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Wait for Your Laugh

Wait for Your Laugh is a movie starring Rose Marie, Peter Marshall, and Carl Reiner. Rose Marie, the untold story of fame, love, tragedy and 90 years of American entertainment through the eyes of the woman who did it all.

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Rose Marie
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Rose Marie, Peter Marshall, Dick Van Dyke, Carl Reiner
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Rose Marie, the untold story of fame, love, tragedy and 90 years of American entertainment through the eyes of the woman who did it all.

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Eugene photo

*SPOILER* A documentary on the making of Rocky (1998) is presented in the form of a series of featurettes. It covers every aspect of the movie in detail, from the casting to the use of special effects. As you might expect, it's a good look at the making of a classic. At times, it's almost as entertaining as watching the movie itself, but it does fall short on the goofiness of a movie like Indiana Jones. The documentary is a lot of fun, but is a bit too long and at times, tedious. The story and characters aren't quite developed enough to keep your attention. There are lots of moments where you'll think, "Oh that's great", but then a few minutes later, it'll seem that the movie was a little shorter. The acting is also fairly uneven. Some of the performances are excellent, and some of them are just silly, like Steve Martin. The plot is a little too thin, especially with the ending, which is quite disappointing. The only highlight of this documentary is the inclusion of some very funny scenes. Those are the highlights, and I definitely recommend it for fans of the Rocky movie.

Ralph Holmes photo
Ralph Holmes

I have to say this movie was really good. Most people I talked to thought the movie was really funny, but I'm not one of those people. The concept of the movie is really funny, but it is just not very original. It's about how alcohol affects people. The comedy is also not very original. There are a lot of jokes that don't really work. Most of the jokes are very typical and a lot of jokes that you don't think are funny. If you are going to watch this movie, I would probably avoid it unless you are an alcoholic. There are some parts of the movie that are a little too close to the truth. The thing is, they are not really close, and the parts that aren't quite true are not just funny. It's actually really funny. If you are going to see this movie, you should probably see it before you see the movie "The Hangover" because you will probably get a better idea of what to expect from this movie.

Rose photo

I have to admit that I did find a little to my liking in the documentary. I don't watch a documentary, I like them, but this one kind of beat the pants off the truth of what life was like for women in that era. If you want to see how women lived and suffered, see the world through their eyes. But what we get instead are real people, not historians or actors, but real people who really lived. And it's real the way they talk and behave and talk. Women and men were not necessarily servants or servants only to be treated as such. We know that through history, and we know it because the historical record is right here. What we don't know is why, and I think the documentary does that. I think that the documentary portrays some of the truth about the women and men of that era. The documentary isn't the cause of changing attitudes or changing ideas. The documentary is just a collection of people's stories and a collection of their histories. It isn't a documentary that caused the changes. I think it was just a collection of people's stories and some of them are real. But some of them aren't. But I still found the documentary entertaining and inspiring. I think that the documentary is better than most of the movies that have been out. That was my main problem with the documentary, is that it's just too easy to get caught up in the documentary and not able to get any background on the people and events. I also didn't know what the documentary was about, but I did find that it was a fascinating look at a real story of a real era.

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Ann A.

I saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival and thought it was really funny. It was so-so, but it definitely didn't have the 2-hour running time of other movies of the same genre. That being said, the movie was highly creative and witty. I'd definitely recommend it for your personal viewing pleasure.

Lisa photo

The first day I saw this documentary, it's already 6 months old, I was totally entertained by it, I'm still watching it and I'm not at all bored. Most of the viewers are laughing out loud, because of the many subliminal jokes, but you can notice all the subtlety of the dialogue too. So I'm not even going to try to analyze it, I'll just give you the synopsis, it's about the thoughts and the stories of people who have gone through different phases of their lives, many of them have been through different types of mental illnesses, or have been cured of them, so if you're looking for a movie to laugh at it's great. But if you're a fan of philosophy or psychology, then it's really good too. I enjoyed watching this documentary very much, and it got me thinking about my own life, and the things that I haven't done or had to do in my life. A few people said that it's very superficial, but I think that's because they don't really think about the things that are on the surface. The things that are inside the story are very deep and important, and if you have the ability to get inside the inner mind of someone else, you can realize that they're not just just one dimensional, and that it's not the superficial issues that you need to worry about.

