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Puerto Ricans in Paris

Puerto Ricans in Paris is a movie starring Miriam Shor, Luis Guzmán, and Edgar Garcia. Two Puerto Rican NYPD detectives head to Paris to track down a stolen handbag.

Other Titles
Des Porto Ricains à Paris, Due poliziotti a Parigi
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1 hours 22 minutes
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Ian Edelman
Ian Edelman, Neel Shah
Miriam Shor, Rosario Dawson, Edgar Garcia, Luis Guzmán
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Two Puerto Rican NYPD detectives head to Paris to track down a stolen handbag.

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Shirley H. photo
Shirley H.

While I think this movie is no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, I don't regret seeing it. It had the potential to be a gem. The last half hour (and its conclusion) were the highlights. This was definitely a movie that was meant to be viewed in concert, so to speak. Not one to watch on its own merits, but rather as a complement to the likes of "Fargo" or "A Time To Kill." It was interesting to see how a family of four could gather together to discuss the issues of the time they live in and not be held back by fear of offending the minority that is taking away their family's livelihood. I believe that with such a close-knit group, anyone with the means would do whatever they could to help them out. How could anyone be in the position of not being able to afford to pay a taxi driver to bring their wife to a soccer game? It's not about whether or not you can afford a taxi to pick your family up from the airport, but rather about the logistics of getting there on time and what you can do to help. A movie that I think could be considered a cinematic tour de force. I enjoyed the soundtrack so much, but I don't think I would have paid to hear it, even if I did have to pay for my ticket.

Daniel V. photo
Daniel V.

This is a very, very good movie about Puerto Ricans in Paris. The premise is kind of obvious: the story takes place in Paris, and the main character, Pedro, is a Puerto Rican from Puerto Rico. However, unlike most movies, this movie is not a drama, and it is not a spoof, so I don't need to explain why. The movie is great and is definitely worth seeing. There are really good performances by the whole cast, especially by Pedro. I don't want to give away too much, but this movie really brings a sense of realism and realism. The music is also good. The cast really put their heart and soul into their roles. I can see this movie getting good reviews in the near future, and I definitely recommend it.

Roger R. photo
Roger R.

This is a good way to spend an hour and a half with your family, or if you're feeling lazy. "Those who have never experienced life in NYC, will find that Manhattan is much more attractive than the real country." It's a nice change from all the big Hollywood movies which pretend to be some sort of enlightening parable about the human condition. "La Villa del Mar" is a charming and entertaining movie. The characters are well-developed and the acting is spot-on. It's definitely worth seeing. For everyone else, it's a must-see!

Carol photo

This is an example of a film that has been kind of missed. It's a very funny, really interesting, and touching movie. I think it would have been better if the film had been longer, so it had more stories. But, I still think it's a very good film. It has an interesting mix of comedy, drama, and sci-fi. It makes you think about your life, and how you view the world, and whether the people you're around are the same people who are not treating you with love. It also makes you think about the world and how we view it. The three main actors, Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Carrey, and Gary Cole, are all very good. Evan Rachel Wood's performance is amazing, as always. She's really great, and she deserves an Oscar nomination for this movie. She makes you want to watch the film even more. The third character is good, too. His performance is really good. He's also great. Overall, I think it's a really good movie. It's funny, it's good, and it makes you think.

Vincent R. photo
Vincent R.

As always, someone else created a fantastic piece of film making that is not in the least successful at finding distribution. The problem is that most of the film doesn't translate well to a general audience. The comedy, with its references to German expressionism, is a bit forced. The music is spectacular, and the cinematography is superb. A large part of the film could have been edited down to a good 45 minutes. As it is, it is a good two hours. There is one scene where a few scenes are combined to create a complete film, and this is a significant achievement. But the credit for the best part of the film goes to two characters. One is Max, the dog, the other is Raffy, the cocker spaniel. They are two of the most interesting characters in the film. It is difficult to see them in the film without laughing at them. It is impossible to see them together without laughing at them. The biggest disappointment in the film is the hero. The French actress, who plays the role, is not credible at all. The other actors are equally poor. It seems that the director of the film, who also has the rights to the film, has taken one of the most successful French films of the 90s and made his own take on it. A good attempt to make a comedy film, but a bad film at the same time.

