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The Work

The Work is a movie starring Brian Nazarof, James McLeary, and Eldra 'Vegas' III Jackson. Set inside a single room in Folsom Prison, three men from the outside participate in a four-day group-therapy retreat with a group of...

Other Titles
The work, Mordere i gruppeterapi, The Work. Almas entre rejas, The Work: gruppterapi med mördare, The work - gruppterapi med mördare
Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
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Gethin Aldous, Jairus McLeary
James McLeary, Andrew 'Dark Cloud' Molino, Eldra 'Vegas' III Jackson, Brian Nazarof
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Set inside a single room in Folsom Prison, three men from the outside participate in a four-day group-therapy retreat with a group of incarcerated men for a real look at the challenges of rehabilitation.

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Brenda Dunn photo
Brenda Dunn

I just got back from seeing the film, and I was disappointed. I do not know what they were trying to say. It seemed to me like they were just using one actress (the current female lead) to tell a story. But the film is pretty good. It was really good to see how this film was able to show the true extent of sexual harassment and rape. I would not recommend this film for women who are looking for a male dominated film. The film is about a woman, who is trying to build a business. She falls in love with the person she hires to work for her. The film focuses on how she tries to overcome her problems, and find her purpose. It is a very interesting story about a woman who has to overcome sexual harassment, and rape. This film is a must see, but it should not be the only film you watch. If you do not believe the men, watch the film first. Otherwise, it is a good film.

Timothy photo

Movies that truly take the viewer to the heart are rare. This is one of them. It's a one hour, twenty minute, piece of music video art that evokes the emotional and spiritual aspects of the experience. This movie is more like a documentary, more like a film, than it is a film. It's a journey into the heart of a man, his emotions, and his journey in life. A great work of art. Highly recommended.

Melissa photo

I think it is quite ridiculous that this documentary is rated so low, it is actually quite entertaining. The film shows an interesting and entertaining tour through the lives of people who have come out of the closet to "come out of the closet". I must admit that there is a slight amount of "homophobia" in the film, and the idea of coming out to "straight people" is a bit of a taboo in some places, but I think that the film gets it all across. The film shows how people were reacting to the "coming out" of their parents, grandparents, cousins, etc. The film also shows how these people were reacting to their parents' and grandparents' homosexuality. This is probably the most interesting part of the film. The film shows how people are reacting to the idea of their parents coming out as gay, and how they reacted when their parents did. I think that the film does a good job of showing the people who are coming out of the closet and how they are reacting. This film is actually a lot better than the "coming out" of parents of "straight" people documentary that I have seen. Overall, I think that this is a very entertaining documentary and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see how people react to the "coming out" of their parents.

Evelyn Castillo photo
Evelyn Castillo

I'd like to say that I really enjoyed this movie. It was very realistic and had me in tears. But then I realized it was just a documentary and I wasn't going to feel a thing. This is what I like to call a "weird movie." That's not to say I don't appreciate an epic film, but this movie is weird. And if you want to see a documentary, go see the great "The Thin Red Line" or "American Beauty." These are amazing films, but they are not for everyone. I would recommend this movie to people who want to get to know a couple of people who are currently incarcerated. Because you won't be able to put your finger on a reason why they're in prison. If you want to see a great film, go see "The Big Short." That's a great film. I know it's not for everyone, but it's a great film.

Alice photo

This documentary tells the story of the death of Holocaust survivor Esther Bock. The film covers a variety of topics including the Holocaust, the women of Yad Vashem, and the survivor's reactions to the Holocaust. A well-acted documentary that could have been more relevant had it been more focused on Bock. I do hope that the film is released on DVD. It would be good for the average Holocaust survivor to see. It is not a documentary about the Holocaust.

Crystal S. photo
Crystal S.

I didn't know what to expect from this film. I was expecting a lot of information about the movie itself and some of the people involved. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was the case. I had heard that it was a documentary, and I knew that I would have to pay attention to understand everything that was going on. The film does a very good job of explaining the history behind the movie and the people involved. I found that it was very informative and very interesting. It also did a good job of showing the evolution of the movie from the beginning to the end. I recommend this film to anyone who likes history, and anyone who has a love of movies.

