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Father Figures

Father Figures is a movie starring Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, and Glenn Close. Upon learning that their mother has been lying to them for years about their allegedly deceased father, two fraternal twin brothers hit the road in order to...

Other Titles
Bastarzii, Wer ist Daddy?, Bastards, Figures paternelles, Locura padre, Bękarty, Trazi se stari, 2 gran figli di..., Bastardos, Who's Your Daddy, Traži se stari, ¿Quién @#*%$ es papá?, Pankrta, Correndo Atrás de um Pai, Kes on su issi?, Apavadászat, ファーザー・フィギュア, 追爸大行動, Μπάσταρδοι, Baban Kim?, Who's Your Daddy?, ¿Quién @#*%$ es mi papá?
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Comedy
Lawrence Sher
Justin Malen
Ed Helms, Owen Wilson, Glenn Close, Robert Jon Mello
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Kyle and Peter Reynolds are fraternal twins who were raised by their mother, Helen, as their father died before they were born. Kyle is dating his pregnant girlfriend, Kaylani, and is wealthy from royalties for his image on BBQ sauce labels. Peter is a divorced with a teenage son who resents him. Shortly after Helen's wedding, Peter recognizes an actor on Law and Order: SVU from photos of his supposed father, and confronts Helen. Helen explains that she had been promiscuous at the time of their conception, and did not want their father involved. When they keep pressing, Helen reveals that their father is Terry Bradshaw. The brothers fly to Florida to meet Bradshaw, who they encounter at a signing event. Bradshaw is excited to have them as sons. As Bradshaw recounts stories with former teammate Rod Hamilton, the brothers realize that Bradshaw had been in Australia at the time of their conception, and thus isn't their father..

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Scott P. photo
Scott P.

I liked this movie, but it was not for everyone. I'm not a fan of movies that have a clear story line. The acting was great, and it kept me interested. There was a lot of humor in it, and I enjoyed it. I did not see this movie to see a "comedic" movie, I saw it to be entertained. I think it is a great movie, and I hope that it is going to get good reviews from other people.

Lauren Thomas photo
Lauren Thomas

This movie is hilarious! The comedy is so real and yet so believable. It makes you feel like you are in the family. It shows the various problems that happen in the family, and how they all contribute to a single person's life. The characters are all so realistic and relatable, you feel like you can relate to them. I can't wait for the sequel to come out!

Randy Carroll photo
Randy Carroll

This is an excellent movie. The actors and actresses did a great job, and the story line was very touching. I thought it was a little predictable at the beginning, but it was still good. I thought the ending was very emotional. I loved how the characters overcame their problems and got back together. I recommend this movie to anyone. I think it is a good movie to watch with your family.

Jack Mills photo
Jack Mills

When I first heard of this film, I was not sure what to expect. I wasn't expecting a "feel good" movie, nor a comedy, nor a drama. But I was very surprised to find a movie that was so true to life. The plot of this movie is very simple. A man named Ryan (a child actor who I have never seen before) is homeless. He lives in a group home and he is lonely. But one day, he is reunited with his father, a man named Paul (a very old actor who I have never seen before). Ryan is given a job to help Paul with his car. But when Ryan starts to help Paul with his car, he is not happy about this. He is so unhappy that he thinks about leaving the group home and moving to a more secure place. But Paul won't let him leave the group home. So Ryan is forced to help Paul and he helps him in a way that Ryan never thought possible. I really liked this movie. It is so true to life. I think it is a very great movie. It is not perfect, but it is very good. It is the kind of movie that you would want to watch again and again. I recommend this movie to everyone. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Victoria photo

