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Primal Rage

Primal Rage is a movie starring Casey Gagliardi, Andrew Joseph Montgomery, and Jameson Pazak. A newly reunited young couple's drive through the Pacific Northwest turns into a nightmare as they are forced to face nature, unsavory...

Other Titles
Iskonski bes, Criatura salvaje: La historia de pie grande, Craitura salvaje, Ősharag: Oh-Mah legendája, プライマル・レイジ, Primal Rage: The Legend of Konga, Primal Rage: The Legend of Kong
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
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Horror, Adventure, Thriller, Action
Patrick Magee
Jay Lee, Patrick Magee
Marshal Hilton, Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Casey Gagliardi, Jameson Pazak
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Lost deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, Ashley and Max Carr are stalked by a terrifying creature that might be Bigfoot. Soon they find themselves embroiled in a strange land of Native American myth and legend turned real. Hopelessly trying to survive, with a handful of unsavory locals, they must fight back against this monster in a desperate battle of life or death.

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Gloria W. photo
Gloria W.

This movie is an absolutely beautiful homage to 80's horror. It has some moments that are bloody, and just downright painful. It also has a few scenes that are creepy, but are done well. The main reason I wanted to see this movie was because it was advertised as an 80's slasher film, but it is actually the most accurate in its portrayal of the genre. There are a few parts that are really good and some that are really bad. The acting is pretty good. This movie is not for all audiences, however, the actors and actresses are really good at portraying this kind of gory slasher. This movie isn't trying to be a classic. It is trying to be the same movie as old slashers, and just like an 80's slasher, it does a great job at that. The story is fun and original. There are a few small aspects that are off, but the majority is actually pretty good. The special effects are absolutely ridiculous. I don't know what else to say. This movie is on par with classics like Scream, and Nightmare on Elm Street. It is definitely a great movie, and worth seeing.

Scott R. photo
Scott R.

When I saw the poster for this movie in a movie store I thought it looked like it was going to be boring. But I actually liked it a lot. I thought the acting was good, the movie had a great story line, and the action scenes were well done. The story was a little predictable at the beginning and the "twist" at the end was pretty lame, but other than that I thought it was a great movie. Although the critics have been raving about it lately I doubt anyone will notice it is better than Maniac.

Rose Taylor photo
Rose Taylor

I really enjoyed this movie, it was really scary. There was a lot of gore in this movie and it was just a little scary. It was also really good because it was well acted and had some interesting deaths. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to have a good scare.

Crystal C. photo
Crystal C.

This movie isn't really for everyone. I think most people who aren't into the gore/nudity/violence, will just be put off by it, and they won't like it. But for me, I love it, because I'm not into that kind of thing. I love that kind of action that's quite unreal. And the actors in this are so good, you just have to enjoy it. I guess it's one of those movies you'll love to see when it comes out, but it's not a movie you'll watch in a theater. It's just so good, you'll just love it. Some of the things in this movie are just too unreal. Like some of the violence. But that's the only thing I don't like about this movie. I also like the fact that you don't really understand the "secret" of this creature. It's just too strange. But it's not a movie I would watch again, because it's just so good.

Diane photo

I found this movie really funny. I was not expecting much, but after the first 10 minutes, it turned into a good movie. This movie has very good action scenes and gore and makes you wanna see the next movie in the series. It is a good movie to see with friends and it is also really good to see with the whole family.

Steven photo

My friend bought me the video this week, and I watched it with him. I was pleased to see that, in the face of all the excitement and gory violence, the film managed to keep its grip on a very natural, very well developed plot and the characters were also quite well developed. To start, the violence was not excessive or over-the-top - it was not gratuitous or over-inflated. It was realistic. The women in the film were not so different from one another from other violent movies. They were not all abused or degraded. They were not all working in the film industry. They were all just normal people. The violence was not the reason the film was rated R for kids. It was not the reason why it was rated G. It was not the reason why it was rated NC-17. There were just some scenes that were extremely gory, and the first part of the film wasn't entirely PG-13. The second part of the film was PG-13, but the violence was definitely R. And some of the scenes were way over the top, but that was probably the tone of the film. They tried to fit as many elements into the story as they could. Some of the scenes were cut, but the scenes were still within the plot. One of the elements I found more disturbing was the singing of the "Hunting Season" theme song, and the lyrics were not too difficult to understand. Other than that, I was also pleased with the main cast, including the lead actors: Josh Hartnett and AnnaSophia Robb. Overall, the film had a very good plot, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. It was definitely a good film to watch with my friends, and a film I can recommend to all.

