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Revive Us 2

Revive Us 2 is a movie starring Kirk Cameron, Ben Carson, and Stephen Kendrick. Kirk Cameron hosts a "family meeting" to discuss unity in a time when political, racial, economic, and religious tensions are increasing every day.

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Stephen Kendrick, Kirk Cameron, Ben Carson
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Kirk Cameron hosts a "family meeting" to discuss unity in a time when political, racial, economic, and religious tensions are increasing every day.

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Laura Patterson photo
Laura Patterson

So many documentaries are so politically correct and formulaic. This one takes an honest, if not exactly straight-forward, approach to the subject, and does so with a lot of truth, in a way that works both as a drama and a "documentary." This is a highly engaging, well-structured movie, so that any moviegoer can easily follow it. But the biggest selling point of this film is that it is extremely funny and informative, while also presenting important, timely information. The issues this film brings up are really important and should be discussed, so this movie should be required viewing for anyone who wants to learn more about the nuclear industry. The movie also makes a point that it is the U.S. government's responsibility to protect the environment, not the other way around. The presentation of the nuclear industry's history and its relationship with the government is also very interesting, and very well-done. The dialogue is also very interesting, and it does a great job at showing that the nuclear industry is really the U.S. government's responsibility. The acting in this film is also very good, and the production values are also quite high. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the topic, and anyone who loves to see great, highly entertaining documentaries that give you the information you need to think about a topic that you would normally dismiss as "old hat."

Jessica Sanders photo
Jessica Sanders

This is a must see film for anyone who loves the sport of football. There is so much insight into the world of professional football in this movie that I will probably watch it again. The movie is a must watch for any football fan who hasn't watched it.

Melissa Brown photo
Melissa Brown

While this documentary doesn't quite rise to the level of some of its counterparts (Saving Private Ryan is still my favorite), it's still a very powerful film, that does a good job of bringing the stories of the three men in the Gulf War to life, and putting it all into a meaningful, unified narrative. In the early years, it was a little repetitive, but as the years went on, it became more and more powerful, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it before. The cinematography is stunning, and the acting was very strong, and the music was very nice, and very appropriate for the film. This is not a documentary about the war itself, it is a story of how three men, who went through the same experience, came to a new understanding and understanding of the experience, and how that became part of who they were, and what they thought they were, and how that eventually made them realize their own humanity. If you have seen Saving Private Ryan or Red Tails, you should see this film as well. It's a great film, and one that I highly recommend.

Donald G. photo
Donald G.

I really enjoyed this movie. I saw it at a film festival in Oakland, CA and it was a great way to end the weekend. It really brings a lot of thought and appreciation for the artists who have passed. But, I know that I will never see them again and feel some sort of kinship with the artist whose image was taken away. It really brought me to tears. I was a bit concerned that I would be disappointed, but this movie has me convinced that I will see some other great artists and possibly be inspired by them. The entire cast was incredible and the editing was fantastic. A great movie to watch, especially with your children.

Martha C. photo
Martha C.

I watched the original and saw it on HBO a couple of years ago. I went to see it again. This time it was on HBO. This is the second time I have seen it. It is a very funny movie and I enjoyed it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be inspired. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the 60s. The humor is spot on and the story is not so typical.

Maria photo

What a superbly conceived, researched, and executed documentary. From the great technical aspects, to the wonderful costumes and the casting, this film is a delight. I was glad to see that this film was made in a number of languages, as that is extremely important to the viewer, especially in our age of globalization. The film is also wonderfully photographed. I found the film to be very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend it to everyone. To see more of my reviews, please visit my site at

Bryan G. photo
Bryan G.

There was a moment in the film where I began to wonder if my opinion of this film was biased, because I really did enjoy it. I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted to, but I enjoyed it. The documentary on the DVD came on and I had to pause it so I could get it to resume. It was that moment where I realized that it was not me, but the film maker that was biased. It is a disturbing and terrifying story about a mother's struggle with mental illness and her inability to get the help she needs. The acting is superb. I do not think I have ever seen anything this raw and real. It is heartbreaking, but it is also raw and real. This film is not for people who want a happy ending, or an easy way to escape reality. It is a powerful film about a mother's struggle and her inability to get help. This is not a film that will satisfy you, but it is a powerful film that will engage you and make you want to watch the rest of the movie. I recommend this film to everyone.

