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Yin he bu xi ban

Yin he bu xi ban is a movie starring Chao Deng, Yu Bai, and Suxi Ren. When his space shuttle flight has an accident, an astronaut remembers the lessons his father taught him growing up.

Other Titles
Galaxy Crammers, 銀河補習班, Looking Up, 银河补习班
Running Time
2 hours 27 minutes
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Chao Deng, Baimei Yu
Baimei Yu
Suxi Ren, Yu Bai, Xi Wang, Chao Deng
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the vast space, the astronauts lost connection with the ground. He recalled his greatest father in the most desperate situation. Father and son run across time, guarding love and family. The story is full of joy, warmth, tears and wonders.

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Howard Russell photo
Howard Russell

The movie I watched was a small film about a guy who wants to stay the way he is. The movie starts in a typical college, it takes place in the year 2015 and the "Main characters" are a hipster who doesn't want to change his ways and an intelligent young woman who wants to change her life. The main character lives with his wife and son, she is the main character and she wants to make a new start. She has a plan to change her life, but it requires more time than what she has. The main character is a boy who just graduated from college and has an affair with the "young lady". She does not approve of his ways and wants him to get a real job, but he does not want to do that and he is just waiting for his wife to be finished. The movie continues to talk about this relationship and the "main character" makes plans to leave his wife and move out to a place to live with his girlfriend. The first part of the movie is a comedy, there are jokes about her breasts and the main character goes to a nude beach with his girlfriend. They have sex, he does not enjoy it and they fall asleep. The story then changes to the teen-age drama and the main character's wife takes their son out to see a movie at a nude beach. She is disappointed and they get into a fight. The story then changes again and we see that they get back together. The story then starts to tell the future, when the boy gets a job and a new girlfriend comes to his home. The movie ends with the main character leaving his home to go away to college and his wife saying that he is going to leave her to find a new life, but in the meantime she changes her mind and the main character goes with his girlfriend to college.

Amanda photo

A very complicated story, even by Chinese standards, but still interesting. Some of the scenes are reminiscent of the darker 'Cold Fusion' movies from the sixties, but there are also many similarities to 'Days of Being Wild'. The film is not without its flaws: the casting is a little over-the-top, the acting is a bit hammy, the plot has a few holes in it (the film was cut by the censors), but the characters are interesting and the action scenes are often intense. The narrative is somewhat pedestrian, but the direction is great. And while this film was being made, China was suffering from a severe economic downturn, which was quite shocking for the time. A couple of scenes are almost pornographic, but overall, a must-see for fans of independent cinema. 7 out of 10.

Marilyn C. photo
Marilyn C.

I saw this film a couple of years ago at the Beijing International Film Festival, and was totally taken aback by it. A lot of Hollywood films are wonderful, especially when they're made in China. And the fact that I'm writing this comment is a very good indicator of the great things that this film is. However, there are some flaws, and some really brilliant acting by the female leads. I'll focus on the female lead, Ma Ziyi. If you're not familiar with her, she's an actress who has been making a huge impact in the Chinese cinema, playing different roles and different types of roles, always breaking new boundaries. There was a time where she was the most famous Chinese actress, and she was considered a cult figure. In this film, she plays a very complicated character, and manages to be charming, vulnerable, serious, and yet mysterious all at the same time. You can see the work that she does on the screen, and that you're completely enamored by the fact that she is a talented and different actress who is completely real and free of Hollywood stereotypes. I also found it interesting that the movie was shot in black and white, which gives a very nice contrast to the dark color that dominates the entire film. I don't know how many others have noticed this, but I think that it's interesting that the film is shot in black and white, because it gives a nice contrast to the rest of the film, and also gives a nice look to the movie, which is filmed in the lush country of Aksai Chin. The actors themselves are all very good, but I have to admit that I was a bit confused by the main character, Wang Yansong, played by Ma Ziyi. She's an actor who's been in the Chinese cinema for a long time, and I don't think that I've ever seen her play the role of a rebellious and very interesting character before. So, it was hard for me to know who she was supposed to be in the film. The other cast members did a fine job too, although I thought that the main character was pretty weak. I didn't think that this film was all that great, but it was also a lot of fun to watch, and worth going to see.