Amber R. photo
Amber R.

One of the best horror films ever made. It is the typical 80s horror film in a lot of ways. The beginning is well done, and there is one or two scenes which really are scary. However, in this film, it is almost always from the beginning. The only thing that really makes this film not great is the ending. The ending of this film is very obvious and somewhat cheesy. It doesn't make any sense at all. Overall, it is a great horror film. It has its moments, and it has a lot of cheesy moments. I recommend it to fans of the 80s horror genre. It is definitely not for everyone though, because you won't like it, but it is very good. I give it an 8/10.

Janet Cunningham photo
Janet Cunningham

Archie is a loser, no one wants to be him. When he joins a traveling carnival and meets a homeless man named Johnny, Archie meets a friendly soul and slowly comes to terms with his own personal demons. In a non-sequential sequel, we get a prequel to the first film. At this point, Archie's out for a life of crime but gets caught in the middle of a mob-like arms deal. However, in the ensuing shoot-out, the original group of family members get the drop on Archie, and now he must come to terms with his fears as he tries to reclaim his life. This time around, it's all about Archie and Johnny trying to get out of the office and into the night. This new style of film making has some flaws but is still pretty fun, and I am definitely not an anti-dyke but a man who has seen the original. I like the earlier film more than this one, but it is still a fun popcorn flick. I have to give this film a 9 out of 10. Definitely one of the best popcorn films of all time.

Louis photo

I was an enthusiastic fan of the first movies. I thought that the first ones were terrific and really the way I was going to love the second part of this. But when the first movie came out, I lost my interest. I didn't like it, and as I grew older, I thought that it was another dull, not really scary movie. Then I read the reviews, and even though I loved it for its atmosphere and it was really creepy, I thought it was lacking something, so I was not as pleased. Now that I have seen it, I must say it was just a great movie. I like the whole "unexplained" thing, as it was supposed to be, and I also thought that it was a brilliant idea to have the "unexplained" aspect at the beginning, and also to have the "very scary" stuff happen in the end, just like the original, and even the second one. I really liked the fact that it was a non-violent film, as I am a pacifist and I was a bit creeped out when the movie ended, and the same is the case with "The Descent", so I must say that I do like that idea. I also loved the film because of it's atmosphere, which is quite dark and extremely scary, and also because it is a strong psychological thriller, which I think that I will not get tired of. The same goes for the second part, as it's just as great. The actors are great in this, and it was just a really interesting movie, with amazing music and great acting. Even though the actors were just great, and they are very well casted, I also think that it was just great to have the music in this, because the first one was very much a soundtrack and not a film, so I must say that it was a really nice idea to have this music in this. Finally, I think that I must say that this is a great film. It is really terrifying, and I must say that I must say that the story is really strong, and I will recommend it to any fan of the genre, and I must say that this is definitely a must watch film for any fan of horror and/or thriller films. Great job!

Gerald C. photo
Gerald C.

This movie had it all in my opinion. It was very violent in some parts, very gory, and very, very good, when it got a little too gory. This movie was very bloody and well acted. The acting was so good and the acting was done by pretty much every cast member in the movie. I thought this movie was very good and it really did not deserve the 1/10 rating it got. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. Also it was just a great movie to sit back and watch. I think people who did not like this movie do not have the ability to have a good time.

Christine Powell photo
Christine Powell

The actors and actresses in this movie are just incredible. I think the two main actresses of this movie are great. In my opinion, they gave the movie a great life. The zombies in this movie are just awful, they are quite gruesome and full of biting and mouth to mouth. The zombies have to have their eyes fixed on the ceiling. Some scenes are so scary and so gross that you just want to go to sleep. I loved this movie a lot and I recommend this movie to anybody.