Sean photo

As a huge fan of high school football, I'm not sure how this film can be characterized as sports related. It is about the whole family of players and their ability to thrive and succeed as athletes. This film is important because it shows us that there is much more to football than just the sport itself. As the film continues, it shows us that these men have great athletic abilities that we never had a look at. They are not just a number to be used for money. They are the number one kids in their class and they are the number one team. These men have to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and that is what makes this film so fascinating. I will also be a big fan of this film because it gives the players the chance to show us what football is really like. This film shows how hard the players work, how the players learn from each other and how the coaches and officials give them an opportunity to make the team better. It also gives us an opportunity to learn about how the coach and the athletic director interact and how the players deal with the media. I loved this film and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the sport.

Andrea Phillips photo
Andrea Phillips

If you like documentaries, I would recommend this one. The original was a bit too long and focused on too much of the negative aspects of the site. The documentary on "We Love You" was a little shorter, but it was still very informative. I think they should have made more movies like this, even if it was just a few minutes. This is not a must see, but a must see. We love you is an extremely good movie.

Janice Castillo photo
Janice Castillo

This is an excellent documentary. It is all about the positive aspects of finding and reconnecting with your past. But that can be tough to do when you've spent so much time feeling disconnected from the things and people that made you who you are. I'm looking forward to seeing the next one. A film that explores all facets of the human experience.

Benjamin B. photo
Benjamin B.

This documentary is about the battle between the production companies and the unions and it shows us the true story of the fight between Tarentino and Lucas about the movie. I think that the best part of this movie is the interviews with the union leaders. It is the best thing in this documentary because it shows how much they fight against the influence of the corporate world and how much they rely on the fans. It is the best movie about the unions and the production companies and the fight between them.

Maria Willis photo
Maria Willis

When you have a documentary on the subject of a mass murderer, you have to keep it at a bare minimum. What you have to do is leave out all the unnecessary bits and pieces, and not give the public enough information to form their own opinions. This is not the case with this documentary, which is an excellent documentary on this very topic. It is filled with facts, and there are some good interviews with the family members of the victim. This is a good documentary, but it is not the best. It's definitely not for everyone, but I have to say that I was surprised by the quality of the film. I think it is very well made, and it's very important to know that not everything you hear about the Holocaust is true. The documentary is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries. If you are one of the few people who does not like documentaries, you probably won't like this one. This is a great documentary, but it's not the best.

Keith Collins photo
Keith Collins

I think I saw this movie once before at the cinema, but I don't remember anything about it. All I know is that I saw it again, and I saw it again and again. It was the most boring film I've ever seen, and I saw it from the perspective of someone who can only watch the movies when they're just that.boring. That's why this movie is so great, because it's so good, because it is so very boring. And I will never watch it again, and I'm going to make sure that you will never see it again. If you don't like this film, then you are so stupid, and you have to be made like this.

Marilyn Schmidt photo
Marilyn Schmidt

First of all, I want to say that I didn't know of this documentary until I stumbled upon it and was totally blown away. It is so inspirational and uplifting. To watch a documentary about the suffering and pain of many people, and to learn how to end it is an absolute dream. This documentary will forever change your life and will surely make you think about it. In the end, there is no happiness without pain. And there is no happiness without suffering. And this is a thing we all have to take responsibility for. This documentary is a must-see for all people. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. Watch it and you will find that you will be amazed. All the way.

Scott Robinson photo
Scott Robinson

The movie was very powerful. I was moved by the stories of how these people survived. I was able to see these people and their families, and I was moved by their strength and determination. I was also moved by the stories of the kids who had to live with the consequences of the medical care they received. I thought the director did an excellent job of telling the stories of the people who had to live with the consequences of the medical care they received. I think that this movie will be a reminder to people to not forget what they can do to help their community when they can.

Laura H. photo
Laura H.

