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There is much to praise about this movie, but first I would like to comment on the acting. I'm sure you could appreciate the big names of the supporting cast, but it was really hard to suspend your belief and make it all sound plausible. It would have been easier to ignore the lies, inconsistencies and fake faces of the director and his staff. For me, the best performances were all from the four and the lead actor. A part of the movie was spent trying to buy a real secret which turned out to be fake, because he was telling it to his wife, he didn't want to, so he had his son make it up. Then he was accused of being a cheat, and left for 4 months to resolve his personal problems with a prostitute. So many of the scenes seemed a bit far-fetched, and yet the film didn't offer an alternative solution to it. It was all like a vale of tears. I believe it was a very delicate situation for the director to handle, but he must have had a great job, and I must agree that the next move would be to employ a similar specialist, and bring more of the cast together, for a final finale, with lots of feeling. If we look at the actual movie, the tension mounts. The only two scenes I don't really like are the end scene and the one where the lead actor accidentally kills himself. This is too dark and there are too many more dark scenes in the film. I would like to thank the four stars, but the acting just wasn't enough.

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Lawrence F.

Best i have ever seen! I dont think I have ever seen one of his musicals (except maybe a pre-WW2 film with Laurence Olivier which i have never seen but I am sure has been magnificent). The dancing on the roof of the movie is breathtaking. The acting is superb, the story is interesting and the music is beautiful. A really great "classical" musical which will be a movie-goer's favourite. and for those who are a bit familiar with his previous work: try to catch this one! it really deserves more credit than it gets. Uma Thurman is amazing.

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John Meyer

Ok, I thought I had a go at posting my review of this film, but I just could not help myself. It was so wonderfully beautiful, I just cannot get enough of it. One of the most beautiful and moving scenes in any film I have ever seen is when the young man's father sees the daughter for the first time in the house. I cannot get the full effect of this scene out of my mind. I will do my best to not give away too much about the plot, because I do not want to spoil it for anyone who may want to watch this film. I just can not get enough of it. When I first heard this film was being made, I had great expectations for this film, and I was not disappointed. It's a great film, I would say one of the best of the year, and one of the best ever. Watch this film. I really hope you enjoy it.

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Sandra Jordan

The production is top notch. The songs are great, and the acting is superb. I highly recommend this film.

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Danielle H.

Its amazing how fast the world can change. After years of confusion over whether or not to get the movie by Disney or Warner Bros, the original ended up getting a Blu-Ray release and its popularity grew. And it was then that Disney picked up the movie and gave it a visual treatment. It was also the year in which David O Russell's "American Psycho" hit theaters and although people were complaining about the film's length, they were not complaining enough. The film's title was "Semiramide", a drug that is notorious for giving you the idea of the idea that you are dead. It was a drug that would supposedly cause someone to realize that they are dead. It would make them think they were able to make any decisions at all. Many people were sure that there was no way that the drug could be a cure. The drug's creator, Erich Zann, was deemed a madman and was considered to have committed the greatest crime in the history of the world. The film shows Erich and his drug in action in Berlin. They are selling a cure to people who wanted to live a normal life, not the same old life that they would have, but a new life. Their efforts are often met with harsh rejection. It is then that Erich becomes somewhat popular in the city. And this is where the story of Semiramide starts. It is in this scene that Erich becomes infected by the drug. The drug's only intention is to make people think that they are dead. And it did its job perfectly, so much so that Erich starts to see people for the ones that they really are. They become his friends, his family, his neighbors, and become what is left of his life. And it is at this moment where he has a realization that he never realized before. He realizes that he is nothing. His world and his dreams were never real. His once beautiful life has been gone forever. With this realization, he starts to turn and become the person that he never wanted to be. Now, he is nothing but a blank slate. And that's exactly how he lives. He begins to run away from his old life, and is beginning to do so. And that's why he needs the drug. It gives him a reason to live. Because he is the one who doesn't want to live a normal life anymore. A simple act of running away gives him the impetus to live a new life, a new purpose and a new life. Erich is now no longer a madman. And the drug is making him think of other things. It gives him a reason to become more mature. And that is why he wants to give it up. Semiramide may seem like a foolish movie, but its intention is noble and noble. It is made by a director who knows what he is doing. He knows exactly how he wants the movie to be. The film deals with themes of man's greed and the power that society wields. But the film doesn't preach to you. There is no sermonizing in Semiramide. The director and the actors have nothing to say. They are just telling a story that most of us could see and understand. And that's the beauty of Semiramide. It is a story of a man who had never known a normal life. His world was based on his music, his friends, his neighbors, and his drug. And now, after this drug gave him the ability to live a life that he never wanted, he can finally feel like he is a free man. It is a movie that we all should watch. If you want to understand the meaning of life, this is a movie that you should watch. Semiramide is a must see.

