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The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys is a movie starring Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, and Angourie Rice. In 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star.

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Running Time
1 hours 56 minutes
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Action, Crime, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Shane Black
Anthony Bagarozzi, Shane Black
Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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In 1977 Los Angeles, the washed-up and down-on-his-luck private investigator, Holland March, finds himself up to his neck, when--during the mysterious incident of the resurrection of a famous adult film star--he crosses paths with the hired gun and freelance bone-breaker, Jackson Healy. Now, the two reluctant partners must work together to investigate the case of the missing young woman named Amelia, as dangerous and powerful people are also trying to track her down. Without a doubt, it seems that everyone in the town's seedy underbelly is looking for the elusive Amelia; but, why?

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Arthur photo

I would say this is a good movie, but I would rate it above average for the story. It had good parts and I think it was kind of predictable. Some scenes were pretty good too. Also, I was very impressed with the chemistry between the two leads. It seemed real and I felt like they really clicked. I feel like their characters were as real as most. This was a really good movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes comedy. I would give this a 8 out of 10, but I wouldn't say it was perfect. I feel like it needed a little more depth to it.

Robert M. photo
Robert M.

This is an action movie where the two main characters, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, take a very special mission: They have to assassinate a man who's been giving them bad advice. The action scenes are well-done, the plot is well-written, and the performances are all top-notch. But the biggest thing that makes this movie unique is its cast: The two leads are great, they have great chemistry together, and their performances make the film what it is. Gosling and Reynolds are a really good choice for their roles. They are very likable, and they make the audience really care for their characters. If you want to see a good action movie, I suggest you to watch this film, you'll love it.

Judy Rivera photo
Judy Rivera

I liked this movie, it's a pretty good movie, but there's one thing I did not like about it. I think the plot was really good, but I think it was kind of rushed. It could have been more developed. The action scenes were good, but I think they could have been more elaborate. I think the characters were good, but I think they could have been more developed. Overall, I liked it, I think it's a good movie, but I think it could have been better.

Timothy photo

The original "Nice Guys" starring Will Smith was great. The remake with Ryan Reynolds was good, but it wasn't as good as the original. Now there is a remake of this with Ryan Reynolds and Joel Edgerton. I thought this was a good movie. The only negative thing is I thought it could have been a little more of a spectacle. It was better than the original, but I don't think this is a must-see movie.

Eugene photo

While I think the premise is original, the execution is not. I did not think the movie was as good as I thought it was going to be, but I liked it for its humor and the performances. While I am not a fan of comedies, I think it was a pretty good movie. I felt that the characters were portrayed well and the story was entertaining. It's a good watch, especially for people that enjoy comedy and/or action films. I am a fan of Martin Lawrence and Robert De Niro and they did a good job. The only thing I did not like was the love story. I felt that the relationship between Bobby and Lila was very weak. The acting was great and I think that the movie was worth watching.

Donald M. photo
Donald M.

I've had a number of bad experiences with box office flops and so I don't usually waste my time watching these kinds of movies. But I decided to go ahead and give this movie a try because there was an awesome trailer. This movie was actually good. It was an intriguing plot, good acting, and it was not boring. It didn't follow a formula as to how it would end but it was intriguing. The characters were good and the movie was well shot. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Raymond photo

This film was like watching a fun movie from the 80's. I was not expecting a lot from this film but I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was a fun movie to watch and all the characters were well done. The acting in this film was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime film. The villains in this film were all very cool and I would say they had a good amount of character development in the film. I highly recommend this film for people who like a good crime film. This film is an excellent movie to watch and a good watch overall. If you like a good crime film, then this film is for you. This film is a 7 out of 10.

