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La cordillère des songes

La cordillère des songes is a movie starring Jorge Baradit, Vicente Gajardo, and Francisco Gazitúa. Patricio Guzmán left Chile more than 40 years ago when the military dictatorship took over the government. However, he never stopped...

Other Titles
La cordigliera dei sogni, La cordillera de los sueños, Οροσειρά των Ονείρων, The Cordillera of Dreams
Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
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Patricio Guzmán
Patricio Guzmán
Jorge Baradit, Francisco Gazitúa, Vicente Gajardo, Pablo Salas
Chile, France
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Patricio Guzmán left Chile more than 40 years ago when the military dictatorship took over the government. However, he never stopped thinking about a country, a culture and a place on the map.

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Sharon King photo
Sharon King

In 1804, a young Jesuit priest by the name of Martin de Lartigue, a respected writer of the first order in Europe, was betrayed by his superior, the Jesuits, and left to die in the woods in a glade. This story, told to us by a priest, is just like the word of God in the Gospel of Luke, and will remain like it to us as long as there are priests left in the world. It will remain a part of the common history of the human race, and the hearts of men will never be separated from the words of the great men of history, the ones who "asked not for the stones in the Temple, but for the hearts of the children of Israel".

Lauren H. photo
Lauren H.

The life of Janis Joplin is not only a film, it is also a wonderful biography. Director Catherine Djuricic has captured Joplin's life in her film in a beautiful way. The cinematography is also beautiful and the music is great. This film is a must for any Janis Joplin fan. The only problem I had was that the music was too loud in the scene in which Janis was talking about how she had never lost a song. I do not know why, I am sure the music was playing just like that. Other than that, this is a great documentary on Janis Joplin. It is a great film that everyone should see. I recommend this film to anyone who loves music and/or Janis Joplin.

Stephen Long photo
Stephen Long

Wendy is such a talented woman. She is a mother of three wonderful children and a healthy grandmother to two of them. She's a proud woman and she's not happy with how society treats the less fortunate. Her home town has been devastated by a huge hurricane in 1980 and they are planning to move to a town of their own that has never been evacuated before. She has the courage to take the risk and start over again in an effort to save her town and the people of her own town. There are times when you don't feel like you're in the movie. You're just watching and thinking "that's weird, that's not happening". Wendy's daughter in the movie is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. The family has such a sense of community, respect for others and the ability to love and care for their neighbours. They will always be my heroes. The documentary film is wonderful. It is very well produced and edited and it really pulls you in. You will definitely feel like you're a part of the movie. It is a story that needs to be told.

Edward photo

A very touching and powerful documentary, which traces the lives of many people whose lives are still affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2004. It is a testimony to the strength and resilience of the community and to the courage of those who are still trying to recover from the devastating loss. Although some of the stories are simply heartbreaking, it is also a good and sad insight into the lives of those who had to deal with the disaster in their own homes. It is also a testimony to the persistence and determination of the people of a particular place in a region of the world that will never forget the tragedy and the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami.

Joe Santos photo
Joe Santos

A film that tells the story of a woman who was once a celebrated opera singer. Her story starts with the killing of her husband, her life on the street, her desire for a normal life and her disillusionment. At the same time, a man she met and loved, a photographer, is murdered by her ex-husband. The photographer leaves a wife and a child. This is not an easy film to watch, but for those who care about this subject matter it is very important. The story is told in a very personal way, the voice is not audible, but as a sound, and the film is of great artistic value.

Lori O. photo
Lori O.

To me this was the most entertaining film I have seen in a long time. "Boys and Girls of the Military" is a coming of age story of a young man named Kevin Coltrane who went to Iraq in 2002. You see, he did not expect that he would be a Marine but when he told his parents he would be leaving for Iraq they decided that he was not a good candidate for the Marines. They were wrong and he was accepted. It is a moving story that I really feel sorry for Kevin because he is lost in life and he never gets a chance to really have a family. It is a film that is very realistic and extremely touching. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the Iraq war. "Boys and Girls of the Military" is a must see film. It is the first film that I have seen that was told from the perspective of a Marine and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the war.

Shirley Green photo
Shirley Green

Film maker Henri Barbereau has done a magnificent job, he is able to capture the essence of what it is to be a professional musician, on screen and off. The movie is filled with action, music and emotions and as you watch you become more and more involved. The questions raised by the film are so important and profound, I had difficulty concentrating. The problems of being a musician is extremely important to the film maker, so what I saw was an interesting, hard hitting and important documentary.

Diana photo

Great movie, but if you're really into the history of the JSA and the bloody WW2, you might want to skip this movie. It's like the complete opposite of what the movie is trying to say, which is how WW2 was so much more fun than WW1. The movie tries to show how people were killed by the Germans, but there are very few examples of how. In the end, it makes no difference who got killed. I don't know what the movie's point was, but it seems to me like the director was trying to make a point about how the WW2 wasn't all fun. But I think it was trying to show how a real life war was. The movie was very impressive, and the interviews were also very interesting. It was very interesting to hear people talk about how they were in WWII. I loved this movie, but if you're looking for a movie that's very educational about WW2, then I'd recommend you look elsewhere.

