Watch Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Author: The JT LeRoy Story is a movie starring Laura Albert, Bruce Benderson, and Terrence Owens. The story behind literary persona JT LeRoy, the fictional writer created by American author Laura Albert.

Other Titles
Berättelsen om JT LeRoy, 作家、本当のJ.T.リロイ, Nimimerkin takaa, Author: La mentira de JT LeRoy, Bakom pseudonymen, Author The JT LeRoy Story, The Great Literary Scandal: The JT Leroy Story
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Jeff Feuerzeig
Jeff Feuerzeig
Bruce Benderson, Ira Silverberg, Laura Albert, Terrence Owens
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The story behind literary persona JT LeRoy, the fictional writer created by American author Laura Albert.

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Kevin B. photo
Kevin B.

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. JT LeRoy in person at the 2012 J.T. LeRoy convention in Ohio, and I was very impressed with his charisma and charisma in his presentations. I am a retired lawyer in a small town in Oklahoma, and I am really hoping that he can help my small town. We need a lawyer with a proven track record in Oklahoma, and Mr. JT LeRoy fits the bill perfectly. The only reason he has not been selected to represent my small town is that he is an ex-con. I would like to see him represent my small town in any legal action against the oil companies that are ruining my community. This is a documentary film, not a biopic, but it has a great message that should be shared with all of you. I am glad to have seen it, and I plan on telling everyone I know about it.

Jeremy S. photo
Jeremy S.

This documentary is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about JT LeRoy's life, or even someone who is interested in his story. It is a must-see for everyone, including people who are not into death and mourning, and even people who are into those things, but would like to know more about the man and his life.

Mary Rose photo
Mary Rose

This film is one of the best films I have seen in years. This film is about a man who was forced to become a gay at a young age, and was not allowed to be a normal part of his family. He was beaten at school, and was only accepted by his family when he left home to live with his family in New York. He finally had to leave home when he was 12 years old. It's about a man who's life was turned upside down. His life turned upside down because he had to take a stand against his own family. This is a must see film.

Joyce G. photo
Joyce G.

This documentary is a must watch. This documentary explores the lives of three people who are active in a new social movement in the USA. The documentary begins with a visit to a mental hospital, a place that is notorious for the mental illness of the patients. In the hospital, three patients in particular, a man named JT LeRoy, and his brother, Henry, both former activists and now both living free in the USA. The documentary follows their journey to the US, their interaction with other activists, and their interactions with the police. It also shows the struggle of JT LeRoy and his brother Henry to be able to leave the mental hospital. Henry has never been to the US and seems to have a strange relationship with the authorities. This documentary really gives an idea of what activists go through, and the journey of JT LeRoy and Henry shows how each individual has their own way of dealing with the situation they are facing. The documentary is really well done, and is full of personal stories of the activists, as well as the stories of their families. The documentary is an excellent film. I highly recommend it.

Emma Ferguson photo
Emma Ferguson

I first watched this film in 2000 and I was moved to tears. I saw it again a few years later and now a few days ago. I was in the theatre with my husband and he had tears in his eyes as well. This film is not easy to watch, but it is not only about the horrors of the Holocaust. It is about the courage of people who saw this happening, and it is about the efforts that people in Poland made to help Jews who were trapped in the Lodz ghetto, to help them get to safety. I was impressed with the information given by the survivor who lived in the Lodz ghetto, and it is also very informative on the history of the Holocaust and on the Polish people's reactions to it. This film is very important and is a must-see.

Stephen photo

This documentary was absolutely excellent. First, it was a "no compromise" documentary. The same old story was presented, without the "twist" that other documentaries usually do. It was refreshing to see that the documentary makers had a clear, straight forward story to tell. Secondly, it was a "yes" documentary. The documentary makers had to make a decision in this documentary, not a decision that they made for all of the other documentaries they've made. It was a "no compromise" decision. Finally, the documentary makers did a great job of not trying to push a particular political viewpoint, and did not "over-do" the politics. It was not a political campaign commercial. It was not a pro-Obama campaign commercial. It was a documentary that talked about the human story of Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I loved this documentary. I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a documentary to watch.

Michael photo

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Frances A. photo
Frances A.

The narrator is as real as it gets. It is a great documentary about JT's life and career. He was a big fan of Scientology and that's why he wrote the book. There is a lot of bad stuff in the movie, but I didn't think it was all bad. It was mostly true. This documentary has a lot of good stuff. I love it. I can't wait to see it again.