Hannah photo

I've read the book, and I agree with the movie. There is a lot of people that hate the book, but I actually liked the movie. It's a little different than the book, but it was good. The characters are more developed, and it's nice to see a more modern take on the book. There were some parts that were a little off, but that's usually how a book is written, especially when you know the author. The main character was not that different from how he was in the book, and the movie was pretty good at showing it, though I think it was a little slow. It was a bit confusing, but the movie had a good pace, and it kept you on the edge of your seat. It was good. It was better than I expected, and I like that. I also liked how the movie was a little different than the book. I liked the movie better than the book. I will not say that I hated the book, but it was a little different, and it was good.

Bruce Payne photo
Bruce Payne

The film takes a look at the lives of six young people who grew up in the squalid and dangerous environs of the slums of Mumbai, and the ways in which they chose to deal with their new environment. The film focuses on four girls from the same family, and their early lives, as well as the way in which they overcame the difficulties of their circumstances. The film is shot in a relatively intimate fashion, and mostly focuses on the relationships between the four women, rather than the community. The documentary's director is played by Nisha Goswami, the daughter of the film's main character, and the film's primary focus is on her experience growing up in the slums of Mumbai. One of the main criticisms of the film is that it is too long, and too focused on the three main women, rather than on the wider culture of the slums. This is a fair criticism, and the film would have benefited from some editing to allow the audience to better understand the dynamics of the women's lives, and their relationship with their community. Nonetheless, the film is a remarkable insight into the lives of these young people, and they are clearly a compelling group of people to study.

Evelyn Wagner photo
Evelyn Wagner

This is a great documentary about the last days of a building in the heart of Chicago. The building was the original home of the famous Elks Lodge, but it is now home to the Landmark Theatre. It is a wonderful film and I highly recommend it. The acting is excellent and the documentary is very entertaining. There are a lot of interesting facts about the building that I did not know. This is a must see for anyone who has ever visited the Elks Lodge.

Janet photo

The movie's plot is both interesting and surprising. The technical side of the movie is as good as ever. The pace is quite good and the story unfolds at a nice pace. The problems I had with the movie are that there were some things that could have been explained more easily, and some of the things that I would have liked to see explained were not. But overall I really enjoyed the movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in a different approach to the story of the movie's subject matter.

Jack Schneider photo
Jack Schneider

I love the work and it is a great film. It touches on many themes that are relevant to the current times. I also like the fact that it is about the people involved in the work and not the director, writer, producer, etc. What I really like about it is that it takes the viewer on a journey of how people were involved in the production. It shows that the director, writer, producer, etc. are all part of the process, but they are not really in control of the project. I also like the fact that the director is a woman. It's rare that we see a woman in the director's seat, but this is one of those rare cases. It also shows how the film industry is a male-dominated world, where men are paid more than women, and are more likely to have more resources. I think it's important to show that the work is not about the actors, but about the people involved in the production.

Amber Diaz photo
Amber Diaz

I've seen a lot of documentaries, and this one is one of the most entertaining. The subject of the documentary is the "work" of a man who creates art, and the impact his work has on his life and the lives of his loved ones. It is very informative and has a very good pace, and the documentary is also very well shot, so it doesn't feel too long. The documentary is also very entertaining and interesting, with some great interviews with the man himself, his family, and his art teacher. I recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in art or who has an interest in art. I give it a 10/10.

Jeremy photo

I am surprised how much I enjoyed this documentary. It gives a good insight into what it is like to be a struggling artist. I think it would have been a little better if it was made on a larger scale, but I do not think it would be a waste of time to watch it. The documentary is actually quite informative and funny, even if it is a bit dated. The only thing I would have changed is a few scenes that were a little too predictable. The main focus of the documentary was the main character, who has suffered a lot of hardships. It is also important to point out that some people have been doing the same thing for years, even decades, without getting the recognition they deserve. The main characters struggle is to get people to recognize their talent, to get their work seen, and to get the respect and recognition they deserve. If the documentary is made on a bigger scale, I think it would have been a little bit more realistic and a little bit more informative. The documentary is very informative and entertaining, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about what it is like to be a struggling artist.

