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A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day is a movie starring Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, and Olga Kurylenko. A group of aid workers work to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone.

Other Titles
Egy tökéletes nap, Un día perfecto, Jedan savršen dan, Un dia perfecte, Perfektní den, Um Dia Perfeito, Savršen dan, O zi perfecta, Mükemmel Bir Gün, Cudowny dzień, Perfect Day, A Perfect Day: un jour comme un autre, ロープ 戦場の生命線, Μια υπέροχη μέρα, Yom moushlam
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
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Drama, War, Comedy
Fernando León de Aranoa
Fernando León de Aranoa, Paula Farias, Diego Farias
Olga Kurylenko, Tim Robbins, Benicio Del Toro, Mélanie Thierry
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A group of aid workers work to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone.

Comments about drama «A Perfect Day» (19)

Theresa B. photo
Theresa B.

I first watched this movie on the big screen, and it was so beautiful. The cast and actors really did a fantastic job and it really captures the emotions of Vietnam. The way the cast portrays Vietnam and the life that the Vietnam War is like. The acting of the actors is very real and touching. The movie was very depressing, but it is a very great movie and one that i would recommend.

Justin Ramirez photo
Justin Ramirez

The movie is based on a true story and it is also a story about the bombing of Hiroshima. So, if you are not interested in the war, you are not going to get much out of this movie. If you are interested in the war, you will love it. The movie is very entertaining. The movie is also very funny. The acting is very good. It is really a good movie. The movie has a good plot and it also has good acting. I really recommend this movie.

Theresa C. photo
Theresa C.

I found this movie very enjoyable. I like how it was a realistic view of the war. The plot was good and I liked the relationship between the 2 lead characters. I also liked the fact that it showed the realities of the war from the perspectives of the people who fought it. The movie also made me think about the war, and the different sides that fought. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes war movies.

Doris Valdez photo
Doris Valdez

I was surprised to see that this movie was rated "R" for nudity and violence. I am not a big fan of those genres but I was pleasantly surprised. There is plenty of nudity and violence in this movie. The first 30 minutes or so of the movie were quite entertaining, but the violence and nudity wore thin and were used as plot devices to keep the audience interested. I think the story was a little bit weak. Some parts of the story were predictable and a few things were kind of unbelievable. I think the movie was good, but it could have been better.

Vincent Simpson photo
Vincent Simpson

I was not expecting to like this film, but it is a film that does a wonderful job of setting up the conflicts that arise between the U.S. and the German forces during World War 2. The film is very well acted and the conflict between the American soldiers and the German soldiers is portrayed as a clash of two ideologies, one which is noble, and one which is simply a battle of wills. One of the best aspects of the film is the way the film is shot. The camera work is very well done and I enjoyed the way the film was shot in both the German and American camps. The film is full of great dialogue and the way the characters are introduced is really well done. It is also very well shot in the American camp, the German camp and the neutral camp. It is a very good film, but it is a little bit over-rated.

Lauren Mills photo
Lauren Mills

This is not the best movie of all time, but I enjoyed it. It has some funny parts and some dramatic parts. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. It was a nice story, which has many problems. The ending is a little weak, but I think the rest of the movie is good. I think the director was trying to make a movie with a different style and he succeeded. This is a movie I recommend to everyone.

Teresa photo

A perfect day is a romantic comedy starring James Caan as a South African farmer in 1948 who has to work for the white man in a time of war and upheaval in South Africa. He is a married man and wife but at the same time he has to bear the burdens of his life and he is also the farmer's son who is a victim of racism. This is a love story that is a little bit bittersweet but also full of humor and the stars of the movie are Hugh Grant and Sophie Marceau. In the end, it's a movie about the human spirit and the things that we don't expect. There is a lightness in the story and a lightness of spirit. It's a movie that you can watch over and over again.

Catherine C. photo
Catherine C.

This film was very enjoyable and I felt it was a more serious film than it actually was. It was funny, and at times it was very sad. It was a very interesting film. I really enjoyed it and I hope I can see more of Mark Wahlberg in the future. I thought this was an enjoyable film and I think that it is very well written. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Bryan E. photo
Bryan E.

This is a comedy of the highest order, but it's also a deeply felt statement about the relationship between the men and women in a family, and the pain that we all feel when we come to terms with the fact that we are all in different stages of our lives. I believe this movie is far more universal than it seems to be, and it could have been so much more. The problems are all connected and the result is the same: we all have to look out for our loved ones, we all have to make sacrifices, and we all have to deal with our own selfishness. This is a movie that teaches us all about family, and it's definitely not for everyone. However, for the people who are interested in the topic, I believe this is a film worth watching.

