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Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap is a movie starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone. Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors,...

Other Titles
Zombieland: Rana istoty, ゾンビランド ダブルタップ, Zombiu zeme: kontrolinis suvis, Zombieland: Tiro Duplo, ゾンビランド ダブルタップ, Zombieland 2: Doppelt hält besser, Zombieland: tiro de gracia, Zombieland: Mata y remata, Zombieland: Tiro de gracia, Повратак у Зомбиленд, 屍樂園:髒比雙拼, Zombieland 2, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, Zombieland: A második lövés, Zombieland - Doppio colpo, Zombieland: Kulki w łeb, Zumbilândia: Atire Duas Vezes, Povratak u zemlju zombija, Vùng Đất Thây Ma: Cú Bắn Đúp, Retour à Zombieland, Zombieland - Le doublé, Zombi Ülkesi: Çift Dokunus, Zombieland: Διπλή Βολή, Zombieland: Rána jistoty, Zombijzemē: Otrais šāviens, Zombieland: Yeriya Kfoula
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Horror, Comedy, Action
Ruben Fleischer
Rhett Reese, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Dave Callaham, Paul Wernick
Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Woody Harrelson
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी


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Arthur photo

There is a lot of mindless humor in this movie. The audience isn't supposed to have any intellect or taste but this is a clever movie and the only way to laugh at this is to get all of the "gags" out of your system. I have to say I was extremely entertained by this movie. I found it to be completely tongue-in-cheek. This is definitely not a movie for kids. This is a movie for adults who want to see a comedy with a lot of slapstick and not have to think about a plot or a plot point for 2 hours. This movie is for adults who want to watch a movie with lots of humor and lots of action. I liked the way the movie looked and the music. I didn't know what I was watching but I found it entertaining.

Alexander Ryan photo
Alexander Ryan

So there was this independent movie about a gang of teenagers that work for a large pizza company, a job that they don't want to be in but at the same time they want to do, and who also have to deal with some of their own personal problems as they can't keep a straight face at home. So it was more of a b-flick, but with a certain appeal to the "hard core" genre. And a sequel to that one was made which was a very successful independent film. And there was this comedy about a killer who is a 14 year old schoolboy. And he's so off the wall and so off the hook, I have to say it was quite enjoyable to see him on screen. It was also the same thing with the original, but the sequel was really good, and it had a lot more laughs and excitement to it. And the premise was very similar, a group of teenagers go to work for a large pizza company, where there's lots of action, so you can watch it anytime. But it's a lot better than the first. And they really outdid themselves on this one. It's funny, it's bloody, it's violent, it's fast, it's frenetic, it's colourful, it's at times hilarious and at times quite shocking, it's got tons of laughs, and it has a lot of blood, so it's always worth watching. And if you like it, you should check out the sequel, which is very much the same story, but it's better. I give it 8/10.

Victoria McDonald photo
Victoria McDonald

I just saw this film last night at the Austin Film Festival, and I have to say that it was well done. The setting of a cemetery was fantastic, as well as the idea that all the actors were characters. It was also interesting how some of the characters seemed to be the ones that needed to die, while others seemed to be spared. I will admit that the ending was a bit weak, but it was still a fun movie. The gore and deaths were great, and the humor was well done. There was one thing that I did not like, however. The film was rated R for some language, which is why I say that the movie was good. If you want to see a PG-13 movie, I would recommend "Shaun of the Dead".

Betty E. photo
Betty E.

What I did notice when watching this film, was that the people that are rated the most negative on this site, were all the moviegoers that were just called slobs. I watched this movie with a group of friends and we all laughed throughout the entire movie, and I believe that's because we all really enjoyed it. It's about two teenagers that have never been to school and they are going to make their first "triangle" with their uncle, brother and sister. This film has a lot of great one liners that is extremely witty and unique. The three leads were perfect for their roles and I think the writers and the actors did a fantastic job. I think this movie has great potential and I look forward to watching it again. The whole concept of the movie was very unique and unique was exactly what I had in mind. I highly recommend this film to anyone that has an interest in comedy and if you have never seen this movie before I recommend you give it a try. I hope you enjoy the movie and give it a chance.