Helen photo

A pretty good documentary that tells the tale of the Carters' reaction to the movie "Life is Beautiful." I read the book a few years ago and had my doubts about the accuracy of the story as I knew little about the original. They overcame those doubts with a great documentary. It is a very well written and well presented film and has a great flow to it. The documentary is not just a look at the movie but more so a look into the lives of the couple. As a couple who were involved in the film and whose story is told here, it was a great pleasure to listen to these two amazing people speak about their experiences. I look forward to seeing the movie again when it comes out on DVD.

Nathan F. photo
Nathan F.

I think I could say a lot more about this movie, but this is already enough. I think it's a great movie, it's not too well known, it's not too much, it's just a good movie. It's not a masterpiece, but it's not a masterpiece either. I recommend this movie to all of you who like movies that have something to say. I think you will find this movie a good one.

Marilyn photo

This film has to be one of the most important films of all time. No one else could have done it justice. It has touched me in a way no other film has, and is one of my favorite films. I have seen it so many times, I'm not even sure I know it anymore. If you haven't seen it, you will be amazed at how powerful this film is. The story is about the life of one man, how he developed as an artist, and how his artistic development caused his life to change. This film is well-written, well-directed, and well-acted. It has a powerful message about the art of life, and how life is precious and how the decisions we make can affect our lives. It also shows how one can make a difference in a small way. The acting is very good, and the film is well-paced. I'm very surprised that this film didn't get nominated for an Oscar. This is a very powerful film, and a must-see.

Victoria photo

This documentary explores the inner workings of the international community in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. It examines how American leaders, foreign leaders, and the UN reacted to the terrorist attacks. It also examines the response by those involved in the United States, with a focus on President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, CIA Director George Tenet, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. It concludes with discussions of the Bush administration's response to the attacks and an examination of what the US response was to the attack on the World Trade Center. It also includes interviews with the leaders of the European Community and the UN Security Council. It is a thoughtful and informative documentary, and I am certain that it will be very helpful in the study of the events of September 11, 2001.

Louis photo

The first half of this film is a great look at the people and places in the Bay Area of California, and then it shifts gears to a different area of the country. The movie has some great moments in it, and it has some great music. I highly recommend it.

Denise Hughes photo
Denise Hughes

This is a great documentary, I have watched it many times and every time I get more and more excited about the subject matter. I am a person who has a lot of respect for Robert Rodriguez and his work, and this documentary is a great example of his work. It is extremely entertaining and shows the passion and talent of the director. This documentary is not just for fans of Rodriguez, but it is for anyone who loves a good documentary. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone.

Aaron P. photo
Aaron P.

This is a film about the creative process, and how hard it is to achieve the impossible. From the beginning to the end, the movie is filled with amazing moments, and the audience gets to see the journey of a young creative, and how hard it is to make it big in the business world. I think the most interesting part of the movie is how a small, hardworking and ambitious kid from a small town, managed to become the best in the world at his work, and then how the people around him, that thought he was crazy, tried to change him, and to not let him make it big. The movie is full of great moments, and it is a must watch for anyone that likes to learn more about the creative process.

Phillip photo

I'm not sure what this is about, but the movie is about a former American diplomat who is now living in the Ukraine. He has a family and he's working as a journalist. I'm not sure if the documentary is about him, but it's about the Ukrainian revolution and how it has affected the country. There is a lot of talk about the protests, but there's also a lot of talk about the political situation in the country. It's a good documentary about the situation in the country, but I'm not sure if it's really worth watching.

Diana Burns photo
Diana Burns

I've been a fan of Ken Burns since I was a kid. I remember watching a documentary on the Kennedy assassination, and hearing Ken Burns talk about how he didn't know who did it. I also remember listening to the radio broadcast of the Kennedy assassination, and hearing Ken Burns talk about how he didn't know who did it. I don't think I'm the only one who remembers those memories. I was amazed to hear that Ken Burns was able to make a film about a topic that he has spent his entire life researching. I think he has done a great job of using the documentary format to tell a story that is so well known and understood. I think he did a fantastic job of showing us what happened in the past, and how it affects us today. I think this film will be one of the best documentaries of the year. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, or just wants to see a documentary that is well done and interesting. I also think it will be one of the best documentaries of the year. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in history, or just wants to see a documentary that is well done.