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Vision Portraits

Vision Portraits is a movie starring John Dugdale, Rodney Evans, and Kayla Hamilton. An in-depth exploration of the creative paths of blind and visually impaired artists including a photographer, dancer, writer and filmmaker..

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1 hours 18 minutes
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Rodney Evans
Rodney Evans
Rodney Evans, Kayla Hamilton, John Dugdale, Ryan Knighton
Canada, USA, Germany
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An in-depth exploration of the creative paths of blind and visually impaired artists including a photographer, dancer, writer and filmmaker..

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Pamela Perkins photo
Pamela Perkins

This is a documentary film that features the work of a lot of artists. The film focuses on the artists that were involved in the making of the film. The film is about the work that went into the making of the film, and how the artists worked together to make the film. It also covers the history of the film, and how it was made. It is a very interesting documentary. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who has an interest in art, or in the history of film.

Phillip Keller photo
Phillip Keller

This is a documentary about two people, who were born in the same year, in the same province, in the same village, but where they are from is completely different. One of them was raised by his grandparents and the other was raised by his stepfather. The documentary goes over the life of both, from their early childhood, to their teens, to their late teens and to their early 20s. It goes on for quite a while, and it's well worth it. It's fascinating to see the evolution of their personalities, and to learn about the struggles that they went through to get where they are now. They are both incredibly likable and funny, and the interviews are very insightful. I think it's well worth the time.

Hannah photo

This documentary is an amazing look at the life of the photographer John Toll, who was considered to be one of the most talented young photographers working in the world. It is a look at how he was a sensitive, but sensitive man with a talent for capturing the faces and emotions of ordinary people and he accomplished this in a way that no one has ever seen before. This is a personal documentary that shows us the man, the photographer, the problems and the achievements of his life, which were only overshadowed by his short time with the world. It is a great story, and I highly recommend it.

Christopher photo

I can't say enough about this film. I loved it. What a wonderful work of art. It shows the documentary film-maker as the narrator and the subjects as the subjects. I think the more people that know about the subjects, the more people that will be inspired by them. When I first saw the trailer I thought it would be another doc about the makers of the documentary, but the more I saw it the more I loved it. It was a great movie. I can't say enough about it.

Christina Holland photo
Christina Holland

I watched this on my birthday and found it fascinating. It is a compilation of some of the worst things that have happened in the history of the world. It starts with the tragedy of the holocaust. It goes on to the crimes of the Nazis in the camps and the way in which they managed to hide and destroy evidence. Then we are introduced to some of the lesser known stories of the dark times in the history of mankind. The beauty of this documentary is that we don't really know what happened. The viewer is left to decide what happened, but the film makes it seem as if it never happened. We are simply told that it didn't happen. If the Nazis won the war, then the war had ended, and there was no need for this film. The viewer could simply get on with their lives. But if the Nazis won the war, then the war had never ended. This is a good film, but there is no point in watching it if you want to know what happened. That being said, this is a good documentary to watch, and I do recommend it.

Doris H. photo
Doris H.

I read the book before watching this film, and was impressed. It was a great story, and a way to show the power of the human spirit. I wish I could have seen it on the big screen, but the quality of the DVD was so bad, I had to turn it off. It is possible to watch the film and not be affected by the DVD, but I don't think I would have been able to watch it. This is a film that should have been shown on the big screen, and it should have been shown on DVD. It is a sad story of how many can use drugs to get off, and how they can be that way in order to get their way. One of the main characters uses heroin in order to get high. The stories are not without their share of controversy, but as a story, they are very moving. It is interesting to see how a couple can get so involved in drugs, and the other woman in the story becomes a mess. If you want to watch a good film about drugs and their impact, watch this film. I rate this film 8/10.

Amy A. photo
Amy A.

