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Toni Erdmann is a movie starring Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek, and Michael Wittenborn. A practical joking father tries to reconnect with his hard working daughter by creating an outrageous alter ego and posing as her CEO's life...

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Min far Toni Erdmann, ありがとう、トニ・エルドマン, Arigatô, Toni Erdmann, Vi Presento Toni Erdmann, Tonis Erdmanas, As Faces de Toni Erdmann, Everyone Else, The Forest for the Trees, 顛父人生, Min pappa Toni Erdmann, Isäni Toni Erdmann
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2 hours 42 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Maren Ade
Maren Ade
Thomas Loibl, Peter Simonischek, Michael Wittenborn, Sandra Hüller
Germany, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Romania, Austria
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Whiling away the hours in Aachen, the divorced and practical joke-prone piano teacher, Winfried, decides to reconnect with Ines: his estranged only daughter, and now a determined business consultant in Bucharest. Of course, surprise visits rarely are welcome--and as the audacious parent adopts a new persona, the flamboyantly outspoken and deliciously extravagant, Toni Erdmann--he takes everyone by storm, infiltrating Ines' well-organised life and her close professional circle. Without a doubt, after years of alienation, Winfried--as his alter-ego, Toni--attempts to make a difference, in high hopes of bridging the gap between them; however, is his unorthodox attempt at reconciliation too little, too late?

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Roy C. photo
Roy C.

The thing that kept me going in the second half of this film was the mischievous and innocent appearance of Toni Erdmann's character. From that moment, I found it difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy and that's why the fourth character in the film, Alexander Wennberg, was so interesting. It's a sign of a good film, especially when it has it's 'poetic' content, that you find yourself longing for more. Maybe the third chapter, more than the first, deserves more attention, but it's possible that it was one of the weakest. All that being said, it's good to see that Toni Erdmann isn't the only one who makes a fuss about a role she's been assigned. In fact, it seems that Alexander Wennberg is the only one of the two who truly appreciates her presence. I found the film highly enjoyable and in a way very satisfying.

Jacqueline photo

Toni Erdmann, I've been a fan of hers since the beginning. She's intelligent, fresh, and gorgeous. The more I watch this film, the more I like it. And what I like most is how Gisele and Claudia find a way to cope with their relationship's problems without letting anyone tell them that they're doing something wrong. I also think it's a great story of love and jealousy. But I don't think the film really works if you think about what it wants to be about. It's a comedy, and the jokes are funny, but they're also a bit forced and unconvincing. I don't think the jokes and the style really match the story. And what really bothers me is the film. It's a mess, the story's not exactly what I expected, and Gisele is so boring and cold, I didn't care much about her. There's also a bit of a slow-burning drama about Claudia's mom, who is very manipulative and I didn't really care about the effect of the relationship. So I'm not really sure about how the film would have been different if the story was different. But at the end, it's a pleasant, sometimes funny, sometimes sad film. I also recommend it.

Harry photo

Toni Erdmann (Kathy Bates) is a German who likes to get high with her friends. She's not a big fan of literature, nor of movies, nor of literature at all. She lives in a flat in the centre of Berlin, with a father (Martin Landau) who is a musician. When she hears that a recent book she'd been reading is going to be turned into a movie, she's so disappointed that she takes off to the suburbs to get drunk with her friends. While she's there she meets a beautiful guy (Michael Ulrich) and, thinking he's a really good writer, he introduces her to his friend Madchen (Ingrid Thulin). Things look up for Toni, but at the same time her parents get an idea that she needs help. Eventually, she falls for Madchen, but he is just a figment of her imagination. As a German, I find this film very interesting. It's an extremely serious movie that doesn't take itself seriously. It's very hard to take serious when you hear so many German pop-music songs. You also have to think about Toni's relation to Madchen. For example, she knows that she is pregnant, and wants to keep it a secret from her parents. Is she also jealous of Madchen? The movie isn't as funny as it thinks it is. I must admit I got slightly bored when she tried to solve the world's problems with her father. And her parents are totally insane. Also, when she tried to convince Madchen that she isn't pregnant, she showed her its just a thought, and a figment of her imagination. It's also not as serious as it tries to be. I mean, this film isn't meant to be a serious drama, and yet it wants to be. And yet, it never reaches the success that American productions like "The English Patient" and "Big Fat Liar" have. This is a very good film. It's very hard to compare the two, but I'd say that this is in one of the categories of the best films of all times. You don't need to be an intellectual to enjoy it. There's not much that makes this film good, but I have to say that it's a bit of a look into the German culture of the 90's.

