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Citizen K is a movie starring Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Putin, and Leonid Nevzlin. The strange case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once believed to be the wealthiest man in Russia, who rocketed to prosperity and prominence in the...

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Obywatel K, Cidadão K
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2 hours 6 minutes
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Alex Gibney
Alex Gibney
Leonid Nevzlin, Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky
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Narrated by Alex Gibney and brimming with insightful interviews with various Russian journalists, business-people, and legal experts, Citizen K (2019) plays like a political thriller, revealing parallels between the ways Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Vladimir Putin navigated modern Russia's Wild West atmosphere for personal gain. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was eventually pardoned and now lives in exile in England, where, in a stunning reversal, this former oligarch has become an advocate for democracy and human rights in Russia.

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Eric photo

I'm a total cinephile and a big fan of cinema. I loved the new movie The Lookout, which is a good movie, but really, this is the best documentary about the drug war in the United States. There are so many great things about this movie, but for me, the most important was that it shows the role of the government and the media in all of this. In the world of the drug war, there is a strong dichotomy of left and right. The drug war is very divisive, and the media in particular is one of the main weapons of the government in this war. A lot of people who aren't really interested in the drug war, but who do want to see a good documentary, will probably find this movie boring and boring, because it's not really about the drug war, it's about the drug war in general. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but if you're going to watch it anyway, watch it anyway. I really hope more documentaries about the drug war are made. Maybe there will be more documentaries about the War on Drugs in the future. There are so many great documentaries about the War on Drugs, and I think that a lot of people don't realize that this is not just a drug war, but a war on human rights and human rights of the poor. If you're interested in the drug war in the United States, you should definitely watch this film, because it's really great. 10/10

Joe Perkins photo
Joe Perkins

This documentary is about the very curious phenomenon of the "Citizen K", or people with the intellectual capacity to "speak their mind", a little-known phenomenon that has taken place in the European Union. It was the work of a handful of European activists and is essentially about the work of one, Gilles-Eric Sainte-Laguë. The story of the movement is very interesting and the ability of the individuals to relate to one another is commendable. I hope to see more of this kind of work in Europe. As well, this documentary brings up a very important issue - the idea that we all have the right to express ourselves and in fact that most people do not. It is a subject that I find very interesting. We all have the right to express ourselves. That is why the human rights movement is so important. However, this film should not be viewed as an analysis of the movement or as a documentary of the people involved, but rather as an examination of the importance of freedom of expression in a democracy. The film also does a good job of bringing the viewer up-to-date on the European case. This is not a film to be taken lightly, but rather one to be taken seriously. The film is one that should be watched by anyone interested in the subject.

Craig photo

I went to this film with the full understanding that it was a fake documentary. I was wrong. It is a very good documentary, and very informative. It really goes deep into the world of an artist with an incredible life story. However, the interviewees are not exactly the artists themselves. They are real life people, with some background information, but not as "analyst" as some of the producers might have made them seem. It is very important to have real interviews, because they really bring the artist out. I really feel that many of the people who wrote reviews that are very harsh towards this film are being overly critical. I think that the filmmakers did a great job of making this film. It is one of those documentaries that is not supposed to be a documentary. It is a very very good documentary that is a bit too long, but that is the only thing that really bothers me about this documentary. I definitely recommend it. Go see it. You won't regret it. 9/10

Shirley Sandoval photo
Shirley Sandoval

I'm very glad that this documentary was made. It shows the true tragedy of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the events that caused it, and the situation that the organization had to deal with to keep it open for those who choose to be in it. The acting is great, and the audience is taken along on the trip with the true events. I highly recommend this film for anyone who has been a fan of the Walk of Fame and/or is a person who cares about the history of Hollywood.

Nicholas W. photo
Nicholas W.

This documentary is not about Bob & Diane, but the impact that they had on the rest of the world. The main character of this documentary is his wife, Diane. I think that it is a good and interesting film to watch. If you liked "Citizen K" or "Wild Things" you will like this one also. I really liked the way the couple dealt with the problems that they were facing. The documentary was very moving. I would suggest to watch it.

Lauren M. photo
Lauren M.

I watched this documentary for the first time when I was 15 years old, and it has stayed with me for 25 years, the story of how Sairat Ali Khan is being exploited in the name of religion and politics. This is a true story, and it will take many years to get it out in the open and discuss it openly with everyone. Sairat Ali Khan was an average teenager from the small town of Mussoorie in the Punjab region of India. His family was poor, but had everything to offer. He was able to get a scholarship to the prestigious London School of Economics, where he studied economics, economics and law. But he was an excellent student, who did not want to have a normal life, so he left school and went to work in a London textile factory. He was not religious, and he refused to marry. But that was the beginning of a sad, depressing chapter in his life, in which he was exploited by his own family for money and political influence. The story of how Sairat Ali Khan met the man who would become his mentor, and how he found his place in the world, and in the heart of the Punjab region. The film is wonderfully shot and the sound quality is excellent, especially the voice over of Sairat Ali Khan. The film is not without it's flaws. It is too long for a documentary. The story is told in two parts, the first being the year when he left school and went to work in the factory, and the second part the year after. But it does not matter, because the viewer is not used to an edited documentary. The director and his assistant have put in great effort to show the true story, and you can almost feel the pain, and the helplessness, the sadness, the anger, the suffering. I recommend this documentary to everyone, because it is a powerful story, and one that should be told. It is truly inspiring. 9/10

Willie Fowler photo
Willie Fowler

I have never seen a documentary on a political figure before. I have no idea how this film got the green light, but I think that the movie is the best I have seen on any figure on either side of the political spectrum. It is not a polemic on either side, but a look at the facts that surround the ideas. If you have the time and interest to watch this, you will not be disappointed.

