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The Levelling

The Levelling is a movie starring Ellie Kendrick, David Troughton, and Jack Holden. Somerset, October 2014. When Clover Catto (Ellie Kendrick) receives a call telling her that her younger brother Harry (Joe Blakemore) is dead, she...

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Hope Dickson Leach
Hope Dickson Leach
David Troughton, Jack Holden, Ellie Kendrick, Joe Blakemore
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Somerset, October 2014. When Clover Catto (Ellie Kendrick) receives a call telling her that her younger brother Harry (Joe Blakemore) is dead, she must return to her family farm and face the man she hasn't spoken to in years: her father Aubrey (David Troughton). She is shocked to discover her home changed forever by the devastating floods that destroyed the area six months earlier, and Aubrey a tormented shadow of his former self. As she learns what has been going on in her long absence she and her father forge a new understanding, but can it withstand the troubles that they face on the ravaged farm as well as the truth of what drove Harry to take his own life?

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Jesse Reid photo
Jesse Reid

This is an excellent documentary about the recent court case in Scotland involving the killings of at least 50 people in the 1990s. A group of gay men were jailed for the murders but the trial was quashed on the grounds that it was an attempt to prosecute a homosexual. I am afraid I have not seen this movie in a while and I was not aware of its existence until I read about it in the newspaper. It has some of the best photography I have seen in a long time and some interesting interviews with people involved in the case. The film is quite gritty at times and I thought the ending was a little bit far-fetched. However, I was surprised to see the film is quite candid and at times you can see the real anguish that the men were feeling and it shows that the trial was not that easy to defend.

Mildred photo

It was a wonderful film, beautifully shot, well acted, and I don't mean the actors. I mean the story. I never felt that I was watching a documentary. I felt I was watching a film, with characters I could relate to. I will definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out.

Robert Bowman photo
Robert Bowman

A great story. And a great movie. It is hard to find a film with a story that is so well told, acted and directed, and there are so many things you can say about it. I have to give credit to the actors. I mean, how could they not be good. The only person who could have been better would have been the actress who played Janet, because she was too old for her part. The only problem is that she was a lot older than the people in the film, so it didn't work. But I don't know what they were thinking, if they were going to cast the same actress over and over again. It was a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jerry E. photo
Jerry E.

I'm not a fan of the likes of Samuel Fuller, but I was surprised by this film. The film is very thought provoking, but also somewhat bleak. It explores the existential themes of pain and loss. It also shows the extent to which these themes are felt and understood by the main characters. The central character is played by Anthony Hopkins. He is able to display a variety of emotions, but the key emotion is a sense of loss. He is the character who is most affected by the loss of his wife. His last words to her are "don't leave me" and "don't leave me". His role is to suffer. The performance of Anthony Hopkins is one of the most memorable in recent film history. The acting is extremely good, with an emphasis on the supporting characters. The character of Judy Garland is also very good, but it is more of a performance than a performance, as she is not as great as Hopkins is. The film has several strong points. The writing is very good, with a great sense of humour. The script has some very powerful moments, and it is also very touching. The film also has a great visual style. The film has a very stylish look, which really adds to the story. Overall, this film is very good. It has a very good story, and is very thought provoking. It also has a great visual style. Overall, I give this film 8/10.

Sharon Valdez photo
Sharon Valdez

This film is excellent. I recommend it highly. The actors do a great job in portraying their characters. I have never seen a film like this before, and I have seen a lot of movies. This is one of my favorites. I'm going to see it again and will buy it. It is my favorite film of all time. I hope to see it again when it comes out on DVD. If you haven't seen it yet, please see it.

Walter Hicks photo
Walter Hicks

I am a very old-school viewer of movies. I'm a sucker for anything that takes place in the past. When I saw the previews for this movie, I knew it would be a tough movie to follow, and the fact that it was a co-production of B&W and color was not helpful. I mean, it's a movie! But, I did enjoy the story and it was more a movie than a drama, because of the setting and the acting. I thought the casting was wonderful. Not to mention the acting was superb, especially from the child actors, who were simply amazing. I'm sure many will be disappointed by the ending, but I was very satisfied and it was a very emotional ending, not to mention it was a surprise ending. I really hope that this movie is a box office hit, because it deserves it. It's a classic movie that I would recommend to anyone. You will not be disappointed. 9/10

Aaron H. photo
Aaron H.