Frank Santos photo
Frank Santos

Director Abhijeet Kapoor knows how to tease his audience through jokes that can appeal to a wider audience and also keeping them in the fun and amused mood with various idioms and funny dialogues. His earlier work also had that benefit and the man does a great job here as well. He has done a good job in the editing department as well. Its very clean-cut in the direction and overall presentation. There are quite a few scenes that might bore some viewers out of their seats. But overall, it is a very enjoyable and entertaining film that doesn't lack any emotions. The film makes you laugh and feel happy with the amusing parts and a very heart-warming story.

Kenneth photo

What a great movie! The screenwriter(s) spent so much time with the character and its motivation that you can't help but to admire the show of courage he must have put on when he could have easily lost his job. The actors did such a good job portraying the fact that they are people and that they may have gone through such a hard situation because of it. It was a hard pill to swallow, but the director and his crew really put together a special movie that I will be watching over and over again. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was watching it. Thank you, movie makers!

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Pamela Dean

I really can't agree with this comment. I find this movie very funny. All the actors have done very well to portray their characters very well. And the interviews and live events were hilarious. I was very happy that they chose to go with this documentary style. And the whole documentary has very good effect. But when it comes to the end of the movie I really had very mixed feelings. I did really love the whole documentary and I was very sad that there was a lot of jokes. Some were funny but some were really not. It seems that there are a lot of scenes in which jokes are not even mentioned. And some scenes were obviously not needed at all. And the whole ending of the documentary was really disappointing. I think they could have done better. But I don't think it's that bad. I really recommend it.

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If you want to get really serious about the current state of the nation and in particular the White House, you should watch this film.

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Peter V.

In the latest edition of the Oscar-winning "Idiocracy" series, a young man named Rob Bell uses the "shaky cam" to record his life with the help of his two best friends, two of whom are responsible for the plethora of "micro-aggressions" that drive his social anxiety. Based on a real-life story, the movie's focus is on the micro-aggressions in Bell's life. "Rob Bell's Shaky Cam" opens up in a college town in Pennsylvania, where he is waiting to take his basketball team to the NCAA tournament. He and his friends hang out and play basketball together as a group, and the day they go to the game is the most fun they've had in a long time. They have drinks, drinks, drinks, and more drinks. There is a lot of drinking and getting wasted. They get into trouble, they get into more trouble. It's all fun and games until the school's video coordinator starts taking video footage of the kids that are making a lot of mistakes. Soon, the video coordinator starts making fun of them and the staff trying to get these guys to do better. The whole town starts making fun of the freshmen. The video coordinator also wants to take the video, which the video coordinator has to play down. The video coordinator tries to hide it from the team, but the prankster of the video starts making fun of him and the people around him, and the team decides they don't want the video to be used in the championship game. That's where they get the "shaky cam" which is taken on and off as the video coordinator tries to cover it up, but he's not going to give up the video. Finally, the school security and the administrator finally get the idea and have the video taken down. The whole film was hilarious, it was amazing how Rob Bell was a real guy with a real life and real problems. It was very funny to see how Rob Bell's life really happened, it's really sad to see how someone would have to live with it, and I was amazed at the great job that director Ang Lee did with this film. If you are someone that is socially anxious and is prone to making comments and jokes that make people uncomfortable, I think you should watch this movie. This is a comedy that I absolutely loved and I hope that everyone who can enjoy it gets the same reaction I did. * Average

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Alexander M.