This documentary offers a fascinating glimpse of the life of the artist, painter and sculptor Salvador Dali, the man who brought Cubism to the masses. This documentary is not about his life, but more about his art and his influence on his contemporaries and later on his own generation. The documentary is insightful and interesting. Some of the best images come from Dali's family life and the transition of his art from the street to the studio. The interviews with his mother and his parents were particularly insightful. The documentary is very well done. It is a very fascinating look at a brilliant artist who, despite being an autocratic and manipulative man, was able to achieve artistic perfection through his obsession with creating. This is a very unique film that not only provides a fascinating look at the life of one of the most important artists in history, but also a look at the life of his father and his mother. It is a wonderful documentary. 7.5/10

Raymond C. photo
Raymond C.

The film "Worlds Apart" is about the decades long struggle of two families who are separated by a war. The film was made in the 80's and shows the world in a different way. The film is about a family who was divided by the war and have to live separately. This is one of the most interesting films I have ever seen. The story is interesting, the film is interesting, and the film is very well made. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see something different. I rate this film 8/10.

Virginia Hunt photo
Virginia Hunt

In a nutshell: This film follows the life of a single mother from New Zealand. It tells her story from her childhood to her early adulthood, from the time when she was a child to her early adulthood. It also shows her relationship with her father, and her relationship with her son. It also tells her story from the perspective of her son, who was only six years old at the time. It's a very well-made film, but it's not really about the woman. It's more about her son, and how he's coping with her loss. The main character is very relatable, and the film really helps to tell her story. The son, when he's younger, is also very relatable. It's a very moving film, and it's worth seeing.

Judith Howell photo
Judith Howell

I recently watched this documentary about the relationship between Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It was so fascinating to watch how they both lived their lives, how they each dealt with the music, and how they each dealt with the media. This documentary has a lot of emotions and the subject matter was definitely very personal to both Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. I was very moved by the film and I would highly recommend it. It was very moving and it made me think. It was very well made and the subjects were very interesting. It is a great documentary and it will make you think.

Dylan T. photo
Dylan T.

I loved the documentary about Tom Cruise's journey through Scientology. I had heard about it and read some good reviews. I finally went to the theater and saw it. It was a very good documentary that drew my attention. The interviews of Scientology practitioners, practitioners of some of Scientology's religions, and former followers of Scientology were very interesting. I would have liked to have seen more of the interviews with the former members of Scientology. The documentary was very informative and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Scientology or a person with interest in Scientology. It has a very good, calm, and methodical presentation of Scientology. I loved the interviews and the film. I hope to see more documentaries about Scientology.

Karen Wade photo
Karen Wade

This is a very interesting and detailed documentary about the life and work of the photographer John Cassavetes. This is a film that gives a lot of information about Cassavetes's work. It's also a movie that is about his life, as well as his artistic work. It's a film about a man who lived his life like a painter and his life in general. The film is interesting because it's about a man who is so obsessed with his work, that he has no time for his family and also that he becomes addicted to narcotics. He also became a very emotionally unstable person. The documentary is narrated by the actors himself, who also provides a lot of information about Cassavetes and also about his work. The film is also very interesting because it's very interesting about the subject of photography and Cassavetes, as well as about his life and work. It's a very interesting documentary about a very interesting man.

Jessica Lane photo
Jessica Lane

This documentary is a must see for any film student or student of the art form. It shows the history of the style, the influences on the art world, and the rise and fall of the art world. It is a brilliant piece of work and beautifully crafted. The film really covers the entire art world in the era of the Great Depression. It is the great period of art history. The techniques that were being used were really a lot different and more modern then they are today. This documentary is a must see. I am really looking forward to the movie, and I can't wait to see it.

Stephen S. photo
Stephen S.

When I heard about this documentary I was surprised that it was not a film about the guys from FAST and the FURIOUS. However, I was also intrigued by the fact that the subject matter would focus on a male-female relationship in the 60's and 70's and how the men, mostly young and creative, were not really in love with each other. I was also intrigued by the fact that the film did not focus on the behavior of the men in the relationship. The women were not in the same boat as the men. They were both put in a position where they had to live the rest of their lives with the knowledge that they were not wanted. This was something that is never really explained in the film. It was interesting to see how the film did not focus on the men and their actions. It was the women that got blamed for things and they were the ones that did the terrible things. The men were left with the notion that if only they had been more careful they would have been less attracted to the women and also the fact that they did not have the same relationships that the men had. I thought that the film was well made and I think it is important to be aware of how women were treated in the 60's and 70's and how it is still true today.