Danielle photo

I have to admit I had high expectations for this movie after watching the trailer and then seeing it when it came out on cable TV last year. I must say I was surprised at how well it was done. As a fan of "Argo" (which I'm sure many of you do) I was looking forward to seeing this movie but when it came out on the big screen I was extremely disappointed. But after reading all the rave reviews I decided to give it a chance and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. It is actually a surprisingly fun movie. With the pacing of the movie it actually gives you some time to get used to it and some of the action scenes are rather good. All of the cast are good and the chemistry between all of the actors is quite good. Brad Pitt, Paul Dano and Jim Broadbent all play their roles well. Jim Broadbent does a very good job as the wise-cracking con-man. Brad Pitt also gives a very good performance in his role as the clueless "Norman" who is the center of the story. Paul Dano is also very good as the wise-cracking Norman and that is an unusual role for him but he does a good job. This movie definitely is not perfect but it is one of the better movies I have seen this year and I am looking forward to seeing what Will Smith does in the next one. I am giving this movie a 7 out of 10 because I was extremely surprised at how well the movie was done and I was also surprised at how well this movie is worth seeing.

Phillip B. photo
Phillip B.

While this movie is not as good as all the critics are saying it is, it's still a great movie to watch with your friends. The acting is good, especially from James Woods and Ryan Reynolds. The plot is pretty good, especially the way the movie ends. Overall, the movie is good for people that are into the action genre.

Jennifer S. photo
Jennifer S.

How many times do you see a cop-movie, with all the expectations of the film going in one direction and another? It's enough to make the movie not very interesting. Nice Guys is a very entertaining movie, with plenty of laughs, but a very simple plot and a great performance by Ryan Gosling. All the actors did a very good job. The setting of the movie is very well. The idea of the movie is very interesting, and I really liked the film. However, I do not think the movie deserves a good score. It's just not an exciting movie. I really liked the movie but I just think the movie does not deserve a high score.

Jordan photo

Ben Affleck is the latest big name to pop up in the latest summer blockbuster. After an excellent turn in his role in the original Batman movies, he has followed up with the lackluster crime thriller. It was cool to see his natural ability to play the tough guy, but I felt that he was more than able to play the 'bad guy' role in this movie. This movie is not a bad movie, but it does feel rushed and perhaps a little too long. However, I thought it was a lot of fun to see these guys at the gun range. The plot is okay, but it's an OK movie for those looking for a summer action thriller.

James Russell photo
James Russell

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a nice mix of action and comedy. I liked the plot and I enjoyed the characters. I think the movie is more of a comedy than a serious movie. The movie is about a cop who gets killed by a criminal and his partner gets blamed for it. His partner then goes on a revenge mission to kill the criminal and stop the guy from killing anyone else. The movie is funny, but also has a serious plot. The movie is not a comedy but it is a movie about revenge. I really enjoyed the movie and it was worth the money to see it. I hope this movie gets a lot of good reviews because it is definitely worth the money. The movie is worth the money to see. I really enjoyed this movie and I recommend you to see it. I really enjoyed this movie.

Julia Green photo
Julia Green

This movie is about a veteran cop in the Navy and a simple, caring, and caring cop in the Marine Corps. They both meet when they are just about to get married and then when they start working together they fall in love with each other. They are both very good friends but one wants to be a normal, ordinary cop and the other wants to be a military and look for some meaning in life. The good thing about this movie is that it is a comedy. In real life, I would expect these two to be way too serious about the problems they face in their lives. This movie had me laughing a lot. I also liked the way the two characters were portrayed and how they were very different from each other. If you like to laugh and are not too into dramas and cop movies, then this is a good movie to watch. The story was a little predictable and there were some plot holes but it was still very entertaining. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Michelle C. photo
Michelle C.