George Carlin is one of the most famous comedians in the world. But, we don't know him like we do the others. Do we see him on stage? Can we say who his girlfriend is? How much is he worth? Can we laugh at him? It's rare that you can say that about a comic who has so many movie credits. And, George Carlin's films are so short. So, it's impossible to think that he's been in many movies. And, there are some very long ones as well. But, now we know George Carlin, and he's such a famous man. So, I thought I would give this documentary a chance. I didn't know what to expect. I figured it would be some brief joke about himself. I was completely wrong. I thought it would be an interview of a comedian who has been around since the 80s. I was wrong. It was something more. It was something I couldn't have imagined. It was something I can't explain. I will never know how or why this documentary is made, how it's produced, or how it was filmed. But, it is a film of one of the greatest comedians in the world. I highly recommend this film. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Jerry Parker photo
Jerry Parker

I love Andy Dick and all of his movies, but he definitely gets old. He played the part of an aging action star just fine but his wisdom and charisma go way beyond his talent. His jokes just go over the head of the few people who have actually lived through his '80s and '90s comedy career and would actually appreciate them. His character comes across as a high school football star who is now going to go back to it for the first time in his life to support his teenage son. This is a classic "role reversal" in a famous comedy movie. The viewer is forced to keep an open mind about his character as he recounts his life with his friends. And once you can, the humor really shows through. It's just amazing. A must see for Andy Dick fans.

Deborah Scott photo
Deborah Scott

This documentary talks about the history of The Onion film. It was created by Philip Plein and Norman Pearlstine. It was called "The Tipping Point". It deals with the dark and evil side of the development of the movie. To see how it was made and how it was pulled off by Philip Plein and Norman Pearlstine. What can we learn from them?

Mildred photo

The thing that kills me most about Roger Ebert's reviews is that he's basically encouraging the audience to see movies in a certain way and then judging them based on that. I can think of movies he didn't like (the Who's "Purple Haze" was fine) and that he gave a low score to (the Cool Ranch and the Road to Perdition). But I can't think of any Roger Ebert has ever given a good rating to. But for some reason he hates this movie? I get it. He's not sure what to think. The movie is good. But so what? I don't know if it's a good movie or not. I can't tell you if it's good or not. I can't tell you what to think about it. I just know that I got something out of it. Maybe it's because I didn't know what to think about it. Maybe I just really like this film or maybe I'm just a little biased. Whatever the reason, this movie is good. So if you think it's a good movie, then you should see this film. If you think it's a bad movie, then you should not see it. It's not a good movie. It's not a bad movie. It's just a movie. And it's a good movie.

Justin H. photo
Justin H.

George C. Scott (before he became a natural) and Heston (after he took that movie) are some of the best comedic actors alive. They talk about their choices and what they think of them. Of course, there are some black jokes that were made during the movie. A special mention should go to Robert Wuhl, as the director of this documentary. He is an unusual man, though. One of his most famous films is "Something About Mary." It has to be the best comedy film of all time. To me, it is the film which inspired me to pursue my career in comedy. "Something About Mary" has an interesting way of showing how women in some countries really are treated. Not the best choice of the film's director, though. The woman is really beautiful, but no one would have thought she would actually take that role, especially when the director makes the joke about her as being in a convent. In my opinion, this is a great documentary about the acting business. It is funny and sad at the same time. In some ways, the jokes are true to life and it is really funny. The second part of this documentary, where they talk about the casting director is much more interesting. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of Jennifer Coolidge. But I also had fun with the interviews in the first part. I found myself laughing hard every time the director, the director of photography, and the cast member of the movie discuss their choice of roles. I hope to see more documentaries about the acting business. This is not a movie for everyone, but it is a good documentary for any comedy fan.

Bruce photo

I watched this on cable last week, and honestly, it's one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. It's basically comedy gags riffing on a Broadway show, and the performances from the "stars" were nothing to sneeze at. In fact, some of them may have just caught my attention because they were funny. I've got to say that I would've been proud to see some of them perform a duet or two. The one I was most interested in seeing was Molly Shannon, who I've never been a huge fan of. I've always liked her as a comic talent, but this was her first real stage performance. The rest of the cast seemed to have a nice rapport with one another and made the whole thing rather enjoyable to watch. Overall, the film did a great job of highlighting the wonderful diversity of Broadway performers. If you're a fan of Broadway, this film will give you some great insight into what it's like for a bunch of people to perform with such talent. It definitely is worth a watch.

