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The Insanity of God

The Insanity of God is a movie starring Vitalijs Jevsjukovs, Kenny Champion, and John W. Iwanonkiw. Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from...

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Brad Knull
John W. Iwanonkiw, Kenny Champion, Vitalijs Jevsjukovs, Earl Rorer
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Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything but. After spending over six hard years doing relief work in Somalia, and experiencing life where it looked like God had turned away completely and He was clueless about the tragedies of life.

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Lauren photo

I am going to have to give the movie a 10 on IMDB because I just couldn't believe that this movie could be so bad, especially the plot. I actually laughed a few times while watching this movie, it was a laugh a minute kind of laugh! All in all, it's good for an adrenaline rush and hopefully you have enough sense to not only get into but actually enjoy the movie. With out a doubt I have to give this movie a 10 out of 10. A must see for everyone.

Brian Castillo photo
Brian Castillo

I took my 12 year old son to this movie, a first for him. I believe this is the first time he has ever seen something like this, and it was very, very moving. The only other movie that has made me cry as much as this is American Beauty, the whole thing was just too real for my son to watch. And although it was very painful for him, he never stopped to ask why God was so sad. I'm praying that we will find God in this world as he did in his. Thanks for a wonderful movie.

Lauren Palmer photo
Lauren Palmer

This is the most difficult documentary to watch. You see many people with the message of evangelism, but not many talking about it. So I would recommend that people watch it with the discussion of it before watching it. It was made in very low budget, but it was extremely well made. I do think it was missing some details, like the end of the movie, but other than that, the movie was good.

Anna O. photo
Anna O.

I found this film incredibly inspiring, as it tells the story of a woman's journey to the very depths of her soul and finally to Jesus Christ. I loved the poetic narration, the strong religious imagery, the spiritual truths presented, the beautiful music, and especially the strong message of love for the neighbor. This is a truly beautiful film!

Donna Gutierrez photo
Donna Gutierrez

First off, a warning for the guy who was looking for "videos" of him speaking, I don't think I have ever seen such a collection of videos from the 80's. First off, he made an effort to get "every conversation" of his to be on tape, including a lot of really surprising stuff. What I mean by this is that he was talking on the phone to someone about a topic, and then after getting a response he would stop the tape, and talk to the person. This is very helpful because if he'd have made it a "video" (ie. no talk) there'd be no point in showing it. Also, people seem to have forgotten that he actually made some movies himself. He didn't just do the movie thing, he did it himself, in part to give himself the money to produce all those films. I guess this would be a good first step for any people who want to know more about his life.

Margaret Moore photo
Margaret Moore

My advice is to view this movie for the great insights of the anointed. I have known a few people who have been so influenced that they are currently searching for answers to their most profound questions. It is refreshing to see a movie that shows the side of God that we often do not see in the news or in movies. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who desires to learn the true meaning of "heaven" and "hell". It is a gift to the viewer that can be treasured. When you first view this film, it will most likely trigger emotions in you that will not leave you for a while. I suggest watching it multiple times, especially during Lent. You will be enriched by the insights into God's word that this movie offers. You will not be able to imagine a better movie in the next few years.

Harry Lee photo
Harry Lee

As a Christian I am always very wary of the use of religion to promote agendas, whether it be god's not my cup of tea or a politics agenda. This is a movie that is not made to provoke but to inspire. The world needs to see the lives of ordinary people who are not only dealing with a crisis but also doing what they can to help others. The "Imposter" gives us an insight into how individuals react to the extremes of the media, social media and religion. The Insanity of God highlights the lengths to which many will go to, even in spite of great personal crisis, to avoid falling victim to the media. It also highlights how to maintain and recover the trust of those closest to you.

Carolyn Oliver photo
Carolyn Oliver

The Insanity of God is a moving film, but it is not an easy film to watch. If you have any doubts about the contents of this movie, please read the instruction book. You will soon understand the harsh words of the Bible are no more than a mere quote. They are not supposed to be uttered, but rather viewed in their own context. Those of you who haven't read the instruction book, and you would like to see the film, please watch it. It will be an amazing experience. I have seen the film four times and plan on seeing it a fifth time. I would suggest that people who have read the instruction book, even if you are not a Christian, do not watch the film without seeing the instruction book first. You will be thoroughly educated and will learn what it means to love God and Jesus Christ. You will discover the spirit of Jesus and have the strength to walk with Him. The words of the Bible are not a personal opinion, but a statement of the word of God. Do not hesitate to read the instruction book before you watch the film. Thank you for reading this.