Joan Castillo photo
Joan Castillo

I will probably never see the show but I remember seeing a comment from a friend in London which said "it is better than the show". Well he is right but only because I have seen the show but was just a little disappointed that they didn't come to the part where they had to adapt the show to the street life of the city. I do remember the time in Paris when I was an editor of a club and they kept adding songs to the movie and it was a huge embarrassment to my club, the club had to resort to making it a series of songs from the song books (which they used to be able to sell in London). However I think the scene where they talk about it is not only entertaining but also gives a real insight into the issues and problems that go on in that part of France. To make it short, if you ever have the chance to see this movie, make sure that you go during the week when it's out of season.

Michelle Chapman photo
Michelle Chapman

A great, well-acted comedy about the Spanish colonial occupation of Paris. Two brothers (played by Pedro Portman and Ayelet Zurer) go to the French capital to prove that they are not Spanish. In a movie that is really a movie, "Spain's Revenge" feels more like an epic "spaghetti western" with a lot of dialogues. The characters are hilarious, the comedy is both good and more funny than comedy, and the story has a bit of depth to it. Portman is a really strong actress, who deserves a lot of awards in the future, she really carries this movie. Not many people realize that this is also her first major movie role, and she really deserves the recognition she is getting. The script, which is not a very complicated one, is one of the best I have ever seen in a movie. It has a good mixture of comedy, romance, drama and action. In a story that is too complicated to give a rating, I give it 9 out of 10.

Randy photo

Vacationing at the beginning of the century, a group of college students finds their lives rocked when a beautiful actress (Catherine Deneuve) unexpectedly arrives in Paris to begin a new career. Although most people (including myself) find the notion of "running away" to be totally ridiculous, I found the idea of the vacationers living "backwards" in Paris completely funny. Of course, no one can possibly live in a way that would make them think that they're "backwards" but this film makes it seem like they could. By the end of the film I was left with a feeling that I had a great time while watching it, and it was even more enjoyable seeing it again as an adult. There is a very good cast of characters. Deneuve plays the French-American with a surprising ease and vulnerability, the younger members of the group are fun to watch, and the older ones all perform well. The "teenage" cast members are especially good. Of particular note are Bernard Hill as a cheery teacher and Ashley Wood as the more reserved and awkward head of the group. Both Hill and Wood play perfectly their parts, and it is a pleasure to see them work with such a talented cast. The film's production values are very high, and the editing and cinematography are very good. The very perfect score by Gregory Lebrecht is also memorable. The only negative thing I could find about the film is the obvious lack of humor. However, this is a very good film, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good comedies, or those who just want a good story with an original plot. It is definitely not for everyone, but it is a very funny film, and a must see for anyone who enjoys good comedies!

Harold P. photo
Harold P.

It's a very funny movie. What struck me about this movie was the way that there was a consistent and very clear contrast between the light and the dark. While the light in the background, which would have been light by any standard, was accentuated and framed in a dramatic way. The dark in the background was ignored or reduced to background noise. The light on the other hand was consistently emphasized and framed in a very high light (which is always in a dream-like manner). I found this very fascinating and different, and would recommend it to anyone who loves their movies to have that background. Also, I like the fact that I could not see any more from this movie then what I could see from a dream. It is very rare for me to be at a loss for words. My next recommendation for this movie is a documentary about the person and her beliefs, because this is a movie I really love and find very interesting.

Henry photo

In this interesting and funny film, Chibow plays an immigrant from Puerto Rico who eventually moves to Paris and joins the society in its worst hour. Chibow's performance is unforgettable and full of laughs. This is a great example of how a humorous comedy can be powerful. The acting is first rate, and the directing and cinematography are perfect. It has an amazing ending. The movie will keep you laughing for hours and hours. Great stuff!

Rachel D. photo
Rachel D.