Wayne W. photo
Wayne W.

Caught this last night on HBO. I really enjoyed it. Not so much the content, as much as the tone. It is a good movie, but it is also a very bad movie. This isn't the greatest anti-consumerism movie ever made, or anything remotely close. But it is a good movie. It isn't a masterpiece, but it is a very good movie. There are a few points in the movie where the filmmakers make the perfect example of a clickbait movie, where everything is hyper-driven. I can't imagine any movie that is so bad, and still be good. But there are points where it is genuinely funny and that's all the movie is good for. If you don't laugh at these points, it's not a comedy. It's a crime.

Christian photo

I don't usually like documentaries but this one was great. I love how it just goes from one event to the next. I especially love how it's a "look behind the scenes" of what happened. It was great. I would recommend this documentary to anyone. I was impressed with the information that was given. I loved the fact that they used all of the footage that was on camera. I thought that was a great idea because it gave the viewer a chance to see all of the footage that was shot. I would love to see more of this type of documentary.

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Here is a story of what happens when two people meet who suddenly become friends, despite a lot of awkward situations. After meeting this person, they become the best of friends. The part of the story that doesn't make sense is when the person that came over invited a 'non-guest' to join the party. Not being part of the party, they quickly invite her and realize she is completely insane, and without realizing it, she is going to try to get them to keep him. We find out that this person is an actor who is trying to 'act' in movies. What is his reason for wanting to play the part of a crazy person? To make money? It is weird to see how he managed to get himself cast in the movie. The movie didn't have enough plot to go on. The story would have been better if it had a short one and explained all the strange things that happen to the two friends. We had the feeling that the movie is not worth watching if you have nothing to do, but when it came to me, the end of the movie didn't go completely to the point of laughing. This is a comedy-drama and there were some funny scenes but I didn't really have to laugh. You have to see the movie for it to make sense.

Raymond H. photo
Raymond H.

This is one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen. It's funny and it doesn't take itself seriously. The makers of this film have not just documented the lives of the 40 dead celebrities, but also the lives of their friends and family. They filmed this during the Christmas season and it shows the connection between family and friends. We never feel like we are missing out on anything as we see them talk about their life before they were dead. We learn about how they were raised and what drove them to the edge. They all have interesting stories and it's nice to hear their stories. Some of the details are a little off, but that's also part of the fun. I would recommend this to anyone. I highly recommend it. As I said, I think this is one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen. It's also one of the funniest. I love this movie so much.

Cheryl photo

A lot of people had the "one of the worst films ever" response to THE PRIMER but I think that one really wasn't necessary. Now, I am going to call the PRIMER a success because the production value is amazing, the cast is awesome and I am a big fan of the director, the writer, the producer, and of course the co-writer. But I do think it falls down in a couple of places. The originality of the story is something I think everyone agreed on, the storytelling was not original, the execution was mostly executed the same, and the execution in some places was so contrived and over-the-top that it did not work. However, the editing and the shot selection of the film are great and is one of the things that made this movie enjoyable. The editing on this film was smooth, the placement of the camera was perfect, the framing and the editing, just everything was perfect. So if you look at the production value and the editing of this film and you see the cinematography, or the framing and the focus of the shots, and the quality of the lighting, you can see that this film is a success. However, I think if you think about it, it doesn't really matter. The fact is that this film is not really about film. It is about quality and creativity. I know I would not be able to get this film over and over again, even though I love it, it would be very difficult. I think that the two that matter are the quality of the film and the creative presentation. And yes, I did think about the cinematography and the work put into the filming style and the editing, and the use of the camera, but I think the main thing that I loved about this film was the way it presented itself. The question we are asked to ask is "Is this a movie?" but the first question we need to ask is "is this good or bad?" So, I think that is what we should be asking instead of being asked what the film is. I think that it does fall short because the use of the camera, the staging, the editing, and the shooting all are all good, but the execution of these three things falls so far short of perfection that I think this film is a failure. However, I think that if you watch it for the quality of the film, the creative presentation, and the execution of the three things, it will be worth watching. So I recommend this film to anyone who has an open mind and loves a good film. A 7/10.