Olivia Collins photo
Olivia Collins

In the case of The Foreigner (Hong Kong, 2016), a contemporary Chinese film with a dramatic story of young women coming to terms with their sexuality, the presence of the director and the actor are essential ingredients to make the film both engaging and interesting. The film follows the lives of five women in Shanghai who are gradually coming to terms with their sexuality, how this leads to them being more or less sexually-abusive towards their partners, and the level of physical and emotional violence they are subjected to. The film is not a feminist film. This is not because there is no such thing as feminism, but because the film is a very socially-charged film. At the time of its release, China was experiencing a wave of political unrest, in particular against the Communist Party and the male-dominated society. The film is focused on this issue, but not exclusively, and as a result, the film is very subtle and contemplative. In this sense, the film is a little like a cultural artifact in the way it is presented and a lot like a theatre performance, which is unique in that it is a medium that allows the audience to understand the material and also to experience the culture from a different perspective.

Anthony R. photo
Anthony R.

Chewie, a Chinese woman is married to a Russian man and the couple's young daughter has a serious and difficult time of it. Before long, the young girl runs away and is adopted by another couple in Germany. The adoptive mother wants to send the girl to a boarding school in Germany, where she meets two other orphans. They are sent to boarding school together and their friendship develops quickly. While studying, they notice a missing child. They decide to search for the child. They find the child and learn that he is an orphan. The adoptive mother doesn't believe that the boy is missing and tries to cover up the facts. The two foster parents become desperate. The situation becomes more and more complicated and they decide to find the boy and send him to the boarding school in Germany. The adoptive parents send the boy to the boarding school to reunite with his father. The young boy with the mental problems stays with the parents. After several days, the father dies. When the mother decides to send the boy to a boarding school, the young boy is caught in the middle. A complicated situation develops. To me, this film has a simple and sometimes dull plot. The dialogue is really bad and the story is boring. But the cast is really good and the performances are good. To me, this is an ok film, but I didn't like it a bit. There are a few interesting ideas in the story. It's a good film, but it's not my favorite.

Alexander Thomas photo
Alexander Thomas

I think this is a wonderful film. It's beautiful. There are many scenes that are not just "good", but perfect in all the way. It is funny, romantic, and much more. It's very uplifting, too. I will definitely watch it again. It's worth it.

Madison F. photo
Madison F.

Although this movie has many flaws (very small ones) the feeling that one has when they are watching it is, that they have just witnessed something really special. This is what makes a good movie a movie. I think the best word to describe this movie is beautiful. There is no plot or plot holes in this movie. It feels like watching two movies at once. The first one is about a handsome young man, who is very determined to be the best tennis player of his age and fame. He decides to train by doing an amazing game in which he knocks the top ranked player in the world, which he is. After that the second part starts. This second part is more about the person who finds it difficult to leave the tennis court, and at the same time a character who tries to love and help him. This character is not the player, and he is not even the tennis player. But this movie doesn't try to define the character. It doesn't try to make him a person. This movie shows us that he is not only the best tennis player of his age, but also a person who is also in love with his mother, but not just the tennis player. I am not going to mention any more of the things that this movie is about, because it's not necessary to know this movie. So, if you have not seen this movie, I recommend to you to see it, because it's a very special film.

Laura Flores photo
Laura Flores

This is a very good movie. I can't really explain how good it is because it's difficult to describe. I would recommend watching it. I think this is one of the best movies I've seen in the last year. Some of the scenes in this movie were too dramatic for my taste, but it was all for the sake of the story. The soundtrack was very well put together and fits the mood of the movie perfectly. I think the movie did well on making you care about the characters and the relationship between them. I think this movie will do well in theaters. The movie is very realistic. I think this movie could also be good for kids because it deals with some sensitive issues and stuff. This is definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year. I hope there is a sequel for this movie because I think the story will also grow in it. I think there are many other films that are better than this one.