Robert photo

I'm an independent film student in college and I saw this documentary as part of a course on documentary making. My professor brought up this fact that Mr. LeRoy had produced an eight-minute short film on AIDS and that it had been shown at the Florida AIDS Memorial Hospital. I have been trying to find this short film since then and I have been unable to find it. I have been told that the person who made the short film was "disappointed" in Mr. LeRoy because he didn't want to be associated with him anymore. I also read the article in which Mr. LeRoy was interviewed and it stated that he was very passionate about his work and he was very proud of his work. I believe that the people who wrote that article must not have been able to find this film or they must have been made up. This film is not just about the AIDS epidemic but it is also about his life and the success of the film that he made. I believe that he should be given a proper film. If anyone knows where I can find a copy of this film, please contact me.

Carolyn photo

I think this documentary will be an instant classic, as it has given a new meaning to what a documentary is supposed to be. The film was very well-made, and, along with being completely accurate in it's depictions of the real people and their stories, it was a masterpiece of movie-making. It was the story of the true "Biggest Hoarders in the History of the World." The director and the producers had the courage to show the true suffering that people go through when they are caught up in a life of hoarding and selling. I think this movie will go down in history as one of the best documentaries ever made. I am also very thankful that I have the opportunity to view it.

Margaret S. photo
Margaret S.

The JT LeRoy Story is a documentary about the life of JT LeRoy, an American inventor and author of the bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. The movie was filmed by a retired British journalist, Robert C. Tucker, and it's made up of footage of the author and his wife and their daughter. The movie is both informative and funny at the same time. As JT's story is so fascinating, the movie isn't just a collection of clips and interviews. The movie takes you through a lot of interesting details about JT and his family. You can see the pictures of his home, the birth of his daughter, the time he spent in jail, and even the time he spent on his death bed. JT's story is interesting because you can't really see the true facts of his life. He was a really nice guy, and he didn't have a bad heart. He had a really strong will and his heart was really strong. He was very intelligent, and he had this great desire to understand the mysteries of the world around him. This is one of those things that is really difficult to understand, but in the movie, you can see the work that JT put into it, and you can see how he was able to do it. He was a very talented writer and he wrote his own book. I really enjoyed this movie, and I really recommend it to people. You will definitely enjoy it, and you will be able to see it on a lot of different levels.

Jonathan B. photo
Jonathan B.

I'm a little disappointed with this documentary. I expected it to be more of a compilation of the life of JT LeRoy, rather than just one person's life. It doesn't feel that way at all. I like watching documentaries, but this is just one person's life. I can't help but think that the documentary could have been much more. We see JT on his TV shows, and it's great to see him interact with the fans. The fans talk about him so much, and I don't understand why they would want to destroy the memories of him. The documentary doesn't have a lot of action. It does have some music, but it's not enough. It's like they wanted to do a film about his music, but didn't have the courage to make a movie about his life. It's a great documentary, but I wish it would have been more like the documentary we saw in the documentary. I recommend it to people who like movies. I don't recommend it to people who like documentaries. It's just another one of JT's fans' bad memories. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Mary Garza photo
Mary Garza

What a powerful film. I was blown away by the sheer power and beauty of it. The first time I saw it was on a home-made DVD, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It is a must-see for all who are interested in science and the history of our world. If you are not interested in science and the history of our world, you are missing out on a wonderful film. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Johnny L. photo
Johnny L.

There is a need for this kind of documentary to be made. For a more accurate story of the life of John T. LeRoy, please visit this site:

Jean photo

I am very surprised at all the negative reviews I have read on this film. I found it to be very informative and entertaining. I have seen so many documentaries that I am very much aware of the major problems with our society and the shortcomings of our culture. I was very impressed with the way this film dealt with all the issues presented, especially the one with the issue of child pornography. I think that the more we look at this issue, the more we are going to see that it is a problem that is not going to go away anytime soon. I thought the documentary was very well done and well presented. I am surprised at all the negative reviews that have been posted here. I don't think that the film is too biased, as I believe that many of the people who have been commenting on this film are either the same people who are not doing their homework on this issue, or they are simply people who have no respect for anyone who has a different opinion. I highly recommend this film. It is very well done and very educational.

Sharon W. photo
Sharon W.

