia P.

The two great actors in this movie, Tom Hardy and Mark Strong, have been on the same side of the fence and they've both been great in this movie. The story is good, and it's great to see an action movie set in the American Civil War, with good actors. The movie is not perfect, but it is good. The problem is, it is not a great movie, and it's not the best movie of the year. I give it an 8. The only reason it gets an 8 is because of Tom Hardy, and Mark Strong.

Sara Allen photo
Sara Allen

I have seen this movie a few times, and I always enjoy it. It's a movie that doesn't force you to make any judgments, or even to give it a second thought. It simply allows you to be with the characters, and you feel for them. It's a very easy movie to watch. You can't help but be in the movie. You don't have to make a judgment about the characters, or the situation, or anything else. The movie is simply about three men who are on the verge of war, and they are forced to team up, but you can't help but feel for them, and the movie is very powerful. I highly recommend this movie. You won't be disappointed.

Katherine photo

The most amazing thing about this movie is how it really makes you think. Not only about the lives of these people, but about the movie itself. You have to be a fan of the book to get the most of it, but you also have to have a taste for the great Hollywood productions that come out of Hollywood. The acting is very well done, and the story is exciting and moving. The costumes are wonderful, and the scenery is wonderful. The movie is very well done, and the acting is fantastic. I can't recommend this movie enough. You have to see it to understand what I mean. It is a great movie, and it deserves a lot of praise.

Denise F. photo
Denise F.

I like war movies and I like this one a lot. This movie is based on the real life of the real German officer. It is an excellent movie and a very good job by all the actors and the director. I can't wait for the next one.

Shirley O. photo
Shirley O.

If you're looking for a movie to watch and enjoy, this is the one! It's not as good as the first one, but still great!

Johnny Morris photo
Johnny Morris

For those of you who are not familiar with the original, this film is very similar to the original in the fact that it is set in the 1940s, and there are some similarities with the original in that the movie is set in the United States and the American soldiers are in WWII. However, the movie is about the Japanese soldiers and their treatment of the Americans. The movie is set in 1943, and is a true story. It is a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Julie B. photo
Julie B.

Although I am not a big fan of the James Bond movies, I enjoyed this film a lot. It has a great story and I think that it is a great film. It is not the best James Bond film, but it is still a good one. The story is about a submarine captain who has to save a German officer who was kidnapped by the Nazis. The submarine captain and the officer have to work together to save the German officer. I think that this is a great film. It is very exciting and very interesting. The acting is great. It is really a good film.

Helen photo

The French Resistance is a great movie with a great plot. I am a big fan of German movies and I am really impressed with this one. It is not a masterpiece but it is very entertaining. I liked the characters, the plot and the acting. It was very good. I like the way they put it in a historical perspective. I think this is a great movie for all people who want to see something different. I think it is a great movie to watch.

Christian Baker photo
Christian Baker

I'm not going to say anything about the story or the ending. The film is so powerful and powerful. I don't want to give too much away, but if you're looking for a film that will touch you in a very deep way, this is it. I can't imagine anyone not liking this movie. The acting is incredible, the story is powerful, the cinematography is amazing. The music is also amazing. I can't wait to see it again and again. I think the director did a great job, but the actors did an even better job. I'm sure they are going to be nominated for an Oscar. The whole cast is fantastic. The music is incredible. The film is also very dramatic, and very moving. I think it's one of the best films I have ever seen. I would highly recommend it. It's a film that will make you think and will leave you feeling good. I highly recommend it. 10/10

Frank B. photo
Frank B.

As a HUGE John Woo fan, I was very excited to see this film. I was very impressed with the first film, and I was very interested in seeing this one as well. But unfortunately, I was disappointed. I was expecting to see a much more intense film. The first film was a lot of action, but this one was very lacking in action. There was a lot of boring scenes, and the film felt very slow. The film seemed to lack some tension and suspense. I was very disappointed in this film, and I think it should have been more intense. I would have rated it a 7 or 8, if it was more intense and had more action. But it didn't have any action. It was still a good film, but I think it could have been much better.

Thomas J. photo
Thomas J.

What a fantastic film! I don't think I have ever been so enthralled by a film in a long time. The film was brilliant, and the ending was absolutely brilliant. I really enjoyed this film, and I hope that everyone else does too. This is definitely one of my top five favorite films of all time.

Joyce photo

After the somewhat disappointing "Hacksaw Ridge" and "Lincoln", this movie is my most anticipated movie of the year. With the exception of the battle scenes, this movie is as close to a war film as it gets. I cannot recommend this movie enough. It is the best war movie I have ever seen. The characters are the most real I have ever seen. I loved the script and the acting. I can not wait to see it again.

Ruth Hunt photo
Ruth Hunt

I have been a fan of David Mamet for a very long time. I've always enjoyed his work, and was very excited to see this movie. I was not disappointed. This is a masterpiece of a movie. The story is amazing, and the acting is amazing. I was completely immersed in the movie, and the plot was outstanding. The movie is very well written, and the story is full of twists and turns. I give this movie a 10/10.

Nicole B. photo
Nicole B.

A must watch. Wonderful movie, you can see the movie from the eyes of the protagonist. As an action movie, it's definitely a 10/10. The action is well developed and well directed, and the characters are great. The music is also great, it is a very emotional movie. I have seen it 2 times, and I plan to see it again soon. The story is great, the story is very well written. The movie is very emotional, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves action movies, because it is very very good. I would recommend it to everyone. If you have not seen it, watch it. It is a movie you will never forget. 10/10

Frank photo

I saw this movie in the cinema and was blown away. I went to the cinema because I was in love with this movie and I had no clue what it was about. When I went I was looking for the action and explosions and that's what I got, but I was surprised by the story and the characters. I loved the fact that it was set in a real world and not a fictional one. I also loved the fact that the main character had a real background story, not just some background story about a German soldier who lost his leg in WW1. The story was fantastic and the cast was amazing. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into war movies and who has a love for history. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Paul F. photo
Paul F.

I am not sure why this film has received such a low rating, I thought it was excellent. The acting was excellent, the story was engaging and the setting was so well thought out. I really enjoyed it and I am glad I had the opportunity to see it. I was impressed with the camera work and how well it captured the action and the environment. The music was very well done. The story was well told and the characters were very well drawn. The cinematography was very well done. The only thing I did not like about the film was that the soundtrack was a bit repetitive. The plot was also very well told. The acting was good and the plot was compelling. Overall, a great film and I look forward to seeing it again.

Keith Carter photo
Keith Carter

I saw this movie at the Cannes Film Festival and was really impressed with it. It is a really great war movie and I think that it was more than the one that the critics said. I really like the story and the characters are really good. The movie is really funny and it's very interesting. I like how the movie deals with the other countries. I think that it's really good and I hope that they make more movies like this. I really like the way that they used the music and the actors. I really like the way that they made this movie, and I hope that they do more like this.