Edward G. photo
Edward G.

I really like zombie movies, I have seen all of them, and this one was by far the best. It was funny and had a good story. I loved the black guys, they were very cool. I love that they can do a double tap, it's awesome. This movie was the best, and I was very happy with it. They did a good job, and they were real. So if you haven't seen this one yet, rent it, you won't be disappointed. It's worth the money.

Samuel Hughes photo
Samuel Hughes

So, to start off, I was a bit skeptical about this movie when I saw that it wasn't rated "R" by the MPAA. I never really had much of a problem with it until I saw the movie. The first time I saw it, I was a bit annoyed at how dark it was and how intense it was. I thought, "They should be a little more creative with the blood and gore." Well, I was wrong. The second time I saw it, I thought it was even more intense and I thought it was good. I thought it was a little more creative. And the third time, I thought it was the most creative. So, it was really cool how they created the characters. And the special effects were great. I thought they really did a good job with the "Unleashed" theme. I thought it was really well done and it was actually pretty cool how they showed how the characters in the movie were created. I thought it was cool that the main characters in the movie are actually born from a tree. I thought that was pretty cool. And I think the "Unleashed" theme is really well done. It's a really cool movie and it was really good. So, I think it's a really good movie and I think it's really good. It's a really good movie.

Beverly photo

I was not a fan of Zombieland, but I watched it for the first time in a few months and I must say it was an enjoyable film. I was wondering what it would be like to watch it again and after all, I have watched it a few times and I have never been bored in the theater. I am a huge fan of the zombie genre and I think that the movie had enough zombie action to keep me entertained. The acting was good. I liked the character of Scott Adkins played by Ed O'Neill. He was funny and charming, while the rest of the cast was great. I think that the screenplay was good and the actors had a good chemistry. If you have never seen the film and you like zombie films, you should give it a try.

Tammy photo

Walt Disney Studios has been nothing but a great producer of films over the last ten years. It was still funny when the first two live action versions of their animation classics came out, and has gotten better and better over the years. The only reason why this is still the best film in the Disney stable is because of the quality of the story. This is not the usual movie where the characters are going to be up to no good, or getting their just desserts. It is more like a smart movie with a fresh story. Jesse Eisenberg is a really good actor, and although I'm not a big fan of his style, he does a good job here. Rebecca Da Costa is great as an over the top but loyal nurse. The best part of this movie is the performances. This is a good film to watch on a rainy afternoon with a drink. If you like zombie movies, you will like this.

Danielle Hunt photo
Danielle Hunt

From the producers of Shaun of the Dead comes an action/horror comedy about a teenager named Billy. Billy is the cutest and smartest teenager in the world. But one day when he accidentally goes off the road, he is abducted by a group of other teenagers and taken to a remote location called the Skulls for a show. Billy soon finds out that the rest of the school is not so nice. They want him dead! And when Billy escapes from the Skulls, he runs for his life to save his life and the lives of his friends. What you have here is a movie that really has a few laughs, a bit of gore, and some awesome music. It has a very fun style that really makes it easy to get into. I loved the first half hour, and then the ending is extremely stupid. I was hoping for a better ending, but it just wasn't enough to redeem the film. All in all, this is a great teen horror comedy that is worth seeing. I give it an 8/10.

Tyler M. photo
Tyler M.

The only thing that stands out for me about this movie was the fact that it was made by a bunch of teenagers. The movie is filled with references to other movies and TV shows and even a reference to Super Troopers. However, that doesn't stop the movie from being a fun ride. The acting is very good and the script is well written. The soundtrack is also great and will make you feel like you are on a totally different planet. The movie has a very fun, silly and entertaining storyline and has a lot of things that make you smile. There are a few times that you will get a little scared or annoyed by a few things that are thrown at you, but it is still very entertaining. Overall, it is a fun movie to watch and it has some very good jokes and references. I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good laugh and a lot of fun. I give it an 8/10.