Helen Holland photo
Helen Holland

Toni Erdmann is an Austrian comedy starring Judit Polgar and Michael Nyman. This movie follows the main character of Toni, a 20-year-old woman from an upper middle class family who works as a secretary in a publishing house, and is still in love with her boyfriend Paul, who is a student and living in a very nice apartment. She falls in love with another male worker for the same office, but he is very popular and she is scared of losing him, so she allows him to do whatever he wants with her. However, after Paul returns from his vacation, Toni realizes that she is dating a man who is both her and Paul's boss, so she decides to let the relationship fall. So, Toni does something to bring the relationship back to normal, and her boyfriend is in the middle of that, so she ends up with an unexpected consequence. This movie is quite an amusing one, with jokes and fast-paced scenes, but there are some weak points. There is a scene in which Toni holds the phone of a woman who she thinks is the only man in the world and kisses him. Even though this isn't a romantic comedy, it still feels like it's a little bit unfair that a girl doesn't have to get her man, even if he is the boss of the firm she works at. Also, the voice over when she speaks of her parents is rather irritating. Also, the finale of the movie is kind of cliched, as it's kind of a traditional happy ending. However, Toni's friend Anna does a great job of acting, and the characters are very likable. It's not a good movie, but it's still funny and cute.

Vincent photo

Bergman's last film, "Twin Falls" is an intensely watchable film. And the audience is left with a distinct impression of this film. It's full of laughs and with an excellent cast. There are a couple of really big laughs and I have a particular favourite of the movie, which I won't give away but it's worth seeing for its entertainment value alone. Some of the editing may have a certain amount of repetition, but this adds to the enjoyment. There are some great scenes with Oscar-winning actress Flora Baranski in the role of the 'fiancée' of Bergman's. She and her partner are great comic partners, both in roles and in comedy. Bergman directs the film with perfection, and the performances from the cast are also excellent. I'm not a fan of the characters in the film, but Baranski is a great comedic actress. I'm not really sure if the film was good or not. It's just a shame that there's no sign of this classic Bergman, Bergman we all loved to watch in the 90's.

Elizabeth Long photo
Elizabeth Long

I was very disappointed with this movie. Some of the lines are written well and some are really bad, but overall I enjoyed it. It's nice to see Michael Haneke back in the director's chair, and I'm glad he chose to go with this movie, since it has a good story and the actors did a great job. But, if you like "Arrival" you should definitely skip this one. It's a little bit slow in some scenes, and some of the scenes might be too long. I understand that the film is very complicated, but that's why I did not enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would. The film does not explain very much about the reason why these refugees are in the middle of nowhere in Hungary, but it explains it in a very good way and is also very entertaining. But I do not think that the reason why these refugees are in the middle of nowhere is the reason why they have to stay in the country. That might be a little bit too much, but I can understand that they will have to stay in the country. Also, the characters are very "mixed", I think, but if that was not the main theme, it might be a little bit better. The movie is a little bit long, but I think that it was made well. I give it a 7.2/10. (If you want to see it, I think you should watch the French version, because the English subtitles make it a little bit difficult for those who are not used to the English language.)

Alan Collins photo
Alan Collins

Toni Erdmann is the second film of the director Tomas Alfredson and it is the most intense. This film was very popular and it was nominated for the Oscar for best foreign language film. The movie is very different from other films of the director because the story is new. The film also has a great music score. This is the best of the best of the previous works of the director Tomas Alfredson. If you like romantic films you will like this film. The story is very simple, very nice. It has lots of funny moments. And the ending is very good.

Carol E. photo
Carol E.

I saw the film without reading the book, but as I came to the end of the movie, I realized that it is the most pure novel of the twentieth century, so I was really delighted to see the movie with the novel's source behind it. Most of the things I loved about the novel came from the movie, like the scene where Tim finds the book in his dad's car, or when he discovers the words. I thought the movie was a great mixture of the novel and the movie, which made me curious about what the movie was going to be like. The movie does not make the book into a sequel, like some films, and the ending of the book is different than the ending of the movie. I think that this is a good thing because it keeps the essence of the story without coming over like a story of the movie, like the other movies with a short story that ends in the same way that the movie begins. I would recommend this movie to everyone. The book is a great novel, so it is really great that the movie showed it in such a great way. The movie is very interesting, and the few characters in the movie are so memorable. It's a great movie.