Tyler D. photo
Tyler D.

I first saw this movie on TV a few years back and thought it was really great, so I bought it and watched it again a couple of weeks ago. I think it is still a great movie, but has a few issues. First, I think some people thought it was more art than a documentary, although it is about actual people. And it was never about the art it was about, but how many stories do we have about people who are homeless? I mean, if you watch it in a dumbed down way, it is still very relevant. The people in the movie are just people with issues, so we need to find a way to explain that. This is what many people miss. But I still like the movie. It is interesting, and very informative and entertaining. I was also surprised by how many people did not think the main character was in the best possible way. He did not need to be. And at the end, he seems like a good guy. I think that makes the film work. It makes you see his point of view. One of the major issues with this movie is how out of touch some people are. What they say is true. And how can anyone accept them when they are still homeless? I like this movie. I just think it is a little too long, a little too controversial, and too raw, and sometimes it feels like the subjects are only talking about the negatives, or what they hate about the people in the movie. It also makes you angry that some people give this movie bad reviews, because they are not real life. I would recommend this movie to people who love art, or at least have some curiosity about homeless people. 8/10

Brittany photo

I have to disagree with many of the comments here about this film. I think they are just being sarcastic. I went into it with a lot of negative expectations, and while I'm glad to have gotten a movie that isn't a cartoon, it was still somewhat entertaining. There were a couple of things that I really like about it. One of them being the natural dialogue of the actors. A lot of movies have to resort to dialogues in order to get an audience to connect with the characters, but I think this movie really nails the natural, smooth, and natural dialogues of these two very talented actors. I also really like the natural acting of the three "other" artists who provide the music. I found the soundtrack to be so refreshing and unexpected. They're never over-used or overdone. I think I found myself very entertained by the movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves movies. The last thing I would say is that it has some flaws. One is that the ending is a bit rushed. There's no explanation or payoff at the end, but the ending does tie the movie together. Another flaw is that the film is more of a feel good movie than a movie itself. There's no real tragedy, no real tragedy in the movie. There's no real hopelessness in the movie. The movie tries to be a movie and it succeeds, but it's not really a movie. Still, I think it's a pretty good watch.

Rachel Oliver photo
Rachel Oliver

I was very skeptical of this documentary. I love documentaries and have always been fascinated by how people are portrayed in the media. I was very surprised by the way the people were portrayed. I don't know how they got so many of the people they used, but they did. I also thought that the documentary was a bit too long. I felt like it dragged on for way too long. It was also a bit too political. I didn't feel like they were being very fair to the people that they used. They just portrayed them the way they wanted. I don't know if this is what they were going for, but it just felt like they were trying to be as objective as they could. I do feel that it was a good documentary, and I recommend it to people. If you are a person that loves documentaries and like to see how the media portrays people, then this documentary is for you.

Daniel S. photo
Daniel S.

As the title suggests, "The people who make movies, the people who make money, the people who make art, and the people who make money." With that said, this documentary is a must see for anyone who is a fan of films. It does a great job of presenting the artistic and financial side of the industry. The only problem is that it does a terrible job of presenting the actual people involved. It also does a terrible job of presenting the reality behind the scenes of the industry. In the end, I was left with a feeling of "so what?". It is a good documentary, but not a great one. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Jane F. photo
Jane F.

The most interesting part of the film is the first 15 minutes. It's a lot of fun and you get a lot of information that you didn't know about the case. I think this movie is a must see for anyone who is interested in the case. The other two hours are quite boring and don't have much to say. The movie is filled with facts about the case and it's interesting to see the other side of the story. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the case.

Douglas photo

This is a must see for any fan of the genre. It's also a must see for anyone who likes the fact that in a lot of ways it's a satire. It is a nice film and I'd recommend it to anyone.