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I've just seen this film on the UK DVD. It is a lovely film, a mixture of opera and film, with a very good musical score. I thought that the score was very good, and the lyrics were very good too. The music was very upbeat, but not too much, and the lyrics were very funny. I thought that the acting was good, and the acting was very good, but I thought that the script was very good, with the main character being very good. I liked the film, and I thought that it was very good. The film is very good, and I think that it is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good film.

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We went to see "Semiramide" at the same time we saw the "Tiempo Nacional" but what we really wanted was something different and a little bit more special and different and this was the only place we had the opportunity to see this. The director is Antonio Rangel and in this film is the celebrated Antonio Salini and the cast of the film consist of three of his greatest actors. Antonio Salini does not have the great talent of many people of his generation but what he does have is the art of directing music and this film was his first. The film is based on the book of Semiramide, a richly textured and complex musical piece from the author Antonio Salini. Antonio Salini was only twenty-two years old when he wrote this novel and it was published two years later. The film is divided into eight parts and they do not necessarily have to be in chronological order. In the beginning we see the film in a very chaotic way but as we see the sequence of the performances, they become more coherent. The movie starts in the 19th century, when Salini's parents are dying and his brother Juan, the author of the book, is unable to find the money needed to continue the manuscript. In the 19th century the whole world is in turmoil, with revolutionaries and capitalists, social problems and economic decay. The book is now protected by the king of Spain and since Salini's parents have died, he is now living with his uncle and his sister, who is in love with his literary father. The story is an attempt to find the literary work and no one really knows where it is. He goes to a poetry club with his uncle and this is where the music of Semiramide comes to him. He watches the manuscripts from the piano and to make money the drawings of the past are done, he does not understand what it is that he is doing and just wants to live the rich life that he had. The film contains many music scenes and it is very, very effective. Salini does not give us a very musical film but he makes us believe in music. There are also many scenes where he tries to make a film without music and this was very, very difficult to do in the beginning. The music he plays is quite hypnotic and although it is a bit overblown, the music is so captivating and so hard to understand that you cannot help but to be mesmerized. What made this film for me was the fact that the film was very easy to understand but it was also very, very entertaining. All the performances in the film are excellent, I do not think that there was a single person who did not do a good job. The cast is excellent, I think that the best performances are of the three who were in the film: Salini, the director and Mica Jovovich, who is the young actress who plays Salini's girlfriend. The director did an excellent job and made the film what it is. I have seen the film again and I do not believe that I have ever seen such a good film made at the beginning. I think that the quality of the film is due to the fact that the director had the imagination to make a very complex film, he did not want to do a film with music and he wanted to make a film that would appeal to the audience. This was also evident in his choice of the actors and the cast. The acting in the film was quite solid and it was the most excellent and convincing performance that I have ever seen in a film. The performances by Mica Jovovich, who played Salini's girlfriend, Camila, who was the character Salini was in love with and Antonio Salini, who played the main character. The performance was outstanding. The film had

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This is one of the first concerts with Marina Abramovic in 1999 and I was a fan. The concert has its good moments and I don't think they belong to the main set of songs of the album, which is also great. The photos are great but as is known the problem is that is also very much compressed and its just not perfect. The highlights are "The Rainbow" and "Limbo", but also the funny songs that are not in the main set. It could have been longer and much more fun, but that's what happens in many concerts.

Janice Riley photo
Janice Riley

A good film, full of narrative and a soft animation style of animation. It doesn't feel as though it could be anything else, but it isn't much like anything else. On an honest level it is a musical and I think it is worth watching as a musical. It's just too slow and melodramatic at times. It doesn't feel like it fits at all, you don't feel any of the drama, your feel a character sitting down and trying to say something, but the thing is, the characters are not very interesting or any other trait. The plot is the most interesting thing, and you find yourself watching a lot of it but you don't care and you don't really understand the whole thing. The voices are generally good and I think the people who are going to enjoy it are the ones who are going to be in their 30's and younger. It is a good film for a rainy Saturday evening, but if you want to spend your time more involved or for sure, this isn't the film for you. I do recommend it though.