Sarah photo

I can't remember the last time I was on a movie theater and laughed so hard. The only thing I have to say about this movie is that it is perfect for a rainy day, a little late at night, or just before bed. This movie is a huge hit with the kids. There is not a single bone in their body that is not cracked up by this movie. The movie has a great plot. The characters are very well written and have great personalities. The characters are really unique and make the audience root for them. The plot is well structured. There is enough action to keep the audience engaged and at the same time enough suspense to keep the audience tense. The story line is unique and keeps the audience guessing about what will happen next. The acting is very good. All of the actors deliver great performances. The director, Andrew Garber, knows how to deliver a really good film and this movie is no exception. The writing in this movie is very good. The movie has a great sense of humor. This movie is for the whole family to enjoy. It is an excellent movie to take your kids to see. It is one of those movies that they can watch over and over again. It is a movie that will be watched by adults and children and it will be a classic of it's time.

Jacqueline Hanson photo
Jacqueline Hanson

I really liked this movie. It had a lot of funny parts, lots of action, a few great character moments and a few surprising plot twists. I've been a fan of Angelina Jolie ever since I saw "Moulin Rouge", and this movie was one of her best work. She was great in this movie. The plot was really good, I liked the twist that came up at the end. The action was good too. I don't think there's a lot of action in this movie, but it was well-done. It had lots of humor and a little violence. I especially liked the death of Frankie Muniz's character. I thought it was a really good ending. I also thought the plot twist was good, but it's really hard to explain. But overall, I really liked this movie. I hope it's better received on DVD. If you like Angelina Jolie, then I'd recommend it. 8/10

Jordan Campbell photo
Jordan Campbell

This film is a completely different type of zombie film. I am not a zombie fan at all, but I do like zombie films and this was a real treat. I have to say that it did have some of the most intense action sequences I have ever seen in a zombie film. This film had me on the edge of my seat and was very very well done. I will say this, you may be scared in some parts of this film, but it is a fun zombie film that is really not to bad. The film is good, and the characters are great. You can really identify with them, and this film is definitely worth the watch.

Cheryl Perkins photo
Cheryl Perkins

*Spoiler ahead* Although there are many familiar elements of the previous movies in the series, it is a refreshing change of pace for these elements to be different. First, this movie has more emphasis on the gang as an actual force, rather than just an evil gang of misfits. Second, there is a serious difference in the structure of the story. This movie has a great deal of character development, and it is well-done, especially considering that it is two movies in one. The character development and character development in the first one were great, but in the second movie, the character development is far more subdued, and it is a little more than you would expect. Third, the main character, Lenny, is very much human, unlike the previous films. The older brother, who played the role of the best friend, played by James Caan, is much more serious and believable than the first movie's Lenny, who was more of a goofy guy. The other characters are also much more realistic and compelling. This movie is also a lot funnier than the first one. The humor in the first one was just too serious, and there were too many jokes that were not funny, such as "The mouse that saved my life", "Rats make me nervous", "No one can read my mind", "I'm not a gangster", "He didn't know what he was talking about", and "Who's the rat, he said". This movie had much more fun, and some of the jokes worked. It is the best of the series, and one of the best films of the year.

Jacob H. photo
Jacob H.

