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Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi is a movie starring Brie Larson, Andrew Weil, and Giuliana Furci. Fantastic Fungi is a descriptive time-lapse journey about the magical, mysterious and medicinal world of fungi and their power to heal, sustain and...

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1 hours 21 minutes
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Louie Schwartzberg
Mark Monroe
Paul Stamets, Brie Larson, Giuliana Furci, Andrew Weil
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June 12, 2019 From the Maui Film Festival's Celestial Cinema. Imagine an organism that feeds you, heals you, reveals secrets of the universe and could help save the planet. Fantastic Fungi is a revelatory time-lapse journey, from 2019 Maui Film Festival Visionary Award honoree and director Louie Schwartzberg, about the magical, mysterious and medicinal world of fungi and their power to heal, sustain and contribute to the regeneration of life on Earth that began 3.5 billion years ago. Better yet, you'll see it through the eyes of mycologists, like renowned Paul Stamets exing about the unlimited potential of fungi in the fields of food, medicine, expanding consciousness, bioremediation, neurogenesis and treating end-of-life anxiety. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Catherine Ross photo
Catherine Ross

I've seen the film for the first time last night. I was blown away by it, and it really was an incredible story. I've been living in South Africa for the past few years, and I have been a supporter of the ANC, and I was really moved by this film. I really wanted to see this film, and I was afraid it might be a one-sided view of the ANC, but I was completely wrong. It was clear that the filmmakers didn't want to present the ANC as a bunch of racist thugs. They wanted to present the ANC as a group of people who were being persecuted by the government. It was a very enlightening film, and I will definitely be purchasing it on DVD. Thank you so much for bringing this film to my attention, and thank you for giving us the chance to see this amazing story of an amazing country.

John R. photo
John R.

I'm a big fan of nature documentaries, and I was thrilled to see this movie on the Discovery Channel. I was actually moved by the film, but a little confused by the lack of explanation on the movie's website about the source of the footage. I found the movie to be a lot more emotional and engaging than I was expecting, but I still have a lot of questions. I'm going to give it a 10/10 because it did a good job of telling the story, but I can't say it's a perfect movie. If you're interested in nature documentaries, this movie is a good way to start. But I wouldn't expect this to be your favorite documentary, because it's more emotional and less about science than most documentaries. You really need to have some knowledge of the science behind the creatures to really get the full effect of the film.

Madison West photo
Madison West

I am not a fan of the horror genre but this film is so refreshing, from the amazing and original story to the beautiful shots of Madagascar. It's hard to say that this film is truly special but it's definitely worth the watch. The film makers have made an amazing documentary and the whole Madagascar franchise has not been the same since this film. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the horror genre and Madagascar fans.

Patrick Williamson photo
Patrick Williamson

I was lucky enough to attend a screening of this documentary in February of 2013. It was a rare opportunity to see one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen, and I can tell you it was worth the wait. The film starts out with the actual origins of the movie itself. It is a documentary about the movie "Astro-Man" and the film's production. It was a one time project that was shot by the late producer and director, Rod Blagojevich. The documentary details the story of the movie and the people behind it, and it is a fascinating story. The documentary shows the true story of the film as it was originally created, the incredible amount of effort the actors put into the film, and the struggles that the actors went through to make the movie what it was. The documentary then moves onto the real life of the movie, the various people involved in the production of the movie, and the struggles that the actors went through to make the movie what it was. The documentary ends with the actual final product, which is a very entertaining and entertaining film. The documentary was extremely well done and the film is an amazing experience. It is very rare to see a documentary that is so well done. The documentary is truly an important documentary that is very important. I highly recommend this film. It is a very interesting story, and it is a great documentary.

Joe B. photo
Joe B.

I am a huge fan of the series, and have read the books. I was so excited to see this movie, and I can't wait for it to be released. I was shocked by the fact that the producers chose to make the movie so depressing and depressing. I thought the movie was a great effort to bring the series to the big screen, but I was so disappointed. It seemed to me that the producers tried to create a movie that was so depressing that it would make the books seem like a good book. The movies were almost a documentary of the books. I am so disappointed with this movie and I hope they make a sequel to this movie. I hope that they make a movie that will make the books seem like a good book. I love the books, and the series is great, but this movie really disappointed me.

