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Imgeumnimui sagunsoocheob

Imgeumnimui sagunsoocheob is a movie starring Sun-kyun Lee, Jae-hong Ahn, and Hee-won Kim. A clever King and his brilliant chronicle keeper hunt for the truth behind a crime that threatens the throne and the stability of the country.

Other Titles
王様の事件手帖, The King's Case Note
Running Time
1 hours 54 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Mystery
Hyun-Sung Moon
Hyun-Sung Kang, Yoon-Mi Heo, Eui-Mok Jung
Jae-hong Ahn, Sun-kyun Lee, Hee-won Kim, Jin-mo Joo
South Korea
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A clever King and his brilliant chronicle keeper hunt for the truth behind a crime that threatens the throne and the stability of the country.

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Walter H. photo
Walter H.

A simple yet satisfying film. Some critics have criticized it for its lack of blood and gore. I can see the point of that but I think that's the reason why this film is so popular. You don't have to be a fan of the original film to enjoy this film. The acting is well done, and the special effects are awesome. I think the biggest difference between this film and the original is the color. The original film was in color, the remake is in black and white. The acting was good, and I think that's what makes the film enjoyable. The original film had no plot, no characters, and was more about the characters than the story. The remake had plot, character development, and a plot that was actually tied to the original. The remake is much more entertaining. I think this film would be more fun if it was in color. The remake is just as enjoyable as the original.

Michelle S. photo
Michelle S.

For this movie, I had the feeling that it was actually going to be quite good. But it didn't deliver in any way. First of all, the characters are so stereotypical and so stupid that you just want to get out of there and never see this movie ever again. Secondly, the story is so weak that it doesn't even make sense and it just leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. I actually felt sorry for the characters because they just went through such a terrible experience. The whole movie just felt like a waste of time. The movie has a very bad production value and it doesn't even look like a movie that you can watch. It just looks like a production company that went bankrupt. The actors are really terrible and the direction is awful. The worst thing about this movie is the ending. The characters are all so dumb and they just go through a horrible experience. The ending is so weak and it just leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. The movie is not worth watching. It is one of those movies that you will probably watch at least once. But it is not a movie you can watch again.

Randy photo

The play of this movie is very well written. The main character is very smart and shows a lot of intelligence. I think the plot is very good. The characters are good. The story is very interesting. I liked the ending. I also like the "futuristic" feel. This movie is a must see for all people who are interested in the modern world. If you like movies, you'll love this one. The story is very interesting, it's full of surprises. I recommend it.

Kyle Knight photo
Kyle Knight

When I first saw this movie I didn't understand what was going on. I wasn't sure if it was a comedy or a drama. But, it is a comedy and I don't mind a comedy, but this movie was a drama. The story is about a girl named Yumi who wants to find her boyfriend who is being pursued by a gang of thugs. But, it doesn't end there. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy and drama. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Arthur Watson photo
Arthur Watson

When I first heard about this movie I thought it would be a mindless action movie with no plot. The only thing I knew about it was that it was directed by Takashi Miike, but I didn't know that this was actually a prequel to his best-known movie, The Ring. I was surprised that this movie was actually good. The plot is about a young woman who is the reincarnation of the spirit of a woman who was killed during the Second World War. The young woman wants to do something about it and the director wants to help her. The movie has an interesting plot, but there are some flaws. The director's idea of using flashbacks was a little too obvious, and some of the scenes were very choppy. The movie had a good atmosphere and it was full of mystery, but I think that the movie could have been better. The acting was good, but the movie could have been better. I think that this movie is very good, but it's not Miike's best.

Lisa photo

Well, I didn't really know what to expect from this movie. I didn't even know it was a Korean movie until I saw it. But I was surprised at how well it was. I thought it was going to be bad, but it actually is pretty good. The story is pretty unique, but I think it's still good. The actors are pretty good and the whole atmosphere is great. It has a good amount of comedy, which I think is really good. I thought it was pretty good and it is definitely a movie you should see if you like Korean movies.

Marie R. photo
Marie R.

Kanako Matsushima is a shy young girl who lives in the countryside with her eccentric father. One day, a stranger named Toshiharu appears at the door of the Matsushima household. She quickly recognises him as a strange, violent man who has a bad reputation in town. He makes her some soup and then leads her to a building where he intends to use her as a sacrifice to the spirits of the dead. When she refuses, he tells her that she will become his bride and he will pay her a large sum of money. She does not know what he means, but soon she begins to question her father and her own identity. This is a clever little film. It is cleverly shot and edited. It is cleverly acted, and it has a great cast. This is not a film for those who expect to be horrified by violence, or to be moved by a well-acted character study. It is a film for those who are easily moved, and who can appreciate a film that is both funny and scary at the same time. The film has a slow, awkward pace, but it is never boring. It has a great sense of humour, which is a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever laughed at a Japanese film quite like this before. The film is quite dark, but that is what I like about it. It has a lot of interesting ideas and it is very well made. The film is very stylish, and the cinematography is beautiful. I think this is one of the best Japanese films I have seen, and I have seen a lot of Japanese films. It is a film that is easy to enjoy and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to be moved.

