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Chui lung II

Chui lung II is a movie starring Jiang Du, Louis Koo, and Ka Tung Lam. Serial billionaire kidnapper Logan has been savaging Hong Kong. Now, his gang is aiming the dart beyond Hong Kong, at an affluent Macau regal.

Other Titles
Zhui long 2, Zhui long II: Zei wang, Chasing the Dragon 2: Wild Wild Bunch, Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch, Chui lung II: Chak wong, Zhui long 2: zhui ji da fu hao
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Action, Crime, Biography
Jing Wong, Jason Kwan
Koon-Nam Lui, Jing Wong
Jiang Du, Ka Tung Lam, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Louis Koo
China, Hong Kong
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Serial billionaire kidnapper Logan has been savaging Hong Kong. Now, his gang is aiming the dart beyond Hong Kong, at an affluent Macau regal.

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Albert M. photo
Albert M.

This is an interesting, no doubt controversial, movie. The movie is a mix of Hollywood action/suspense, Hong Kong action/suspense and the real life of the hit-man who is on the hunt for the big bad boss. This is not just a typical action flick, but an interesting character study. It is a little slow at times, but it does keep you guessing, which is important. The real life killer is played by one of my favorite actors, Stanley Yee. He is great. He plays a hit-man who wants to protect his country, but he has to also be a hit-man in order to protect his family. As a hit-man, he is good, but the main reason to watch this movie is to see his character develop. You can see the kind of character he will become in the future, which I believe is a good thing. The movie is very realistic, it is not just action/suspense with a few sexy scenes thrown in. The story is the real life of one of the most dangerous hit-man in the world. It shows his struggle with his country, and how he wants to protect his family, while he is in a war with a bad boss. This is a really good movie. It has its good points and it has its bad points. It has a slow start, but it gets better as it goes along. The first 30 minutes is kind of slow, but it picks up, and it gets interesting. The last 20 minutes is really good, and it is very suspenseful. The ending is also very good, and it is very emotional. This is a good movie.

Douglas B. photo
Douglas B.

Vince Yuen's "Rat X" is a Hong Kong action movie. It stars Bruce Lee, James Li and Jackie Chan. It also stars Ma Chau. The action is a lot more intense than the usual Hong Kong action movie. The movie is supposed to be a sequel to "The Last Dragon". Bruce Lee is his usual self. He is sent to a prison on Earth where the sword fighting has started. There is also a race that is going to get the sword. The race is led by Jackie Chan. The movie has a lot of action. There are some fights that I didn't like. I didn't like how Jackie Chan fought with two guys, because it was a little too hard for him. I also didn't like the way that Bruce Lee fought. It was a little bit to much for me. The movie is a good action movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Harold photo

What an exciting movie! The suspense and the action were awesome! The story was a little bit weak but still entertaining. The characters were all good and all well developed. The action was awesome. The plot was well done and it had a great beginning and a great ending. The music was awesome, the filming was superb, and the costumes and locations were great. This movie is a must see!

Stephanie T. photo
Stephanie T.

We are introduced to Tom and Holly, two regular citizens who happen to have the two best detective skills in the city. They are chosen to infiltrate a drug ring. This is one of the better sequels in the genre and some of the things they do is not exactly original but it is still good fun. The last few minutes of this movie is really cool. It gives us a twist that can never be repeated. The movie is all about how the police force is run and how they operate. It is all too obvious and the other side is much more interesting and has a much better plot. The villains are also great and fun to watch. The action is not anything to brag about but it is still very good and that is what makes it watchable. Overall this movie is watchable but if you are expecting a new action movie it is not the best one in the genre. You may have a better time with the other films.

Emma photo

I enjoyed the first one (Master) and I enjoyed the second one too. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the second one. The first one had a lot of twists and turns and the twists and turns were very well done. The second one did not have that much of a twist. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this film. The story was different, but it was a very good story. I do not remember much of the movie other than that it had some twists and turns and the twists and turns were very well done. The music was pretty good and the acting was not bad either. The movie does have a bit of violence and some language and if you are not into that sort of thing, then I would not recommend this movie. But I do think it was better than the first one and I am looking forward to the third one. I rate this film 7/10.

Joseph photo

As a movie, this is one of the better martial arts films I've seen in a while. The story is fairly well thought out, and the fights and fighting styles are well put together. There are a few visual effects that don't really impress, but they are very minimal. Some of the fighting styles are a bit outdated, but the way the fight choreography is depicted is very fun. And the story is well-done. The acting was good, the action was entertaining, and the story is worth watching. The story is not particularly great, but it's a lot better than other martial arts films out there. Overall, it's not a masterpiece, but it is very fun to watch. I give it a 7/10.