I'm giving this movie 10 stars because it deserves it. I'm a guy who doesn't usually watch movies that closely, but I was so shocked that this movie was so good. I thought that I was going to be mad at it because I was expecting a generic teen movie, but this movie is so much more than that. The movie is about a family of 4 teenagers, two of whom are very popular and one is not. The movie is funny, moving, and touching. The acting is great. I have seen this movie 3 times and I'm still laughing. This is a movie that will leave you feeling good. You will be moved and touched by the movie. I'm going to buy this movie on DVD. It deserves to be on the top 250 movies list. It deserves to be on the top 10 movies of all time list. I think that this movie is one of the best movies ever made. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Maria Jackson photo
Maria Jackson

As I am writing this review I am in the midst of watching the movie. I am enjoying it very much and have just finished watching it. It is a very well done film, the characters are well played and the story is very touching. I really liked the first part of the movie and I thought that it was very well done. The last part of the movie I found to be very touching. I will say that the story was a little confusing at times and I think that some of the characters could have been better developed. I also think that the movie could have been better in the sense of the characters and the story. I think that it was a very well done film, I enjoyed it very much and I think that it was a very good movie. It is definitely worth watching and I think that it will be one of the most entertaining films that I have ever seen. I think that it is very touching and I really enjoyed it very much.

Denise Ortega photo
Denise Ortega

I think that this is a wonderful movie. The acting is superb, the story is gripping and the characters are very real. I really like the character of Avery and I think that this is the best role for her. I think that this movie is not for kids and I think that it is not suitable for everyone. However, I think that it is a good movie to watch and I recommend it to everyone.

Steven photo

I was fortunate enough to see the first ever screening of this movie, and was very impressed. This movie has an intelligent, very funny plot, and it shows us that it is not the norm to see a movie like this and feel like it's nothing but a bunch of people doing what they do because they feel like it. The cast was fantastic, the dialogue was funny, and the movie was a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and drama with a touch of romance. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch and enjoy.

Craig K. photo
Craig K.

I can't say enough about this movie. I was so taken by the acting, the story, the characters. I really believe that this is one of the best movies of 2017. It's not just a story about a family with a son, but about a family in general, and a family in a time where people are still fighting for their dignity. I really loved this movie. It's a true story and a true love story. The acting was amazing, and the directing was great. I don't think that I have ever seen such a well-rounded and strong cast. I'm still in tears after watching this movie. I don't want to say more, because I don't want to spoil anything. I really hope that everyone can get a chance to see this movie. It's really one of my favorite movies of all time. I love it so much.

Megan photo

The movie was so good, i will tell you that. It was funny, it was sad, it was all of that. I really love this movie, and i love that it has a "PG-13" rating, because the movie is so much more than just a comedy. It's actually a movie about being a teenager and being sad, and that's what makes it so great. And it's not just the story, it's the whole movie, and you can't take it too seriously. And the actors were great, and the characters were great, and the movie was so good, that i would watch it again, and it wouldn't be a waste of time. I love this movie, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone, it's very good. And i would also like to say that i think that the movie was very good, and it was a very good movie. It was very good, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Anthony Marshall photo
Anthony Marshall

I just loved this movie. It was an excellent film, but it was also very realistic. The storyline is so realistic, that it's almost like it's a reality. It shows that parents don't always know what their kids are doing, and that they can't always control them. It's really sad that this is a reality, because this is something that should never happen to any parent. It also shows that it's not always what you say, or how you act, that affects the children, but how you treat them. It also shows that there is nothing that can be done about your child, and that the only way to help your child is to love them unconditionally. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, because it shows that there is no way that any parent can control their children. There is always something that can go wrong, and you can't control it. I give this movie a 10/10, because it's so realistic, and it's very touching. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I strongly recommend that you watch it, because it's an excellent film, and it will make you cry.

Janet Salazar photo
Janet Salazar

This movie is great. The acting is great. The story line is great. The characters are great. The story is great. I can't say anything bad about this movie. It is just a great movie. I think the only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it is not a sequel. It is a movie that is great. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie.