Cheryl S. photo
Cheryl S.

Liked it, loved it. It's worth the time to watch.

Pamela Wells photo
Pamela Wells

This is the most wonderful documentary I have ever seen. It tells us that in no way shape or form can our spiritual life have meaning or fulfillment unless we have the right spirit. This film is truly uplifting, touching and inspirational. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in spirituality, although it also deals with the dark side of the human condition. It will likely get an even better reaction from Christians and Muslims alike. It reminds me of the Catholic Altar song from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I hope everyone will go and watch this film, because it's truly an eye opening movie that goes to show that even those who are not very religious can become a spiritual being if they know and understand the very power of our spiritual life.

Paul P. photo
Paul P.

If you feel that this is worth viewing and want to watch it - go ahead. This is my favorite documentary about Theology, Psychology and very intimate stories of almost 1,000 people. Highly recommended to all viewers.

Rose photo

What a stunning, brilliant documentary. Every person in the documentary had a voice to amplify the importance of his or her faith. It was emotional and extremely powerful. I believe this is a must-see for anyone who is a Christian. There were many scenes that were very powerful. It's all there in the movie - nothing left out. This is truly a must-see for all those of us who are Christians or who love God or who are believers. The message is clear, and it's timeless. I was moved from page to page. I felt a part of the conversation that was occurring. It was moving and poignant. It was time well spent and very well done.

Brittany J. photo
Brittany J.

A great film for those who value prayer, as well as those who value the free market, and those who care about truth and religion. This film discusses the many ways that a godly attitude and a Christian approach to life are being challenged by people in the secular community. From the state, to the church, to the media. This is a film that will reach people regardless of their religious beliefs. It would be good to see more films like this, to show that faith is not about religion, but rather about love, unity, and friendship. The use of silence and silence breaking up a prayer is quite creative, and the crowd behind the podium is not an endorsement of any particular view, but rather an expression of the crowd's love and support for the speaker.

Jason C. photo
Jason C.

This is a very insightful documentary about the life of Christ and his followers. It's not just about their faith but also about their lives and the impact their faith has had on their own lives. It also covers the events that lead up to the birth of Christ. Some of the highlights include a talk with the father of the child Jesus, who says that he would rather be alive today than dead. The movie also includes an interview with the man who was Jesus' closest friend and a discussion with the man who was the real-life father of Jesus. I think that this is a very good documentary that should be viewed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christina Harvey photo
Christina Harvey

I was introduced to this film by a friend in 1985 when it was first released. I was an evangelical Christian at the time, and knew little about what I was getting into. I only heard one or two things about this film and that was that it was an extremely controversial film. When I saw it, I was moved. At the time, I was a believer who was also an outspoken, outspoken pastor and at times, offended by the lifestyles of some people, but I had come to learn that being offended and being agnostic were two completely separate concepts. A film can be much more than just an "R-rated" version of a film. This film has made me see the world differently. I have been "immersed" in the life of the world's greatest living "credential authority" for many years now. The film is a testimony, not to the man himself, but to the extent that God has shown it. It tells of how he began his life as a child being burned at the stake, but how his life was saved by the power of God. It also shows the great grace and the great power of Jesus Christ, how He "walked with God and Jesus Christ". I am not a young man who needs to see the world through a different lens. I simply wish that those who have any doubt as to the man Jesus Christ would see the man for who He was, and would see the man for what He did, and then take into account how he walked through life. If you are a young man who has any doubt, this film will not disappoint. I hope that this film will leave the youth of the world in a better frame of mind, and will "divinely" enlighten them to the life of Christ and his apostles. I am a believer, and am not afraid to admit that I am a believer. I have seen the world from the viewpoint of Christ, and from the perspective of the man, and the film will open my eyes to the truth of God, and will give them a new perspective.