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Heather R.

This is a very good movie. You will see one of the best in the history of the music. It is an international summing-up. The piece is a masterpiece. An all-star cast, good direction, good music and fantastic costumes are also very good and this is also one of the best films about the 60's. The songs in this film are excellent too. The film is not one of my favorites but it is really well made and one of the best film of the 70's. A lot of people do not like the direction of this film. It is not a tragedy, it is not an exaggeration. If they wanted to make this film as serious and realistic as possible, they should have done that. The score is great and there are many great scenes in this film. This is one of the best movies about the 60's that I have seen.

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Carol Hoffman

I have always loved the film. I remember when I was a child and I saw the movie on television, I was just a kid, I didn't really know what it was about, I was just watching it, but I was mesmerized. I've always wanted to see it again and I've always wanted to watch it again, but I haven't. I've been searching for a copy of it, but it's not available anywhere. I saw the movie again last week and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I think the movie is amazing, I'm glad that I saw it again. The music is amazing, the movie is amazing, I think that it's a masterpiece. I really loved the story, I love the music, and I really liked the movie. I don't know what else to say about it, it's just so good. I'm glad that I saw it again, it was a good experience.

Crystal D. photo
Crystal D.

Re-edited from a live recording and recorded for the BBC in 1972, this is a remarkable concert performance from the period that's oddly still standing strong today. I had a tape of this concert from the early 1970s and until this broadcast I hadn't been able to get it on DVD. Even now, a lot of the dates are off and I've just got to date it and add the later concerts on the DVD. The audience is mostly dressed in tweedy uniforms with blue collars. It's a boring and somewhat self-indulgent concert, yet this is largely responsible for it's staying power. The group is a comfortable enough group, if oddball on stage. In fact, it's probably the only show on this tape that would've been good enough for it's time. But there is the occasional awkwardness, as at every performance, especially the intro, where the women seem uncomfortable and the men seem over-staged. But we've got a lasting power because you can see the emotional turmoil of the leads and there's a clear bond between all of them that transcends gender. All the main singers are beautiful and are really well-chosen. Although the groups they join didn't really do it for me, they were all a well-drawn line, not too "fiery" and not too "artsy". I love it. It's one of my favorite recordings and I don't get why it's rated so low.

Ruth photo

Loving this musical, so many scenes and original music. Loved the plot, it was a new version of SINE, but there was a little twist at the end of the movie. But in conclusion, if you like musicals, this is the one for you.

Jeremy photo

I was seriously hoping that the studio would bring this great work to DVD before it was destroyed and cancelled. On the surface it sounds like it was just an excuse for a box office hit. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The film is about an Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi (Jacques Perrin) with the same name, who suffers from insomnia and appears to be suffering from something that causes insomnia. Eventually he is overcome by the illness and goes insane, and the only person who understands his condition is his adopted son, Nico (Yves Montand). After the family moves into a new home, Nico begins seeing his father on his deathbed, who at first wants to make his son a nun to help him sleep, but Nico convinces him that it would be best for him to live a life as a bachelor, so that he can gain the trust of other people. Nico is now a man who has no intention of joining the Catholic Church, and tries to maintain his own independence, while also finding a way to open the family home up to a new life and romance. To all this, Nico is sent to a boarding school, where he meets a girl called Clara (Isabelle Huppert), and he takes her under his wing. This is a very interesting film, even though the plot is a bit sketchy at times, it still tells a story of loneliness and frustration that is more interesting than any blockbuster I have ever seen. This is a film that I highly recommend, and even though it is far from an Oscar-winner, it is still well worth seeing.

Nicholas photo

When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was just a silly concept movie. Then I started thinking about it and realized how deep it was. Then I became more fascinated, and I decided to watch it. It really impressed me. I was entranced by the music, the dances, the acting, the psychology of the characters. Everything about it was beautiful. The story was also beautiful. The characters were also very beautiful, except for Pannu, the beautiful daughter. Everything about this movie made me feel so happy, and I was amazed that it was made by the same person that made Abre Jatoirin (God is Beautiful).

