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Dang kou feng yun

Dang kou feng yun is a movie starring Wenzhuo Zhao, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, and Regina Wan. During the 16th century, Japanese pirates proliferate along the Chinese coastline. In 1557, the pirates take over Cengang in Zhejiang. After...

Other Titles
荡寇风云, Bog rata, 蕩寇風雲, Bóg wojny, 戦神 ゴッド・オブ・ウォー, Deus da Guerra, God of War
Running Time
2 hours 8 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Action, History
Gordon Chan
MengZhang Wu, Frankie Tam, Maria Wong, Zhaozheng Xiong
Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Keisuke Koide, Regina Wan, Wenzhuo Zhao
Hong Kong, China
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

During the 16th century, Japanese pirates proliferate along the Chinese coastline. In 1557, the pirates take over Cengang in Zhejiang. After months of futile advances, Commander Yu (Sammo Hung) finally defeats them under the leadership of newly promoted General Qi (Vincent Zhao). The pirates, however, manage to escape. In 1561, the pirates regroup and once again attack the coastal cities of China. With both the cities of Xinhe and Taizhou under attack, Qi's army is caught between two fires. Even though most family members of his soldiers are located in Xinhe, Qi makes the tough decision to go to Taizhou and leaves his wife in charge of the fight against the pirates in Xinhe, knowing that the defeat of the pirates' elite team in Taizhou will bring long lasting peace to the coastal cities.

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Ryan photo

When I first heard about this movie I thought it was going to be the same as the previous movie in the series. However, I found it to be very different. It is much more cinematic and realistic. The movie is like a documentary, it is like a documentary about the people who live in the village. The movie is about a girl named Lin (Zhang Yimou), she lives in the village with her two brothers and her mother. She is not very happy with her life, she does not have much time to herself. Her brother, Wang (Gong Li), does not have much time to himself. When the family finds out that the village is attacked by a mysterious army, Lin and Wang decide to go to the city to find help. After they leave the village, they find that there are many people who have been kidnapped and taken to the city. Lin and Wang try to find the kidnappers but soon they find that the kidnappers are making the girls to fight each other. Lin and Wang are now the one who must fight the kidnappers. This movie was much different than the previous movie. The story is different and it was very interesting to watch. The cinematography is much better in this movie. The movie is very different and I think this movie is the best of the series. This movie is the best of the series. This movie is a must see movie. The movie is good for people who like historical movies.

Ryan photo

I can't understand why so many people are complaining about this movie. It's a very good movie, with an interesting plot and a very good acting. It's not a masterpiece, but it's very good and worth watching. I like the way they've made the movie, the scenery is very nice. I've watched the movie many times and I still enjoy watching it. I'd like to see the movie again, but it's a shame that it's so hard to find in Hong Kong.

Evelyn photo

When I first heard that Jackie Chan was going to be playing the role of the masked avenger, I was skeptical about whether or not he would be able to pull it off. I was still a bit hesitant to see the movie after hearing the rumors, but I was intrigued after seeing the trailer. The film itself is a good action flick, with Jackie Chan at his best. He is able to make this film entertaining, and the action is just fun. The fights are great, and I am glad that the fights are not in a "bloody" way, which I think would have been more confusing. The fight choreography is great, and the fight choreographer has done a great job. The film is very entertaining, and the story is very interesting. I liked the story, and I am glad that the story was interesting. The action is great, and the film is just fun. The film does have some flaws, but they are minor. The film is not perfect, but it is a good film. The film is entertaining, and it is fun. The film is great entertainment, and it is a good action flick.

Brian Cunningham photo
Brian Cunningham

The film is set in the 60s, and follows the adventures of a band of rebels who are fighting the Japanese occupation. The film is beautifully shot, and has a wonderful soundtrack. The action is intense, and the soundtrack is great. The story is fairly simple, but it works. The characters are well developed, and the action is well paced. The film is well worth seeing, and is a good film to see if you are looking for something different, or to watch with friends.

Billy W. photo
Billy W.

The movie starts with a close up of the young boy (who looks like a boy) and the little girl's father (who looks like a father). They are watching the mother and the father together. Then they look at the two children, then at the mother and then back at the two children. This is a very powerful and interesting scene, that shows that it is not always possible to understand how people behave. The movie is about the bond between two people, which grows and grows, and it is the strongest thing in the film. The boy has a long history with the girl, and the bond between them is the strongest thing in the film. The boy's mother is a very important character in the film, and she is a very strong character. The father is a very important character in the film, and he is the weakest character. The film is very realistic, and it is very powerful. It is very interesting. The director has done a great job. He has told a very interesting story. The movie is very interesting, and I recommend it.

Brittany R. photo
Brittany R.