Victoria Jordan photo
Victoria Jordan

I never saw any movie as I was young until now. First time I watched this movie I saw this is so scary. The classic "Lethal Weapon" style that is classic to me, but I don't think the director or the writers are old enough to know how old that classic is. The writer of this movie must have been like an amateur, since he is absolutely wrong in the writing and when he says "The killer is human", no one believes him. The story is typical low-budget horror movies, but they are not bad. They have some good atmosphere and action and most of the cast are good actors. There is one guy who is not a part of the cast, but his appearance looks like he is a lot of actors in the movie. That person also made a comment on the movie but I did not care to check if he is not a real person. The thing is the director chose the subject of the movie, and the result of it is that it is very good. You don't see the movie, you see the story, you just follow the story. You can't see the colors, the depth of the picture. You just see the story. And I like to see the story, so the ending was good. You know how it is. No clown on the top of the building, but you are the clown. A poor man is followed by a famous person. He doesn't know the real person, so he goes crazy. He is chased by the same person, until he is killed. And that is good. When you make the story, you have to make the movie. I would have liked to see a more detailed explanation of the script and also a better explanation of what was the focus of the film, because some movies are just action, some movies are for torture, some movies are to get some kicks. But I don't care, because I like the movie. It is worth watching it. It is a classic for me.

Bobby photo

It's always a blast watching them get smashed. Unlike some people who write posts saying that the ending was pretty stupid. Here's the thing: there's only one time where I get a few days before I'll watch the movie again and I won't be sitting through the entire thing because I know what happens next. That happens near the beginning. Not much, just a few things that are shown are the non-stop, infernal screaming, and the killer goes around killing everyone. This movie isn't very good. This movie isn't even worth watching. I don't know how many people would enjoy this movie. It has the potential to be a great movie, but it isn't. You have to be a big fan of Evil Dead to get this movie, otherwise, don't waste your money.

Pamela photo

By the time I saw this film at the local theater, I had already seen every "first" American horror film released in the eighties, and yet I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I did at first. It's a great film because it has an unexpected ending, and it is never what you think it is. This isn't the typical slasher film. It's a good horror film that doesn't treat you like a sucker. There are no lead-in thrills, there are no gore effects, and most importantly, the film doesn't try to be realistic or "realistic". It is more of an educational film about violence, but it still manages to be very entertaining. It is a pretty good horror film, with a great story, great characters, and really good acting. This is one of the best "first" American horror films ever made. It really is worth seeing.

Alice P. photo
Alice P.

There are a lot of people who hate this movie and I'm one of them. But for me it's one of the best movies of the 90's, if not the best. It's a cult classic that deserves a better reputation than it's getting now. Like I said, I'm a big fan of the movie and have seen the sequel, but this is definitely the best of the series. It's basically a "Scream" clone, but with a few differences. First, Amanda (Sutherland) is a human, not a monster. She's not the crazed killer she's played in all the sequels, and that was a mistake. No one wants to see Amanda as a monster. Second, no one should see this movie for the sex scene. The reason why is that it's fake. It doesn't have anything to do with the actual story. It's really more for gratuitous gratuitous sex, but it's never a problem for me because that's not what the movie is about. The movie is a lot more than that. It's a lot more than just about the sex. It's about the series itself, about the monsters that keep appearing in the movies, about the two actresses who play them, about the special effects that really work and about the plot itself. It's also a lot more than just about gore. It's a movie about stories, about themes, about themes that are very often unexplored in horror movies. It's a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, a movie that will keep you guessing about the ending and a movie that is very suspenseful, but never boring. One of the things that I'm surprised about is that it's got such a low rating. I think most people are just looking for a horror movie and a couple of new sex scenes, but if you really look for the movie, you'll notice the sex scene.

Alice H. photo
Alice H.

