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Equals is a movie starring Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, and Vernetta Lopez. In an emotionless utopia, two people fall in love when they regain their feelings from a mysterious disease, causing tensions between them and their...

Other Titles
ロスト・エモーション, Dông Diêu, Equals - Euch gehört die Zukunft, Rideg világ, Almas gemelas, Jako ty, Ako ty, Έρωτας πέρα από το νόμο, Semblables, Vienādie, Lost Emotion, Sha'vim, Azonosak, Przebudzeni, Quando te conheci, Iguais
Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance
Drake Doremus
Drake Doremus, Nathan Parker
Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, Scott Lawrence, Vernetta Lopez
Indonesia, USA
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An advanced society - the Collective - has emerged out of a Great War. Along with the technological advances are societal advances where emotions and feelings are switched off at birth to allow humans, devoid of any individuality, to focus on the greater good of society, especially in exploring the universe. Some humans can be afflicted with Switched-on-Syndrome (SOS) - thought not to be contagious - where those emotions and feelings begin to emerge, the ultimate manifestation of the disease being coupling. There are four distinct documented stages of SOS, and if one is able to survive stage 3 when thoughts of suicide emerge, one is ultimately subjected to a painless death in the worst cases of stage 4 as there is no known cure. Humans are to report signs in other of SOS and more importantly to recognize signs of it in oneself, in both cases the affected subjects sent to Health and Safety (H and S) for ultimate diagnosis and treatment. Silas, who has one of the more coveted jobs in the Collective as an illustrator at the educational research firm Atmos, begins to recognize the symptoms in himself, and at H and S, is diagnosed at stage 1 of SOS. In treatment at H and S, Silas meets Jonas, who is at stage 2 of the disease. Through Jonas, Silas meets a group of SOS sufferers who provide support to each other, most who neither deny or suppress to each other their want to experience these human feelings and emotions. Concurrently, Silas believes he sees in one of his coworkers, Nia, a writer, signs of SOS. He ultimately discovers that she indeed does suffer from SOS, and is a "hider", not disclosing these symptoms to anyone, let alone to H and S. Silas and Nia end up falling in love with each other, that love which feels right and not wrong as they were taught. Through the support group, Silas and Nia contemplate escaping to the Peninsula - the only known land mass that survived the war outside of the Collective control - their future there, if there is a future, uncertain. They have to balance these issues against the fact that a cure has been developed which would once again suppress their feelings for each other.

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Madison P. photo
Madison P.

I really enjoyed this film. I thought the acting was very good and the story flowed very well. I think the only complaint that I have is that the whole thing didn't really end. The end was something that you would expect from a movie like this. It could have been a little more conclusive. But, if you want to watch a good film, I think you should see this one.

Rose R. photo
Rose R.

A great film. As an avid SciFi fan, I expected something special. I was pleasantly surprised. My wife and I both enjoyed the film, and we had great discussions about it after watching it. The special effects were top notch. I was looking forward to seeing how the film would tackle these subjects. I think it succeeded in the way it wanted to. The film does tackle some interesting subjects. It deals with evolution, cloning, transhumanism, and the value of human life. It also explores the nature of art, morality, and identity. The acting was pretty good, with the exception of Chris Evans' character. The character of "The Fart" was very hard to connect with. He was also a bit annoying. He is a bit of a jerk, and his "You're a fart" comment was not very believable. I also had problems with how the film dealt with the rights and the laws of science fiction. The character of "The Fart" is a bit "blurry" as to how he treats his "girlfriend". If he hadn't been rude to her, it would have been easier to connect with his character. The plot was not predictable, and the film was very good in terms of plot and the action. The "cloning" scene was very interesting. I was not disappointed in this film. I would recommend this film to everyone.

Peter Peters photo
Peter Peters

I am not familiar with the movie's plot, so I am not going to tell you the story. What I will tell you is that I loved the movie. I also liked the music. I am a huge Peter Jackson fan and I love him even more than I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I love the fact that he is trying to make movies for kids. In my opinion, he is the best movie maker today. It was very refreshing to see a movie for kids that wasn't all violent and all the time. It was good. The actors are all great and the story is a lot of fun to watch. I especially liked the plot twist that was in the movie. I don't know why there are some reviews that say that this is a bad movie. It is definitely worth watching.

Joyce Davis photo
Joyce Davis

I saw this movie on it's initial release and was surprised by it's depth and uniqueness. It is not a typical love story, however it is a gripping story that never gives up on you. The cast does a good job, the film itself is interesting, and the pacing is very good. There is a lot of "Let's see how much we can squeeze from a simple love story!" and that is the one thing I liked about this movie. It's a must see. Don't let the "predictable ending" fool you. There are a few more twists, but it is a well done movie. You really should check this out.

Katherine West photo
Katherine West

A movie about a 20 year old boy's future. It was a very interesting movie and I think it's about time for the movie to be made and be available. A boy living in the future, his father is a scientist and his mother is a psychiatrist. He is supposed to meet his future mother, a woman who is still at work, so the boy is going to meet her. His future mother is an android, with a very kind personality, so he meets her at the time of her death. He falls in love with her and learns to make her smile and laugh. It's a nice movie to watch.