Douglas photo

While I don't think this film is a masterpiece, it's certainly a good movie. You could do worse, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's also a great movie to watch with the family, and definitely worth a look. It's certainly worth the price of a rental. There are only a few aspects of the film that I don't really like. The first is the fact that the director spent way too much time on character development, and not enough time on plot development. The second is that the dialogue is so fast-paced, it takes away from the viewer's experience. All of the problems I've mentioned have been addressed in other reviews, but I'll just add them again. *spoiler* The second major problem is the way that the characters are presented. The most important scene in the film, the final scene, is one that is simply not told. The filmmakers made a decision that they wanted to show the audience a very young "punk" girl getting punked, but they didn't make the decision that the audience needed to understand why. I think this decision could have been made much more intelligently. The third problem is the way that the film ends. The director claims to be a filmmaker, but I don't see any of the shots that he would have used. I think that the filmmakers needed to cut down on the length of the scene so that they could show the larger perspective of the characters and their world. While some of the shots might have worked, I think that the way the director decided to end the film could have worked better. It's a really big deal to have a film end with a huge reveal, but I don't think that the director was aiming for that. *end spoiler* So I'm certainly not going to recommend this film. It's not for everyone, and I don't think that it's for those who have a very high tolerance for stupid plot details. But it's certainly not for those who like the occasional clever movie, like I do. I'm sure that the directors goal is to tell a clever story, and while the writing could have been better, it definitely wasn't the most difficult thing in the world. This film is a lot better than the majority of the films I've seen. I think that the style of the film is what makes it so good. It's not a boring, flat style that anyone could have made. In fact, the style of the film is the reason that it works so well. This movie was clearly a huge financial success, and that's the kind of thing that we usually think about when we think of films that have an almost unknown director. But the other major issue that I have with the film is the fact that the characters are presented in such a way that they are completely over the top. The first half of the film had me laughing at the characters, because I could not understand how they were supposed to behave. But then the film gets serious and I started to appreciate the characters. It's actually really refreshing to see a film that is really funny, and the character interactions are really fun to watch. The actors are really good at putting themselves in the shoes of the characters they play. I think that the film should have been a little bit more focused on the characters, and not the plot. The ending was extremely predictable, and I don't

Brian R. photo
Brian R.

This film is actually a very good comedy. It's a masterpiece of film-making and the actors are very good. You can't wait for the next movie.

Eric photo

The average adult viewer will find this movie pretty boring, especially if the hero is a white guy. I've had people put up with it because they didn't understand the racial content. But a lot of the jokes are about those issues, and the movie is just really good. The director did a great job making the movie seem like it is very realistic. In the end it's really about relationships, and that's what I liked the most about it.

Marilyn Reynolds photo
Marilyn Reynolds

When I watched the film, I didn't know what to expect. The film has an epic feel to it. The songs in the film are also superb, the film is also filled with the emotions that have been described in other reviews. The film does have a slight direction to it. It starts out on the main character's life and his own. The film has some sort of cliff hanger ending, which I would've liked to see, but it still turned out great. As far as I know, the film hasn't been shown yet in its entirety, but I hope it will be. The film is also perfect for a general audience. The film is a good family film, but there are some bits that are a bit violent, but that is all part of the film's plot. Overall, the film is a fantastic family film and one that I recommend everyone to watch. If you enjoy the movie, you can also check out a similar film called "What We Do In The Shadows" starring Nick Nolte, directed by John Requa. The film has a similar plot and different characters. This is a film that all ages can enjoy and I would say that the film is great for any age. I rate the film 7/10.

Patrick Stewart photo
Patrick Stewart

This movie was better than I expected. The main character of the movie was very good and I don't think this movie was bad at all. The movie also has some funny scenes in it. This movie is worth a watch.

Jeffrey G. photo
Jeffrey G.

I was at the movies and came in with high expectations. I have seen The Exorcist, Frankenstein,and Silent Hill and the storyline was pretty good. I was not expecting much though. It was a pretty good movie, but I felt like I was watching a movie with a large budget. The camera-work was great, and the score was nice. The characters were really well acted. I liked how the movie was set in a kind of an old abandoned hotel. It reminded me of The Shining. It was not very scary though, as I thought I would expect. It was a little disturbing. Overall, a good movie, but could have been a lot better.

Joyce photo

Every Chinese people in mainland China watches this movie. There are quite a few production films like this one. This one is made in Hong Kong by Shaw Bros. I have seen it in an English speaking theater in Hong Kong, where the movie has a good audience. The movie is about a teacher that is in charge of the main female character. The student is the main male character and their relationship is really a key point in the movie. In this movie you can see both side of the plot. The main character is a good and dedicated teacher. The main male character is an ass-hater. They are two different person but it is really their personality. One is the good teacher, the other is the bad teacher. This movie is very good. It is a great Chinese movie. I really like it. It is a good movie.