Cynthia photo

It is difficult to imagine a more perfect and superbly executed film. Just like many of its works, this film is too philosophical, and will make you feel like you are seeing the story of a musician, rather than the story of a child. This film is a must see.

Joshua photo

All the good points about this film are here. The only thing that is missing is that it would have been nice to have a little more background about the people involved. The film covers the years 1969 through 1972. The film goes back and forth between the two perspectives. The film is fairly coherent and the film makers are able to tell a bit of the story without too much explanation. The acting was pretty good. The main character was played by Richard Gere. He was very likable and the part of the father is well done. Another thing that is good about the film is the photography. The film is well shot, and the film makers do a nice job of using the color yellow. I liked the yellow because it makes you feel that you are in the same time period as the people in the film. There is one scene where they show one of the children crying in the background and the camera turns to a close up on a child crying in the foreground. The scene is so well shot that I almost wished I could have been there to see it. I thought that was very nice. Another thing that I liked was that the film makers did a nice job of showing the small town where the story is set. The town looked really nice. The story itself was a little confusing and I don't think that it was very interesting. I think that the main thing that I liked about the film was that the film makers took the time to get to know the people involved. It was very interesting to hear the stories and the directors did a good job of showing their commitment to the story and the subjects. The film makers also used good technique to show the color yellow. It was a nice touch and it added a bit of color to the film. Overall I think that this film was a good film and I enjoyed it very much.

Harold S. photo
Harold S.

This is a really interesting and insightful documentary about a "self portrait" made by Michael Schrage, the singer and the author of the popular novel "The Artist" (1970). The viewer experiences the moment of his birth, the relationship with his mother, the guilt that he feels, the different methods of self-expression that he uses. All these things are depicted in a very entertaining and humorous way, which is most of all the reason to watch this film. The story is very interesting and you will be in a good mood if you can sit through it. This film is definitely not for those who can't take a joke, or if they can't see anything funny in this film. A friend of mine was very disappointed with this film and I also saw a few people leave the cinema before the end. This film is not for everyone. I strongly recommend it. Rating: 8/10

Brandon F. photo
Brandon F.

I can't remember the last time I saw a documentary so strong in its messages and hard-hitting in its themes. I've seen a lot of documentaries in my time, but few are as compelling as this one. The filmmaker, Scott Simon, is a talented artist and writer who uses documentary as a medium to explore issues of inequality, social unrest, and the plight of refugees. This is an excellent film. What is striking is how many of the stories are not just interesting, but they are inspiring. For example, one story of a boy growing up in a refugee camp is both sad and inspiring. Another, of a girl who was forced to flee her country in order to escape a brutal regime, is both heartbreaking and uplifting. I highly recommend this film, it's worth it.

Lisa Richards photo
Lisa Richards

In the early 1990s, an Italian fashion photographer, Antonio Della Valle, was found guilty of the rape and murder of a young woman. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. This documentary focuses on the Della Valle case and focuses on his childhood in the small Italian village where he grew up. The film was made by a group of young Italian film students in order to give the people of Italy a more objective view of the case and to raise awareness of the situation. It is a very interesting documentary that is sure to make you think. It's a good documentary that gives an honest view of the Della Valle case and shows the unfairness of the law in that case. It was shown in Italy on the "National Geographic" channel and it has been shown in the United States on the "The History Channel" television series. The film is very well made and should be viewed by everyone. It is an important documentary and should be shown.

Andrew B. photo
Andrew B.

I have been thinking a lot about this film and would like to ask people to see it if they think that it is worth watching. I'm going to start off by saying that I love this film. I am not going to go into a lengthy explanation of it. I will say that it is a very nice documentary. The subject matter is very important to me. It's very important that we all know what we are facing in life. I think that this film was created for me. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this film. I think that we all need to see what we are facing and how we deal with it. I hope that people who watch this film will be inspired by it. This is my honest opinion.

Christine J. photo
Christine J.