Philip Medina photo
Philip Medina

This is a wonderful movie, though one that can only be appreciated by those with an appreciation of sci-fi. The acting is superb, as are the special effects, and the story is well-crafted. There are numerous, detailed details that take you back in time to a slightly better time. This time period is the late 1980s, and the sci-fi aspect of the story is rather speculative. This is a very entertaining movie that you can watch over and over again, and it is very rewarding to see how the technology changes over time. The characters are very well-written, and the script is very good. I also liked the time-line aspect of the movie. It is easy to see the progress in technology. It is also easy to see the changes in the society. I also found the special effects to be very well-done. They are very realistic, and give you a sense of wonder and wonder-land. In fact, the special effects are quite good in this movie. The special effects are even quite good in this movie. However, this movie is best viewed on a big screen. It is best to sit in a nice, large, comfortable chair, with your favorite beverage and enjoy this movie.

Jean Fowler photo
Jean Fowler

Dare I say it? This film is great. I remember the day I saw this film when I was 14, I had never seen it before, and I am so glad I did! It's a perfect mix of science fiction and horror. A brilliant mix, and I highly recommend it. (And if you like that, check out The Sixth Sense)

Willie Bryant photo
Willie Bryant

It's not a great movie, it's not a bad movie, it's not a fun movie, but it's not a waste of time. It's a smart, clever movie that you need to watch if you like sci-fi. I'm glad that it was a sci-fi, because I don't really like the other kind. Maybe it was just my expectations for a sci-fi movie, but I don't think so. I was a bit disappointed in the way the story was explained, but it was understandable. It was a good movie and I recommend it to people who are into sci-fi movies.

Denise photo

It is a very well done movie and I am not surprised at all at the 7 rating it got. I have seen some very good movies recently, this one was pretty good too. The acting was very good, the movie was very well done. It is a very good story, and I think it is a very good movie. I don't think there is much that needs to be changed. The movie was very good. It is a good movie, and I am not disappointed at all. If you want to see a good movie that is well done, and a good story, then this is a good movie to see. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Mary P. photo
Mary P.

This film is very cleverly written and has great acting. It is one of the best films I have seen all year. I love the fact that the two leads play so different characters, and they play each other very well. It is an interesting premise and story that shows how people can do so many things when they are at the bottom of the social ladder. It also shows how people can be selfish and selfish when they are at the top of the social ladder. This movie is good and I highly recommend it.

John D. photo
John D.

It's not a great movie, but I thought it was good. It was slightly dated, but it was still pretty good. The acting was decent. I thought the acting was better than I thought it would be, but I can see why people would say that. The story was good, I liked the different story lines. The ending was kind of a let down. Overall, I liked it. It's worth a look. 7/10

Katherine photo

The movie started out a little slow. I could tell it was going to be slow, but it was not boring. The first 5 minutes of the movie were amazing, then they started to go slow again. The movie started to become more predictable, and it was just a drag. The last 5 minutes of the movie were great, it was a good ending. I would not recommend this movie, but I would watch it again. I did not think it was a terrible movie, but it was not a great movie either.

Evelyn W. photo
Evelyn W.

I know that there is a lot of negative reviews for this film but I feel it's important to tell people that this is a pretty good movie and that it is one of the better sci-fi films that I've seen in a while. I don't think I'll ever see a better film of this genre, but this one is pretty good. The cast was a good one, I think the cast did a good job with the material they were given. The story is not great but it is a good sci-fi film that should appeal to people who are interested in this genre.

Tyler photo

I'm not a great fan of the sci-fi genre, but I've found myself drawn to it as a result of a good deal of family drama. This movie isn't anything special, but it's OK. I've seen other reviewers complain about the lead character being a bit of a brat, but it's the way the character is written that has made me feel sorry for her. Her relationship with the other girl is the only real conflict in the film. Other than that, the acting is fine and the effects are good. Not a movie that I'd watch again. It was okay, but it wasn't great.

Ryan Peterson photo
Ryan Peterson

It's pretty predictable at first, but the characters do something interesting with their lives. For me it's the relationships between them. The way they are described in the beginning is very typical and predictable, but the way they are done is new and interesting. I think that if you are a fan of sci-fi or adventure movies you'll enjoy this movie, but it's not a classic movie. It has a few moments of action, but it's not a film to watch if you're not a fan of that genre.

Amanda photo

Although it may be strange to say, the film starts with a movie. When the movie's at its best, I found myself invested in the story, even if the characters I've come to know and love are the main characters. I also found myself excited to the point of jumping into the action, watching the unfolding events. In the end, the movie is less about the characters and more about the story. I can't think of a single scene that felt flat or rushed, and the writing is brilliant. The director's always great, and the cast have also done a great job. Even when the characters aren't the main focus, you find yourself caring about them, and the acting is superb. Even the main character, Hays, is very expressive, and the way he communicates is what makes this movie a great experience. Overall, this movie is one of the best I've seen in years. You'll find yourself invested in the story, and when the film ends you'll be left feeling like you've seen something great. I recommend it to everyone.