I loved this movie. I was really impressed with the action, the characters, and the story. I loved how the movie kept you on the edge of your seat. I have watched this movie a few times and I plan on watching it again. I think that everyone should watch this movie. I think that this movie is definitely a must watch. I hope that you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

Michelle photo

I've seen this movie many times, but the same thing always happens: when a movie is released, a person who isn't "involved" in the film decides to see it. So if this movie is viewed by someone who is "involved", it is going to be a good movie. However, I think that a lot of people who have seen this movie have gone in thinking that they were going to see a dark comedy, when in fact, the movie is nothing of the sort. I have been on a movie binge, and the Good Guys is the first movie I have seen where I didn't hate it, because it was so different than what I expected. I was really hoping that it was going to be dark, or dark-ish, but it was really something else. This movie is all about acting and characters, and I really enjoyed seeing it. My rating: 7/10

Tyler G. photo
Tyler G.

This movie doesn't really need to be made. It's a comedy, and comedies like this have always been my guilty pleasure. I've seen plenty of films in the genre, and this is a better than average film. It's not the best, but it's not the worst either. The premise is not original, but it does have a little bit of a twist to it that makes it worth watching. It is a perfect movie for a Saturday afternoon.

Jack J. photo
Jack J.

How does one describe a film with James Franco and Bradley Cooper? It's very subjective. After watching the film, I would go into a world of endless parody, thanks to the hilarious sense of humor of Franco and Cooper, who give us the funniest laugh in this movie. If you love to laugh, this is for you. If you love to watch characters bounce off each other, this is for you. If you love good cinema, you will be happy to see the magic of each actor, from the dashingly handsome, but very complicated James Franco, to the cold, ruthless Bradley Cooper. This film is in my top 10 films of the year. I love how the film uses real footage, as a joke, to make it seem real, and it is so hilarious that it is always funny, and you love it. I highly recommend this film to anyone, who likes good movies, with a good laugh.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

I am quite familiar with the comedy of Charlie Brooker and the zombie genre. I have watched all of the Scrooges, I have watched the 400 Blows and now I watched The Nice Guys. It was very enjoyable. It was funny, exciting and in a way dark. The plot was very clever. It was clever enough to have been written by someone like Jack Black and the actors were a combination of two friends that enjoyed each other's company. It was very well made and it's not a film that will make you cry or put you to sleep. The fact that it was all so dark made it very watchable and it is enjoyable to watch. If you liked the Scrooges you will enjoy this movie. If you like the zombie genre you will also enjoy this movie. Overall I would recommend this movie to anyone who has watched The Scrooges, 400 Blows or Scrooges.

Angela photo

I must admit, I am a big fan of gangster movies. However, I can not say that I have ever enjoyed them to the extent that I did this movie. It is not the only one I have ever seen, and I did not watch the whole movie, but I felt the need to watch it. I had not seen any of the previous Paul Greengrass' movies, and the only one that I had seen is "The Departed." I watched the entire thing, and I can say that this is one of his best. I had my expectations for this movie, and I have to say that I didn't even get close to them. The movie had an interesting storyline, a very good cast, and an amazing ending. I was shocked by the ending, I did not expect that much, but I was very surprised. It was one of the best endings that I have ever seen. The cast was very good, and I liked all the actors. I recommend it to anyone who likes gangster movies. Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Larry C. photo
Larry C.

I went to the premiere of this movie at the Washington DC premier with a few friends. We were all a little bored at first because we had seen the trailer, but as the movie started, it was like "Oh, so this is what they're talking about. Okay, here's what they're talking about." I thought it was a great movie. The story was really good. The characters were great. I loved the actor who played the cop, who was funny, smart, and sarcastic. It was very funny. The movie was full of action, fun, and a lot of laughs. My friends and I had a great time. I can't wait for the DVD release to see what else they have planned.

Joe S. photo
Joe S.