The script is as good as in the French films of the late 70s, it has many episodes where the usual droll moments of the movie are increased, it has so many characters and so many different actors, you can feel the drama and laughter of a Hollywood, in the same way the characters in the French film of the same time are so different, the story about a frenchman and a foreigner is the same, it is the same style of a comedy, and the scenes are the same. I think that the humour and the wittiness of a French comedy is the same as in a french film, and that it is the same as in a french film. I have watched a lot of foreign films, this is a good example, I could watch it again. I believe that the french film is a comedy, this is also true. I think that it is a masterpiece of cinema, this is the reason why I give it an "A".

Grace M. photo
Grace M.

While watching this movie I was surprised by how much I liked it. The plot is mostly predictable and all the characters are over the top, but the actors make you believe they are real people, it has an enjoyable pace, and the movie is full of comedy. I really like this movie and I am looking forward to seeing it again!

Ruth photo

Since its release in 2002, Puerto Ricans in Paris has become a fascinating and often refreshing documentary on the world's second largest country. Though it can be an atypical narrative, Puerto Ricans in Paris is far more than a narrative. It's a highly ambitious series of scenes that serves as a panorama of the realities and aesthetics of Puerto Rico. What we see on screen is nothing less than a surreal mosaic of human interactions that shows us the impact of the various cultures of Puerto Rico on the minds of Puerto Ricans around the world. I highly recommend this film, as I have not seen many documentaries that deal with a wide range of subjects. Puerto Ricans in Paris is the most comprehensive and influential documentary that has ever been produced. It was a film that touched the hearts of millions of Puerto Ricans, and helped launch the careers of Puerto Rican actors like Javier Bardem and Gabrielle Union. The film is a unique and comprehensive approach to the cultures of Puerto Rico that is truly inspirational. A spectacular look into the culture of Puerto Rico that is unlike any other. Highly recommended!

Aaron photo

I've never understood the reason why this movie has been rated so low. All I can say is: this movie is worth watching for people like me who think that the story is funny, and the way it's told is quite pleasant. Everyone will love the movie if you watch it on a rainy day, it has its humorous moments too. But don't expect a story you haven't seen before. The characters are well developed. Even if you're not a fan of the movie, you should try to find something you liked in it. It's a good comedy.

Joan L. photo
Joan L.

I don't know how to start to describe this film. The opening and ending of the movie was just perfect. It could have been a movie full of jokes, but it had an intense effect, it had an incredible plot and it had amazing acting. The film is more about the characters than about jokes. It has a kind of dark, dark, dark kind of feeling. But it's also about friendship, love, sadness and all the things that are important in life. It is not only about comedy. It is also about sadness, love and the difficult times in a person's life. It's about love, about life, about everything. It was an amazing movie. It's a must see for everyone, from the children to the adults. I think everyone should watch this movie at least once.

Judith Walters photo
Judith Walters

Of course, Puerto Ricans would never get a chance to see a film like this. To anyone who says "I am a Puerto Rican, I'm not Puerto Rican" you just don't get it. Puerto Ricans are like the rest of us. It's an amazing country and that film does not go into the many obstacles that they have to overcome to live and work in France. The thing is, they never run away. They know how to live in a country, they have no prejudices or prejudices. They try to be equal to the culture of France, and that is what the movie is about. You can have a bunch of Puerto Ricans working in Paris and say they are not Puerto Ricans. You can't! The country is called Puerto Rico. This film was great, a must see.

Tammy photo

I was happy to discover this movie as I was expecting to have seen the same stuff that I had been watching. I found it to be funny, touching, and non-dramatic. I was also surprised to find that the plot is similar to the story of the Japanese singer "Yunao" who was an American musical idol in the 60's. The story was a bit confusing at the beginning but the longer the movie went, the more interesting it became. I believe that I saw a movie that I can watch again and again and I'll find something new to like about it every time. I hope to see this movie a few more times, so I can be entertained. My favorite part was the part where Maureen told about her parents life in the time of the Civil War and about her father who played in the Civil War, then she told of her mother who became a nun and was part of the founding of the first New York convent. The way the movie ended with the comment that the nuns would like to hear from the Pope about their plans to build the convent that they had built in the late 1700's was very heart warming.

Billy J. photo
Billy J.