Rebecca Wells photo
Rebecca Wells

For a great documentary on the history of the state of Israel, I'd have to say "Death to America" is a better film. Director Paul Sperry brings to the screen the true story of a family and a whole community torn apart by the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The family in question consists of a man, his wife, a teenager, a mother and her child, and their rabbi. Their situation is quite unfortunate, as the children are often hungry, they are undernourished and they suffer from severe illnesses, from diarrhea to heart problems. What the family cannot afford is the ability to care for their children, and what they do have is limited to them going to school and going to school for a few hours every day. The rabbi has the power to be a major voice in the community, but that power is not always there, and he cannot do much. There is one line that I think was very important, and that is the one about the scar on the head of the little girl that is always closed in her room. Her mother, a mother of three children, tells the story of how her daughter died because of the trauma of seeing her father die in front of her. The rabbi is a major figure in the community, but he does not always show up. He is also not present during the Sabbath, when the children are supposed to be fasting. There is a quiet but powerful film to be made here, about the true story of the "Bigotry of the Heart" and the "Bigotry of the Mind".

Evelyn Hill photo
Evelyn Hill

This is a great documentary that should be shown in schools. I really enjoyed the research done and the interviews. It is very interesting to hear what the soldiers and their families have to say. It is very informative and entertaining. I liked the research done and the interviews. It is really a must see for any film lover. The only thing I didn't like was that the film didn't include much of the interviews and the fact that some of the interviews were from the news, which I did not like. I did like the interview with the Sergeant Major who is interviewed before he died. I liked the fact that he talks about the training. Overall, this is a great documentary.

Jacqueline photo

I have been an avid moviegoer for over 20 years and I'm extremely passionate about cinema. I've seen so many movies that I've been proud to call my own, but this movie is the most amazing and eye opening cinematic experience I have ever had. The cinematography, the story, the acting, the photography. It is a cinematic masterpiece. I can't recommend this movie enough. It has to be seen to be believed. I was literally in tears by the end of the movie and I've never cried at a movie before. It's the best movie I have ever seen. The acting is fantastic, the story is captivating, the cinematography is incredible, the score is breathtaking and it's so very intense. It is a film that really is worth seeing in the cinema. It is such a cinematic masterpiece. I hope that more people get to see it. It's just an absolute must see. It is also a very heart touching story and it really shows what is the reality of the human condition.

Eric E. photo
Eric E.

I read a lot of reviews on the film before seeing it, and they are all positive, so I went in expecting to be entertained, but I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the film. I went in with very low expectations, but I left feeling entertained, and this is something I rarely get from a film. It's not perfect, but it does what it is supposed to do, and that is provide a solid storyline and entertaining movie experience. I believe the storyline was the most important aspect of the film, and it held my interest. The main character is a prominent individual in the community, and there are various scenes showing the ups and downs of his life. The main character is also portrayed very realistically, and you can tell that he is a very caring individual. Overall, the film is about an individual who is trying to make a difference, and who is dedicated to doing so. It is definitely a story that I would like to share with others.

Madison J. photo
Madison J.

I am a great fan of art and creativity. I am a fan of documentaries and have always loved documentaries. When I was in college I took a course called Documentary Film making. I was very excited to take that course because of the subject matter. The only thing that worried me was the fact that I could not see the film. My roommate and I saw a screening of the film in our dorm room. I watched it, and I left feeling like it was an amazing film. The film was short, but it had a lot to say about humanity. I will admit, when I first saw the movie I did not like it. I found it slow at times, and I found myself asking myself, "what is the point?" But over time, as the film progressed, I learned a lot about human behavior. It was not until I watched it again that I understood how important the film was to me. I also understood how important the film was to my roommate and I. When we watched it a second time, it was as if we had become close friends. We would talk about what we thought the film was trying to say, and I learned how to find our own truth and choose what we thought was important. I truly felt that I was taking the course and gaining the most out of it. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are still doing their own research on the topic. In fact, I still have a few people I have met who were writing essays about their favorite documentaries. It's really that interesting. I am sure I am not alone in this, but the film really has a lot to say about human nature and our obsession with perfection.

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

Citizen K is an excellent documentary about a small city in Colorado, which is supposed to be the next Silicon Valley. The documentary is very well made, and is actually very entertaining. I am a big fan of documentary films, and I do recommend this film to anyone who loves great filmmaking.

Frank P. photo
Frank P.

