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Humor Me is a movie starring Joey Slotnick, Bernie McInerney, and Elliott Gould. With an interminable case of writer's block and a personal family crisis, playwright Nate is forced to move into his father's retirement community.

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Rozbaw mnie (2017), Játszd újra
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1 hours 33 minutes
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Sam Hoffman
Sam Hoffman
Tibor Feldman, Joey Slotnick, Bernie McInerney, Elliott Gould
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With an interminable case of writer's block and a personal family crisis, playwright Nate is forced to move into his father's retirement community.

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Barbara photo

I've been a fan of Tom Green for years, and I was really looking forward to seeing his latest movie, "The Night Before". I was really looking forward to this movie, I was so excited. However, I found it to be a disappointment. The movie was just so boring. It's not because it's a Tom Green movie, it's just that it was so dull. It was a very "basic" movie. The movie had a very weak plot. It was nothing like I was expecting. The acting was terrible, as well. I was surprised at how bad the acting was. The movie was completely boring. I was disappointed. It was a huge disappointment. I don't know what to say, but I really don't care anymore. This movie is just not that good. It's not a Tom Green movie. I don't recommend this movie to anybody.

Marie S. photo
Marie S.

I laughed my butt off in this movie. It was the funniest movie I have ever seen in a long time. The jokes are great, the actors are perfect, the plot is not bad, and the ending is absolutely perfect. It has everything: a great plot, amazing acting, and the perfect ending. If you want to see a movie that is so unbelievably funny and awesome that you can't take your eyes off of it, this is the movie for you. I would have loved to have seen more of Amy Schumer in this movie, but as it was, I was very impressed by her. I was also impressed by Matt Bomer in the movie. He did an amazing job with the role of Steve. I also would have loved to see a more of Amy Schumer in the movie. She was also amazing in this movie. Overall, this is a movie you should definitely see. The best part is that it is so funny and so good that it makes you laugh all the time. 8/10

Patricia M. photo
Patricia M.

I love this movie. It's the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. I had to see it in a theatre, because the movie was only in a few theaters. But I was still laughing the whole time. It's funny to see the different kinds of jokes. The actors are very good. The cast has been chosen very carefully, because the movie has a lot of jokes. I recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh. I'm very glad that I went and see it. It's worth the money, because it's worth the laughs. I love the cast, and the actors are really good. I don't know why this movie is rated so low. It's very good.

Dylan Lee photo
Dylan Lee

In a film that is mainly concerned with what would happen if a group of people were to end up in a house that is being run by a bunch of psychopaths, this film manages to have a good amount of humor. The characters, in this case the brothers, have their fair share of problems that they deal with to keep them from being sent to the asylum. The only real problem is that the children are the only real part of the film and they seem to have the most to do. This is not a great film but it is a good one. It has the basic formula for a good film: a brother, his wife, a young kid, a dangerous situation and a handful of comedic situations that are all based on that formula. The children are very funny, the doctor and his son are very funny, the mother is very funny and the guys at the asylum are very funny. It is a good film that is good for one viewing. It is a lot of fun and it is better than most of the films that have come out in the last few years.

Tiffany N. photo
Tiffany N.

Movies are supposed to entertain us, but I would rather say that they entertain us for their own sake. This movie has all the ingredients of a successful comedy. It has a great cast, good jokes, great actors and a great script. It is not going to win any awards, but it is definitely a comedy to watch with a group of friends. My favorite character is the kid, he was so funny and it was so nice to see him in this movie. I am glad that he is still playing in movies, he is just such a funny kid. I also enjoyed the way the main characters were introduced and their relationship to each other. The movie is a great movie for people who want to have a good time. If you are looking for a comedy that will entertain you and will make you laugh, then this is the movie for you. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Mary Watkins photo
Mary Watkins

It's easy to say that the script was not very funny, but the movie was funnier than any of the other three. The cast did a very good job. Kevin Hart was funny as always. Will Ferrell was funny. There were times when I was going to cringe, but I never did. The "F" word was used about a million times and it was also used with an attitude. It was very funny. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It's not very common for comedy movies to be funny, but this movie was definitely not the type of movie that you would expect. It was a very interesting story that could have been very boring, but the characters were very well developed and the humor was very good. I give this movie 8 out of 10. It's definitely not the type of movie that you will see the first time, but I have seen it many times and I still laugh every time.