A buddy comedy between two friends who are trying to deal with a recent breakup. Nomi and the Kid are both obsessed with their love affairs, but they try to be civil in public and to be fair with each other. The Kid meets the beautiful and perfect Marjane. The Kid wants to be a writer and Marjane wants to be a star. But they soon fall in love. The first few times I saw this movie, I was a little worried that this movie would be an insult to Puerto Ricans in Paris. But I was wrong. This movie is simply hilarious. If you want to laugh, watch this movie. If you want to learn about Puerto Rican culture, watch this movie. If you want to know why it is not acceptable to compare Puerto Ricans and Americans, watch this movie. And if you want to know why Puerto Ricans are so beautiful, watch this movie. It is worth the time.

Daniel C. photo
Daniel C.

I have recently seen this movie for the first time, and to be honest, it was quite good. It was funny, it had a good story, and it was just a pleasant surprise. The movie starts out in the context of an early 2000's gangster film where Charlie (played by Steven Berkoff) is under investigation for a crime that occurred ten years prior. Charlie and his partner (played by Jason Lee) are trying to find out why. The movie then shows us the end of Charlie and his partner's investigation. The director, Jean-Marc Vallee, has put together a nice movie that I found very entertaining. It was made with love and care and it will bring you a good time. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into the genre of gangster films. It is very well written and the actors are all very likable. I will also say that the ending was very satisfying, and makes the movie even better. Overall, a great movie that I think all people will enjoy.

Mary Lynch photo
Mary Lynch

In some ways the film isn't funny, but it is kind of a powerful thing to watch. I am from Puerto Rico and lived in Paris for 4 years. I've been to Puerto Rico for the past 5 years and have been to Paris three times. The film, to me, is a very personal film. I don't know if this was intended by the director, but the film is so specific to this story that I don't understand how any other movie could be about a woman who left her country to come to the U.S.I was very excited about seeing this film because I love Puerto Rican culture and I've been to Puerto Rico 5 times, but I didn't get excited to see this movie. So I decided to watch it, and I was not disappointed. I was like "wow" to see a film that I can't get from my native language. The actors in this film are absolutely amazing. They all do a great job and really embody their characters. You feel like you are there with them, along with them. The story is beautiful and emotional and everyone is portrayed to be perfect. The cinematography is great and the sound and music are also perfect. I loved the film and will definitely recommend it to anyone. I've never seen a film like this before and it was very powerful and it will make me think. This film shows how relationships change when a person leaves their country to make a better life for themselves and they realize that all of a sudden there is a lot more to them. I recommend this film to anyone who loves a film and someone that can relate to this movie.

Andrea Mendez photo
Andrea Mendez

If you are a person that has ever had to deal with Puerto Rico, or other Latin-Americans, then you will love this movie. This movie is a must for any Latino or Latin person who is curious about the Caribbean, or just a Puerto Rican. It's a great little movie about the struggles that Puerto Ricans and Latin people have to deal with when coming to France. A lot of movies about the same subject are coming out, but this one really stands out. If you want to see a great movie about Puerto Rican life, watch this movie!

Brandon photo

Fictional account of a young woman who has to escape from a childhood in Puerto Rico and her experiences in New York. She learns that New York is full of lots of friends and many friends with lots of money, so she knows that she has to move to New York. This film is very much based on real events, with many actors portraying the characters. I found it fascinating to see how different the characters were from the characters in the movie. The film is set in Paris, but I think it would be interesting to take the characters to Puerto Rico and see how they view their city. I am not familiar with Puerto Rico, but I would like to see the people in the movie see it. Also, I wonder if the story would be better if the characters were Puerto Rican and not Spanish. I am curious what the Puerto Ricans would think of the New York-Puerto Rico relationships.

Tammy photo

I really enjoyed this film. It was hilarious and I was smiling and laughing all the time. It made me laugh a lot and was the most entertaining film I have seen in years. The acting was superb and I didn't think any of the actors were bad. The cinematography was awesome and all of the actors were great. The costumes were great. The script was also superb and had great dialogs. All the actors were in their characters and all of the actors were in it well. If you haven't seen this film I highly recommend you do. It's really a great film.