Kathryn photo

The plot of the movie was predictable, but it was done in a very funny and funny way. The actors were all great, especially the two brothers, who I thought were perfect. I also liked the part when the whole family was together in the house, they all seemed to be in good spirits. All in all, a very good movie, worth watching.

Joe C. photo
Joe C.

As a child I used to like this movie, I saw it when it first came out, I was then very much in love with it. I can remember how it made me feel. And I still feel the same way about it today. But I can't help but think about how it would have been better had it not been made. It's no longer the same. It's not nearly as good, but it's not the same. I think this movie shows how the war affected people on both sides of the conflict. It shows that there were times when the people on either side were very much alike. It shows that even during the war, there were people who were willing to give up a lot of what they had for what they thought would be a better future for their children. And it shows that people can be good and bad, and that there is still good in the world even if people are fighting for different reasons. The whole idea of the movie was to show how the war affected people on both sides. There were also some things that the movie could have been better at. But it was still a good movie that I can watch again and again.

Martha Harrison photo
Martha Harrison

At times the movie is a bit over the top and the acting is a bit forced, but overall it was a very well done movie. The characters are very well developed and portrayed. All the actors did a great job, especially the main characters. The directing is very good and there is a lot of funny moments in the movie. The movie also has a good message about love and about sacrifice. Overall this movie is very good.

Howard S. photo
Howard S.

I've been seeing this movie for about a year now, and I loved it. It is a movie that tells a story, but not a straight forward one. The characters are diverse and the story isn't just about the war. It is about a love story between two men that don't really know each other. One is a soldier, the other is a gay soldier. The movie is about life in the Japanese internment camps, but is really about the love between two men. The movie has great cinematography, and it does a great job at showing the war in a realistic way. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good film to watch.

Joshua Webb photo
Joshua Webb

The movie is very well directed, with good acting and a good script, but the film seems a little long. Maybe too long. There is a good soundtrack and a good cinematography, but the acting is just average. There are a few funny parts and the characters are very well developed. The movie is based on a true story. It shows the influence of World War II on the lives of three families. The movie is very sad and I am not sure it is suitable for young children. I can't say I would recommend this movie. However it is still very interesting and has a good message. 7/10

Katherine McCoy photo
Katherine McCoy

For some reason, I didn't quite get what was going on in this movie. The way that the characters were made was interesting, and the idea that there are these two young women who are really pretty in their own right, but who can't get it right, is really interesting. But what was really weird about the movie was the way that it was shot. It looked like a documentary, and the story is not that clear. I had to really pay attention to what was going on in order to figure out what was going on. And, it was not clear what the point of the movie was. It felt like I was watching a two-hour-long commercial for a non-profit organization, and there was nothing else that I could really connect to in the movie. I really wanted to like this movie, but I just didn't. If you're looking for a movie that's pretty, and that has some interesting ideas, this one is worth checking out. But, if you're looking for a movie that has a lot of action, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

I'm not a big fan of Clint Eastwood and I'm not a fan of his style, but this movie is really good and really funny. I liked the characters in this movie, and they are really believable. Clint Eastwood plays a detective in a war torn country. He has a couple of people to help him in his work. He doesn't get much time with them and he's a bit bored with his job. I like this movie because it is a good look at war and the consequences of war. It's really good. I recommend it.

Donna H. photo
Donna H.

This is a nice film. I haven't seen this in years and it was one of the first movies I saw in the theaters back in the 80's. I'm glad I picked it up and have watched it again recently. The movie is not a great film but it is an interesting one. It has its flaws and it is not without its good points. The acting is not great and the story is not the greatest but it is watchable and worth a look. I have a feeling that people who love this film will love it. I also have a feeling that people who don't like this film will not. It is an interesting story and I think it was worth the watch. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Cheryl photo

As I have said, I am a big fan of the 'K-Pax' and I was hoping this movie would have a little bit more of a story line. But it does have a good story line. The characters are well portrayed. They are not so annoying as in 'K-Pax 2'. Some of the characters are more likable than others. The story itself is not so interesting. I was glad that there was some good scenes in the movie. For example, the last scene with the fighters that used to be in the army. They were such a good feeling for me. But there is no need to go and watch the movie. Just enjoy it. I am glad that there was a good story in it.

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

I liked this movie, and I did like it a lot. I do not know if it is just me, but I just couldn't get the feeling that the movie was trying to do anything more than telling a story. The characters are not important in this movie. The plot is just telling a story, and that is it. The movie is really good, but it is not the best movie of all time. The movie is very well made, the acting is good, and the story is very well told. However, I found it boring at times, and the end was not as good as I hoped it would be. I just can't say that this is a great movie, because I found it to be very average. I give it 7/10.