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Naples '44 is a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Adriano Giannini, and Alan Arkin. A British Intelligence Officer in Naples at the end of World War II: Norman Lewis's acknowledged masterpiece about a war-torn city and its...

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Napoli '44
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1 hours 20 minutes
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War, Documentary
Francesco Patierno
Norman Lewis, Francesco Patierno
Alan Arkin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Adriano Giannini, Ernest Borgnine
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A British Intelligence Officer in Naples at the end of World War II: Norman Lewis's acknowledged masterpiece about a war-torn city and its unforgettable humanity.

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Patrick J. photo
Patrick J.

A review of the best documentary ever made. This is a great film about the war in Naples. You will leave the cinema with your heart in your mouth and a new respect for the men who fought in this terrible war. This film is about life in WWII and the impact that the war had on the whole country. The film is great because it is very factual. You can learn a lot from the film about the men who fought. The war in Naples was just the beginning of the war in Europe. All the war in Europe is just the beginning of the war in Naples. It is a great film because of the fact that you will never forget the names of the men who fought in this horrible war. It is a great film because the film is a must watch for anyone who has ever lived in Naples. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever lived in Naples and will ever live in Naples.

Marilyn White photo
Marilyn White

This film is definitely worth seeing, and it really gives you a feel for the time period it was filmed in. I first saw this film in the cinema on its release in 1996, and thought it was great, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it again recently on DVD. The film is based on a book by Michael O'Hagan, and it tells the story of the GIs who fought in Italy during the war, and the scenes shown on screen are the actual ones that were filmed in 1944. The film has some great scenes, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good war film. There is a great amount of emotion in the film, and there is no point in watching it with your parents, unless they are having trouble with the emotions. I also would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys history films, and you will have a great time watching it. It is a great film, and it gives you a great look at the war in the Second World War.

Jesse Guerrero photo
Jesse Guerrero

The men were more or less heroes, the women were more or less whores, and the world was a better place because of it. The movie was a depressing watch for me, as it was a movie about how bad things are, and the way in which our world can be made a worse place through the greed of some. However, I think the point of the movie is that not everyone can be a hero. For me, the movie gave me hope and made me think about things that were not easy to think about, such as that I am not completely alone in the world, and that I can change the world for the better.

David photo

The film made me laugh, make me cry, and was truly great. I would recommend it to anyone who loves history. I am a documentary film maker and I have worked on documentaries for the last 5 years. I am glad to see a documentary that tells the real story of what happened in Naples during the war. The historical context that is created is perfect. The documentary gives a different perspective of the story, not only what happened during the war, but what happened before and after. The narrator is the same voice that narrates every documentary I have ever worked on. I am a very proud American and I am glad to see a film that is factual and takes a look at what happened in the world during WWII. The film is amazing and I hope that it will inspire people to learn more about the history and the events that happened in the world during WWII. I am very proud to have worked on this documentary.

Scott photo

The film was very well made. I was very impressed with the technical aspects of the production and the fact that there were no special effects. The audience is presented with a very large amount of information that is very important for understanding the film. Also the use of music and sound is very effective in presenting the film. The film is very comprehensive. It focuses on the idea of the German soldiers using their rifles and pistols. The film does not present any special effects to make the film look better. It presents the facts of the soldiers shooting and the executions. This was a very good documentary. There are many things that can be learned from this film. The film is not only about the conflict but about the struggle of the people that are fighting the war.

Frances Henry photo
Frances Henry

I am a very passionate "radical" who loves the military and believes in the use of violence to achieve a peaceful end. I also believe that we have gone too far in our support for the US military. I have been to see this movie at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival and was very impressed with it. The film made me feel that we have gone too far in our support for the military and we need to stop. The movie was very well done, and I believe that it should be shown in more places. If you are not pro-military, it is hard to understand how you would not be affected by the film. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know more about the military. It is a very interesting story and a very important message.

Ryan photo

What a great documentary! If you are a war buff, you will love this film. There are some really emotional scenes and a lot of interesting facts. I think that there were some points in the film that were slightly misleading. The film really makes you think about the war and how the Americans and the British handled it. I felt that the film could have done with some more footage of the war. It really is a great documentary and worth seeing. I think that it should get more publicity and it is an important film.