Sara photo

A perfect example of the phenomenon of Sexually Incestuous movies (Nachts, Unterdienste, Schadenfreude, etc.) It's an anagram for "Sad" but some would see it as "Sadness" or "Sadness Porn" to this viewer, but by all means see it. The story is of a doctor who has lost his job (due to an argument with his wife), and is trying to go back to his job but it's not easy. In the first two minutes of the film you see him as a "Bad", but after that it's a "Cute", but then it's "Cute". The plot is simple and the director (Will Walden) makes sure it's easy to follow, without being confusing or complicated. The dialog is great, the music is very good and the acting is the best it's ever been in a German movie. The cast is an absolute genius: Thomas Kretschmann as the doctor, Annette Speicher as his wife, Inge August as the friendly doctor, Daniel Walther as the British lawyer who's in love with the doctor, Alexandra Savl as the very attractive doctor who's trying to go back to work, and even Rene Maciel who has a small role. The background music was not that bad either, in fact I think it's much better than the original soundtrack. I'm not a fan of Robert Englund but he did a decent job at this movie. If you don't know who Thomas Kretschmann is (the director and the writer of this movie), you can watch him as an Austrian punk rocker in "The Inside", a German punk rocker in "And Now For Something Completely Different" and a big German punk rocker in "Ah-Meng". If you're going to see this movie, watch it, and don't forget to buy the soundtrack: it's an absolute must-have for the movie. Seven out of ten. * The movie was nominated for the British "Best Film of the Year".

Grace B. photo
Grace B.

I would like to say I am more forgiving than I thought I was going to be. But "Toni Erdmann" doesn't work for me, either. The jokes don't get you excited or full of laughter. The story gets stuck in your head. And the choice of cast is not quite right, either. What's the role of the non-German speaking character? I don't think it's very important to know the language. So if the problem is the script, and the cast is not enough to rescue it, maybe the German-speaking actor should step in. It would be better to not cast him at all. But no, he was really good. So is "Toni Erdmann." Good for an evening's viewing, not too bad.

Billy H. photo
Billy H.

No doubt, the subject of this film is a very difficult one. But it should be looked at in a proper manner. How is it that the world's oldest living person, Toni Erdmann, lives today? How can such an incident be forgotten in the history books? What impact did the death of the young daughter have on her life? Can we still talk about her today? This is a very well-made film with a great cast, great work by director Knut Ekman and editor Klaus Mühle, and a great score by Stelios Safir.

Adam Robertson photo
Adam Robertson

This was one of the very few films I have ever seen that was more focused on humor than sentiment. In fact, I must say that the first 15 minutes of this film really inspired me. My wife and I really enjoyed it. It is definitely a movie that really needs to be appreciated. It was a really funny and inspirational film. I can see why others would have liked it more than I did, but this is what we had - laughter, passion, heartbreak, and humor - what else could we ask for? It also wasn't boring, it kept us entertained throughout the film. I am not very big on Christian Bale, but in this movie he really shows that he has got some funny stuff under his belt. But hey, I think this is a very good film that can be enjoyed by anybody. I give it 7 out of 10.

Margaret photo

A moody young woman, Liesel von Gryznik (Udo Kier), lives in an apartment block. One day, she moves in with her new boyfriend Mika Reichelt (Vincent Regan), and the social worker Hilde Winkler (Bibi Andersson) enters the apartment and finds a huge bucket of paint which is the exact size of Liesel's head. She is so depressed that she starts acting crazily. The social worker believes her to be psychotic and has her committed to a psychiatric hospital. But Liesel's inner beauty makes her more and more attractive to the social worker and she begins behaving strangely again. This is an interesting and at the same time melancholic film about a woman who starts acting strange. It is beautifully shot in black and white, and the music fits the film perfectly. It has a nice atmosphere, and is a film that really works. This is a very strange film, but a great one. It is also extremely beautiful and it has a message about inner beauty and how it can make us stronger. Recommended.

Steven L. photo
Steven L.