I went to see this film because I had never heard of it. I was surprised to learn that the production was done by a team of Japanese volunteers and that the main cast was all Japanese. It made me wonder why there was a lot of Japanese participation in the film. I have a friend who works in an art gallery in Tokyo and said that they were thrilled that they had brought some artworks into the country from outside. I was also happy that they were able to show some of their work on the film. The movie is basically about artists in Japan who are interested in making a living. They are not interested in making art and do not have the opportunity to work in a gallery. They do not want to compete with the wealthy who have the means to pay the artists. However, they are still engaged in their work. The other artists talk about their work as a means of expressing themselves. They talk about how they feel about their work, but do not understand it as a means of communicating. They are trying to do it in a way that makes them happy. This movie made me realize that Japanese artists are still interested in communicating with the world and that they are not afraid to try new things. It also made me realize that some of the artists have different ideas than the rest of the world and that they may not be as skilled as some of the other artists. Some of the artists in the film talk about how they do not feel that they have to conform to society's expectations. They believe that they have the ability to express themselves in a way that others cannot. It was interesting to see that they use many elements of the Japanese culture to express their ideas and feelings. The Japanese are still very active in their artistic endeavors and they are still interested in communicating with the world.

Jerry R. photo
Jerry R.

I can't even begin to describe this film's lasting impression on me. At the age of 18, I bought a camera and went to the movies. I was in awe of a film I had never seen before. My life and its narrative journey had been forever altered. I loved this film. I have read the book over and over. I bought the film and DVD and watch it every time I see it. It is a film that has always stayed with me, no matter how many times I see it. The best thing about it is the film, the story, the actors, and the music. I'm not going to tell you what the story is, but it is so much more than the book. It is an incredible film. The music is amazing. The actors are excellent. You are lost in the story, and you feel like you are part of it. I think the only thing that would make this film better than the book is the movie. It is the best film I have ever seen.

Danielle D. photo
Danielle D.

I thought the documentary was very interesting. It was a great documentary that you will want to watch over and over again. The best part of the documentary was the fact that they showed various scenes of the S.E.I.L.D. offices and helicarriers. The director of the documentary, Sam Van Patten, is a very talented young filmmaker. I think that he will become a very good director. I recommend this film to all people who want to see a documentary that will make you think.

Paul Obrien photo
Paul Obrien

I found this documentary to be fascinating and informative. I agree with the reviewers who said that it did not go into as much detail as it could have. However, it was still quite interesting and insightful. I was particularly interested in the "interviews" with people who were not present in the film. It is important to know that the subjects in the film were not "silent witnesses" and had some knowledge about what happened and how it happened. This is important because a lot of people (myself included) are still trying to sort out what happened and what the evidence is. There were a lot of unanswered questions and I think it is important to get answers. I also liked the fact that the documentary focused on the fact that the film crew did not interview the surviving victims. This was a good thing because it gave a lot of insight into the process of documenting what happened and how the survivors were treated. I think that the people interviewed in the film were good people and they did a great job. I am glad that the documentary was made and I think that it is a good example of how to do a documentary.

Victoria Welch photo
Victoria Welch

Although I enjoyed this film very much, it is not for everyone. The ending is very bleak, and I think that was intentional on the part of the director. It is not a great film, and the director is not a great film maker. This film is a great demonstration of how very little can be done by a director who is very good, and how little can be done by a very good documentary filmmaker. The problems with the film are not that bad. The problem is the director, who is very good, and the documentary filmmaker who is very good. There are two great documentaries, and two great directors, but this is not one of them.

Aaron J. photo
Aaron J.

This documentary covers the many issues that plague the homeless, and also those who are homeless themselves. The film is well-written and well-directed, but it is also very touching. I think that this is a great film to be seen by anyone who has ever had to deal with homelessness. The film also includes interviews with homeless people from all over the country, and it also has a number of great scenes that are particularly moving. Overall, it is a very worthwhile film that will bring a smile to your face. 8/10

Maria D. photo
Maria D.