Mildred Montgomery photo
Mildred Montgomery

This is a beautiful film. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever suffered the horrors of war. This film is based on a real event and tells the story of it from a few of the participants. It gives the viewer a sense of what it was like to be there and why it was so terrible. The film does not have the same tone as some of the other films that have been made about the war. Instead of being emotional or emotional-based, it is more of a documentary-style. I think it's important to keep an open mind when watching this film, because you won't be sure what to expect. The fact that it is a true story also helps. It was based on a real event, and it is impossible to know what the truth was. I think that is what is important in the film. The people that were involved with the event were not afraid to speak out against the war, and many of them were never able to talk about it. Some of the people that were involved were even killed or were injured. So, while the film may not be accurate, the people who were there and who lived through the events are real people. I think the film does an excellent job at telling the story of what happened. It is a must-see for anyone who has ever been through a war or has a family member that has. It is an emotional film and one that will leave you thinking and feeling like you've lived through something that no one would want to be a part of.

Cheryl Davidson photo
Cheryl Davidson

This film is an excellent documentary about the fighting in Naples in 1944. It shows how the city of Naples was liberated from the Germans in a few days. It also gives a look at the experience of the men who fought in the liberation. In fact, it was an incredibly difficult time for the Italians, especially the Italian non-commissioned officers who had to fight in a foreign country. I think this film is a good resource for anyone interested in war, history, and history.

Austin photo

I just had the pleasure of seeing this film. I have been a fan of Edward R. Murrow for many years, and this documentary has been a favorite of mine for many years now. It was a thrill to see this documentary for the first time, and was impressed by the manner in which the director had the facts and the archival footage to show. It's not easy to find a film on the subject that is truly informative and is done in a manner that doesn't misrepresent the truth of the situation. I have always been an advocate of documentaries that show the truth of the situation rather than always showing the "good" side of it. This film does both. The documentary makes you want to know more about what was going on and the reactions of the government. It also makes you want to learn more about the men and women that were involved in that period of time. There are many interviews with people that were in the field. From the first interview with the press secretary to the last with the president, it shows the power and influence of this man and the way in which the media was manipulated. It shows how that situation affected the lives of the people of this time. This film will most likely be a little more widely available than the other documentary that is out on the subject. It will be interesting to see if this documentary gets the recognition that it deserves. It's a little different than the other documentaries. I have been waiting for this film for a very long time and was very pleased to see it. I would recommend this film to anyone that has not yet seen it. It is a great documentary that will tell you what was going on. I think it will be one of the most important documentaries that you will ever see.

Douglas A. photo
Douglas A.

As a former member of the U.S. Military, I was disappointed to see this movie at a theater near me. The movie was very well done. It was an eye opener for me and a very satisfying experience. It is a must see for all Americans and Europeans. The history that is shown was a must see for the Europeans. The movie is the best of its kind and deserves a very well-deserved Oscar.

Johnny photo

This documentary is a fascinating look at how the First World War and its aftermath were a metaphor for the Cold War. It's difficult to argue that the cold war was at its height in 1940, and when you look at the film, it's hard not to wonder how different the world would have been if the world had been more like the one depicted in this movie. Indeed, as the film makes clear, the movie's subject matter was entirely political, and not really about what happened on the battlefield. It's more about the political influence on how people viewed war. It's a fascinating, though ultimately divisive, look at how that influence affected people in the United States. There's a lot of insight into how the war affected the American psyche, and how those effects were felt at home. It's a good look into how the American people were treated in the war, and how their minds were changed by the experience. This is a great film, and I highly recommend it.

Jean photo

I saw the film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film is very well done and captures the unromantic war stories very well. It's funny and educational. I think people will enjoy it, and the documentary style is nice. I'm a bit surprised the film didn't have a wider release in the UK. I'm sure that it's very much relevant to this generation. There is an aspect to the film about the Nazis, but the film is actually about the war and the effects of the war on the men. It's very important that people know that the war did affect us. I really liked this film. The film is about men who fought in the war and was made by a couple of veterans, so it's not a docu-drama. I think it is a very well made film. The film doesn't rely on history or film to tell the story. It is well done and gives you an insight into the men who fought in the war. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the war. It is very well made and entertaining.

Jason photo

This is an important film. It is a true story of a beautiful young girl named Anna, who was "jumped" from a plane in 1945. She and her two companions were taken to a prisoner of war camp in Italy. Her captors wanted to kill them and use them as a bargaining chip in the war. They kept them locked up for over two years. They were kept on the top floor, with no air conditioning. The movie is very informative and at the same time sad and tragic. It is very rare that a movie about war is so well made. This is a must see.

Gregory photo

The second war film I saw this year, I'm glad I saw it. It's not a big film and you won't hear much about it, but it's definitely a film that was missed by me. The film takes place in the second half of the war in Naples in 1943, as the Allies move into Sicily and Italy and are in fact the 'Invasion'. The film does a good job of showing the horrendous living conditions in the city during the war, the thousands of Jews being put into death camps and the Italian fascists (many of whom were Jewish). The film is a little slow at times, and the interviews are a little too long. Overall, it's a good film that's worth seeing. It's definitely worth a watch. I give it a 9/10.