Madison photo

It was a great movie, the movie just had a good story line, and the actors and actresses were all really good. The movie really made me cry, and i hope that the movie gets a lot of good reviews and i will definitely go and see it again. I think that it was a great movie, and i will definitely recommend it to everyone that likes a good movie. I really hope that the movie gets a lot of good reviews and i will definitely go and see it again.

Nicholas photo

When I first saw the trailer for "Shaun of the Dead", I was like, "Oh, man, this looks so cool!" I went into the theater expecting the worst, and I was right. I mean, it's a zombie movie, right? But I was right about it being the worst movie ever made. "Shaun of the Dead" is definitely not a movie for anyone. The humor is almost too corny, the story is totally unbelievable, and the acting is worse than you could imagine. However, I think "Shaun of the Dead" is the funniest movie I have ever seen. I actually laughed out loud at some parts of the movie, and it is that funny. The movie also has some great quotes that you will never forget. The movie is definitely a must see for anyone who loves zombie movies. It is definitely one of my favorite movies ever. But if you don't like zombie movies, then don't watch this movie. I personally loved this movie, and I think everyone should see it. The movie is definitely a movie you should see if you want to laugh. If you are a zombie fan, then you should definitely see this movie.

Barbara Griffin photo
Barbara Griffin

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was great, funny, and touching. I was a little confused at the beginning, but the movie really pulled me in. I felt like I had known the characters for a long time and I felt like I knew the story. It was an amazing movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Adam Sandler or just want to see a really good movie.

Laura R. photo
Laura R.

It is easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding this movie, and I don't blame them. The trailers for this movie are amazing. They are so original and really bring this movie to life. The story is interesting and fun. The characters are really well developed and I was never bored. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys family oriented movies. It has a lot of heart and you can tell that the writers really wanted to make sure that this movie was realistic. I'm a big fan of Kevin Hart, and he really brought out the best in the actors. I'm sure that if the actors were given a little more room to breathe, the movie would have been a lot better. I really enjoyed this movie and I highly recommend it to anyone.

David Kim photo
David Kim

This is the best movie I've seen in a long time. I was very impressed with the story and the acting. The story was very moving and touching. The acting was great. The character development was great. The story was very touching. I really loved this movie. I'm really looking forward to seeing it again. It's a movie I can watch over and over again. I highly recommend it.

Christian L. photo
Christian L.

It was so refreshing to see a movie that wasn't depressing. It's not about a good or bad person, it's about a human being who is just trying to survive. It's the perfect movie to watch with the family or a date night. It's not a movie for kids, but it's a movie that everyone can enjoy. I can't wait to see it again. Great Job!

Nicole photo

I'm not a fan of this movie but it's definitely a great movie. There is not much to say about it. It's about a father and son and their relationship. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a good movie.

Joshua Hall photo
Joshua Hall

I just saw this movie in the cinema and I can't stop laughing. There was no need to tell the story, I just wanted to see how it would end, I wanted to see how the characters would react to it. I liked this movie a lot. I can't wait to see it again, I can't wait to buy it on DVD. I really hope they don't make a sequel, because I don't want to see any more of the same jokes and the same plot. I would like to see how they will end this story.

Jason Reed photo
Jason Reed

I don't think I've ever seen a movie like this before, and I don't think I'll ever see one again. I've read reviews here and elsewhere saying how this movie is "too dark", or "too dark", etc. I don't agree. It is dark, but it's not too dark. It's not a movie where it's all about the gore, or the violence, or the sex, or the language, or the nudity. It's about the loneliness of the human condition, and how people can be good and bad, and what it means to be human, and how people can change and grow. It's about the power of words and the power of stories. It's about the power of the mind. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that had such a powerful effect on me. I had tears in my eyes and I was laughing out loud. The only thing I can say that I didn't like was the ending. I understand that it was supposed to be a happy ending, but I was really upset about the ending. It didn't fit the story that I had seen. It didn't feel right. I wanted it to be more, but it wasn't. But, that's just my opinion. I really recommend this movie. It's a great movie.