Jesse Morris photo
Jesse Morris

When the Chinese film industry lost its collective mind in the early 90's, Hollywood seemed to be going through the same emotional turmoil, and if it was anything to go by, the film industry's past woes were mirrored in its present plight. The four films of the three trilogy, FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER and THE LAST TURTLE, all starred Kevin Costner and had a similar theme: a high-stakes Hong Kong assassination game. Unfortunately, the last film was no "FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER", but "THE LAST TURTLE", another high-stakes Hong Kong game. This time, the stakes are much higher, as three assassins stalk the streets of Hong Kong, killing the city's top officials, and seeking to secure a billion dollar payoff for their crimes. Costner stars as the star-crossed veteran agent, Michael O'Neill, who goes undercover to investigate the murder of a top Chinese official. Along the way, he's forced to team up with a young Hong Kong actor who has fallen in love with a local girl. The film features a couple of great scenes involving Costner and his character, and a few disturbing scenes. Overall, this is a decent Hong Kong film that doesn't quite have the same level of intensity as the other two films in the trilogy, but still worth a look.

Eugene Hansen photo
Eugene Hansen

The 3-D shooting and editing and the interesting plot make the movie a good watch. Not a typical action movie. The movie has some moments where it is less enjoyable to watch because the plot is not clear. There are also some things that are not clear that makes the movie somewhat difficult to understand. If you are a fan of the great Hong Kong action movies from the 70's and 80's, then you would probably enjoy this movie. The action scenes are not too fast paced and the film is a little short. However, it is definitely worth seeing.

Kevin J. photo
Kevin J.

With the MCU, there is no one for everyone, and with this, Sam Jackson and Jeremy Renner are one for the most. They're not at the same level as Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Clarke Duncan (both of whom can play the same role so well), but they make up for it. Renner plays a man who takes advantage of other people to get what he wants, which is to get an FBI agent involved with his lifestyle. Jackson plays a man who's homely, and wants to be recognized, and Renner's performance is of the high school bully. It's not a bad movie, and it's not all great, but it's a good movie, which is the best thing about it. I would recommend seeing this movie, but just make sure you're in the mood for it.

Pamela J. photo
Pamela J.

The end of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2008) is truly the turning point of Kung Fu's role in the modern age of film. For the first time since this film's release, it is now possible to see this well-made film in a wider context, with all the facts from the Japanese version of the story brought to the screen. As a sequel to "The Assassination of Jesse James", this film is a worthwhile film in its own right, however it is also a relatively forgettable film, at least in its entirety. Although it is more or less possible to understand the plot of this film, it is still difficult to fully appreciate the sheer scale of the film as a whole, as the story is filled with plenty of filler. The acting of all the characters is actually fairly solid, though I felt that Johnny Chung's character had the most screen time. The film has some interesting character development, though I think it could have used some more character development. Overall, I think this film is a pretty solid one, but I feel that it is still a fairly forgettable film in its entirety. A lot of fans will probably be disappointed with this film, though I feel that they might just be missing out on the best of the Jackie Chan movies.

Rose G. photo
Rose G.

Seeking to reconnect with his beloved wife, a former police officer and her new husband, young police officer/chef Chuw (Michael C. T. Shaan) is assigned to investigate the murder of his wife, the crime supposedly committed by his ex-wife (Keong-Sung Choi). Chuw and his partner, a former prostitute, are assigned to infiltrate the restaurant where the crime was committed. Chuw's ex-wife's ex-boyfriend (Shan Sung-jae) and a fellow employee of the restaurant, Choi (Lee Young-sun), lead the investigation. They discover that the crime was committed by the original boyfriend's sister, a former partner in the police force. He tells them the truth, and asks them to find the husband. The events that unfold with the help of the investigator are quite entertaining. The film also contains several kung-fu action scenes, some of them quite ridiculous. Some of the kung-fu action is quite good, but the rest of the action sequences are kind of laughable. Despite the fact that the film is about a murder, there is no connection between the murders and the murder committed by the original boyfriend's sister. The film is in the spirit of the original "Crusher," which was an action-packed film. One must see the original to appreciate this film. However, "Crusher II" is just a pretty-boy movie. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Crusher II"

James Arnold photo
James Arnold

Like the previous one, this one is filled with action and stunts. Not as much as the first one, but still plenty of action. Also, the plot is pretty good, but that's about it. The cast is good. Not much to say about the story. Just a nice mixture of action and a plot. Overall, this movie is worth watching, especially if you are a huge action fan. 7/10