Martha Hunt photo
Martha Hunt

I have heard many excellent things about this film, but I was surprised to discover that there is only one other review on IMDb and it's from a fan of the original "Semiramide." This is one of those films that everyone who enjoys film should see. I think it's a terrific film, really well made, with superb production values, a fine soundtrack, and some very effective scenes. A few moments are somewhat forgettable, but otherwise this is a very entertaining film. *Spoilers* I have to say I was disappointed that there were no scenes depicting the actual loss of life in the opera house. I think that could have been a very important scene. I also thought the detail of the human obsession with the beauty of the original building, and how it led to the outrageous and unjustified treatment of the people who lived in the building, and how the love affair with the opera house played a very important role in the whole drama, was missing. I didn't see any attempt to portray such a theme, except maybe a few brief glances at the exterior walls or the opera house itself. I felt that the director and cameraman were more interested in the action of the actor's performance, rather than what it looked like from the inside. Perhaps this was intentional, as this was the time in history where people would have been turned off by the staged events at the opera house, and so instead of showing people feeling betrayed by the opera house, the director and cameraman focus on the images that the actors are taking. If you have a high tolerance for artistic work and beauty, you may be disappointed by the end of the film, but if you are able to look past these minor issues, you should enjoy the film very much.

Christina photo

I first saw this movie when I was a kid. I was surprised by how good it was. It's a pity that I didn't discover the real piece for another 20 years. It's a good movie to see if you have a good memory and are looking for something a bit different from Hollywood movies.

Evelyn photo

This movie tells the story of a con man and his beautiful blue-eyed daughter who decides to live in the woods after he loses his job. Things change as time goes on, and the family becomes extremely suspicious of the old man. It's a charming, romantic, and funny movie with a great cast. The story is incredibly engaging and will keep you entertained. It's a great movie to bring the whole family to, and a must see if you're looking for a funny movie with a big heart.

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Brenda R.

I don't know how much you know about this original and it's story, but there's been a re-make now. This version stars Elijah Wood (Deuce Bigalow) as Tommy and he's with his best friend Bobby (Antonio Banderas) and his high school friends in the English class. The teacher (Miranda Richardson) is a smart and ambitious woman who's looking for her "one" in the class. I'm not really into musicals, but I could see why some people would like this film. It's got some amazing dance numbers and the song is pretty catchy. I guess you could see it as a musical but I wasn't really that impressed. The story is so boring and I wish there was more to it. The dancers are nice, but some of the song choices are kind of bad, including the title song and something else by Yo La Tengo. The main character Tommy, played by Elijah Wood, is such a one dimensional character and has his cliches. Even though I didn't like this version, I would watch the original and the Disney version. If you're a fan of musicals and would like to know more about this movie, I suggest you check it out.

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A man who is a fan of classical music and who has an affinity for the theater is invited to an exclusive private concert in Rome. He is then introduced to a group of rich and beautiful young women. The beautiful young women, who are also fans of classical music, have no interest in the man. They are all actresses and have been acting since they were young. This is the beginning of a series of strange and often bizarre events that occur. The man is then drawn into the world of the young women. The movie is very funny and quite enjoyable. The actors are all very good. There are some very memorable scenes. The music is very good. The movie is not really a musical but it is quite interesting. The ending is quite tragic. This is a great movie. It is very entertaining and is a good way to spend an hour and a half. 8/10.

George Castillo photo
George Castillo

Pleasant little score and songs throughout, nothing much to discuss here. I don't know if this film is worth viewing. It reminds me of the annoying but sometimes very interesting 'Showtime' television show. Perhaps that was why I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I think I'd recommend this film to those who don't want to pay anything to see it, or those who just want to listen to the soundtrack.