Despite all the hype surrounding the movie, I didn't care for it very much. It was boring, silly, cliche, and at times, rather predictable. I thought it was overrated for all the same reasons that critics raved about it: it's got three characters from three different worlds (western, northern France, and south America) that are stuck in one place together. That was pretty neat to look at, but the plot was hard to follow and the climax was overly dramatic and the end scene was pretty cheesy. But there were some entertaining scenes in it. The most entertaining was the southern France police's stop-and-frisk demonstration. And the scene where the big gunslingers shoot the world's most powerful killer and are killed in the process. I don't care what you think about action movies, but I found that scene and the rest of the movie to be a little bit to dark for my tastes. The atmosphere was more of a throwback to the previous Lethal Weapon movies (like when Murtaugh says "It's like going into a room full of dead people" or when Grif says "If I could kill you all" to the team in Lethal Weapon 2). I also liked the idea of the law enforcement group (the third and final brother in the trio) being anti-heroes. I don't know if that was just a fluke, but the movie did have some very entertaining moments. Unfortunately, most of the time, I didn't care for the movie as a whole. It had some good ideas and some good acting, but I found myself mostly bored with the characters, bored with the story, bored with the ending, bored with the tedious exposition, and bored with the dialogue. The movie's first hour or so was probably my favorite part. It's got some really good ideas and some good performances (the best performance, by the way, came from Liam Neeson as the French cop), and it was filled with action. The problem was that it wasn't enough to sustain a full length movie, and it was hard to care for the characters in the second half of the movie. But it was still pretty good, and it has the potential to be something really good. I still recommend it, but it won't be the one you'll remember.

Jacqueline photo

Hollywood is always good at crafting a screenplay that follows some type of "conflict" or "storyline" for their respective movies. When it comes to acting, you could expect the same if you watch a movie starring Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman, for example. The differences are subtle, and are just as important as the similarities. However, in The Nice Guys, the differences become exaggerated. The acting, for the most part, is quite good. It isn't all that great, but it's not terrible. But, it is very similar to what you've seen in other Clint Eastwood films. Clint Eastwood is a genius when it comes to delivering dialog. There are two different things you will notice when watching The Nice Guys: 1) An enormous amount of Clint Eastwood's spoken dialog, and 2) the fact that he has no-one to speak with on set. I can't believe that this guy has no one to talk to. There is a scene in which the lead actor has an argument with a "family" member, and the dialog is the best part of the film. It's perfect, in my opinion. Other than that, the movie is absolutely terrible. Clint Eastwood is the only character in the entire movie that was written with any emotional or dramatic elements. When you watch a movie like The Nice Guys, you'll notice that the characters are either totally over-the-top or completely comedic. The acting is good, but, not very good. The dialogue is completely unrealistic. There are scenes in which Clint Eastwood talks to his assistant about something that will make you laugh out loud, and the scene will be ruined for you. There are many times when the movie is about as exciting as a 6th grader's drawings. But, there are times when it's just as boring as a 4th grader's drawings. Even though this movie is terrible, Clint Eastwood has never been as bad as in this film. You will definitely not notice it if you watch it on TV. If you want to see Clint Eastwood get out of character, watch Bull Durham. There are so many great performances from Clint Eastwood, and I will definitely miss him in that movie. Although this movie has some great dialogue, it has nothing on Bull Durham.

Walter photo

I saw this movie because I like Ben Affleck and I liked Robert Downey Jr. In fact I loved this movie. It is a very entertaining movie with great action scenes, some of them are really good. The movie has some flaws. I didn't understand what happened in the end, and I didn't understand how Affleck got to the hotel and how he got to the basement of the building. The last part of the movie is very confusing and you can't follow the story. Also it was a bit confusing in the beginning, but I think it is the only part of the movie that is confusing. The movie is good.

Joshua F. photo
Joshua F.

I don't know what the critics thought about this movie, but I thought it was great! It was very entertaining, had a lot of action and was well written. I love the music in the movie. It was very good. I think that everyone should see this movie, it is a great movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Laura West photo
Laura West

I thought the movie was awesome. I've never been a big fan of Clooney, but he is a good actor and a great actor. I really liked his performance and thought the movie was funny. I think the movie is worth seeing. The movie is a good way to spend your time and it's great for families and friends.

Deborah K. photo
Deborah K.

A decent romantic comedy with a rather awkward story. My Rating: 6.9