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Halston is a movie starring Liza Minnelli, Marisa Berenson, and Joel Schumacher. Prodigiously talented, Halston reigned over fashion in the 1970s and became a household name. But everything changed in the Wall Street era. With his...

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Halstonas: sloves ir nuopolio istorija
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Frédéric Tcheng
Frédéric Tcheng
Marisa Berenson, Liza Minnelli, Joel Schumacher, Naeem Khan
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Prodigiously talented, Halston reigned over fashion in the 1970s and became a household name. But everything changed in the Wall Street era. With his empire under threat, Halston took the biggest gamble of his life.

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Willie R. photo
Willie R.

I believe the best film of 2009 was 'Bicentennial Man' starring a talented cast, and a brilliant story. As for 'The Arrival' directed by Thomas McCarthy is something a little more less interesting. It's not a bad film, but it is not great either. It has an interesting plot, but it does not make for a good film. I will be watching the film again, and I will continue to look forward to the next film. The ending may be a little over the top, but I will have to watch the film again to find out. I rate it a 4.5 out of 5. Hopefully I can get to watch the film again.

Jonathan C. photo
Jonathan C.

I was a little skeptical when I saw this documentary, since I thought it would be something like "60 Minutes." The way the whole thing plays out is fascinating and amazing. The documentary is a fascinating look into the world of fashion, drugs, and the music industry. It is also a look at the "world of gangs" in the hip hop music industry. The documentary isn't a full documentary. It has a lot of behind the scenes clips and the film does not have a very linear narrative. It's more like a mosaic. I think it is well-made and even if you are not a fan of fashion, you will be able to enjoy it. I would definitely recommend this documentary. It is quite the eye-opener and I would say it is worth it.

Barbara S. photo
Barbara S.

This film is about the life and times of the late Robin Williams. It's an emotional documentary about a man who lived his life with a sense of humour. I personally feel it is more than just a film about Robin Williams. It is about life and how we try to live our lives and get out of our comfort zones and enjoy the life that we have. It also shows how Robin Williams was able to live his life and not be judged for things that he did in the past. It is a film that I would recommend to anyone who wants to know more about Robin Williams.

Louis Olson photo
Louis Olson

I am a longtime follower of George Lipsitz, and I watched this documentary about him without knowing anything about it. It was a refreshing change to see him speak about the 1960s with the lightness and humor that comes from his genius. He gives interviews with friends, family, and fellow artists and filmmakers, and the quality of the film is very high. He's a very generous and helpful interview, and it's amazing that he talks so openly about his most personal and private feelings. This is a story of a man who was able to share his life with others, and was able to connect with the people around him. I believe he would be very proud of this documentary.

Joe Taylor photo
Joe Taylor

I think this is the most important documentary I have ever seen, to me. What it is, is a telling of the story of what happened to Patrice Leconte, a young man who, at the age of 18, became the youngest ever kidnapped in history, and the only one to have his captors return him to his family within 24 hours. Patrice Leconte was a 19 year old student, and he would be one of the youngest ever kidnapped in history. The documentary, called "The Leconte Affair", is a long running series of interviews with Patrice, his parents and his siblings, all of whom have lived through this event. The story goes from the time the kidnappers abducted Patrice, until the day they returned him, to a one-on-one interview with Patrice's father, John Leconte. While the story is a very sad one, it is important to the viewer to know what happened. The kidnapping of Patrice was, for many, the beginning of the end of the Haitian Revolution. The police who were supposed to be keeping the peace were, in fact, more interested in their own personal gain, than in public order. This was a story about a young man, with a good life ahead of him, being taken away by a corrupt system. What happened to Patrice was a great tragedy, and a good example of what could have happened, if not for the efforts of the international community, and the Haitian people. The film will have you feeling for Patrice, as you will see him suffer, but will also show the courage of a man who was willing to go through all the suffering, and make the effort to reach his parents. The way the filmmakers are able to show the family's pain, and the fear that they have for their son is remarkable, and very realistic. The real life of Patrice Leconte is the most realistic example of what it is like to be a young man, caught between the forces of a corrupt government, and the society which is more interested in the money, and the wealth of the country. The main issue with the film is the length. It is very long, and the film could have been much shorter. They cut a lot of scenes, and only talk about the kidnappers. The film should have been much shorter, with a few stories, instead of a long running time. All of the interviews were well-done, but the film could have been better. The film is very moving, and is the most important documentary I have ever seen. I recommend it highly, and highly recommend the DVD, as it will show you the entire film.