Maria photo

In a tale of revenge against the corrupt world, Richard Norton and Kit Harington play a London police officer and the husband of a rich Chinese woman. While on duty one night, Norton is approached by his wife who, on the advice of an old Chinese friend, decides to go to her friend's country house to watch a painting. As the two spend the night, Norton, in a fit of rage, kills his wife and the couple's young son, takes the family car, drives through a Chinese village to a nearby mountainside where he kills the wife's servant and drives off in Norton's car. When he gets back, he finds the car has been stolen and his wife has vanished. Norton goes on the run, meeting an English man who he asks to help him, and going to Hong Kong to find his wife. But Norton soon realises that his wife has been taken and is now in a Chinese prison. The film has its moments, but the story itself is rather shallow and feels more like a comic book than a film. It does however have some very good fight scenes, as well as some very dark moments which can get a bit unnerving. It is definitely worth watching, but is not a must see. Rating 6/10

Jeffrey Schneider photo
Jeffrey Schneider

I came across this movie as an 80's movie for sale on Ebay. The movie was not on the shelves, so I decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did. The movie is enjoyable, at least it is to me. Not great, not great at all. The plot is so simple, so realistic, that you can guess what will happen from the very first scene. The action scenes are so realistic that you feel you're watching a real movie. The story is good and fast-paced, and the acting is good. The actors all give a good performance. I don't know what happened to Sion Sono (a star of many Hong Kong movies), but he really seems to be doing nothing. So, it's a good movie, and it's not bad, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good action movie. I rated it 7 out of 10.

Nathan E. photo
Nathan E.

This is the fourth and final film in the hugely popular Asian action series. It tells of the investigation of a series of international bank robberies that started in Hong Kong and ended in the port city of Shenzhen. The robbery was the largest in the world and led to the deaths of at least 53 people. The investigation is led by the Hong Kong police and the FBI. They are joined by the Chinese police and the Police Department of Shenzhen, the police department of a city that has recently been colonized by the Chinese. The film is very hard to find. It was made in 1995 but the only print I can find is a copy that is a Japanese-language dubbing. There are no subtitles but the film is very well made. The action is intense and well choreographed. The script is decent and the characters are very well developed. The action is highly realistic. The Hong Kong police are well portrayed and very competent. There is also a good supporting cast. The special effects are good but the editing is a little choppy. The first three films in the series are the best in the series. This is a good sequel to the third film. It does not follow the pattern of the first two films. This is a good action movie. It has good characters and good action. It is also a good sequel to the third film. My rating: 7/10.

Jesse Jordan photo
Jesse Jordan

The film has its good points. The acting is great and the action is fantastic. This is an action movie but with a little bit of a twist, the climax is interesting and very interesting. I give this movie 7 out of 10

Cheryl photo

This is a story about three people who meet in a bar. I saw this movie once before and I enjoyed it, so I was not expecting too much. But I was surprised, because it was really good. I enjoyed the plot, the characters were interesting and the dialog was good. So yeah, if you have a chance to see this, you should see it. I'm just hoping that the sequels won't be as bad as this one.

Julie photo

The first SAW movie was pretty good. It was a little campy but then you couldn't really compare it to the original. But this movie is a lot better. It has a much more realistic feel to it. The acting is much better, the story is much more believable, the violence is not so gratuitous. It was definitely a much more mature movie. Overall, I give it a 7 out of 10. You should definitely go see it.

Cynthia Morgan photo
Cynthia Morgan

From the start of the film until the end, I had to remind myself that it was only a movie. The action sequence in the beginning, where the gang car breaks down, was very fast, and the gang members fighting against the police was almost non-stop. There was not one moment when I did not feel that I was being watched by a camera. But it was a movie, and that's where the movie breaks down. It's not the story that's the problem, the story is what we are looking for. The movie was meant to be something that we could feel something for, something that we could imagine and be swept up in. It is the action that is the problem. What do you do when you are being watched by a camera? How do you react when someone just tells you to sit down and shut up? It's almost like the movie has no concept of what it wants to be. So, if you're looking for a fast paced action movie, watch this movie. If you're looking for something with depth, read a book. If you're looking for something to be completely engrossed in, watch a movie.

Benjamin A. photo
Benjamin A.

They say that "It's always darkest before the dawn" but this movie is not about the dawn. It's about a man in the midst of a life changing event, and it is a glimpse into his past. The man is Arnie, and he is one tough cookie. He goes from being the "chink" to being a "big fish" in a small pond. It's no wonder that he is the hero in this movie, because he is now going to take on the world. The movie is not about boxing. It's about the story. The movie is very interesting, because it shows us what it is like to live in an industrial country, and how the good and the bad can both be found at the same time. It is a story about what it is like to be an immigrant in an American city, and how the situation of the immigrant can be different from the situation of the citizens. This movie shows that if you put your heart and soul into something, and dedicate your life to it, the people around you can be happy with you.