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Teo-neol is a movie starring Jung-woo Ha, Doona Bae, and Dal-su Oh. A man is on his way home when the poorly constructed tunnel he is driving through collapses, leaving him trapped.

Other Titles
O Túnel, Az alagút, Tunnel - Yami ni tozasareta otoko, The Tunnel, Túnel, Tunelul, Tunnel, トンネル 闇に鎖された男, Το Τούνελ, Tunel, 失控隧道, Duong Hâm, Τούνελ
Running Time
2 hours 6 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Action
Seong-hun Kim
Seong-hun Kim
Jeong-geun Shin, Doona Bae, Dal-su Oh, Jung-woo Ha
South Korea
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A man is on his way home when the poorly constructed tunnel he is driving through collapses, leaving him trapped.

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Phillip Stone photo
Phillip Stone

A typical action movie. As I've said before, I'm a big fan of action movies, and I'm a big fan of action movies from the 90s. However, this one was a little bit over the top. This one was the most over the top action movie I've seen. I know the genre was made for the action, but it was a little bit over the top. The action was well done, but the story was a little bit confusing. I'm not a big fan of the story of this movie. It was very strange. The story was so strange, it's almost like the writer just wrote the story and forgot to put in the characters. The characters in this movie were very inconsistent. The reason why I didn't give this movie a higher rating is because it was over the top, and I didn't like it. This movie is worth watching, but if you're looking for a normal action movie, this isn't for you.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

A gang of armed robbers, in search of a special katana, gets entangled with the local mafia in order to acquire the blade, thus becoming the greatest bounty hunter in the world. The film is a bit uneven, the first half is better than the second, but the second half is a mess of bad acting and incoherent story-telling. The action sequences are good, but the story, while having some potential, gets lost in the production. The director, Isao Takahata, is known for his other films, and his most recent film, 'True Lies', is a remake of 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre', and has some similarities with 'S.O.S.', though Takahata's version is far better. The film is also a remake of a Japanese film, 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', which was released in 1970. There is also a little similarity to the 'Maniac Cop' film, with the same gang of robbers, the same murderous redneck gang leader, and the same curse-ridden wife. In the film, a blind man is brought in by the gang to give them a clue to the location of the katana. This blind man is supposed to be their ally, but they keep trying to kill him to get the katana. The blind man is supposed to be killed by the gang, but he is somehow able to escape. In the end, he is able to give the katana to the gang. This film was produced in Japan and is available on DVD in the US. It is an okay film, with a good action sequence and some good moments. It has the same problems as 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre' and 'S.O.S.', but Takahata's version is a lot better. I would say that Takahata's version is more of a remake of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and 'True Lies'. The film is a good example of Japanese gangster film making, and it is a shame that it is not available on DVD.

Madison Washington photo
Madison Washington

The story is about a family who has just lost their daughter in an accident. They have now decided to marry a young woman who is half-Chinese. They take their daughter, who is now 18, to live with them. They are also having difficulties with the girl's mother. The mother's younger sister also lives with the family. When the mother dies, the mother's younger sister takes over the care of the girl. The girl is an adult and wants to go back to the village. There is a group of bandits who kidnap her and take her to a mine. She is then given to the bandits and forced to work. The girl is so happy to be with the bandits that she can't wait to get back to the village. This is a movie that is full of violence. But I think that violence is a part of a movie that should be in there. Violence in this movie is used in a very good way. There are some good fights, but they are only for a short time. The movie is very good, but I think that it's not as good as the first one. But I think that this movie is still a good movie to watch. The acting in this movie is great. I really like the acting of all the actors. The acting is really good. I really like the acting of the guy who plays the son. I also like the acting of the dad. I think that this movie is good, but not as good as the first one.

Sarah photo

I am a big fan of Hong Kong action movies, so I was very much looking forward to this one. I think it is the best action movie I have ever seen. I really enjoyed it and think it is one of the best movies ever made. I like all the actors, they are all very good. But I think the one who is the best is the one who is the main character. The character is a real person. I think that the plot is good, and the movie has great action, it is really good. I really like the fact that this movie is very popular. The character is very real. I also like that the director didn't take the movie to the extreme, it is just a normal action movie. I think that this is a good movie and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Philip Snyder photo
Philip Snyder

This is a typical Korean movie, with a lot of violence and sex. The plot is fairly simple, but it's a good action movie, with a good story, some action, and good acting. I was expecting a little more from this movie, but it was a pretty good movie. The plot is pretty simple. A high school student has a gun that can be used by anyone who finds it. The high school student has to find the gun and then kill the other student, who he discovers has the gun. The story is pretty simple, and the story is pretty simple. The action is pretty good, and there is a lot of it. The violence is pretty graphic, and the sex is pretty graphic, but I guess it's pretty normal. The acting is pretty good, and the ending is pretty good. It's not the best Korean movie I've ever seen, but it's a good movie.