Roy L. photo
Roy L.

I have been looking for a good documentary about the mysterious sex life of the late great TV host, Ellen Tilly. So when I first heard that Tilly was the subject of a documentary, I was pleased. But when I found out that it was done by filmmaker, Steven Soderbergh, I was even more pleased. He's done great work before, but never like this. He put together a cast of "experts", who were all women, and they interviewed them about the lives of Tilly and her male friends and co-workers. They were in their 40's and 50's, and they were still working, playing in bands, and having sex with women they met as young women. There was no shock value in this movie. What's more, it was done in a way that made it clear that the filmmakers were not trying to sensationalize the subject of sex. There were no explicit sex scenes, but there was plenty of heartbreak, frustration, and fear. I'm sure Soderbergh, who's also a terrific director, was satisfied with his piece, but I was. And that's why I'm giving this film a 10. It's just too good to be true.

Deborah M. photo
Deborah M.

This is a very well-done documentary about the history of the Canadian armory, and how it has survived the many changes in its use. It also looks at the past and present of Canadian arms and how they have come to be. We are used to seeing Canadian arms and ammunition being just that. But there is a lot of historical and cultural background to this film, and I think it is well done. It is very interesting to watch it unfold and see what has happened and what has been added, to what has been lost. I particularly enjoyed the information about the history of the armory, and the histories of some of the historical figures. I was particularly impressed with a historical video clip of a gun show held in Oshawa, Ontario, a few years ago. This particular clip shows a Canadian-made M1 Carbine being used in a parade in an Oshawa parade. It is a very well-done clip and I found it very informative.

Jean Stanley photo
Jean Stanley

This documentary was certainly one of the best I've seen. It tells the story of a man who was at one time an iconic hockey player, but is now basically retired. His life story is something that could easily be told in one or two hours, but the film spans over several years and covers the life of Mr. Lecavalier from his childhood to his current age. It gives us a window into his entire life and what was going on in the world at the time, even though the time period he was living in is completely fictitious. He tells us how he got his nickname, how he met the man who eventually became his wife, and how he got the nickname "The Godfather." He even tells us how he is far more important to the game of hockey than the other players, as well as the people who made the game what it is today. I really enjoyed this film, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I don't think this will become an instant classic, but I'm certainly glad that I watched it. I rate this film 9/10.

Samuel T. photo
Samuel T.

I agree with the other reviewers that this movie is a real eye-opener. I was skeptical, as I have been warned. However, I came out amazed and thrilled. I am a programmer and I am a software engineer. I was very pleasantly surprised by the documentary. I was a little wary of the interviewer, but it was a smart man and I enjoyed his honest and straightforward approach to the subject. I found it very inspiring. It really does get you thinking. Not everyone is a computer geek or engineer. A great deal of the information here is real and I think that the real world is much more colorful and fascinating than the computer world. I recommend this movie to all. I have found a lot of people like me who are not computer geeks or engineers but would like to. Just ask them.

Brandon P. photo
Brandon P.

I watched this film recently and was taken aback by the sheer beauty of this film, the beauty of life. I saw that the star was no longer Martin Sheen, but Will Smith, and that struck me as a mistake. I love Smith's acting but Smith is not a great actor. I don't believe he was a great actor, but I did see him as a great man, he was not a great actor. If you can watch this film without the cringe-inducing scene of Smith smoking crack and partying with his buddies in his apartment, I would say give it a try. But don't watch the film just because of Smith. Watch this film just for the beauty of it. The film is beautiful. Not just the visuals. The music. The sound effects. The film is beautiful, and the beauty of this film is something I cannot describe.