Diane Dean photo
Diane Dean

Just got back from seeing the movie. I have to say that the movie was fun. It had a nice cast, and the characters were likable. The story itself is a little different than what I'm used to seeing, but it was a good change. The movie had great cinematography, a nice soundtrack, and great writing. I hope this film does well, because I am sure it will make a lot of money. I have heard that the studio did not want to make a sequel to the original, but I don't think that is true. It seems like the studio wanted to make a movie that had an ending that would be good to see again, but they wanted to make sure that the original story stayed true to the original. If you have not seen the original, you should definitely see it. I think you will be glad you did.

Roy photo

I watched this movie and I am very glad I did. I am a fan of the comedies of Robert Downey Jr and he gives a very funny performance as a rich business man. He is not someone I would want to see myself or my children do but he is a great character and he is a very funny man. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys watching a movie with a lot of humor.

Matthew H. photo
Matthew H.

The latest addition to the popular Monty Python filmography, "Funny Games" stars British actor Michael Palin as a mysterious man who's been hired by a local corporation to deliver a package. Unfortunately for him, the package contains a powerful virus that will kill anyone who gets in its way. At first, he doesn't know that this virus is from a man named Dr. Death, who has been kidnapped by a woman named Olivia Wilde (a hilarious portrayal of a neurotic, easily-disturbed "babysitter"), and who's been living in the city's sewers. Dr. Death has also been forced to bring the package with him, and he is now in the middle of a battle between the police and Olivia's gang of hijackers. Palin and Wilde must work together to outwit the police and Dr. Death. In a humorous yet tense story, the Pythons deliver a great script, and it's easy to see why this movie is so beloved. The script is full of laughs, and many scenes are clever, funny, and even dramatic. The Pythons are at their best when they're over-the-top, but they're able to make them even funnier than usual. They're also able to write some great dramatic scenes as well. In addition to the great writing, the Pythons also deliver a great cast. Palin and Wilde are both good actors, and they play off each other well. However, the real star of the show is Dr. Death, a brilliant villain that the Pythons portray perfectly. This is probably the greatest role that the Pythons have ever done. Dr. Death is a sick man who's always on the run, and he's always trying to kill Olivia and the other people who he's kidnapped. This is a great performance from the Pythons, and one of the best villains that they've ever done. The Pythons are able to create a great villain, and they do it perfectly. This is a great movie that everyone should see, even if they don't like Monty Python. It's a great movie that's filled with great laughs, and a great script. The movie also has a great soundtrack, and it's not even close to being a masterpiece. "Funny Games" is an awesome movie that should be seen by anyone. It's one of the best movies that the Pythons have ever done, and it's one of their best movies of all time.

Charles C. photo
Charles C.

I really enjoyed this movie, and I would say that it is a fairly good one. The movie starts out very slow, but as the movie goes on it gets better and better. The only problem I had with the movie was the fact that it was almost a little too long. It could have been shorter. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a good "in the woods" comedy.

Phillip C. photo
Phillip C.

I was in a deep, dark mood one day, and decided to watch this movie. I thought it was going to be a lame comedy, but I was wrong. It was a strange and interesting movie that I really enjoyed. It was very unpredictable, and the characters were great. The story and the characters were great. I think I enjoyed the movie more than most people because I really got into the characters. The story was great and I thought it was very well done. I loved the acting and the characters. I thought it was really great that they had such an amazing story. I really liked the story and the characters. The actors were great. The story was really good and really interesting. I thought it was really good. The movie is great, and I would recommend it to everyone who likes movies that are different from what they usually are.

Lawrence W. photo
Lawrence W.

This is a hilarious movie about a few comedians in the 1970's. I was surprised to see that this was written and directed by the same person who did last year's "The Wedding Ringer". I thought it was going to be just another funny movie. The jokes and the way the characters and situations are presented are just perfect. Every joke is either a great or hilarious one and is both believable and unexpected. The plot is also very good and it is really surprising that this movie has such a high rating. The way that the main characters are presented in the movie is very entertaining. You really get to know and care about them, so that you can just feel their pain. The comedy and the plot are great. The actors in the movie are also great and I am really surprised that this movie has such a high rating. The only negative thing I have to say is that I think the ending is a bit abrupt. It is a bit hard to get my head around it. But I think the ending is good. Overall, this movie is just great and I recommend you watch it.