Michelle W. photo
Michelle W.

A strong and affecting film by the late film critic Patrick Lussier, "The Celluloid Closet" is one of the best documentaries I've seen about the film industry and it's stars. The film takes an objective look at the lives of two great actors (Francis Veber and Robert De Niro) as they attempt to make it in the film industry in the late 1950s. The film takes on a lot of a sense of reality as it shows the day-to-day realities of their lives in the studio and then it dives into the personalities of the two main characters, the artist who is trying to get a shot at the big time, and the producer who is trying to help him. The film also shows the bitterness of the producers as they hate the artists and the artists hate them. This film is certainly an emotional one as it shows how each one of the stars is struggling to make it in the film industry as they try to be the star of the next movie. The film also shows how one of the main producers is not too happy with his work and the artists are struggling to make it on their own. It also shows how the film industry and star careers is similar as they both are not always good at being film stars and their careers have a lot of ups and downs. Overall, "The Celluloid Closet" is an excellent documentary that is worth a look as it shows how some of the stars who were popular at the time struggled to get into the film industry. The film also shows the frustrations of some of the producers as they are struggling to do a film with them and then one of them is trying to get into the studio as well. Overall, I think this film is an excellent look at the making of one of the most important films of the year, as it shows the struggles and highs and lows of the film industry. It is a really good look into the life of the film industry and the reasons behind the major stars in the industry.

Nathan photo

Lang Barlow, at the age of 79, is a retired journalist and a co-founder of the National Union of Journalists of Australia (NUJA). He was very informative and witty, he had an air of authority and delivered his remarks with a bit of a personal touch. While the NUJA has certainly become stronger since its formation in 1974, the film is a valuable insight into the day to day operations of the NUJA, and the life of a truly independent organisation. It is not only informative and entertaining, but also enlightening and helps to draw a much deeper understanding of the problems facing Australia's mainstream media. Lang is certainly not the first journalist to speak out on these issues and has a long history of being a voice of reason. His words of wisdom are great and make the film better. It also helps that he was a man who always spoke out for the underdog. Lang's voice should be respected and encouraged to continue speaking out on the issues facing the media, and his words have helped many many in the mainstream media. I highly recommend this film, especially to the viewers who do not have an interest in the news, and to those who are interested in the work of the media in Australia. Highly recommended.

Anna S. photo
Anna S.

A great documentary for the viewers who love listening to music. I'm going to watch this movie again and again. I also recommend that people watch it with their family. It is the most important documentary for the people who have loved music in the past.

Jane A. photo
Jane A.

This movie was very well made. There were a number of powerful scenes in this movie, including the scene where Victor does a drug deal with Louis and the scene where Victor and his daughter are pulled into the local police station to talk about the events that led up to the current incident. I thought that this was an excellent movie that would appeal to both adults and children. I highly recommend that you see this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone. One last thing, I would like to thank the director of this movie for bringing this story to the public. The story was not very well known, and was only picked up when a reporter interviewed Victor. I think that it was the director's idea to tell the story to the public, and he did a fantastic job. This movie was well worth seeing.

Joan photo

This is one of the few documentaries I have seen that makes you feel you are being entertained as well as learning from it. I am a very big fan of how some filmmakers manage to make a point without having to tell you the whole story. The whole story is told with very few lines, showing you just a small part of a complex story, so you can easily follow what is going on. Each of the interviews is a short story, showing you just a single segment of a much longer story. I believe this movie should be viewed by everyone as an educational tool. The audience gets the idea of what the system is like, as well as what they are protesting. I would have liked to have seen more behind the scenes footage, as the effects of this system have been happening for over 30 years. You get to see the documentary with the people who are being affected by the system, as well as the people who have no chance of being affected by it. It is a great documentary, and it is an excellent use of time.

Brian Wells photo
Brian Wells

This is a wonderful documentary, covering the whole gamut of Northern California music and life in the 1960's. It's a bit of a trek into the Canadian countryside of the California coastal suburbs and a bit of a behind the scenes look at the music scene. It's quite amazing to me to see the brilliant musicians and musicians on the record label and to see how they created a "Sound of Silence". Very talented musicians, this film would not have been possible without the talented people on the other end of the video phone. This film is very educational and entertaining. It's nice to know that when I'm in the same room with the guitar, I can pick up on the music and be able to play along with the guitar. Very cool.

Mildred Fisher photo
Mildred Fisher

My favorite film for many years. Great animation, funny scenes, and just so perfect. I really recommend it.

Ryan photo

Jean-Marie Lemercier is one of the greatest dancers of all time. His videos are also great and his talk with the camera is incredible. I thought that the DVD would not have much of the music of his "Souvenirs" because of the remastering but it is totally different. They show the footage of the grand moments and also the very short moments of each dance. I have the original DVD so I was able to see all the new music. This is a very nice and enjoyable documentary and I would recommend to anyone. I give it 9/10.

