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Go with Me

Go with Me is a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles, and Ray Liotta. An ex-logger comes to the aid of a woman who returns to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest and finds herself harassed and stalked by a former cop...

Other Titles
Prédára várva, Eik su manim, El protector, Blackway - Auf dem Pfad der Rache, Blackway, DEMON デーモン, Viens avec moi, O Protetor, Go with Me - Sul sentiero della vendetta, Demon, Εκδίκηση, Tulge minuga, Haide cu mine!, 反擊
Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Daniel Alfredson
Joe Gangemi, Castle Freeman Jr., Gregory Jacobs
Alexander Ludwig, Julia Stiles, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Liotta
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An ex-logger comes to the aid of a woman who returns to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest and finds herself harassed and stalked by a former cop turned crime lord.

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Scott Johnston photo
Scott Johnston

The movie was so good and the whole thing was just so real.The idea of the movie was great.I love how it's so good.I'm going to go watch it again and again.I can't wait for the DVD.And I really hope they do the other movies they made.I love them so much.And I just love them!

Patricia Stone photo
Patricia Stone

I saw this movie twice at the cinema. I thought it was very good, the acting was good, the story was good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers or sci-fi. It was really suspenseful and interesting. I thought it was a great movie and if you like this type of movie you should watch this. It is a really good movie.

Marilyn C. photo
Marilyn C.

In my humble opinion, the best film I've ever seen. Not because it's the best film ever made, but because it's the best film of all time. I was 12 when I saw this film in the theater and I've never regretted watching it. I've watched it more than 100 times and I still love it. The actors and actresses in this film are truly outstanding. Like in the scene with Alex in the park, when he is playing the guitar, he is at his best. The soundtrack is a joy to listen to. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has the desire to see a great film. This film is the most underrated film of all time, I'd give it an 8.5/10. My personal rating is 10/10.

Laura H. photo
Laura H.

This is one of the most creative movies I've seen in a long time. It combines great acting, a great story and amazing direction. The acting is very good and the story is well-written and also very imaginative. The story has been done before but this movie takes it to a whole new level. It has a great ending and it's really worth watching.

Adam photo

This is one of the best, most stylish movies I have seen.It's like a good movie mixed with an artistic movie.It's a movie that is more about the director than the actors.You have to be careful when you go to see it, because the director is not on the same level as the actors.The cinematography is very nice.The movie is like a beautiful, imaginative, humorous and very dark story.The ending is one of the most artistic, well-written, beautiful and well-acted movies I have seen.And I can't wait for it's release.I recommend it to anyone who like the movies of Mr.Gore.You will be in love with the movie.

Gloria photo

This is a movie that will have you thinking for a while. The movie is set in an all male boarding school for rich boys, where the boys are taught to use their brains. The story is set in the 1930's, with the world still divided into classes. The movie begins with a guy named George (Kris Kristofferson) as he is passing by a girl named Sandy (Tina Louise). He does not know what she looks like but he knows she is rich. George decides to go with her to the sea for a fishing trip. They become close to each other and when Sandy is a young adult she decides to try her hand at a life of crime. Sandy decides that she will use her brains to become rich, as well as her body. In the end Sandy is one of the richest women in the world, and George has the body of a man. But in the end he knows that it is the wrong decision that he has made, and he will regret it. So the question is, will he regret it? This movie is one that you will have to watch a few times to see the meaning behind the movie.

Carl photo

What a movie! This is one of the best movies of all time! I would like to mention that this movie is for people who like the drama. This movie is a romance, but not as a romance, but as a drama. I have read that this movie is not for people who like the humor in movies. I was very disappointed to read that this movie is not for the humor lovers. I saw a lot of movies before this one, but this one is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is not only the best movie of all time, but one of the best movie of all time! It is a must watch. The acting is great! Everyone should see this movie!

Rose White photo
Rose White

I loved this movie. I love to watch movies with an ending that makes you think, "Where did that come from?". This movie had that. I love the cast, especially the wife and daughter. It's so cool that the entire cast was also in it. I loved the two kids. They were so sweet. I love to watch this movie again and again. It's a little like a dream. I give this movie 10 stars.

Ashley O. photo
Ashley O.

This is a really good movie. I am shocked by how good it is. I am not sure how the critics are going to rate it, but it deserves a better rating. I am sure many will not like it, but it is a really good movie. The acting is good, the story is good, and the direction is great. If you like The Shining, then this movie is for you. You should go see it. I give it an A.

George Williamson photo
George Williamson

I watched the film last night, and it was a wonderful film. I was intrigued by the cast. I knew Anthony Hopkins had a lot of potential, but he never disappointed me in this film. I really liked how the film got down to the business of the money and politics. I liked the way the film ended. I'm glad I watched it. It's a good film.

Megan photo

I'm sorry, but I think this movie is great. I've seen the trailer, and it looked like a cute little slasher flick. But as I watched the movie, I started to see how much more it had to offer. It is truly a great movie. I was totally entertained throughout the entire movie. The acting is superb. I really love the characters, and I loved the whole story. It's really great. I didn't think it would end up this great, but it did. I can't believe it didn't get the Oscar for best picture. It was great, and I recommend it to everyone who likes slashers and supernatural movies. I just love it. And I think it deserves all the attention it's getting. The ending is something I can't even explain. It's just amazing. I think it's a perfect ending. I can't wait to see it again. I have no idea what will happen next, but I'm sure it will be great. I give it 10/10. It's just great!