I enjoyed the film so much, I did not know how I would feel about it but I was sure it would be great. The story of JT LeRoy is amazing, I love how he told the story of him and the story of his kids and the amazing thing is, he did not tell it in a way that it would make you feel good, instead he told the story so you would understand what it was like to grow up with him. It was just great, he gave the movie it's title and did an awesome job of not leaving any stone unturned and making it all very entertaining. I would recommend this film to everyone and it's definitely worth the time and money. I recommend you go see it, you will not regret it. I give it 10/10

Alan photo

The JT LeRoy Story is a masterpiece that brings back some good memories of the 50's and the 70's. I am a big fan of the man himself, so this documentary is very interesting to me, and I can't wait to get this documentary on DVD. The music was excellent, the fashion and the clothes and everything about the film were just perfect. I loved the story behind it all, and I am not sure how I will ever see the same film again. I was extremely impressed by the documentary. The most interesting thing about the story is that it is based on a true story. The stories were different, but the common thread was the same. I was really impressed by the documentary, and I can't wait to see it on DVD. The DVD I got is in NTSC format, so I watched it in PAL mode. This was a great way to watch it, because there were no subtitles. It was very easy to follow and understand. I would recommend this movie to everyone, because it is so good.

Virginia K. photo
Virginia K.

This documentary is a breath of fresh air, it is a riveting story of one man's struggle with AIDS and his struggles in his own life to live a "normal" life. His documentary is a true story of a man that did everything in his power to help others with the disease. It is a story of hope and how a simple wish can make a huge difference. I am not a medical professional and I do not claim to know all the facts of the disease but this is a true story that deserves to be told. It is a story that I have not heard told in many years and it is a story that I will never forget. I urge everyone to watch this documentary. You will leave the theater with a sense of peace, hope and compassion for all those that live with the disease and the man who put his life on hold to do what he felt was the right thing to do.

Douglas Rice photo
Douglas Rice

I would like to say, this documentary is a really good documentary. You get to know about the life of the great character JT LeRoy, an American astronaut, who goes to the moon in 1969. The documentary is well done, but it's also kind of depressing. The documentary doesn't show a lot of NASA footage, but you get to hear about the astronauts' stories and the most important parts of their life. The documentary does an excellent job in showing the importance of what they had done and how important it was. Also, the documentary is well edited, so you don't get bored. I think it's a really good documentary and I would recommend it to everyone.

Angela K. photo
Angela K.

What a wonderful documentary about a man who was a true original, a true patriot, a true American, and a true champion of the poor. His story is about how his life changed because he was on a life changing journey and he did it on the road. He made himself the greatest athlete he could be and he did it all in the name of his country. He was the kind of person who would not quit until he got the job done, and he did it on the road. This film is a must see for everyone who loves sports and American history. It is a MUST SEE for those who are interested in the real story of the American Revolution and the creation of the American military.

Cynthia photo

My friend went to see this film at the Gare du Nord, and he said it was excellent. It was truly an amazing experience. It was so powerful. It brought me to tears many times. I had never had such a profound experience watching a film, and it felt like I had been there. It was very moving. I am now in my fourth year in a PhD program at the University of Maryland, and the same story has affected me, and has affected all of my students and family members, and I feel very grateful that this movie was made. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in seeing it, and I am sure it will inspire many others to do the same. Thank you for making this film!

Sara W. photo
Sara W.

This movie is a must see for all. The JT LeRoy Story is a riveting and gripping documentary about a true hero who not only inspired but almost single handed saved the world. JT LeRoy was a selfless man who used his position to save countless lives. He was a hero for the world, a hero for the people of San Diego, and an example for those who didn't even know him. This is a true story that all Americans should see. A true story of a true hero.

Nancy photo

This film tells the story of JT LeRoy, an aging gay man who started in the porn industry as a teenager. He went on to do this until he was 65 and had prostate cancer. His story is told through the eyes of his wife, Susan. Her husband has made this film for her and her own family. The movie is very well made and I highly recommend it. It tells the story of a man who was well loved and respected by his peers. He was an inspiration to many. He had a loving wife, two beautiful children, and a loving home. Then, cancer took his life. He had no choice but to make this documentary and share his story. This is a must see documentary for everyone. It is not only about JT LeRoy, but about the gay community and how it's portrayed in movies. It's a very important film. It is an important story that needs to be told.