Not only is it one of the best films of the year (and I'm looking at you Rocky Horror Picture Show), it is also a great gateway to all the great horror movies of the past decade. This movie is all about a girl named Andrea (Ellen Page), who has a weird fascination with the movie "Blair Witch" and the movie "Jaws" (if you can even call it that). The beginning of the movie is about her and her friends seeing the movie "Blair Witch" and she sees the dead bodies of the characters, which she finds in a barrel and is fascinated with them. From there on the movie just gets weird and crazy. At first the movie just goes crazy, but then it really gets crazy, and just as crazy as the movies of the 80's. I found myself laughing at the movie, it was that good. I love how the movie starts with Andrea and her friends having fun and being scared. Then the movie turns crazy, and it gets even more insane. The characters and their friends are just so funny. I loved the characters, and I also loved the acting of all the characters. I'm not going to spoil the movie, but I do want to say that the acting is the best of any horror movie of the past decade, and I also loved the music, it was awesome. I loved the characters, I loved the acting, and I loved the music, and I loved the movies. I highly recommend this movie. If you haven't seen it, you should see it, and you'll like it. But if you have seen it, you'll love it.

Jeremy W. photo
Jeremy W.

When you watch this film you will laugh, you will cry and you will be surprised. Not only are the characters laugh out loud funny, but the acting is amazing. No matter what you're looking for in a film, you will find it in this movie. I found myself laughing at more than one scene in the movie. I highly recommend this film to everyone. In addition to the acting, there are some great things about this movie that I liked: -Toni Collette (She's great) -A little romance -Sexy little vampires -Lovable little vampires -Little fight -Little blood This film was an absolute must have for me. The reason is that I was really looking forward to this film because I am a big fan of the series. I hope that this film makes the jump over to the big screen so that I can finally own it. Also, I want to add that this movie is actually rated R for violence, gore, and language. This movie is for ages 13 and up, but I don't think it is too scary for children under 13.

Carl P. photo
Carl P.

In my opinion, it's a must see movie. It's a little predictable, but I don't mind. The main thing is to have a good time and laugh a lot. I can't believe it's a comedy, it's really good. It's not a stupid movie, it's actually pretty funny. I really enjoyed it.

Andrea Bailey photo
Andrea Bailey

It is my firm belief that the more times I see a movie, the more I like it. If you have seen the zombie movie and liked it, then you will love this one. I loved it. The humor was great, the gore was GREAT. I wish the title was more accurate. What I mean by that is, Zombie Hookers is not a typical "She-Devil". It is a Zombie hooker, and they really got some action in it. It really makes you think about what you would do if you were in their shoes. If you are a zombie movie fan, I highly recommend it. You will love it!

Vincent Sanders photo
Vincent Sanders

I think this is a great movie. It's pretty funny, but you don't want to miss it. It's very well done and the characters are very well developed. It's full of quirky, well-thought-out jokes and is filled with great, well-acted characters. It has a lot of great characters and all of them are likable. The plot is simple but it works. It's a movie that's a bit different from your typical zombie movie. It doesn't try to take itself too seriously and it has a great, great, great cast. I think that it's a great movie and I'm glad I watched it. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good, fun, raunchy, and very funny movie. It's not perfect but it's a great movie.

Betty photo

I have seen this film a number of times and I love it! I was raised in the 70's and this film is very accurate of that era. I am also not a fan of zombies, but I love this film! There is nothing scary about it, except for the horrible voice that says "oh come on now". It is a great family movie. The family gets scared and then they get freaked out again. The teens are hilarious and very convincing in their roles. This film has no bad language and is well acted and written. The action is very well done and not too long. It has a lot of suspense and has a lot of fun. I recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good horror/comedy! I think that you should see this film if you like this genre of film. I am a huge fan of this film and can watch it over and over again.

Gary photo

I did not read the novel before seeing this film and was looking forward to the movie since I liked the book. I can't believe I watched this movie. The cast is great, the story is very good, it is very different from the novel. The film is full of great quotes and great music and the actors all did a great job. I am a huge fan of Will Smith and I thought he was great in this movie. I really think this movie deserves to be nominated for an Oscar. I really hope it does and it will be a great film. If you haven't seen the movie and you are a fan of the book, then I would suggest you go see it!