Angela Little photo
Angela Little

I had the great pleasure of seeing the film at a screening in Santa Monica, California at the Pacific Film Institute, a program at the University of Southern California. I was thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary experience. This film is an honest look at the making of a movie, from conception to post-production. It also, I hope, will help educate those of us who are not filmmakers. I think the film will be a valuable experience for many people, myself included. I think it is equally valuable for a film student as well. I hope that the film does so well that it can inspire others to make films. It's too bad that so many people cannot make films, but if this film does well, that will not be a problem. I have seen a lot of films and I really enjoyed this one. I would have liked to have seen it at the theater, and I hope that it will be available on DVD. I hope that the filmmakers can find the funds to make it a success. I would like to thank the filmmakers for their honesty and commitment to their craft.

Frank Lawrence photo
Frank Lawrence

I first saw this film at the Beijing International Film Festival in 2009, and I was astonished that a documentary about the film scene in China would not have been screened in the local cinema. My hope was to see the traditional red and white camera-work, and the narration of one of the stars. The film is shot entirely on a 24-inch HD screen. The performance of the actors is excellent. I had never heard of Lai Yunfeng, and I found him charming and engaging. I also really liked the performance of the black-haired singer. The director did not make the performance of these artists too short, so that it seemed more like two performances than one. The cinematography was excellent. I thought that the film would be about one artist and his film but I was pleasantly surprised when the camera was used to follow the life of another artist, Li Hui. A very nice film. I suggest that you see it. There are only few Chinese films I can remember seeing in recent years.

Lori R. photo
Lori R.

An "open mind" and an open heart are the greatest gifts one can get in life. As long as we keep them we will live a happy life. This documentary gives us an inside look at the life of Rachid Bouchareb, a 17 year old Syrian refugee living in Paris who is not afraid to speak out and who wears a black bag over his head. A jobless refugee, Bouchareb cannot speak French, but is fluent in Arabic. However, he seems to enjoy learning. Bouchareb is also trying to teach French and Arabic, and has a passion for literature and photography. He has been living in Paris for a year, and his experiences on the streets of Paris speak volumes about a world which is so different from his own. For people like Bouchareb, who have had to live on the edge for so long, to be able to speak freely and open minded is truly humbling. There is a lot more to know about this man and his family. Watching this movie will give you a taste of the refugee world in which Bouchareb has lived. There is also a wonderful music scene in which Bouchareb demonstrates his collection of Arab music and makes a recording of the film he is making. Watch the movie, and then do what you can to help him, and learn about the world he lives in. This is an extremely important film for us to know more about the refugee world in which Bouchareb lives.

Dylan M. photo
Dylan M.

This is a must see for anyone who appreciates documentary films. This is a landmark documentary. No one else could have done it justice. From the start it makes you believe in the people who will be affected by the deaths. It begins with a interview with David Glass, one of the people who lost his wife and daughter. He expresses a very powerful story of how he and his wife were in such a terrible situation. The film then follows the journey of the families of the victims. It really is an incredible film. It is about a man who does what he can to protect his family from the inevitable. The documentary does a wonderful job in the beginning of showing the past and the lives of the families and then showing the future and how all of the lives are affected. The film shows the stories of the people who were affected, the people who were killed, and the people who were left to carry the weight of the past. The film also looks at the personalities of the people who have lost a loved one. It is not a depressing film. The documentary does not give you a synopsis of the death, but rather it gives you a glimpse of the stories of the people who were affected and the family members. I think that is what this film is all about. It really shows the effects that the death of a loved one can have on a family. It is not a documentary where we are told what happened, but rather what it does to a family. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I highly recommend this documentary.

Amy Perkins photo
Amy Perkins

This film was presented on the BBC during the Second World War and was watched and discussed long after the war. It was also shown on television in the 1980s. The BBC obviously felt that this movie was essential viewing to help explain the struggles of the British poor in Britain in the 1930s. It is important that it is now shown again in order to understand the British working class in the 1930s.

William Rios photo
William Rios

For all those people who loved 'The Full Monty', you should definitely watch this. This documentary is not about the 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' series. This documentary is about the events that occurred that night on the streets of Paris. The story of how the riots took place and the people who were involved is pretty much boring to everyone, but is actually worth watching. This documentary can actually make you feel the sorrow and misery of these people. Some people may not agree with me, but I think this documentary is excellent. It is great to see how these people were just scared of nothing and nothing could stop them from celebrating the carnival.

Kimberly Wells photo
Kimberly Wells

A well documented film on the life and career of a very talented French songwriter. Especially if you have some experience with French music and have already seen many of his recordings, you will be intrigued to see what happens next. This is a bit like being introduced to the Beat Generation and having to wait for them to discover you, even if they did it years ago, they might not remember. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen. You could be mistaken for being in the middle of a film festival when you first watch this.