Jerry A. photo
Jerry A.

A shame that a movie that made you laugh at least once could not bring you a deep, meaningful experience. What you'll see is a romance between two astronauts in space that, in the first ten minutes, you're not really sure if you want to see. It's not your usual space romance. There are no innocent guys, and no hot women, so that makes it easier to root for the good guy. So, let's just say, if you're looking for a chick flick, this is not it. However, if you like romantic films and love comedy, this is worth a watch. This is one of those movies that will make you want to watch it again. It is not an instant classic, but worth watching once.

Justin R. photo
Justin R.

After a year or two, I decided to watch a movie I hadn't seen in awhile, and this one was one of them. This was actually a surprise to me, as I was extremely impressed with the first movie (the original) that came out that year. And I hadn't seen the sequel until now, which I did not enjoy as much as the first one. But I did watch the sequel after the first one, and I have to say that the second one was much better than the first one. It was definitely different and it had a good message to it. It was also interesting to see a movie like this coming out in the 90's, and I thought it was very refreshing to see a movie about a man that loves to work and wants to be a better person. It was also very touching. The characters were all likable, and you could relate to them, as well as the story was entertaining. The ending was great, and the first movie was very touching, and this movie was very entertaining. I gave this movie an A+.

Danielle photo

As far as I'm concerned, this movie is not really an action movie. I found it entertaining enough, but it never really really pulled me in or put me in a "action movie" mindset. That's the main reason why I'm not a big fan of this movie. The action scenes are fairly well done, but they're not really exciting or engaging. The acting is good, but the characters are not that interesting. If you're going to see this movie, then I would definitely recommend renting it first before buying it. You might not like it the first time you see it, but you'll definitely like it the second time around. I wouldn't really recommend buying it though, because it's not a movie you would be able to go out and buy again. It's an enjoyable movie, but it's not one I would want to watch more than once.

Frank Stevens photo
Frank Stevens

I must say that I am a big fan of the James Bond films, but I am also a big fan of the David Fincher film 'The Social Network' and I must say that I enjoyed 'The Social Network' very much, it was very intense and the movie has a great ending. However, the first part of the movie, the part where the two lovers meet, is one of the most depressing parts in the movie, and it's the reason I'm giving this movie a 7 out of 10. If I had to choose one part of the movie to like, it would be the part when they are in their new car, that part is very sad. However, if I had to choose a one part of the movie that I would definitely watch again, it would be the part when Sam is speaking to his dead girlfriend. This part of the movie is the best part in the movie, but I would not recommend it for anyone who is not a fan of the David Fincher films, it is too depressing.

Frank photo

I first saw this film as a teen in the 70's, I loved it. I rewatched it recently and it was pretty darn good. You have to understand that this is the 70's. There are some major computer-generated effects here. It was a good film, but not as good as it could have been. I love the cinematography, the camera work, the acting, and the script. It's hard to imagine it being any better in 2014, but it is pretty darn good. I still love this film. The computer graphics in this film are the best I have ever seen. There are some very dark, "realistic" scenes, where people are dying, and I just can't help but be reminded of H.G. Wells. It's just a brilliant film, and one of my favorites.

Patricia photo

As a writer of science fiction, I had a lot of expectations for this movie. With the premise of this movie being that there is an alien civilization who lives in a space ship in deep space that was sent to a planet called M9, where they had advanced technology. I was not really sure what I was going to get, but after watching the first few minutes, I got what I expected. There were a few jokes in the beginning of the movie, but they were quite funny and did not put me in the mood to fall asleep. However, once the story got going, it was the most amazing story I have ever seen in a movie. The story was simple, yet it was interesting. There were some jokes, but the best thing about this movie was the way it was written. The way it was written made the movie very entertaining. There were some interesting scenes, but they were few and far between. The ending was great, but it was somewhat predictable. However, I must say that the movie was great and it had a great ending. It was something I had not expected from this movie. It was more of a science fiction movie than anything else, and it was great. I have seen this movie about a hundred times, and I will always remember it as a great movie. It was great. 8/10

Craig Johnson photo
Craig Johnson

First off, let me just say that I'm a huge fan of these books. But I have to admit, this movie is a little disappointing. I think the first one was actually much better. But this one was really really good. I can't say it's a masterpiece or anything, but it's still a good movie. The best part of the movie is definitely the acting. It's really hard to tell what is acting and what is not. And the directing is also really good. Overall, I think this is the best movie about a couple of people who are searching for their purpose in life. The characters are really well done, and I think that this movie is very good. I think that it's worth a watch. 7/10

Joe Harrison photo
Joe Harrison

Great to see a modern spin on the dystopian future with the dystopian future of the movie being portrayed. The acting was great and the script was very entertaining. A great film.