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63 Up is a TV movie starring Nicholas Hitchon, Tony Walker, and Bruce Balden. Director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born adults after a 7 year wait. The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have...

Running Time
2 hours 25 minutes
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Michael Apted
Nicholas Hitchon, Tony Walker, Charles Furneaux, Bruce Balden
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born adults after a 7 year wait. The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have occurred in their lives during the last seven years.

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Steven photo

My son is a big fan of Arnold. I can see why. He looks great, his movements are great, his strength and speed are superb. But, he also has his weaknesses. His body is so huge and his muscles so great that he can barely move. This makes it almost impossible for him to do any work that requires a lot of power. So, we often get the feeling that he is just sitting around for hours doing nothing. This is a very common problem that has plagued Arnold. But, it is a serious one, and the film does a good job of showing it. It is interesting and sometimes sad to see what he does during the day. He is not a perfect man, but he does seem to have this serious inner battle. He is a very different man than the one I knew when I was his age. The film is about the life of Arnold's dad. The film also shows how Arnold's life would have been if he had never gotten married. The film is very informative, and it has a great ending.

Melissa photo

This is the second film I have seen that was made by Ron Howard and it is amazing. This film really shows the process of making films, the editing process, and the CGI work that is done. I feel that the film was not perfect and there were a few things that could have been done better. I felt that the ending was a little off for me, but that is just my opinion. It is an interesting story about a family that has a dog that is called Up. At the beginning of the film you see the dog being taken to a hospital. There you see the dog, then you see the dog. The dog is fine and you then hear the dog growl at the hospital. At this point you know that the film is about to go off the rails and you know that there will be a happy ending. The film also shows a little bit of the film industry and how it is run. This film is very interesting and I recommend this film to anyone that likes documentaries.

Billy Tran photo
Billy Tran

For my money, this is the best documentary ever. It has a great story behind it, and it is full of fascinating information. The documentary starts with some very disturbing material. People have been brutally murdered in various ways and with various different methods. These people were killed by being hung from a tree, shot with a rifle, stabbed with a screwdriver, have their fingers cut off with a razor, etc. They were all mentally unstable. These individuals are psychologically disturbed. The violence they showed was just part of their personalities. What made this documentary more interesting to me was the discussion between various people in it. I'm not sure how much was true, but it certainly made me think about what I have read about these subjects. I enjoyed this documentary very much, and I highly recommend it. It is a must see for those who like documentaries, and it is a must see for anyone who is interested in the subject of the nature of mental illness.

Katherine K. photo
Katherine K.

With many documentaries available, the budget for this film was small, which resulted in a short film that had to be cut to fit on the 2 hour time limit. The same story could have been told much better by someone who had the luxury of time, money, and access to a wide variety of interviews and films. Here, director Julia Angwin does a good job. She does a good job of staying within the boundaries of time, and her editing is fairly tight. This film is not going to appeal to everyone. It does have some strong points that may be difficult for some to swallow, such as the failure of the dam to cause the flood, and the fear that the Germans were building a weapon to deal with the situation. It also does have some problems. The first is the extreme sadism and degradation of the children, who were only a few years old when the dams were built. They were mostly boys, and often had their genitals cut off, which the director gives away on the screen. Then there is the fact that the Germans were massacring and torturing the Jews, so the film doesn't address that aspect. The second point is the portrayal of the Poles and Germans, who were both cooperating in the dam project, as being very similar, and not as different as they should have been. There is a great deal of evidence that the Germans were actually quite willing to cooperate with the Poles, and to do the dam project, which is not as hard to understand as it sounds. In fact, the German's never really tried to stop the work until the flood began, but their motivation was to build a dam to supply water to the German city of Heidelberg, and so were willing to work with the Poles to do the work. It is clear that the Germans never really tried to stop the Poles, and so the film fails to address the fact that both sides were cooperating in the dam project, despite the fact that they were at war.

Megan G. photo
Megan G.

After the first few minutes of this documentary I was quite skeptical. How could a documentary about one of the worst movies ever made possibly have anything good to say about it? But I was wrong. The film is amazing, it's well-made, it's beautifully shot, it has some great interviews with people involved, and it even makes a point or two about the movie. I have to say that this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen about a movie. You can't help but be impressed and even moved by the sheer brilliance of this documentary. The film really focuses on how the movie was made and how it is important to set up a director's film. It really is amazing. This is a great documentary. I give it a 7/10.