Elizabeth Mendoza photo
Elizabeth Mendoza

I'm a fan of all types of music. I love classical, rock, blues, jazz, and everything in between. I'm a huge fan of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and the rest of the band. So, I'm no stranger to the guitar, and have a few guitars in my collection. So, when I heard about this documentary, I was excited. I was also excited to see a documentary about the Beatles, who were one of my favorite bands. But, as the documentary starts, it seems that the producer was going to be a little bit different than the Beatles. After a while, I realized that this was the plan. But, the documentary went on to show me the life of the Beatles, and the incredible amount of effort they put into making this documentary. This documentary is absolutely amazing. It's a must-see for anyone who loves the Beatles. I give this documentary a 10/10.

Lori photo

I had the pleasure of seeing this documentary in Toronto and I am so glad that I did. I am so impressed by this movie. I can't imagine that anyone would want to go see this movie if they had the slightest interest in fungi. The documentary follows the people who live in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Australia and they share their story with the camera. They are very honest about what they do and what they do not want to do. They are not willing to sacrifice their friends and family. The documentary is almost non-stop talking about what they do and what they do not want to do. There is a lot of information in this documentary and it really gets to you. It's a great film. I highly recommend this documentary.

Amanda Y. photo
Amanda Y.

A documentary of a group of American gurus who travel to Japan and make a few bucks doing some odd things in the jungle. It's about a group of people who became a success in the 70s in the "cult" of the guru that they call "The International Society of Ayurveda." They show us some of their crazy antics, like turning people into zombies, drinking urine from the corpses of people who have died of AIDS, and, as I mentioned, going into the jungle and eating the people who live there. The film also has a lot of interviews with people who were involved in the group and with the guru himself. Some of the interviews are quite interesting, and I found some of the more interesting ones to be quite funny. There is also a lot of footage of people eating the feces of the people they have been cured by. Some of the people interviewed for the documentary are a bit creepy, but that's part of the point of the documentary. You know, the documentary is basically a combination of interviews with people who were part of the group, a documentary, and some sort of footage of the guru. The documentary is a bit hard to understand for some people, but it's a lot of fun, especially if you like documentary films. It's definitely worth seeing.

Julie H. photo
Julie H.

This movie is the best thing I've ever seen. I don't care if it's a documentary or not. It's just one man's view of life. It's a documentary of life and death, and the most amazing thing is that it was all filmed in Japan. It's a movie about a man who has lived a very hard life, and it's all about his obsession with Fungi, and the way he saw his life changing. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching this movie. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's something you have to see in person, or you will be missing out on something very special. You'll see something so beautiful and profound that you won't believe it. It's just amazing.

Jean Ford photo
Jean Ford

Great film, excellent documentary, but it really is only about one fungus. It's not a documentary about the biosphere or the ocean. It's about a fungus. You might be thinking, "Okay, I'm just going to watch it and find out what the fungus is, and then I'll leave it alone." But you're wrong. You are missing out on a very important part of the film. If you haven't seen it, you really should. You'll enjoy it. It's a very human story. You will learn something about yourself. You'll learn about the earth, the biosphere, and the ocean. You'll learn about your own relationships with nature and the environment. You'll learn about the planet, and you'll learn about your relationship with it. This is a great film. It's really worth seeing.

Donna Jackson photo
Donna Jackson

I was lucky enough to see this at the Toronto Film Festival and I was very impressed. This is the first feature film of its kind I've seen. I have been on the lookout for a film that will explore the true wonders of nature, and I can't think of anything more fulfilling than seeing this film. The incredible cinematography, the breathtaking sound design, the creative use of music and sound, the wonderful creatures, and the incredible real-time tracking shots of the animals were all amazing. This film is truly a work of art. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves nature, the wonders of nature, or just someone who wants to learn about the wonders of nature.