Tammy Richards photo
Tammy Richards

I've been waiting for this movie for a while now and I really think that it's a very good movie. I mean, it's not the same as other zombie movies, it has a bit more style than other zombie movies. It's very different and original. I hope that this movie gets better ratings and people see it. If you have any friends that watch zombie movies and you think that it's not good, then watch this movie, because it's a good movie. It's not a movie that you can watch with your family or anyone you don't like, because it's a very good movie that you should watch. I really think that it's good and it's a good movie. I hope that it gets a good rating and that people see this movie and it gets good ratings.

Sean Griffin photo
Sean Griffin

I saw this movie for the first time yesterday night and it was one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but it's got a lot of fun to it. It's got some pretty funny and smart moments, but it also has a lot of heart. I really like the movie's story and the characters, and I think the movie's plot is pretty unique. I'm not a big fan of horror movies, but this movie was just a great movie, I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's a good movie to see on a rainy day with your friends or even if you're bored and want to watch something light. I think this movie is definitely worth seeing.

Eric photo

The quintessential zombie flick with all the necessary elements that makes a good zombie film. And also with the excellent ensemble cast to carry the film. With characters that everyone can relate to and have a good time with. You'll never want to leave the theater. In my opinion, I can't think of another film like this. There's the usual scenario of one of the kids getting bitten and their brains turning into zombies. But this time the zombies are up to no good and the best way to stay alive is to stay in their home. But beware, they can easily turn you into a zombie too. It's definitely worth the watch!

Olivia Carter photo
Olivia Carter

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard that it was an obvious rip-off of the Saw franchise, and I figured that it would be poorly made. However, I'm glad I got my money's worth, because it was worth every penny. The first 30 minutes are pure comedy gold. The premise was that, when a New York cop is hit with a gunshot, he wakes up as a zombie and must save a young girl from a group of ruthless psychopaths who are stalking her. It was one of those situations where you can't help but laugh out loud. The ending was the funniest part of the movie. It was the only part that I could laugh at and that was a big surprise for me. Another great aspect of the movie was the brilliant performance by Vincent D'Onofrio. He plays a cop who is so evil that I don't even want to give anything away. The role suits him perfectly, and he was very funny. All of the characters were fantastic, and it was great to see the old crew. M. Night Shyamalan is always funny, and he definitely knows how to make a good comedy. I also loved how he played with time. The movie is so unique that I will be looking for more of his movies in the future. It's definitely a great movie to watch with friends and to laugh at. I give it an 8 out of 10. It's a great movie for a rainy Saturday afternoon. Just go in with an open mind, and you'll love it.

Louis G. photo
Louis G.

This film is not for the faint of heart, as it is one of the most graphic films I have ever seen. However, it is a great comedy, and has a great message to it. The plot is about a family that has been living in the same house for over 50 years. When they decide to move, they do not tell anyone, and it is up to the other family to try and find out who the new owner of the house is. The plot is pretty standard, but the humour is what makes this film so great. I think that most people would not be able to tell that this is a horror film, but it is, and it is hilarious. The best part of this film is that it is a comedy, and there are plenty of funny jokes throughout. The acting is good, with the actors portraying the characters very well. The film is great, and is definitely worth watching. This is a film that is not for the faint of heart, but it is a great comedy and has a great message.

Debra Montgomery photo
Debra Montgomery

The film starts out pretty well with a good story, a decent amount of action, and a decent amount of gore. But it's not until the last 10 minutes of the film that the movie really gets going. The zombies are awesome, the gore is really well done, and the story is very unique. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys zombie movies.

Virginia M. photo
Virginia M.

The movie is very funny and also has a lot of action. The first half of the movie is very funny and you are never bored. The second half is also very funny and you get to see the zombie world. The action is very good and the special effects are amazing. The plot is also very good and it is good to see a zombie movie without all the blood and gore. The movie is very good and the acting is good also. This is a must see movie.