Sarah Jordan photo
Sarah Jordan

Wow. This movie was really good. It was filmed in great locations, the acting was excellent, and the plot was simple and easy to follow. It was just an interesting and entertaining movie. The characters were very interesting, and they had a good chemistry between them. The actors all did a great job portraying the characters and it was really good to see the real life people who played them. The movie was really entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone. However, it's not a must-see film. It's not a must-see film. It's a great movie. However, I would recommend it for people who have a strong stomach for violence and blood. It was very intense and the violence was graphic. I found this movie to be very entertaining and well-acted. However, I would not recommend it to people who are sick, sensitive, or easily frightened.

Marilyn S. photo
Marilyn S.

This movie is nothing more than an apology to the state of Iraq. The only thing it did for Iraq was to have the US military speak about it. It's not an invasion or anything, it's the overthrow of the government that was trying to overthrow the government. They're trying to blame the Iraqis and the Iraqis are trying to blame the Americans. It's really all about the oil. If you want to know what really happened in Iraq, you'll just have to watch this movie.

Harold McCoy photo
Harold McCoy

I came across this movie because I was in a mood to watch something different and a bit different than the usual Hollywood/Bollywood action movie fare. I do believe that this movie is a brave attempt at providing a more objective view of India. The movie is really worth watching if you are interested in what is going on in our country, especially if you are of the opinion that India is not the world's greatest country. I am not going to write an academic analysis of the movie, but if you are a curious and objective person, this movie is for you. You have been warned.

Kevin Munoz photo
Kevin Munoz

This is a pretty fascinating look at the life and times of John Lennon. He's mostly self-absorbed, a bit of a jerk, but when he's around, he's fun. He's always on the move, or in his studio, working on things, often causing his girlfriend to be jealous. His daughter was a genius, but he had an affair with her mom and was never really around, and when he did, he was practically the same as he was when he was a kid. He has an obsession with his mother and his stepfather, but doesn't seem to notice the fact that he never was close to anyone else. One of his idols was the Beatles and he admired their music, but he couldn't relate to them. He didn't even like John Lennon as a person. His love for the Beatles' music was fleeting. He never really connected to them, and he wasn't ready for them. He was a total person, and wasn't ready to be a rock star. They were an odd little band and he was their ego. They were like a cult, and he was just someone else's obsession. He was just a quirky, eccentric guy who needed something to do, and he got it from the Beatles. This documentary is pretty fascinating and the questions are very interesting. In the end, I would say it's worth seeing.

Charles photo

I wanted to be entertained, but I came out feeling a bit flat. I thought the premise of this documentary was very intriguing and it would have been a great story to follow the trail of the young girls who went missing in the late 80's. However, it's hard to put into words how disappointing this film was. It was very disjointed, as if it was edited in pieces. There were several long shots of the same young women walking through a parking lot or driving a car and it wasn't clear where they were. The documentary seemed to have been edited too quickly and the narration was also rushed. It was hard to follow the story as they tried to put a lot of scenes together but then dropped the story completely. The only real good thing was the music by Tangerine Dream. I could not tell if they were music, a documentary, or just a recording. I also thought the narration was a little rushed. It was like the narrator was trying to give the story some rhythm and rhythm alone would have been enough. The narrator also seemed to get a little too excited and excited, but I thought it was the best part of the movie. I also thought the narration and music could have been better. It was like they had the story in their head, but then they just added in some music to help. Overall, I thought the film was good, but it was disjointed and it seemed like they edited it in pieces. Overall, I would not recommend this documentary to anyone.

Jerry photo

I had the privilege of attending the second of the three viewing days for the film Up, and I must say I was impressed. It really does showcase how some of the cultural differences between the U.S. and Asia, not to mention the unique ways in which we see things from different viewpoints, can have a great impact on our country. This is an important documentary that speaks to the issues that are presented on the screen. It is also very informative and entertaining. If you are a fan of American history and have an interest in the world of Asian culture, you should definitely check out this film.

Michelle Medina photo
Michelle Medina

Before this film, I had never heard of "Up" until this film came out. The cast is a complete rag-tag bunch of actors with a few notable ones. Mark Wahlberg is also in this film, but I didn't know him as well. We start off talking about "Up" and then we start talking about Mark Wahlberg. It's not really a "docu-drama" type of film, but more of a "satire" film. However, I think it was very well done. I would recommend it to anyone who likes documentaries. 8/10.