Edward Simmons photo
Edward Simmons

I saw this film as part of the New York Film Festival, and it was very moving, both in terms of its contents and its subject matter. I can't remember a film that I have seen that made me feel so overwhelmed by a story. I have always felt a strong bond with a father, and this film really made me think about that. It was a great film to watch with a great group of people, and I think everyone should see this film at least once.

Robert Butler photo
Robert Butler

I had the opportunity to see this movie at a screening in New York City. It is a documentary that examines the disturbing history of the McMartin Preschool in Detroit. A group of students who are from different backgrounds and schools arrive at the school in Detroit, Michigan. It is run by Paul McMartin, who is originally from New York. The children who come to the school learn to be self-sufficient, to work together to work in their own environment. The film examines their goals, their dreams, and their struggles. It also examines the effects of the school on the children, as well as the parents. In addition to the children's educational and social development, the movie also examines the psychological effects of the school. The children are coping with the trauma and trauma of the school, and also with the difficulties in adjusting to life after school. There are many moments of very disturbing and disturbing images in the film. These images are not filtered, and they are painful to watch. The film also examines the psychological damage that the school causes in the children. It is a very powerful movie, and one that I recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about the history of Detroit schools.

Randy Sims photo
Randy Sims

A must see for all music lovers! Must watch for all history buffs. No fluff, no nonsense, just a simple, unvarnished history of the rise and fall of the King of Pop. Not for the faint of heart.

Tyler Bennett photo
Tyler Bennett

I watched this documentary today and can't stop thinking about it. The film starts with a typical young black boy named Chiron from another dimension named. "Robbie." "Robbie" is played by none other than David Alexander, who is a director, writer, actor, producer, and host of the first African American talk show in the country. In the end of the film, we are brought back to the present where we find David Alexander is still alive and doing what he does best. David is still a great filmmaker, producer, and entertainer, and he has turned his passion into a franchise, which is now in its 17th year. This documentary also includes some great clips from the first and second seasons of the show, and the first season of the show as a whole is really good. The DVD is well worth the purchase, and if you have a few hours to spare, you should go out and watch the first season of the show. I will definitely be looking out for more from David and his team.

Nathan Allen photo
Nathan Allen

I am an avid music lover and this documentary tells the real story of Bob Dylan. It is amazing to me that so many people think he is a fraud and a hack. It is sad to think that he has destroyed so many lives by giving us a very superficial view of his life. Dylan is a genius, but he is also a flawed genius who has never lived up to his potential. The real question is what is it that makes Bob Dylan such a great artist and what makes his fans such fans. It is a mystery to me that so many people think he is a fraud and a hack. It is a shame that so many have not seen this documentary. It is an amazing story. I highly recommend it.

Emma S. photo
Emma S.

I have been following this project for several years, watching the many documentaries, reading the book, and seeing the movie, and am blown away by the way it was done. I've always been a fan of Steve Redford, and believe him to be a very good and dedicated filmmaker. His films are not without their flaws, but this film is even better. He clearly made a passion project with his director, and will continue to bring us more documentaries and features. This movie is a gem. The words of a friend to me, who knows and understands the man and his work, were, "Steve Redford has done it again."

Michelle Reid photo
Michelle Reid

This movie is a good snapshot of the last two decades. It seems that in the meantime the USSR has become a very good friend to the United States. It was a good time to say "we're sorry", when a lot of people lived in fear of the KGB. There were no Russians there, and they were afraid of the American police and military. I think that in the 1990s it was also a good time to say "we're sorry". But now it is difficult to say "we're sorry" and that is because we were under such a dictatorship that it was hard to say it and it was impossible to live in peace and safety.

Bobby photo

I grew up in the same time period as the stars in this documentary and have been in love with the music since the 1980s. I grew up with the Beatles, The Stones, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses and The Beach Boys and have been fascinated with rock and roll ever since. A documentary that digs deep into the music and people involved in the music world is rare. This documentary also covers a number of celebrities who became major rock stars in the 1980s and 1990s. It covers such stars as: Robert Plant, Brian Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, Huey Lewis, Axl Rose, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Eddie Vedder, Aerosmith, Slayer, Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, and many others. The documentary also covers the music that started in the 1960s. It covers The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Byrds, The Band, The Tubes, The Replacements, and Led Zeppelin. The documentary covers many musicians and their music and their lives in the 1960s. A great documentary for the history buffs. 10/10

Cynthia H. photo
Cynthia H.