Ryan Martin photo
Ryan Martin

I was expecting a rehash of the past films but was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. The plot is simple, a couple of friends go on a trip to their old hometown to do something or other, and at the end of the trip, they find that they are not alone, and that they have become part of the past. Not a lot happens, but there are some genuinely funny moments. The movie does have a few repetitions, such as the group leaving the same hotel, then coming back in the same hotel, but this is not a problem. The film is an ode to the past, but not a film to pass time. It is a film that you should watch, once in a while.

Sandra R. photo
Sandra R.

I had a chance to watch the movie "Lingyung shan" in a cinema, and I was very impressed by the quality of the film. The story is simple, but the screenplay is very interesting and it is a very good work. The director does a great job and the screenplay is really funny. You have to watch it. I recommend this movie to all people who love romantic movies, or those who are looking for a funny movie. I really recommend it.

Deborah Bowman photo
Deborah Bowman

The movie, as well as the book, are both great books. They're both great for their time. The movie, on the other hand, is pretty good, but not the greatest. It has great characters, a great plot, and great acting. The characters are likable, and the plot is fun. It is just that the ending sucks. I give this movie a 8 out of 10.

Jessica C. photo
Jessica C.

Well, after the disappointment of the recent 'Otokoinabeka' and the lack of interest in the Japanese films I've seen recently, I decided to give this film a chance. It was surprisingly funny and a bit disturbing. The story itself is a kind of mystery but it's also about the power of love and the consequences that can come when it's abused. I really liked the way the director used the camera to emphasize the "narrative" and I thought that the director did a good job. The photography was really good and it really gave a nice feel to the movie. The actors were really good. The director did a good job to portray the characters in their roles and to use the colors in a way that matched the situation. I think the characters are really interesting and the actors did a good job at it. This movie is definitely a must-see for any lover of Asian cinema and definitely a must-see for any adult.

Nathan photo

Mixed emotions after watching this. This is an amazingly well-made film. The acting is superb and the storyline is a total head-scratcher. But this is a film that must be seen. The story is unique, the directing is fantastic and the music is excellent. This is a great film that deserves to be seen and is worth seeing over and over again.

Donna photo

This film is a Korean movie which is about the human spirit and the desire to find happiness in the midst of a struggle with the harsh reality of everyday life. This film is the best Korean film that I have seen in the past few years. It's a film that I can recommend to everyone.

Harold photo

I thought that the first movie was really bad and stupid. But this one, it's a little bit better. It's not perfect, but it's good. I like the sound effects and the music. The story is kinda boring, but it's entertaining. The special effects are really good, even though I don't like the original ones. The cinematography is very good. The acting is very good. The director is really good. He was able to make a movie that's really good. I give it an 8. If you like Japanese horror movies, this is the movie for you.

Hannah photo

The "Hamlet" is a great movie, in my opinion. I liked it so much, I had to see it again, and again, and again. The movie is not too long, and it's not too long. The movie is funny, and it's also sad. The movie is also very funny. The movie is a masterpiece, and I recommend it to everyone. It is a movie that you can watch over and over and over again. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

this is one of the best movies i have ever seen. The plot is quite simple, but the way the story is told is quite brilliant. The cinematography is very good, and the acting is also very good. I think the only thing i didn't like was the way the script was written, and i think that the scriptwriter should learn a few more things before he/she writes any more scripts. This is a must-see movie for any fan of Korean cinema.

Bruce R. photo
Bruce R.

A fantastic film, very funny, with a good plot and some really funny scenes. Some of the acting is good, some of it is very bad, but most of it is great. It's a very hard film to watch, but very good. If you like comedies with a good plot, this is a must see. I gave it an 8.5/10.

Barbara photo

This film is based on the novel by Kenji Mizoguchi. It is a slow, meditative, and thought-provoking film that brings to mind all the philosophical and moral questions that are the basis of "The Matrix". The movie is about a Japanese woman, Kyouko, who is working for an American software company, whose computers are being hacked by a hacker. In the process, Kyouko learns of the principles of hacking, and how it is used by various individuals. The story is layered, with multiple layers of meaning and meaninglessness. There are moments of pure chaos and moments of pure clarity. It is not clear which is which, and it is not clear what the result is. The film is beautifully shot, and the soundtrack is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys philosophical film-making.

Kathryn C. photo
Kathryn C.

The story of the human condition. It's a story of a depressed man who has lost everything. He is a lonely man, with no friends, he feels lost, and he tries to cope with his life by making love with a beautiful woman, who is a tourist in Japan. In the beginning, the movie tries to tell a human story. But after a while, the movie loses its heart, and we can't understand what the main character is really feeling. It becomes very funny and stupid. This is a movie for people who don't like to see a real story. I think that if you can't tell the human story, you can't understand it.

Jean photo

I'm a huge fan of Japanese cinema, and I am quite surprised that this movie was not more widely recognized. The movie is absolutely stunning, as it was for the director, and it is certainly one of the most original films I've seen. The plot is totally original, and the pacing is excellent. It's really a joy to watch, and the ending is quite unexpected, although it is not as abrupt as I expected. The actors are fantastic, and I can't wait to see more from them. I think the message is very well-thought, and the script is absolutely excellent. The cinematography is beautiful, and it is definitely a feast for the eyes. I think it is a perfect movie for all kinds of people, and it is a must-see for everyone.