Diana photo

If you are a fan of war movies, then you'll love this. It's a great movie to watch if you are new to war movies or if you have never seen one. The director did a great job at telling a story of a war, the human side of it and the bravery of the soldiers. There is not one single scene that is boring. The music is great. The only thing I didn't like is the movie was too long. It was a bit too long. The film is 3 hours and 10 minutes long. However, it felt like 2 hours. The cinematography was also great. All in all, this is a must-see movie. 9/10

Robert photo

It is impossible to give any single movie a perfect score, it is all about the overall effect it has on you. This is a superb movie. I have seen it twice now and I feel like I have seen it more than once. The first time I saw it, I was young and had not even heard of it, but after seeing it, I had to go back and watch it again. The second time I saw it, I was much older and had seen it many times before. I have never seen a movie that can make you feel as though you are on a submarine. I felt like I was on a submarine and I can't wait for the DVD to come out! It is hard to explain the whole experience because it is a real treat to watch. It is not a movie that you want to see in the theater because you will be bored and the people in the theater will be bored. This movie is a MUST see and I don't think it is possible for a movie to be this good.

Walter L. photo
Walter L.

This is a highly recommended documentary on the war in Italy during WWII. It covers the landings in Italy, the political and military events of the war, and the actions of the soldiers of the Italian army. While it is not a documentary on the war in Italy, it is very well put together. There is a great amount of information about the landings, the political events, and the events of the war. It also includes a lot of footage from the period of the war. For example, the battle at la Spezia, where the Allies were not able to capture the area because the Italians were in retreat. The film is narrated by Berta Herzigova, the mother of the Italian resistance. This was the first documentary on the Italian resistance. She was very involved in the filming of the film and wrote the screenplay for the film. She also served as an adviser to the director. It is not an easy film to watch. The soldiers were portrayed as being heroic but not heroes. There were no German soldiers in the film. In the war, there were many Italian soldiers who fought for the Allies. They fought for the Allies, not for the Germans. The film also included footage of the Italian Resistance, which was very important to the film. It included anti-war protesters, the resistance, and even the National Liberation Front, which was the Italian communist party. It was the last film done by the great actor and political activist Berta Herzigova, who died in 2009. She was a real communist, and she served in the resistance. She was also an activist, and she was involved in several political movements. She was a very prominent actress, and she was active in communist movements. Her film was very influential on the Italian resistance. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a very well put together film.

Walter L. photo
Walter L.

This documentary is a look into the history of the U.S. Army during the last years of WWII. It was the last chance for many of the men to get a fair chance to prove themselves. The average life expectancy for a soldier during the war was only about 15 years. A few lucky men were able to get hold of a few honorable discharge papers. A lot of them were told that they would never see their family again. But they did. And they did not want to lose that opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. The ones who were left behind in Europe were mostly elderly or widowed men who could not see their families again. This documentary shows how many of them took advantage of the opportunity. It also shows how a few of them were able to survive because of their connections with the U.S. government. We learn about their lives, their homes, their jobs and their families. We also learn about the leaders of the different chapters of the U.S. Army. We learn about the reasons behind the war. We learn about the different prisoners of war camps in Europe. We also learn about the war itself. We see the soldiers as they were at the time of the war and we see them as they are now. It is a wonderful look into the lives of the people who were there. It is a must see for all American history buffs.

Aaron photo

This is a solid and compelling documentary about the famous "Greek Fire" campaign in 1944. The film is very well put together and the actors are really good. The documentary does a great job of showing the Allied plan, the politics of the time, and the personality of the two men involved. The battle scenes are amazing, and the cinematography is absolutely superb. The documentary is very well done and well worth watching. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Alan P. photo
Alan P.

I found this film so compelling that I had to watch it to the end. It's so beautiful, moving, and incredible. I was totally moved by this film and I hope everyone finds it as compelling. It's a touching story of the human spirit that will stick with you for a long time. The film is incredibly well-made, the acting is exceptional, and the film is filled with amazing footage. I truly recommend this film to anyone who loves a film that is as compelling as this one. I am in love with this film. You should watch it. If you haven't, go now.

Deborah photo

I saw this at the Austin Film Festival, and was a little nervous about having to pay for the ticket. But, I enjoyed the film, and it's not a waste of your time. It's a very well done documentary, and it was very informative and informative. It has some very good interviews, and some excellent interviews with famous and lesser known people. It is very important to note, however, that this is not a "big" film. It is about a small group of people in a small town, and the events that took place there. But, it is a great film, and I highly recommend it. It's definitely worth seeing, and I highly recommend it. I highly recommend it.