Benjamin Alvarado photo
Benjamin Alvarado

What a shame that the first two Wachowski Brothers movies are so much better than this film. In this one they seem to have all the elements of their previous films, but they just don't make them interesting. This is a bad combination of two movies that were on the verge of becoming great. You can hardly tell what's going on in this film. The plot seems to be a combination of "The Bourne Identity" and "The Usual Suspects." The story gets complicated and it becomes almost impossible to follow. The film has some beautiful shots, but at the same time you get the feeling that the filmmakers are just happy to be able to show them. The main problem is that I found myself asking "why does this happen? What is the point?" and "why doesn't this happen at any other point in the story?" This is not a bad movie, but I think it's best avoided.

Johnny Henry photo
Johnny Henry

I don't know how to say it, but this documentary does not treat with the respect of a documentary. It's not a documentary, it's a documentary about Donald Trump. He is Donald Trump, a real estate developer, and he is not that man. It's a documentary about his life, his personality, his values, his life, his business. He is a narcissistic, crazy man, and this documentary is a documentary about him. The documentary is a self-indulgent and self-satisfying piece of work. No one should make an effort to watch it, because it's not worth your time. It's not even worth a watch. If you want to know what Donald Trump's life is, just watch his life. You have to go and watch the documentary, not the man himself.

Megan photo

I just finished watching this film and I am very impressed. It was very refreshing to see a documentary film that focuses on an issue in a non-biased way. It is a different and very entertaining way to get the point across. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone interested in the cannabis issue. The visuals are amazing, as is the sound quality. It definitely will bring a different perspective to the issue. It is a great film to see and to learn more about the actual history of cannabis. This film will make you want to think about the issues that cannabis is facing and hopefully it will inspire you to do something about it.

Sandra photo

One thing I loved in the movie was how it kept getting better as the movie went on. One part that really stuck with me is when the main character says to the main character "I had a great idea, but I forgot to get the president's approval. He knows how to react in real life." I thought that was a great example of the point. At first, you think it's going to be just a simple "I had a great idea" but as the movie goes on, it takes on a larger level, and it has more depth. The movie was very well done, and the acting was very good, but it could have been better. The ending was perfect though. If you've seen any of the other movies about race, you should know that this movie isn't that different from them. You can tell that the movie was made by a different director and has different filming methods. It was still very good, and there was one thing I didn't like about the movie. The movie starts with a message, and the message goes into a whole lot of detail about why America needs to be a better place. Then the movie just ends, and that's it. It just ends. The movie had a lot of great footage that I think was very interesting, but it just wasn't the greatest ending. Overall, I think this movie was pretty good, and it's worth watching. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you go check it out.

Julie Dean photo
Julie Dean

Having not watched 'Up' before I was somewhat skeptical going into the movie. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised and was moved by this wonderful movie. The acting is really good. Particularly the supporting roles were great. The cinematography is just fantastic and the photography is so beautiful that it almost seems as if it was done in a surrealistic way. In a way, the camera is the main character. The music is fantastic and gives a very unique and different feeling to the film. The story is really captivating and is not one you have seen before. 'Up' is a film that really helps explain the world of human emotions and thoughts. It also does not portray the human race as evil. 'Up' shows us that everyone has a part to play in our planet and we are all here for a reason. It also shows us that in the end, all of us are here for one reason or another. It's just a nice and very different film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Daniel Wright photo
Daniel Wright

Loved it. I don't think this film should be reduced to only a couple of minutes. This is an important film and should not be reduced to mere clips or seconds. Every aspect of this film is essential to a film. It does not need to be mentioned or discussed. I'm not a great fan of the documentaries but this is so much more than a documentary. A film. I was impressed by how it was able to capture so many aspects of the filmmaking and the history of the American Civil Rights Movement. This documentary is so much more than just an hour and a half. I applaud the film makers and the cast and crew for a job well done.

Marie photo

This documentary tells the story of how the two films got started in the first place and their eventual success. How the two films started out, their origins and their locations. I didn't particularly care for either film because I was expecting more of them to be just as good as the first. The one thing I did like about both was the way they took a documentary and used the camera to tell a story and only use the audio as a tool for telling the story. I did think the documentary structure and the story telling style was done well. The cast is amazing and I liked how the film-makers were not afraid to show the same actors again and again. I also loved how they portrayed the characters with different accents and accents were used to great effect. Overall I really enjoyed this documentary and found it interesting and thought provoking. I also think the DVD is a really cool addition to the collection. Definitely a must-see for any director, actor, or film-maker out there.

Jane Grant photo
Jane Grant

My rating: 7.0 (out of 10) Up is a great film about how people change over time. I didn't think it was that long but I could have spent more time doing research. I've seen some of the reviews and really wonder if that was the length of the film. I thought it was incredibly informative and very moving. The way it was shot, the narration, the music and the interviews. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. I think everyone should watch it and take away something.