Philip Garrett photo
Philip Garrett

This is a wonderful film, and the documentary tells it well. The documentary starts off with a statement from a scientist, who told the story of how the fungus that caused the disease was released. He was able to reproduce the disease and spread it to other people, so that the disease could be passed on to others. The story ends with the scientist explaining how he had the opportunity to make a difference and how he didn't. He was able to make a difference but then did not do it. He did not spread the disease to other people, which would have made a difference. The documentary then goes into the history of the disease, which explains the origin of the disease and how it was released. The documentary is a must see for any serious film buff.

Patricia photo

As I sat down to watch this film I was a little skeptical. The reviews were generally negative. I have to admit I was not really prepared for the film. It is very much a documentary, but the director does not just follow the story but gives you a sense of the people involved, the journey they have made and the importance they still have in their communities. The film also helps to raise awareness about the local communities in Madagascar and how they have been affected by the trade. I think the film has a lot to offer in terms of community engagement, understanding and a sense of hope. The film is a must-see for anyone interested in local communities in Madagascar.

Heather Smith photo
Heather Smith

This documentary was very good. The film covers a lot of ground and goes into a lot of detail. It's not as well known as the other Fungi documentaries and I was surprised to see it was not featured in the theater. I recommend it to anyone interested in fungi or fungi in general. I'm glad to see that the fungus community is making an effort to help educate the public on fungi and is doing a great job of it. I am so glad that this documentary was made and I would recommend it to anyone.

Tiffany photo

My favourite book is 'The Magician's Nephew', and I have read it over a dozen times. When I was a teenager I watched the movie and I was amazed by the amount of knowledge that was displayed in the movie. The movie is a very good example of how to make a movie, I don't know if I will ever watch it again, but it's a very good movie to watch.

Denise C. photo
Denise C.

I've been following this subject for years, and have seen the footage before. This documentary is not about the fungi, but about the treatment of the patients. It's an inspiring story. I hope this documentary will be shown to patients, and to doctors and patients in general. I'm curious about what would happen if they had this kind of treatment. I can't imagine a worse outcome. The stories are interesting and the information is well-presented. I hope they make a sequel. This documentary is a must-see for all medical students, as well as for patients. I hope this documentary is shown to patients and doctors everywhere.

Jean Bennett photo
Jean Bennett

This documentary explores the life of American physician Edward H. Hill, who is known for his work on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) research. Hill's research has made him one of the most famous HIV researchers in the world. This documentary includes interviews with people who knew Hill and his research. It also includes some of his personal stories about his life and his research. This documentary is very well done, and is very interesting. It is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the topic of HIV research.

Frank P. photo
Frank P.

This is an extremely powerful documentary about the atrocities of the Vietnam War. It shows the atrocities committed by the US Army and the CIA. The film is very well made. It shows the atrocities committed by the CIA. The film is a must see for anyone who cares about the future of the world.

Raymond James photo
Raymond James

For me the best part of the documentary was the interview with the man who was the original owner of the Fungi Exhibition Center in Los Angeles, The late Robert Moore, who died just two weeks before the documentary was filmed. He was a true pioneer of the cult phenomenon, and when he died the center was still open and running. The documentary shows a little of his life, and how he was a genuine living legend. It also shows that he had a great passion for his work, and it was his passion that brought the Fungi Exhibition Center to life. The documentary also shows how the Fungi Exhibition Center was a unique place that attracted people from all over the world, and how it was a place where the exotic flora and fauna could be seen in all it's glory. The documentary also goes into the process of the center's closure, and it also shows how the center was used as a place for special exhibits for the community, and how the center was a place where people could see the diversity of the Fungi. There are many interviews, and the interviews are all very interesting, and the interviews are mostly from the Fungi Exhibition Center, but there are also interviews with other people who were involved in the Fungi Exhibition Center. I loved the documentary, and I think it is a must see documentary. It is a great way to start your trip with the Fungi Exhibition Center, and I think it is a great documentary.

Bruce R. photo
Bruce R.

This is a great documentary. It takes you to places you never thought you could go. The film is well made and very well done. I would recommend it to anyone who loves or loves to learn about fungi. It is also very well done. It has a very good story, a great cast, and a very interesting subject. I would highly recommend this film.