If you are looking for a good documentary on the history of a subject, this is not it. There are some good bits here, but the majority of the film is really just a series of clips from one or two interviews. A lot of the interviews are quite informative, but the overall film just feels like it is missing the crux of the matter. That being the movie about the Vietnam War. The War was not the only thing that was troubling the American people in the 60's, it was the wars in Vietnam and Laos. The overall lack of concern in this film is not that surprising. It would have been better if the film focused on the Vietnam War and the Vietnam War controversy. It would have also had more of a history lesson about the Laos War, but then again this is still a documentary. I can understand why this documentary was so divisive, the events depicted in this film are not the only things that have troubled the American people in the past, but they are some of the most important events that have affected the American people. I also think that the people interviewed were not presented in a way that made them seem like a good example of their subject. When the film says that the "genocide of the Vietnamese" it is only referring to the Vietnamese, and not the Vietnamese themselves. It was a very poor attempt to show the hatred and the horrors that the Vietnamese people went through, but not the only thing that did. A very poor documentary. It would have been better to focus on the Vietnam War and the Vietnam War controversy. I would give this documentary an 8/10. It has some good points, but is just not enough to make the film any more than a mediocre documentary. Hopefully this film will be better in the future. But until then, it is still an extremely mediocre documentary.

George Simpson photo
George Simpson

This is a wonderful documentary about the lives of artists and their art. The stories and images are amazing. From "The Wailing" to "No Woman, No Cry," to the face of the artist Michael Kors, each of the images is beautifully produced. Some of the stories are really touching, such as when a young girl in India goes to a child psychologist to get a grip on her life. A great story, and the images are just amazing. This is a must see!

Angela M. photo
Angela M.

While a few artists may have some artistic value, most of us are just sad to have to see the work of others going to waste. This documentary is fascinating to watch, as it follows the process of making the film through the life of the artist, in the hands of the director and assistant director. But it's a very long film, and the documentary doesn't really end until the credits roll. And it is interesting to see how the artists made their images. And the last thing you see is the person who shot the film, in the studio, sitting in the director's chair. It's a great look into the process of making the film, and the work of the artist. It's a very interesting documentary, worth seeing.

Michael Cunningham photo
Michael Cunningham

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this documentary was that it was the first documentary that I have ever seen that was about a person who was living with HIV and was dying. It's a really good documentary, that shows the incredible journey that the AIDS-positive people went through to find out that they are not dying. I would recommend it to everyone.

Debra F. photo
Debra F.

I had no idea about the work of Ken Burns. After watching this documentary I am a big fan of his work. I am also a fan of his work from the 1960's through the 1970's. The documentary is beautifully shot and contains many interviews with Burns' subjects and those who knew him. The subjects are fascinating and interesting. I loved the way that the subjects talked about his work. The interviews were so real and insightful. The subjects were very open and honest. I have always loved Ken Burns. This documentary is a great example of how a documentary should be made. The subject matter is interesting and the way the interviews are put together is brilliant. This is a documentary for the ages. I am a huge fan of Ken Burns and I was very happy to see this documentary. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in Ken Burns. It is a must-see for anyone who likes documentaries. 8/10

Albert photo

I had the pleasure of attending a screening of "Film Portraits" at the 2008 New York International Film Festival. The film is the first feature-length documentary by the great documentary filmmaker Robert Elswit, who is also the screenwriter and co-producer. I was very impressed with the entire film, which is both insightful and entertaining. The film follows Elswit through his career as a film critic, as well as his years as a film critic. He talks about his influences, his childhood, his friendship with William Goldman, and his time as a film critic for The New Yorker. In the course of his career, he has written several books about film criticism. The film also includes interviews with several other film critics, as well as interviews with several actors. The film is a very funny, entertaining, and informative film, and I highly recommend it.

Richard photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. It was very well done. I have seen the same documentary a few times now and it still holds up. I enjoyed the interviews with the artists and how they dealt with their work. I enjoyed the idea that they were not allowed to use their name on the posters but had to use the artist's name. I really enjoyed the story about the artist and the people who loved him. I thought the artist was a really good person and I really enjoyed his work. I think he was a great artist and I think he would be very proud to have his work appear in this documentary. I was also very impressed with the interviews with the artists and how they were able to be so open with the artists and talk about their work. I thought it was a great idea and I was very impressed with the way they had filmed it. I would definitely recommend this documentary.