Raul Julia's debut film THE FELICITY is an amusing comedy, well shot and edited and directed. I'm a fan of Julia's work (mostly European) and I can say this is a great film. It has the appropriate comedic moments, the subplots are good, and it has the sense that the audience can sympathize with the characters. The movie has a very difficult story and the characters are the most difficult to play. The funniest moments involve the foreign prostitutes, the freaks that Julia uses for his scenarios and the Jewish children, but there are a lot of other scenes in the film that are funny, too. If you are a fan of Julia, I highly recommend this film. Otherwise, watch one of his other works. The cast, I can say, is great and one of the best that I've seen.

Arthur photo

I don't care what critics say about this film. I don't care if they really liked it or not. I just care what the movie is. It's a great example of cinema that isnt necessarily commercially viable, or profitable. It's not a movie you would see on TV, or pay good money to see at the movies. I enjoyed it a lot and have watched it many times. But I am not a film critic. I don't have the deepest and most sophisticated knowledge of film. I can watch it on TV, or even rent it, and I get a good film experience. The last time I saw this film, I just was trying to figure out how to interpret the whole film, because it was not easy to do. The movie wasn't always easy to understand, but once I did, I felt more involved in the movie than the story. I can even remember the last few sentences of the last few lines of the movie in the theatre. This film is really interesting and I would recommend it to anyone.

Lawrence Castillo photo
Lawrence Castillo

The fact that I liked this movie as much as I did and as much as I was brought up to like this movie by my father (a far more intelligent man than I) and as much as I knew what to expect, it just seemed so innocent and it made me wonder how someone could be so stupid. The fact that I can't give this movie 10/10 as a film is actually a positive thing because it can't be good and it can't be bad. All I can say is that I was entertained by this movie and I like it, but I just know it's probably going to fail. I know it's going to be a joke but I can't help but think that there are a lot of people out there who won't enjoy it. I have also been a fan of Klaus Kinski for a long time and I loved this movie.

Evelyn photo

Toni Erdmann is a very good film about how we do not always know what we want and about the problems of changing things that we had in our lives before. This is not a drama, this is a documentary. It tells the story of a man who wants to be a successful singer-songwriter-actor. He loves a woman with a promising future. He decides to be a social worker to see her through her training to become a singer. As the movie progresses, it becomes more and more interesting. The title of the movie tells us that he has to be a social worker but he is not a social worker. It is a difficult job. Some people may feel that this is a very boring movie. However, if you think about it, you will understand that the person that Erdmann is not a social worker. He is not a professional social worker. He is not an instructor. He is not a psychologist. He is not a life coach. He is not even a doctor. He is a man who wants to help and take care of a woman that he loves, but he does not know what to do to help her. In the end, he is not able to help her. He does not know how to help her. The good news is that he finds a job to help her. The bad news is that the job that he is hired to do does not do anything for her. So the movie is not a failure. It is a very good movie, because it tries to describe the problem of change, as well as what a person is. Erdmann is not a person who is weak in his own opinion. He is a person who does not know how to express himself. He has no ideas about the problems he wants to help, but he is able to express his ideas. The movie tries to tell us that you need a plan to do something, but if you have a plan, it becomes easy. It does not become difficult, but the difficult parts will get harder. I found this movie to be very interesting. The actors are very good. I will not comment on the screenplay, because I do not know what it was. I think that the actors did a very good job in the movie. I do not think that they did a bad job. The only thing I would like to point out is that the director should not have shown the actors driving. It is almost impossible for people to drive when you are in an accident. It is even harder to drive if you have a mental problem. They would be in pain. It is almost impossible to be driving. So they should have shown what would happen if they are driving and also what would happen if they were not driving.

Kyle Armstrong photo
Kyle Armstrong

Toni Erdmann follows young migrant worker, Ben, (Peter Mullan) from his hard times to his journey to become a book writer. Before long Ben moves to London, meets Helen (Sienna Miller) who encourages him to be a writer and find a way to get a visa, in the process setting Ben on the path to becoming an international success story. Along the way Ben encounters various setbacks and is aided by an unconventional support group in the form of a young Irish woman. This is a light hearted, but well directed, feel good movie. It is the perfect balance between drama and comedy. There is an element of irony throughout as there is a lack of realism, although some elements are taken from an actual German community. I personally enjoyed the comedy aspect of the movie, as it didn't feel forced and just a good way to deal with the awkward relationship between Ben and Helen. There are some very funny scenes. In particular the scene where Ben is being arrested and the chat between Helen and Ben. When I first saw this movie I found it very offensive but after a few viewings it has changed my views on this movie. The message it is sending is that you can find happiness anywhere, and it has created a much closer bond between the characters. It has an interesting plot and is visually stunning. It is also a very funny movie which doesn't go into depth as it would in other light hearted movies. I give it a 7/10.