By far the best gore-fest I've seen in years. Most gore, in my opinion, is low-budget Hollywood crap. It has to be. I really like the plot of this film, it's original, and not like the majority of film making these days. It's got blood everywhere and some of the best blood effects I've ever seen. I can't even begin to describe how much I love it. This movie will put you on the edge of your seat, it's fast paced, and it's an awesome action-comedy. People will probably say it's too similar to Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Let me explain. The storyline of Nightmare on Elm Street is far more original and creative than this film. The two are very, very different and the sequel is not really a whole lot better than the first. This film, however, is the best of the Nightmare trilogy and it's much better than the first. The acting is better, the plot is better, the violence is much more graphic, and the plot is more entertaining. The last bit of the story is really good and ties everything together, giving you the suspense of what's going to happen next and how the story ends. In conclusion, the film has a good story, excellent acting, and is definitely a must see for any fans of the genre. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go get it and watch it immediately!

Sarah photo

I saw this at a preview screening and was rather pleasantly surprised. The movie wasn't all that great, but it was still pretty damn good. The acting was decent, and I liked the horror elements to it. It was a good movie to watch on a night when you aren't feeling too sure of what to do, and have a few drinks to start it off. Some of the scenes were even scarier than I expected. I did have some problems with the editing, but I found myself forgetting that they were even part of the movie. Overall, I was really impressed. I would definitely recommend it to any fans of the old horror movies or if you just like a good horror movie. I also would like to say that if you're looking for a movie to rent, you'll probably find it to be better than what's on cable or other video stores. A great date movie. 8.5/10

Andrea Berry photo
Andrea Berry

Aha, the review of this film. Well, it's not really one but it has a lot to do with one. An R-rated movie for adults, something that is all the rage nowadays. What do you think the plot of the film is? A pre-med student (Brion James) wants to become a doctor, but he's torn between two ways to fulfill his dream. He wants to be an explorer, he wants to be a doctor, and he wants to be a murderer. Sounds pretty convoluted to you? Well, it is, and it is hard to get your head around, but it's all thanks to this film. The movie is only 90 minutes long, and we don't even get to see the main character do anything except murder a bunch of people. Then there's some fairly compelling dialog, I was not bored once during the film. If you've never heard of this film, it's probably best you don't waste your time. It's certainly not your normal movie, and if you're curious about it, well, it's worth seeing.

Ryan O. photo
Ryan O.

I have heard quite a bit about this movie and after watching it.I can tell you,it wasn't a waste of time and it doesn't have all the makings of a horror. I can't say I was scared when I saw it,I was afraid of what would happen to me,and the worst part was that I had seen it before and in a very entertaining way. It's more a psychological thriller than horror movie and the cast is superb.Tremendous acting by Arnold Schwarzenegger.All in all,a solid movie. It's all I can really say about this movie because it really doesn't deserve to be called a horror movie. See it for yourself.

Madison Ross photo
Madison Ross

At the outset I will say I'm a hardcore horror buff and when I heard that some guy would be making a movie about video game horror I was apprehensive about the project. I knew it had to be bad to be good, but what can you say. The film is a satirical and satirical, not glorifying any style or pastime. If you're going to make a film about video games it should be as relevant as possible. That being said I loved the film. This is the kind of film that will be loved by hardcore fans of the genre, but would also appeal to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, good horror film or a film with a good plot.

Martha S. photo
Martha S.

A pretty good film for the gore/violence type of movie viewer. It does a great job of conveying the tone of the film. The gore is real, but still not excessive. The violence is very realistic and realistic is something most people enjoy. The only downside to the movie is that the character development is rather poor. The main character is one dimensional, and we get to see very little of his motives, except for his madness. In fact, the character in the movie is one dimensional, and the story has little to no logic. The only interesting part is the ending. I believe the ending was the only part that actually made sense. The rest of the movie felt rushed. The movie did a good job of blending the humor with the gore. One part in particular is very funny, and it is a highlight of the film. I don't think this movie would be to great for a kids audience. I would say go into the movie with an open mind, and be prepared to have a good time. Overall, I give it a 9/10. The movie is a great addition to the horror genre.