I am a fan of the previous documentaries. But this one is much more comprehensive. Not only does it cover the scientific facts of the death of a few and the revival of others, but it also tells the stories of the people who died. Most of the stories are very personal and poignant. Not only do they give you a perspective of the passing of a loved one, but they also give you an opportunity to learn about their lives and their hopes and dreams. I also really enjoyed the interviews with family and friends. One of the most poignant moments I remembered was a mother telling her child the story of her daughter's death. That was very powerful. I think the most compelling part of the documentary was the interview with James Nesbitt, the son of the man who died in the plane crash and the man who was living with his wife, Jack, in the hotel they were staying at, which the children were staying in. It was a very powerful and heartbreaking interview. The documentary is very well done. I highly recommend it.

Joyce C. photo
Joyce C.

From the first scene you know this is going to be a very powerful film. It was, but I thought it was just a little too long. I'm a little confused about the point of the movie - and why did they not tell us why we have to suffer in order for them to exist? It seems to me that they could have made this movie about how the human mind works, how we evolve, and how we are not evil, but instead "good". I wish they had done this. It would have been a much better movie. All the other reviewers have said it was great. This was definitely one of the best documentaries I've seen. The way they did it was beautiful. I highly recommend it. It would be even more powerful if they did it with some sort of humanist or anarchist ideology.

Rachel photo

The film will keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat. There is never a dull moment, all the while not telling the viewer that there is a connection between what is happening and what is being told. It does not have any contrived or manipulative scenes, which is what most documentaries are like. It is a great film to watch over and over again.

Austin Walters photo
Austin Walters

A good documentary film. While not being a film for the Oscars, it was an overall good effort, and helped me better understand the current U.S. health care system. The topic is interesting and the director did a good job of explaining the current system. However, I think the film could have been longer to better explain how they went about doing this. I think the future of health care will be a huge issue for the future of the country. Hopefully, this film will encourage more people to become involved in their community and other organizations. All in all, a great documentary that hopefully will help change the way we think about our current health care system.

Arthur Fisher photo
Arthur Fisher

Tribal medicine, brought to the public by Native American activists, has achieved tremendous health improvements in the US. A key to their success was to reach out to communities in general, to identify the specific issues that were most problematic in their communities, and then to work to address them. The film focuses on the problem of economic segregation between Native American and non-Native communities. Poverty and unemployment are the number one indicators for which Native Americans are most concerned, but the problem is compounded by cultural and educational barriers. The people of these communities are often unaware of the importance of health care and education in their communities, but if they are educated, their lives are improved. This film takes an important and necessary step in the right direction by showing the wide range of community health problems and how they are addressed by each community. However, if we are serious about helping these communities, we must work to improve the health care system in our country. I encourage everyone to see this film, and to work with other communities to improve their own health care systems.

Tyler W. photo
Tyler W.

The first part of this movie was a personal account of the power of faith, forgiveness, and selfless service to others, which I believe was important. I believe the second part of the movie was about the impact of his being in this movie. We are shown how much he changed after this movie, how he was blessed, and how the Lord blessed him. Although his life was incredibly difficult, his example of forgiveness and service, and his life in general, made him a wonderful example for people to follow. This movie would be a great resource for anyone who is considering serving a mission, but I believe it would be even more powerful for Christians and families who have a pastor. There are many lessons that this movie teaches, and it is worth watching. My husband and I both loved this movie and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see the power of faith and forgiveness, service, and the impact of God's grace.

Willie Walsh photo
Willie Walsh

The British are, in my view, the best of the film industry, yet, few Brits get up on stage and sing as they are, and even fewer have the originality and acting talent to sing as they are. So when I saw the first ever Brit singing 'The Girl From Ipanema' I was very excited and anxious to hear the second. I was pleasantly surprised. The film is about three famous Brits - Nick Cave, Johnny Marr, and Phil Collins, who all performed songs from their own albums. The performances are excellent, with Cave and Marr particularly good. The film is a must for anyone who is into the British music scene, or even for those who have not heard their music. If you have not heard the music, it will be very hard to put your finger on the music (not that you should try!) but the film will be enjoyable for those who have heard their music. Recommended.