This film was made on a low budget, but it was done very well. It was slow at times but that was the whole point of it. I love this film and I would watch it again. I hope to see it released on DVD.

Phillip Chavez photo
Phillip Chavez

It's not a documentary. It's not a docu-drama. It's a dramatization of a true story. And it is a very good one. It has some major flaws, but it does a good job of presenting the human aspect of the story. I liked the story-line, and I liked the characters. There are some flaws in the direction of the film, but it's forgivable in a film like this. It's just the way it was filmed, and I thought it worked. And the actors are not the most talented, but they play their parts well. I thought the story was good, the characters were good, and the film was good. I don't like to use the word 'great' to describe a film. But it was very good. 8/10

Carolyn photo

The Levelling is a story of the life of a woman who is a prisoner in the prison that was built in the previous century. Her family is the only ones who can see her, but she was born a criminal, and now she is going to the prison that was built in the previous century. The movie was a bit slow, but it was very interesting. It was a little bit boring, but it was a good movie. I think it was one of the best films I have seen in the last years. It is very different from other films, and it is a great story. I like the story, and I like the characters in this movie. The actors did a very good job. The cast was great. The story was great, and I like the movie very much. I recommend you to watch it. It is a great movie. I would give it a 8/10. I think it is very good. I give it a 8/10.

Diane photo

I haven't seen this film in years, but after watching it on DVD recently I decided to revisit it. I didn't think it was too bad, I just wasn't really convinced by it. I'd heard some people rave about it, and I thought I'd give it a shot. I'd heard that it was a "hard-R" movie, which I don't really know what that means, but it sounded interesting. I saw this movie on TV, and the thing that struck me was the way it was shot. It was a good film, but it wasn't one of those "so-bad-it's-good" movies. The lighting was good, the sound was good, the acting was good. I felt like it had a more realistic look to it than some of the "sappy" films out there. It was interesting, I liked it. It was an interesting story, I enjoyed it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. I'd say it's a good movie, but it's not great, I would recommend it to those who are into "hard-R" movies.

Howard T. photo
Howard T.

I'm not the biggest fan of Irish cinema but I did find this to be a refreshing change. It is a tale of what the people of the island were and how they had to adapt to the shifting economic and social climate of the time. I found the film extremely moving and I really hope that it gets the attention it deserves.

Juan J. photo
Juan J.

The Levelling is one of the more challenging films I've ever seen. The cast is excellent and the story is both complex and yet very simple. The actors all do a great job at making the characters real and believable. The directing is superb and the film looks stunning. This film is about a woman who is struggling with her mental health and her son is her only friend. This is a very strong story and there is no real happy ending. The story is based on a book by Amanda Frost. She's a writer and I'd say that she's one of the best writers in the UK. The film is a unique film and a must see. There is so much to think about. The Levelling is a powerful film that I recommend to everyone.

Helen M. photo
Helen M.

A man goes back in time to the 1860s and helps a woman who is about to be murdered. Now he's in the 1860s, and he is helping his partner, and this is the part that makes this movie so great. It's hard to explain. The plot is simple, and it's important to know what you're going to get when you watch this movie. You will get to see this man's life through the eyes of a young woman who is being killed in a house, and the man is saving her life, and we all know what happens to that woman. It's an amazing movie, and you will never forget it. It's a shame that the producers of this movie didn't have more people involved. This is the kind of movie that you can watch over and over again. I recommend it to everyone. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

David S. photo
David S.

This is an interesting and sensitive movie. It is full of tension and suspense. It deals with the issue of the ethics of abortion. There are some very effective scenes in this film, and it is very well done. I think the movie is very interesting and I recommend it.