Rachel Sanchez photo
Rachel Sanchez

I love this movie! It was just like the book, and a lot of what happened in the movie was exactly how I imagined it. I'm glad it wasn't an HBO movie, because that's what I expected, but this movie was a lot better. It's just as good as the book! And I loved the ending!

Melissa Mendoza photo
Melissa Mendoza

Well, it's been a long time since I've had a chance to see a good, suspenseful, murder mystery. This movie, which was nominated for 5 Academy Awards, has one of the best suspenseful murder mysteries ever put on film. And I'm not just talking about the cast, the direction, the screenplay, or even the cinematography. It was all of these things and more that made this movie so great. The acting was terrific, the directing was fantastic, and the screenplay was really well thought out. It really was like you were being shown a movie from the crime's point of view. I really enjoyed this movie. It had great suspense, great acting, great dialogue, and good drama. The only reason this movie isn't higher on my top 10 list is because I think the ending was a bit predictable. But that's just my opinion. I definitely recommend this movie to any movie buff. I have recommended it to my friends and they all thought it was awesome. I've even recommended it to my husband who is a movie buff and he loved it as well. Overall, I think this movie was fantastic and it's one of the best crime mystery's ever put on film. I hope it gets nominated for some Oscars. I just hope they don't get to pick the movies that deserve to win them.

Russell photo

I think that this movie was well made. I've seen the movie 3 times and I still enjoy it. I like the movie because I like the style of the movie and the fact that it has different endings. I thought the way the movie ended was awesome. The movie was really fun and I really like the acting of it.

Janet Gutierrez photo
Janet Gutierrez

I just got done watching this film for the first time in over a year and it was amazing. The storyline is great, the characters are perfect, and the directing is awesome. I haven't been so excited about a movie in a while. The film is definitely a drama, but the film is so well-written, it is great. The cast is great, it has everyone you'd want to see in a movie. I'm glad I watched it, because I was really looking forward to watching it.

Lawrence photo

This is my first review, and i am going to say that this is a great movie. Its an awesome movie. There is not much else to say about it. Its just a great movie, and if you are looking for a good movie, this is a must see. Its a must see, and its a great movie. I think if you haven't seen it, then you will be disappointed. This movie is a good movie, and it is great for family and friends. The cast is amazing, i don't think you can go wrong with this movie. It is worth seeing. The only thing that disappointed me was the ending, but that is just my opinion. If you have any questions about this movie, just ask, i will be happy to answer them for you. If you like this movie, i hope you enjoy it. Enjoy the movie, and see it. Its a great movie, and you can not go wrong with this movie.

Steven photo

This is a story of a young man who goes through hell. No matter what he does, he can never escape the guilt and the remorse. You may not understand the consequences of what he has done, but you do understand the consequences of his actions. I think it is a very moving film, and I am surprised to see it being ranked so low. I'm surprised to see it being ranked so low, because I think it is one of the most important films to come out in the last 20 years. It is a story of forgiveness, redemption, and forgiveness itself. If you have a child who has any type of learning disability or mental illness, you should definitely see this film. If you are looking for a film that will move you to tears, then you will not be disappointed with this film. I recommend this film to everyone, because it will bring you in so much more than you could imagine.

Sharon photo

There are few films I can honestly say I enjoyed more than this. I don't want to spoil it, but I can safely say I felt like I was on the set. I also had a lot of fun, as I am sure you will, too. This film is well-acted, it has great pacing, and the film is an overall story-telling masterpiece. There are some great lines and moments in this film, like when his character finally makes the connection between her and her brother, and it's so well-done. And that's why I believe this film deserves to be in the top 25. It is a really fun film, with an outstanding story. A film about friendship and the possibilities of love. This film is a must see for everyone who loves a good film, or even just a great film. This film is a must see!

Sandra photo

I've just watched this movie for the first time and it was just what I was looking for. A movie that you can sit back and enjoy with your friends. It has the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster, the perfect mix of comedy and action. A movie that anyone can watch over and over again without getting bored. The characters are well developed and you can relate to all of them. The actors are all great. It also has an interesting background story to the characters which makes you care more for them. I loved the scene where the boy had to deliver a sandwich. The scene was so cute and memorable. I was also really impressed with the acting. I can't wait to see what they do next.

Olivia photo

Hollywood could do better than this! I was entertained the entire time. I highly recommend this movie. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Tyler photo

I must say that I'm not a big fan of the L.A. trilogy but I thought that this movie was fantastic. The characters were well developed and the story flowed well. I also liked the fact that they didn't show all the terrible things that happened to them in the previous movies. They gave them some more back story and it made them seem more real. Also, I thought that the movie was different from the other two because it didn't have any flashbacks. Also, it didn't have any cheap jump scares. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie was that it was too long. I would've liked to see more of the characters. Also, the actors seemed to be in their twenties but I would've liked to see more of them.