Dylan Ortega photo
Dylan Ortega

Wes is not a big-time pastor. He is a guy who goes to church every Sunday night and organizes the necessary volunteers to attend services. The results are obvious. I am not going to go on about the theology, but let's just say it is quite frightening to find out that there is not a single Christian in America who does not believe in the man of the bible (God). This documentary is so powerful because it is real. It is so powerful because it is beautiful and simple and so simple that it is a truly inspirational movie. The style of the film is so beautiful and simple. It is just one shot after another. We have a little voice-over. We have a scene where the kids pray and everything is very quiet and calm. It is just beautiful. We also have a song called 'Music of the Night', which I would recommend to anyone. It's a very touching song that people can enjoy. It also has the line 'The Hero Is The Man That Remains'. That was just really beautiful to me. All in all, Wes is a man who does this every day. This is a man who is at the top of his profession. It is a man that does what he does so that the church can become bigger and better and bigger and better. We also have a segment about the church that is filled with references to God. Wes gives us a very clear message. We get to hear it, but it is done in such a way that you can understand it without having to be a Christian. This is not a movie that will be widely viewed and I think that is a shame. I think it is very important to have such a good and powerful film on this subject. I think it is extremely important to make this movie and to share it with the world. If the world was listening to Wes' message, we would be in a much better state of being. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a good movie. It is inspiring. It is a beautiful film. I think it is the best and only movie that I have ever seen on the subject of God. I have never left a movie review with such enthusiasm. I think that people are far too critical in today's world of movies, but this movie is amazing. You should watch it, because it is truly the best film that I have ever seen on this subject.

Albert photo

I am a recent convert to Christ. Like many of you I grew up believing in the Catholic Church and accepted it as the "Official Faith" of my generation. I found myself in a position of tremendous temptation to disbelieve and even quit practicing Catholic beliefs. With the formation of The Church of Scientology, there are people who are setting up an apocalyptic scenario for us that is unprecedented in the past, it is based on lies and pseudoscience that is dangerous to your soul and the truth is actually quite scary to many of us in the Church. With the rise of Scientology and other church based pseudoscience, I was faced with the question: What are we going to do with our lives, and if we have any? Where do we turn to for comfort and help? This documentary will answer those questions, and more, in a deeply moving way. Thank you for producing this film.

Lawrence photo

I've watched this movie several times and I still enjoy it, but it is quite dull, and at times very boring. The movie is about a young woman, and her attempt to become a nun. She is a very rebellious, but is very intelligent. The film shows a lot of her experiences, and the people around her. She has a difficult life, and she doesn't know what to do. The movie is very long, and the editing is not very good. The film is not very good. I don't like the ending. I think it was a little too perfect. Overall, I think this is a very good film. It is a very important film to watch, and to be able to understand what the nuns are going through.

Jordan photo

All of us are responsible for his living. God said, and His are just a shadow, only a shadow of what you might think of him. We have to make a choice in which direction we're going, we have to know what it is we're really called to. He doesn't want us to fight with God. He wants us to see Him for what He is, and choose to make ourselves proud of that. If I can go back to my decision in the past and make it, I'm going to. But I'm not sure if I will. I don't think I will.

William R. photo
William R.

This is a very interesting documentary about the evolution of the church and the world religion. The story is told through interviews with some of the biggest names in the church, as well as some of the people who are the most prominent voices in the world of religion. This is a great documentary to see if you want to learn about the origins of the church. There are some interesting parts of the movie that don't have a lot of information about the church, but they're interesting nonetheless. The film also covers the history of the church and the world religion, so it's a great place to start if you want to learn more about the history of the church. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It's an interesting and well-made documentary that has a lot of information that I didn't know about.

Madison photo

This is an excellent film, but a bit too long for a film of its kind. It's an exploration of a religious tradition in the midst of the religious wars of the last century. It's interesting to see how the early church fathers, and their ideas, evolved. The documentary covers a lot of ground, and is very well put together. The one thing that I found really hard to get through was the narration. I don't like when the narrator speaks at the end of a film. I think it ruins the film. I would have preferred to hear the film narrated, but that's just me.

Raymond Hanson photo
Raymond Hanson

This film is amazing. I have seen this movie several times and I still feel like it is so accurate. The key is to stop worrying and just concentrate on the love of God. I think everyone can benefit from seeing this film. I am not religious but I love this film and it helps me to be a better Christian. If you don't believe in God, get over it. If you believe in God, don't worry about it. But if you don't care about it, you'll never understand it. I'm a Christian but I feel like this film is more to give the message that the world will soon be filled with trouble and that God can stop it. He can't stop it, but He can help you. See this movie! I hope everyone can see it!

Gerald S. photo
Gerald S.