Julie M. photo
Julie M.

It's the year 2017. This is a film about an unemployed man, John Turturro, whose apartment is being sold, so he moves into a small apartment next to his brother, a writer. The landlord, a repulsive man named Jim Kelly, is very mean and would do anything to get his hands on Turturro's apartment. Turturro is being harassed by the landlord, but he still wants his apartment, so he tries to talk with Kelly, who is trying to get rid of him. It's a funny, touching film. Turturro and Kelly do a great job in the film. It's a beautiful film. I recommend this film to anyone. The movie is great.

Shirley Simpson photo
Shirley Simpson

The Levelling is a relatively simple story of a young girl who lives in a tent with her mother. She is a great storyteller. She tells the story of the battle of the towers and the death of the king, all the while living inside the tent. The story is told in a more cinematic style, which is kind of distracting but kind of nice. It's a film I would recommend if you are into documentary style film. If you like documentaries, you will love this film.

Justin W. photo
Justin W.

I am a huge fan of this movie. I am still impressed by the execution of this movie. I never knew the director, but I knew he was a great filmmaker and a very good one. The cinematography was top-notch. The story was well-written and well-executed. The acting was solid, especially from two of my favorite actors, Annette Bening and Peter Mullan. I am not a big fan of the singing, but it wasn't overdone. I have never been a fan of those movie-types, but I don't think that was the case with this one. The music was good and fits well with the movie. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is definitely a must-see movie for the young and old alike.

Carol C. photo
Carol C.

There's nothing here for the audience to analyze. No lessons, no "What is it that we want?" What is it that we want? The first half of the film is a mystery. The second half is the answers. But when the answers are delivered, the film is over. I will not give the plot away, but let me just say that it's a piece of art. You can see the events unfold on screen as if you were a voyeur watching a play. But it's a great movie, if you can get into it. If you can't, it will make you think. The acting is excellent, and the music is very important. It really adds to the atmosphere of the film. This is the kind of movie that leaves you with a sense of wonder and awe.

Ethan B. photo
Ethan B.

This movie is actually very well done. I was actually looking forward to watching it, but was a little disappointed. The first half was very interesting. The story was very well done and the characters were well developed. I thought the plot was well thought out, and there were a few twists and turns. I really liked the cinematography and the sound was great. The acting was really good. I thought the lead character, Chad and the director did a good job of creating a character that was very likable and likable to the audience. The pacing was good, and there were a few scenes that had a really powerful impact on me. I thought that there were a few times where I felt the movie was a little slow. There were a few scenes where the movie was really predictable, but I really liked the director's decision to leave some of the plot details in the movie for people to discover themselves. The actors did a good job, and I think the director did a good job. The music was good, and the directing was good. The story was a little predictable, but it was still very well done. Overall, I thought it was a good movie, and I really liked it.

Willie R. photo
Willie R.

I really enjoyed this movie, but I feel it lacked some story development. It had some good drama but I think it needed to be more in depth. I found myself being drawn into the story and feeling the feelings the characters felt but I still don't think it was a very complete story. The director did a good job of setting up the characters and I enjoyed the film, but I think it could have been more intense and well written. The acting was good, but not outstanding. The cinematography was good, but I think they could have done more with the filming. The director made it look like it was filmed on a high school video camera and I would have liked to see more of it. I thought the music was great and it seemed like a low budget film. It was a nice film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Richard photo

This is a film that is aimed squarely at the younger audience, and as such the movie is a little on the slow side. However, the film is not slow because it is intended to be. There is no doubt that the film was not meant to be a drama, but rather a drama with a good plot. There is a good story to be told here, and it is a shame that the film was not released in theatres. The acting is very good, especially by the two leads. My only problem with the movie is that the story does not take itself too seriously. There is a serious aspect to the story, and it is not meant to be a comedy. The plot is a good one, and the characters are likable, but the plot is not serious. For the most part, the film is very good, and there are some wonderful moments of the film, but there are a couple of things that are not quite good enough to make it a masterpiece. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good film.