Wayne Crawford photo
Wayne Crawford

It's a good movie, but not perfect. The fight scenes are well done, but it could have been better. The plot is simple, but it doesn't need to be. I don't know how they could make a better movie. In a perfect world, this movie would have been more realistic. I don't know if it's the director's fault or the writer's fault, but I don't think they could have come up with something more realistic. I can't help thinking about the fact that the protagonist is a cop and not a fighter. The protagonist is like the main character of the movie, and the police detective is just a sidekick. They could have just had the main character fight, and then the police detective would have to save the day. That would be more realistic. But that's just my opinion. I enjoyed the movie. It's a good movie, but I can't say it's a classic.

Joseph Jordan photo
Joseph Jordan

Lets start off with the positives. The plot is very well done and well acted. The fight scenes are well done and realistic. The only thing I would say that could have been better is the ending. But for what it is, I don't see why the ending is needed. I like how they tried to make it believable. But it didn't work out. Overall, the movie is very entertaining and well worth the watch. I think it's a great movie to watch.

Sarah A. photo
Sarah A.

A very good movie, but there are some things in it that are a little bit hard to swallow. First of all, the movie is very over-the-top, almost like a kids movie. And it's hard to take it seriously, since the plot is very hard to follow. I mean, if you're not an American, you're going to have a hard time following it. But if you're an Asian-American who's seen a lot of Hollywood movies, you're going to like it. There are some parts that are very funny, like the battle of the fire ants. And the music is very upbeat and fun. But, overall, the movie is a little over-the-top. But it's not that bad. In the end, it's a good movie, and I recommend it.

Alice photo

This is a nice story about a man who feels trapped in his life, and does what he can to break out of it. The film is based on the novel by James Kimball. The story is told in the present day and the flashbacks are done in the past. The film is a little slow at first, but it picks up when it reaches its climax. The film is a bit long, but it's worth the time.

Patricia Martinez photo
Patricia Martinez

After reading the reviews, I was expecting this to be another over the top Kung Fu film. I am a big fan of Jackie Chan, and I liked the movie. I thought it was pretty good. I did not like the plot, though, as it was pretty much just the same as a lot of other martial arts movies. I would have liked to see some more action. The fights were good, though, and I liked how the story was put together. The actors did a good job, and I thought they did a good job with their roles. I thought the music was good, too. I was really surprised to see it was a Hong Kong film. It looked pretty good. I would definitely recommend this film.

David Dixon photo
David Dixon

This movie is not your typical Hollywood action flick. Instead, it's a story about a man who was part of the Tianjin police force and who became a mercenary after the death of his son. The story is very gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. I think that the acting of the lead character was really good and it was easy to sympathize with him. The other characters in the movie were not well-developed, but they did a good job at providing the necessary background for the story. The only problem I had with the movie was the ending. I felt that the end was a little rushed and I could have easily finished the movie without knowing the final outcome. I think that this movie is definitely worth watching. I rate this movie 7/10.

Scott photo

One of the few Korean movies I've seen that was made with a budget and is not trying to be a blockbuster. It's very well made and the storyline is pretty decent. I've never really seen any other movies with the same plot but this one is a nice change of pace. The acting is solid and the characters are good. It's just a shame that it's not as well known as some other Korean movies because I'd love to see a Korean movie with this storyline and the actors I love.

Sharon Perkins photo
Sharon Perkins

The title of this film seems to imply that the story revolves around a gang of thugs who carry out random killings. But this is not the case. The story is a murder mystery with a lot of twists and turns, and the title refers to the assassins. The film is filmed with a style of a traditional drama, but it is actually a thriller. The violence is not excessive, and it does not feel like a violent film. The story is based on a real story, and the story does not end abruptly. The film is a little bit slow in parts, but it is a solid thriller. The actors are great, and the direction is good. The film is well worth seeing.

Jeffrey Fuller photo
Jeffrey Fuller

I have just watched this film and it was a lot better than I expected. The cinematography was good, but I didn't see anything that was 'new'. The plot was good, and the way the movie ended was good. The action was good, and there were a few intense scenes. I think it was also a good way to end a film, but the last scene was a bit too quick, and the ending was a bit confusing. Overall, I would recommend this film to any martial arts movie fan. I would rate this movie 8/10.

Nathan P. photo
Nathan P.

First of all I must say that I loved this movie. I didn't expect to love it but I did. I think that this movie is one of the best martial arts movies I have ever seen. The storyline is awesome. The action is awesome. The story is awesome. The acting is awesome. I don't know why people hate this movie. This movie is awesome. There are some really funny scenes. I don't know if they are meant to be funny but I think that they are. I think that this movie is good and I think that I will see this movie again. I think that I will watch it again.