Jacob S. photo
Jacob S.

I'd had the pleasure of viewing an early screening of the film at The Festival of Dangerous Ideas. The film, directed by Carol Reed (A Beginner's Guide to Cinema - The Italian Movies), stars Karl Malden as a young man coming to terms with his own sexuality and his relationships with women. Karl is brought into a small Catholic church in New York, where he is invited to take communion. While attending, he experiences a sort of spiritual awakening, coming to terms with his sexuality, his relationships with women and more, and makes a peace with himself. He finds the strength to leave his past, his family and his inner demons behind, and to go on a personal journey in the name of Christ. This film is a stunning examination of the dangers of self-loathing and mental anguish that can result when we fail to acknowledge and accept our sexual desires. There are moments of catharsis, but also moments of self-loathing and self-hatred, which can lead to a downward spiral in self-esteem. However, this film is more than just a meditation on self-hatred and self-loathing. The film's central themes include the good and bad of Christianity, the trappings of living a simple life, and the emotional dangers of believing we can actually see and know God in our own eyes. While I really like the performances by the two leads, Karl is especially compelling in his performance, as is Roy Scheider, who plays his uncle. It is a film of self-examination and a contemplation of how to live life as you would like it to be.

Ralph Tran photo
Ralph Tran

Since I had watched this film for the first time last year, I had expected much from it. I was right. But the plot could have been so much more developed and complete. Although the ending could have been better and clearer, I don't think it is a film that could make it to the top of the best ever. This film was a little bit more serious than I expected it to be. And at the end, it wasn't a happy film. I don't think I've ever seen such a film in my life. This film is a little bit more demanding than the first, as it is more "reality" as a girl's man loses his one chance to be with her. But it doesn't feel so heavy and too much. On the contrary, it is a bit funny. You will laugh at certain parts. But it is also a bit painful, so you won't get to watch the whole film. This film may make you ask yourself: what is the point of this film? What is the value to you if you can't get through it all? But it is more of a way to see what life is really like.

Tiffany Hicks photo
Tiffany Hicks

Toni Erdmann is a rich, but unrequited love. The movie starts from an adultery on the level of this, but ends with the stealing of money from the poor man. In the middle of this, Toni Erdmann's friend, who gets him in trouble in the meantime, wants to help him. The end of the movie is the show of the thief, who has stolen a treasure from the rich man, and finds that the wealthy man is also a thief, because the rich man steals the treasure for his personal use, and the poor man has to support his family by working and saving money. Toni Erdmann says: "All you people in that rich country, you've got some things you can't take back, you can't keep. What do you want to do with it?"

Daniel photo

I'm not much of a Mel Gibson fan but I'm glad that he found his niche as a comedy filmmaker and I'm glad that he didn't feel the need to take on a "serious" movie like American Splendor. What I found funny in American Splendor is that it's supposed to be a serious movie. In fact, it's a very serious movie, and when I was watching it, I was thinking that it was meant to be a serious movie. But I wasn't thinking that as I was watching the movie. There were some laughs, but also some serious parts, so if you can't stomach it, don't watch it. On the other hand, if you can handle that you might be able to stomach the movie. The movie isn't bad by any means, but it's definitely a bit too serious, and if you can handle that, you might find this a good movie.

Carol photo

OK, I just watched this, and I couldn't help but notice the similarity to Robocop. Not as great though. We all know what's going to happen (yeah I know, I did that myself), but not exactly a mind blowing one. Just as in the Robocop sequels, we have Alex, an ex-cop who has now become a no-nonsense reporter. We also have company of cops (all English/German speaking, so no one from Germany can really understand the jokes. I guess they didn't get the joke). We have all sorts of "moral" talking and arguments. And when it all finally comes to a head, a very "robocop" style showdown with a few cops, followed by an ending. Now what's this movie about? Everything, that's what. You should watch it. And to know what you're going to watch, you should watch it, and you can decide for yourself. If you don't like it, then I can tell you that the subject matter isn't for everyone, and you should just read other people's reviews. I just watched it today, and I have to say I have to be really surprised by how good it is. I have to give it 7/10, and I think that's too low. It really is. Thanks to a great cast and a very good story, it's not bad, really. It's worth watching, I don't want to spoil anything. Good for a laugh. My vote is 7/10.