This is an absolutely beautiful movie that will take you away from life and the world for awhile. You have to be on your toes for the whole movie, because you won't be able to predict what will happen next. This movie is not just about a bunch of celebrities, but about the whole country. It's a beautiful story, that you have to see, if you ever meet one of the people involved. If you love the stars, you must see this film, because they are all so great and amazing. I know I have been lucky to see some of them and have enjoyed them a great deal. I recommend it to everyone, because this is a movie for the whole family. It is a true story and it's all true. I would like to thank everyone involved, especially, Louis, his family, friends, and the whole city of Toronto.

Jonathan photo

In the span of two days, Winston Smith's 12 years of life turned his world upside down. He was the victim of child trafficking, an incarceration, a legal battle, and a criminal record. He was also the author of the infamous 'Jungle Book' series of children's books, which was the basis for Disney's 'The Lion King.' Winston was a dedicated activist for the children of South Africa during apartheid, and was a national hero in his country. However, he had a secret, a dark secret. His autobiography, 'Jungle Book: A Tale of Two Kitties,' was the first work of fiction based on his life, and the story was based on real events. Not only was he a poor and homeless child, he was an illegal immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The world is a dangerous place, and Winston is a child who will be remembered for the book and the films he helped make. It is a wonderful story of bravery, courage, and, ultimately, a kid who refused to be bound by the law of the land. It is a testament to Winston's love for his country and his book, and his enduring love for his community. It is a powerful and inspiring story of one man's courage in adversity and a place where no one is safe. It is a story that is relevant today. We can only hope that the real story of Winston's life will be told and the film will be made.

Jack photo

I have to say that I had some reservations about the film because of the possible political messages it might be portraying, but it actually turned out to be a great film about true humanity. The fact that these two men are so different in age and appearance (a bit like the interracial "Lincoln") is what makes the film so unique and refreshing. The film is also about the power of love, and the fact that every relationship can be altered in some way or another by the love in them. This film is a MUST see for anyone who loves their children. It is the kind of film that will make you re-examine what you think about the way your life is going. There are few films that do this for me.

Nicole Davidson photo
Nicole Davidson

I love life! I am a lot of fun and love to be in the moment. I love the sounds of music and the ability to enjoy them. I love all of the colors of the rainbow and the ability to embrace them and enjoy them. This documentary is about all of the beauty of life. There is the ability to be very creative, to do whatever you want, and to do it completely outside of your normal circumstances. I love that feeling. This film is for anyone who has a beautiful life, and who wants to know more. I know it sounds cliche, but this film is about beauty, and I love it. It is beautiful to be the one who loves you, and that is the essence of life. I will never be able to give you all of my power, but I will give you all of my love, and I will be just as happy as I was the day I first saw your face.

Anthony photo

I thought I would try to write a review about this film, because it was so good. But I just couldn't, I just couldn't say anything about this film. I was stunned by the depth of this documentary, as well as the beauty of the images and the experience of this incredible woman's life. If you don't know who she is, if you have never met her, you really should watch this movie. It is very well filmed, very well produced, and very well written. For me, I am not one of those people who can relate to the stories of other women, so I had to figure out why this woman was so important and interesting. It is a very powerful film, but also very easy to watch. But I am so glad I watched it, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in life, women, love, and creativity. I give it 10/10.

Janet H. photo
Janet H.

It's been a long time since I have watched a documentary. The "life" of a "genius" is the most interesting thing about any film. I saw this film with my two younger children and they were both impressed with the story. However, I think the amount of time that was spent on the children's appearance, the music, and the look of the family is misleading. I think that, if you are not a parent, you would not be able to understand what is going on. We were sitting next to each other during the film and I could not understand what was going on. All in all, the story of genius is fascinating but I think it would be a little better if the focus was on the family and how their lives have changed. It's not about the genius, it's about the family.