Jacqueline Anderson photo
Jacqueline Anderson

A movie that is a companion piece to the fabulous "Semiramide" by Al Pacino, who in the two works directed two movies that are connected by the subject matter: violence and murder, if I may be so bold. However, the cinematic aspect of this film, of course, lies in the cinematography and the brilliant camera work of Rick Wright. In the second of the three films, we find our protagonist wandering around an old manor house for a living. This time, though, he's not any old man. The old man has almost no appearance at all. This time, we see the actor Nicholas Cage in a role of a dramatic Judge or Secretaries. Nicholas Cage plays a prosecutor who doesn't know the law of the UK and therefore doesn't know what is right or wrong. He simply follows the law which has been handed to him by the establishment. If you've seen "Semiramide", you'll know what to expect from this film. In the first film, one finds the conspiracy, the accusations, the judgments, the acts of trial and the glory of the guilty. This time, the justice system is seen as weak. The criminals who are sentenced to death are given immunity in order to protect them from having to be tried on those accusations. We see the courtroom through the eyes of a small child, "Freddie". He witnesses the death of the old man's son, a young man who was killed for stealing money from an elderly man. This child tries to find a way to prove that his father did not do so and ends up in a court. The child is innocent and tries to convince the court that he's innocent and therefore the government can't convict him. But, what will be the result of this plea? Well, you'll have to watch it to find out. There's no denying the fact that this film is breathtakingly beautiful and is totally worth your time. The story is unbelievable, of course, but the cinematography in this film is incredible. Rick Wright has mastered the art of photography by placing the camera at close range, and this is something that cannot be achieved by any other cinematographer. In this one, the camera is placed at the lowest point of the frame and is placed exactly at the eyes of the viewer. This is probably the best technique that he has used to show a story, and it's an extraordinary skill that is incredible. I truly admire Rick Wright for having the courage to do this film, not only because it's a rare occasion to see a film like this, but also because this movie is entirely a gift of him to his audience. I can't see how the film can have been made without the cinematography in it, as it's one of the only things that bring this movie to life. The cinematography of this film is so perfect that the rest of the film is totally useless. Rick Wright has created an amazing film that shows one of the most important periods of human history and one of the most important human rights that were fought for. The film teaches us that what really matters is what happens on the battlefield. "Semiramide" is one of the best films of the year and a perfect companion piece to "Semiramide", one of the most amazing films of all times. However, this movie is one of those rare film that, as soon as it's out, there will be much talking about it. "Semiramide" is very difficult to describe. It's probably the best Italian film ever made and should never be forgotten.

Patrick Bishop photo
Patrick Bishop

This movie is exactly what it says on the tin - it's a comedy starring the incredible Maggie Smith and with a bit of an international feel to it. A rich actress who weaves and stars in her film. The cinematography and music is beautiful and so well put together that it makes the film bearable. She is also always fabulous in her role, and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Samuel R. photo
Samuel R.

Semiramide is an excellent film, but it is somewhat misleading. Director Ario Di Canio displays a number of unusual moments in his film, but these moments are not the actual parts of Semiramide. When he has the sight of an aging couple dancing on a beach, he cuts to their daughter moving closer to her mother's grave. In fact, most of the footage in the film is shot by himself or his students, and it is as if the entire film is a film making exercise in which he made this single snapshot. The film itself is a veritable of album, but a collection of the moments in which he shot them. In fact, most of the moments are best forgotten as they simply are part of a single compilation of many moments in the film. The first notable one is when the old couple comes to see the young couple dancing, the old lady putting the band on in the background. The album is a series of these fragments that is best appreciated as a single musical document, but that is not the case for the film itself. I think Di Canio is trying to show us a stage performance of a theatrical piece, but at times the film would be better viewed as a collection of musical fragments. The film is presented with many interviews, and some of these ones contain some interesting stuff. For example, when Di Canio discusses that he studied Mahler and Beethoven, one of the things he asks is who his influences were, but when he first has the chance to ask this question, he never says what kind of music he studied. The film is surprisingly well photographed, and contains a lot of beautiful images and montages. In addition, it is a bit hard to appreciate some of the new-millennium music, like a lot of electronic music is, but the film offers one of the greatest moments of the film when Di Canio shows the film's protagonist is a member of the Ob-La-Di band (music with extremely awkward lyrics). The film also is worth watching when it comes to Di Canio's style, which is very erratic, and sometimes incredibly detailed. The second notable moment in the film is when Di Canio shows the young couple practicing in a sea. He is a bit hesitant to show the ocean, as most people associate the ocean with the sea, but in the end he makes the ocean very real, and his film is an outstanding example of a movie that uses footage of the sea and the beach, a few bits of music and photos, to create a picture of a beach that is different from the other, by using the beach to create a whole. I think that Di Canio showed an excellent work on film making, and the film is a real treat for fans of the music.

Kathy photo

A beautiful and well-done film that is worthy of a viewing for anyone who loves great music. The acting is superb and the music is haunting. The plot is very unique, and I believe this to be one of the best films of all time. The film is very beautiful and unique and has a very well-written script. The film is also very good at showing the beauty of Italy and Italy's people. This is a film that should be viewed by anyone who is a fan of great music and the film is very well worth it.