I really hope this will inspire others to get out and support "God's love and grace." There are many Christians out there who want to spread that message. But first you have to realize that to be a Christian means to love and care for the land, the environment, the oceans, all of life, and in particular, the animals and nature. This movie is a great example of this. If this movie can get funded, so can other movies like "It's a simple planet" and "Making a difference," which are also based on personal experiences of church leaders. I am so glad that these "old fashioned" Christians who have known the gospel for thousands of years and have found it to be helpful, are stepping forward with these new movies to spread the gospel to those who may not be able to or won't believe it. So let's get out and support those movies!

Stephen Fowler photo
Stephen Fowler

This documentary chronicles a teenage uprising against the repressive Communist government of North Korea. Before the revolution, Kim Il-sung (Kim Jong-il) and his wife Kim Dae-jung (Kim Doo-hyun) had won great success in the Chinese Revolution. Kim Jong-il's life changed dramatically, and as Kim Il-sung, his real son, was about to turn 40, he was banished from the country. He, his wife, and Kim Dae-jung were spirited away to a mountain resort, where they would be forced to watch a show of what they had accomplished. Kim Dae-jung, thought to be insane, was given the new title "Lady Kim" and forced to watch propaganda from North Korea. The young people wanted to see the "real face of the North Korean people," and what they had accomplished. This film is a marvelous tribute to what Kim Jong-il and his government achieved. The amazing things they did in the 1970s were quite amazing, and their complete disregard for human rights and the rule of law was quite an accomplishment. At that time, Kim Jong-il was a one-man government, and was the absolute ruler of North Korea, but soon after his father died, Kim Jong-il was convinced that North Korea was no longer the same country. As a result, he and his wife were subjected to a secret police system, the likes of which the world has never seen. When the last of the Kim regime (Kim Dae-jung) was released from prison in 2001, it was widely understood that he was being held because he was considered to be mentally unstable, and the government considered him a danger to society. His government was aware of his mental problems, and they continued to keep him under strict surveillance. However, one day, Kim Jong-il discovered that he had a son, who was suffering from an AIDS-like disease, and he decided to make a decision that would eliminate his entire family. The movie shows how a tyrant, Kim Jong-il, once was, and that he still is today. As Kim Jong-il is a tyrant, his people are also a tyrant, and he has the power to eliminate them by force if he chooses to do so. This movie is a brilliant tribute to the power of people and the human spirit. It's well-made and well-crafted. When I saw this documentary, I thought about the great things that North Korea has

Doris photo

The only way to make this movie work is to have a "TV" channel so people can see the clips. This documentary is a must see. Most people in the world are convinced that the church is the devil. It is very important to show the opposite. We need to show that this is not the truth and there is a lot of truth in this documentary. Don't go into it thinking it will be some monotone, boring argument. It is simply the truth and the truth is not all about the controversy.

Brian Hanson photo
Brian Hanson

If you don't have a chance to watch this film before, please do. It is simply the best documentary about Christianity in any language. Not only does the film contain lots of interviews with various people, but also pictures from various places in the world. I was at the point of tears during the first hour. The second hour was the best part. If you didn't understand something at the beginning, I guarantee that you will get it at the end. Most of the people in the film had never heard of Jesus before. This was probably the best part. I was surprised by the truthfulness and the sincerity of the film. You cannot help but want to believe in the film. You believe it because it is real. If you have read the Bible and you don't believe in God, this is a good film to start with. You may not agree with some of the things that happened in the film, but that doesn't matter. You still have to watch it. You have to see it. You can not deny that it's a good documentary, but it's not that bad. There are some things that are completely messed up, but I'm talking about people and places that happened in the Bible and this isn't all a part of it. It's just a little bit. If you can't understand or you don't believe in God, I don't know if you can understand or believe in God. I think that's what makes the film important. In the end, you have to find out for yourself. It's a good film. The visuals are great and the interviewees are fantastic. This is an amazing film.

Henry King photo
Henry King

I would have given this film a 10, but the film is so flawed it just doesn't even deserve a 7. This is an incredible film, and I cannot recommend it enough. It is very long, but that's not a bad thing, it's actually very good, and this film is very much worth watching. It is one of the most comprehensive and honest documentaries about the church that I have ever seen. It is almost impossible to find a movie that is more honest and very well done. I love this film, and I think it is one of the most important documentaries of all time.