As a fan of Hong Kong cinema, I am a little reluctant to discuss this film as I feel that the consensus in Hong Kong is that this film is terrible and not worth talking about. However, I would like to say that it is not terrible. It is actually very good. It is a real masterpiece of Chinese cinema. If you are a fan of China's cinema, then you will love this film. The film is based on a book written by Wang Jie (王安) and is told from the point of view of a girl who was abandoned by her parents and is being raised by a woman (Wang) who is an assassin. The woman, who is the daughter of a prominent politician, has a mysterious past. When she is released from prison, she is not able to find her way home and she is forced to seek help from a local boy (若世) who knows how to survive in a foreign land. This is the film's first feature film and it is a very good one. The story is interesting and the characters are well-developed. The acting is good and the cinematography is outstanding. The film is also very stylish. I am not sure why so many people have rated this film as terrible. The film is a masterpiece of Chinese cinema. It is worth seeing. I highly recommend it.

Marilyn G. photo
Marilyn G.

This is a good movie, but it is not what I expected. I was expecting a more serious movie, but it is not. It is a movie for children, and that is what I expected. The movie has a lot of action, and the ending is really good. I have not seen this movie before, but I liked it. I give this movie a 9/10.

Theresa Simmons photo
Theresa Simmons

The premise of this movie is a bit of a stretch, but the way it is executed, it works. The story is about the journey of a young man who is trying to return to his village after the war. He has to survive in the strange world of a martial arts master. The movie is visually stunning, and the martial arts are quite well done. It's not a movie that will be able to compete with some of the other martial arts movies. It's a good movie to watch on a rainy day, and it will definitely be remembered. The movie is also good for those who like martial arts movies.

Gregory Howell photo
Gregory Howell

The movie is about an old man who lost his wife and daughter in a train crash. He is haunted by the ghost of his wife and daughter and he sets out to get them back. He is assisted by a young woman who works for him. The movie is very well done. The movie is well acted, the story is interesting, and the music is very good. I think this is one of the best ghost stories ever made. I highly recommend it.

Hannah West photo
Hannah West

The movie is really good. The story line is good, it is different from other historical movies. It is very good story line. The cinematography is really good, the scenery is beautiful. The action is great. The sound effects are good. The characters are great. The acting is good. The music is really good. The direction is good. The story is very good. The story line is good. The story is different from other historical movies. The movie is really good.

Kevin photo

I watched this movie with a friend of mine, and I must say, I was amazed. The story was pretty good, and the acting was great. It's really a must watch movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Kimberly photo

It's all over the place, but this is a good movie that's worth seeing. It's an old movie, so it doesn't have any modern touches, but it's still enjoyable. I think it's a bit more "real" than the old "The Shawshank Redemption", but still pretty good. It's not exactly a great movie, but it's still enjoyable. The acting is great, the story is good, and the movie is worth seeing.

Cynthia F. photo
Cynthia F.

I was very impressed with the movie. It's a very well made movie with good acting and a great story. The movie is about a Chinese prince who was in the service of the emperor for a long time, and when he finally decides to leave his old life, he is forced to leave his son and his daughter behind. The only way to save them is to go through the border, and through this journey, the prince learns about the people and their culture, and his love for his daughter. Overall, the movie is a very good movie, and I recommend it to everyone. I hope that the movie is able to become a hit.

Nathan photo

I think I have to comment on this film. I saw this movie when I was younger and it still haunts me. I think it is one of the best films of all time. It is so moving, and it is very realistic. The film has a great story line and has some great action scenes. I have to say that the acting is great in this film. In the beginning, the movie is really slow, but it really picks up in the end. I think this movie is one of the best movies of all time.

Phillip R. photo
Phillip R.

I have always been a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema, but never really had a lot of interest in the martial arts genre. Until now. I was a little skeptical about this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had never heard of the director, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The action is incredible, the acting is great, and the storyline is both intriguing and interesting. It is the perfect movie for anyone who likes action, martial arts, and romance. I highly recommend it. This is a great movie for anyone who likes martial arts, romance, or action. It is also great for anyone who likes to watch a movie with a strong storyline and great acting. I would highly recommend this movie.

Patrick G. photo
Patrick G.

The movie is not for everyone. The movie is quite violent, but it is not a bad thing, because it gives a good message to the people. It is not a movie that I would recommend to my friends, but it is a good movie. The movie is based on a novel. It was a good movie for me. The movie is about a Chinese martial arts master, who is trying to protect a young girl, who is kidnapped by a group of bandits. The movie is about revenge, and about a girl who is not a good person, and the love of a man. This movie is not for the weak, because the movie is violent. But I think that the movie is good. The movie is not for the weak, but it is a good movie. I would recommend this movie to the people who like martial arts movies.

Jack Williamson photo
Jack Williamson

The first time I saw this film, I was utterly surprised. The story is so well put together and the acting is phenomenal. I didn't think it would be this good, but it was. I could watch this film over and over again and still find something new. The story of the film is just so amazing, you never know what is going to happen next. You never know who the bad guy is, or who is the good guy. I love the story of the film, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good action film. It is not just a good action film, it is a good story, and a good action film. I give this film a 9 out of 10, it is just so well done, that I think it deserves that rating.