This movie is amazing. No wonder it has been nominated for all kinds of Oscars, it is a really well made documentary. I have a feeling that no one knows the truth about the whole "outrage" about the state of the U.S.A., and that the whole subject of the American military is an extremely dangerous subject. They just keep on putting on the new "we don't know" movie and "we don't know" documentary. This movie is really telling you that the American military has really done nothing wrong, but they just keep on blaming everyone else and covering up for their own mistakes. In the movie there are many scenes of torture and abuse and even death. But, after watching this movie, I feel it is very important to make the American people aware of their own country's actions and actions, and how they are turning a blind eye to the "outrage" about the U.S.A. But, in my opinion, the "outrage" about the U.S.A. is a very dangerous topic. I hope that there will be a way to stop this "outrage" about the U.S.A. as soon as possible.

Austin D. photo
Austin D.

This film is great. I went into it knowing that it was going to be a documentary, and as a result, I was able to have an open mind, and be able to watch it with a somewhat open mind. The film is focused on what I feel is the biggest flaw of modern cinema - not being able to really take a break from the viewer, in order to provide some sort of closure. The film also shows us the absurdities that go on behind the scenes, and what happens when you're actually there. It really makes you think about what you're actually seeing and what you're actually hearing. You really get the sense that some of the people involved in this film are really having a lot of fun. The problem with many documentaries is that the people involved in them are so busy and busy and busy that they forget to enjoy themselves. You really can't have fun if you're watching something you really think is going to make you happy, but it just doesn't work out that way. I really enjoyed this film, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Alexander Myers photo
Alexander Myers

I had heard about this documentary for years. I had always been interested in the subject of how many people are afraid of the homeless and the poverty of the American Dream. It really made me think about the problems in the United States today and how these problems are affecting our economy. This documentary really gets into the minds of some of the homeless and it really shows that they are not as bad as the people that are making it seem. It really shows that they have dreams and that they have a lot of energy and pride in their work. I really liked the interviewees in this documentary. They were really great. I recommend this documentary to everyone who has a desire to see what is going on in our country. I truly hope this documentary will inspire and motivate people to do something about this problem. I really think that the documentary really did a good job of explaining and explaining the problems in our country. I hope that you will watch this documentary and I hope that you will learn from it. This documentary really does a good job of showing us that the problems in our country are really real and not to be ignored.

Richard photo

While I am not a huge fan of K's work, I can appreciate his "citizen" approach. In a free society, we are all entitled to our own opinions. We are all free to believe what we want, even if it is wrong. What makes this movie stand out is that K's films are done from the perspective of the street worker, the homeless man, the racist, the victim, the hopeless person, the frustrated and so on. He isn't anti-hype, he is all over the place and you can't go wrong with that. K's films are really hard to find, but I recommend finding them as soon as you can. The first one was definitely the best, but I would also say that it is the most honest of the whole bunch. I think that most people would agree that it is absolutely amazing to see a man have to walk from the street to the city in order to make a living. You can't help but feel for him and it is really hard to watch. The second one is also great, but there are some scenes that you won't see coming. I think that the idea behind this movie was great. The film is just a different view of things. It gives you a different perspective on what we should be doing. I also think that it is important to show this stuff. I think that the message that this movie is trying to send is great. I think that it shows us that we should be doing something about it. The movie is also very well shot, and I really like the way that K shows us the street life of a different part of the city. The way that he shows us the street life is really great, it gives a really strong perspective. The idea behind the movie is good, and the performances are also very good. I think that the cast is very good, and I think that the direction is great. This is a great documentary that you should definitely see.

Mark B. photo
Mark B.

I found the film to be quite interesting. I'd like to know how this film was received by the public and the film makers. I saw many negative comments, but in the end, the film was a success. There is no doubt that the film makers have done a great job, but I think the public did not get the whole story. I hope they will re-edit the film, and re-shoot the film with the footage from the interview. I hope they do not change the ending, as it is a great one. The film makers did a great job, and I am looking forward to seeing more of their work. I thought the film was about a small group of people who had been through very difficult times, and were able to pull together to make a film that made people feel good about themselves. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a film that is different. I think the film makers have done a great job and I hope they will continue to do more work. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

John photo

I watched the first hour of this documentary, and the last hour. It was incredibly moving. It really was. It's not just about K's life. It's about his life and his war, and how they were intertwined. He never got his chance to go back to the land. He lived a half-life, and he did not get to live as a full life. When I watched the movie, I thought it was very interesting. I think it was a great documentary.

Christina photo

It is true that we are a long way from a world where racism and social isolation are obsolete, but the implications of that do not seem to be with us. We live in a culture where all the energy goes into producing more and more consumption, to the point where we may have the possibility of a much more damaging kind of global destruction. That is why the film concerns itself with the question of "what is a human being?", and what the consequences of our treatment of animals, and how the preservation of the planet might be influenced by that treatment. The film has an abstract quality, and the depth of meaning is not clear for the first half hour. But as the film develops, we find out that it is important to look at what humans have done, and what is still happening, but we also have to recognize the fact that the effects of our actions cannot be stopped, and that they will continue. And the fact that they cannot be stopped is why the film is so important. Although the film is a bit too long, it is definitely worth seeing.