Kathryn Myers photo
Kathryn Myers

The big screen version of this film is a very nice one. It's a very good and entertaining film. It has very few flaws. It's worth watching and you'll love it.

Judy Hansen photo
Judy Hansen

Mildly overrated but entertaining film. Nice parody of '80's teen comedy stereotypes, and well done to use modern actors. The characters are played very well, with nice chemistry between all the characters. The acting is very solid, and not a single character is over acted or under acted. The film is a little slow in parts, but you won't mind. It's definitely worth watching. One of the few comedies to really capitalize on the genre. It's fun and has a lot of laughs. It's a very enjoyable film, and I highly recommend it. I rated this film 8/10, because it's a good film and is worth seeing.

Nathan B. photo
Nathan B.

This is a spoof on The Godfather, based on the fact that the original Godfather, by Mario Puzo, was based on a novel by Francis Ford Coppola. This movie, however, is actually based on a film, though it is in some ways a sequel. The original Godfather, although it was based on a novel by Francis Ford Coppola, was a very successful movie that was very popular with audiences. The story of the Godfather was quite simple. A mob boss (played by Al Pacino) is arrested for running a Mafia business, but is released to be part of a new crime family. This mob family is headed by Sonny (played by Michael Douglas), the current head of the family, and Tommy (played by Danny DeVito), the previous head. But Sonny wants to leave the gang and Tommy wants to keep him. Sonny wants to be part of his own family and Tommy wants to stay in the gang. The movie ends with Sonny killing Tommy's wife and son. I believe this is the true story of the Godfather. Sonny was wanted for the murder of Tommy's wife and son. Sonny was arrested for the murder of Tommy's wife and son, but the real crime is not shown. It is a very important part of the story and is very entertaining. This movie is very funny and very entertaining. It is really entertaining.

Gary Richards photo
Gary Richards

I loved this movie! I had a great time watching it and it has a good story line. I am looking forward to the sequel and hope that they can come up with a great script! I loved the movie so much that I am looking forward to seeing it again and again. My favorite part of the movie is when the one guy talks to the woman in the cafe. It was so funny! I hope that they can come up with another great movie! I give this movie a perfect 10!

Mark photo

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this movie is so entertaining and entertaining. It has a very good plot and is well-written and the characters are very likable. It's also really funny, and has some funny moments. I've seen this movie a couple of times and it's always entertaining and funny to see the funny situations. It's also a great way to spend a couple of hours. I would definitely recommend it. There is one thing that I really liked about this movie, the way it's shot. It's a nice-looking movie, and it makes it look a lot better than it really is. The movie is also very well-written, and the characters are very likable. The one thing that I really didn't like was the ending. It's really weird and out of place. I think it was too predictable, and didn't make any sense. Overall, this movie is really good, and it's definitely not your average comedy. It's very funny and entertaining, and I think it's definitely worth seeing.

Alice Jordan photo
Alice Jordan

This is a funny movie. The story is about a guy who has been living a life of luxury and the person who gets him to let go of his dream and start living his life. I recommend this movie to people who are interested in new romantic comedies. The actors did a great job and I am looking forward to watching more movies by the same cast.

Kevin W. photo
Kevin W.

This is a really nice film. It has a great story and story telling. I laughed a lot in this film. The acting was good as well. I really enjoyed the humor of this film. I recommend it to anyone who likes a comedy.

Carolyn photo

I'm a fan of the current generation of British Comedy. I loved this film, even though I haven't seen it for a while, and I can't understand why it is rated so low on IMDb. I think it's brilliant. It's funny, it's refreshingly original and it has an incredibly unique and captivating storyline. I don't know why people don't give it more credit. If you're a fan of British Comedy and you have seen this film, you'll love it. The acting is brilliant, the story is original and the cinematography is fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone. 9/10

Michael L. photo
Michael L.

I really enjoyed this film. I feel like it was a little lacking in its "plot", but that could just be me. I think it was more about the actors, and the way they were able to portray their characters. This was a film that was definitely worth a watch. I don't know if it will be the same for others, but I definitely think it was worth a watch. It was definitely an interesting look at a "traditional" African American culture. It's definitely a film worth watching. It wasn't too serious, but it definitely was a little different.

Harry photo

A good movie for anyone who likes humor and for those who don't.I didn't laugh at all but was not too disappointed. The plot was good and the characters were great. It was a great film to watch and to laugh.I give this movie a solid 8 out of 10