Terry Payne photo
Terry Payne

Some "kung fu" films are guaranteed to make you jump and laugh. This one is not one of those. This film, "The Dying Poet," is not good. It's just good. The film, about an English teacher who takes in a poor Chinese orphan (Zhang Ziyi), is a bit slow. It is not a boring film, but there is no real tension or excitement in the film. The characters in the film do not make you care about them, and it is hard to believe that they are friends. The actors are not amazing, and the film is too long for its own good. If you are going to see this film, do it for Zhang Ziyi. She is in it a lot and does a great job of being the heart and soul of the film.

Ashley photo

I don't know if you know about this but this film was featured in the Cannes Film Festival and I've seen a couple of people mention this on IMDb, which I think is a little bit unfair. While the film is certainly not for everyone and a little dark in places, I thought it was well done and didn't skimp on the drama and emotional elements. The acting was great and the relationship between the young boys was believable, but I think the focus was much more on the female characters and their relationship with the boys. I don't think they were really the center of the story and it felt more like a diary than a true story. All in all, I thought it was a good film, with a really interesting and touching story but I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a good drama. It may be a little over-simplistic but I don't think that's the point. It's about a child who is a bit distant but this makes him grow in a real way and a real insight into the world. A real gem.

Douglas photo

A second time I watched this movie. After watching the first time I was worried, it's really boring. I think this movie is definitely different from the previous ones. It's so slow and boring and it makes me feel kind of sad when they died. But, after the third time I'm really glad that I watched it. It's funny, it's so sad, it's so interesting. And it made me remember some old movies that I've watched in my life. This movie is really cool and I recommend this movie to everyone. A good movie to see.

George photo

Saw this film at the Berlin Film Festival in July 2008 and was immediately reminded of the incredible performance of Zhao Wei of the critically acclaimed director Cao Xiong's earlier film 'Chuang ji', and the opening sequence of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' (1988). This film is a lot more esoteric, and much more visually stunning than either of the earlier films. 'Gong luo zi zhi' is set in modern day China (which is not portrayed as it was in the previous films). There are several sequences that are entirely in black and white, and the cinematography is excellent. The set design is excellent, the costumes are very artistic and quite impressive, and the score is wonderful. The characters are well drawn, the writing is great, the direction is excellent and the acting is just wonderful. Zhang Yimou's direction is amazing. The editing is excellent, and the use of colour is simply beautiful. The film is a sort of modern black and white Shakespeare and you will never get bored by it. This film is in no way a stereotypical depiction of China. It is a portrayal of a Chinese country that is very different to the Chinese we see today, and it is fantastic. It is a highly recommended film. *

Louis Kelley photo
Louis Kelley

This is a very good movie about a young man's struggle with his mother who is a prostitute. He is a homeless guy living on the streets and he must rely on his mother to pay for his basic needs. He finds out that he was adopted at an early age and his mother was an orphan. This is the best movie I have seen since Les nains pas de tous les Morts. But this is not a completely good movie. The plot is quite weak. There are quite a few empty plots. And there are many scenes that have no connection to the main plot. The only good thing in this movie is the acting. I have not seen Keanu Reeves in a good movie. The only good thing I saw in this movie was John Turturro and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This movie does have a big price, but if you do not pay the price, you will not get it.

Joseph Beck photo
Joseph Beck

After having read some reviews on IMDb, I have to say that I find this movie quite boring, except for the first 30 minutes, where the music, the plot, the cast and the overall experience is very interesting. Then after the first 30 minutes of the movie, the movie becomes very boring, due to the action scenes. The music is bad, the characters are not likable. I think it would be better if the movie had some more action and adventure scenes, to make it more interesting. Although it was very good, I am still waiting for the movie to be better. Also, the girl and the man in the street were not believable. I think the movie could have been better if they had used some more dramatic scenes. In conclusion, I think that this movie is okay for watching, if you are a fan of martial arts movies, and if you like a movie that is not too long. It was very boring, but it was still good.

Robert Murray photo
Robert Murray

When it comes to the story, the film is quite good. The film is rather dull to watch, and only a very small part of the film I was able to stay awake. But I am still glad that I saw this film. The cast is good, the story is good, the dialogues are good, and there is a good atmosphere throughout the film. But the movie is quite flat and predictable. The characters are quite dull and the script is quite good. The film would have been better if the director would have made the character development slightly better, and given the film a bit more of a dramatic tone. I would recommend this film to people who like a good drama and a bit of drama with a bit of romance. I give this film 7 out of 10.