Frank photo

This movie was a wonderful surprise. I had never heard of it, but when I saw it on TV I was so amazed by the music that I ordered the soundtrack. I'm a big fan of Fats Waller and I was happy to find out that this movie was based on one of his songs. I've always loved this song and it is so well done. I don't think I could have done it any better. The acting is very good and the music is wonderful. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Lawrence photo

I liked it. I thought the music was great and really captured the feel of a 15th century man's passion for the cycle of the moon. The cinematography was very cool, although I was a bit disappointed in the lack of modern-day music during the opera-like part of the film, or the music in the final, all-Italian part, or the latter-western-themed opera "O my Fortuna" by Berlioz. But this is not really a problem. The film is really a set piece of sorts for a very serious and very Italian opera, and shows a performance of the final opera. And it is not so much a criticism, but more a statement of the fact that 'tutto avevuto' at least means something. Nowadays when we compare Hollywood films to classical productions, we often only realize that we are watching a bunch of 80's scenes, or a series of 80's scenes, but in the past there was at least a deep, and maybe even original vision. We only think of the layers and the layers of meta-motifs, but we don't realize that these layers were put together to create a whole, and that this whole is actually an artistic achievement. I personally liked the idea of the symbolism of the dressing gowns, which was done very cleverly and interesting. Nowadays, I can't believe how much the filming of the films really damages the film, but it was really good here. And the story itself was very interesting, although it took a long time to get used to the new opera-technique. If it's still popular in Italy, maybe some people might still like it. It is more or less good, but maybe not what I would expect from my lover of the opera.

Christian Reynolds photo
Christian Reynolds

In its tradition as a great tragedy, the director has succeeded in capturing the essence of the stage tragedy. The acting of the lead actors is superb and the direction is really noteworthy. This movie portrays the imagination of a man who was blessed with a special ability - which is something I must have, and could never be aspired to, like the same as the movies dealing with Caligula or Diadema Diada. This movie is more interesting and if you really like movies about inane cross family and inter family conflicts, then you should try to catch this movie.

Kimberly Torres photo
Kimberly Torres

This is the story of a young girl who has an accident that causes her to go into a coma. She is put into a mental institution, but is able to communicate with the other patients. She has to communicate with them by singing, and she has to sing to a tune that she has memorized. This movie is a very good example of the way that films were made back then. The music is very well done, and the acting is very good. The story is interesting and well done. The ending is very sad, and is very well done. The film is very good and very interesting.

Kyle F. photo
Kyle F.

I like to see these type of film that are musical and I am a fan of the genre. The songs and songs that they are putting on the film for the audience is awesome. I think that the most important element of the film is the directors vision and how the film can do so well. The short documentary about the film is fantastic and I liked the music. The music in the film is fabulous. It always adds to the scenes. This is a great film to see, and I give it a 7 out of 10.

Alice Kennedy photo
Alice Kennedy

The genius of this film is its lack of any attempts at explanation. This film makes no effort to persuade the viewer that any of its emotions are meaningful or expressive. The film simply makes us notice these emotions, without letting us use our imaginations to explain what we see. It is my personal belief that this films is the best film ever made, I think it is a timeless piece of art. This film is an absolute masterpiece. It is not an easy watch at all, but I think it will go down in history as one of the best movies of all time.

Adam photo

I watched this film at the cinema and was pleasantly surprised. The film is about a young boy, Vincent (Aidan Collins), who is given a strange and unusual task by his mother, and must complete it before the end of the week. The task is to write a story of a man who is supposed to be dead. The story is told through a series of flashbacks. This film is not a traditional one. The director does not tell a story, but instead lets the audience get to know the characters and their lives. The director uses different techniques to tell the story. The film is also very colourful. The colours in the film are different, and the story is also different. This film is a must see for any film fan.

Gloria photo

This movie is a great example of how a musical can be made. The movie has a great musical score and the actors do a great job of acting. The story is very good and the songs are catchy. I also like how they put in some more of the scenes from the musical. The movie is very good and I recommend it to anyone who likes musicals.

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I saw this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I must say it was great. The movie is a tribute to the works of the great composer, Antonio Salieri. It is not only a musical but a drama as well. It is a story about a man who has lost his way, who is searching for the meaning of life. It is also a story about love and how one man can change the life of another. I was especially impressed with the performance of the actress who plays the character of the artist. She is a very beautiful woman and I think she deserves an Oscar for her performance. I think that this movie is a great representation of Salieri's life and how he lived. It is a good movie and I recommend it to everyone.