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Winchester is a movie starring Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook, and Finn Scicluna-O'Prey. Ensconced in her sprawling San Jose, California mansion, eccentric firearm heiress Sarah Winchester (Dame Helen Mirren) believes she is haunted by...

Other Titles
溫徹斯特鬼屋, La maldición de la casa de Winchester, Winchester - House of Ghosts, Dinh Thự Winchester, Winchester: Το σπίτι των φαντασμάτων, Winchester: La casa que construyeron los espíritus, Winchester - Das Haus der Verdammten, Winchester: Le Manoir hanté, Winchester: House of Ghosts, Szellemek háza, ウィンチェスターハウス アメリカで最も呪われた屋敷, Winchester. Dom duchów, La Malédiction Winchester, The 13th Hour, Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built, Vincesterio kosmaras, La maldición de la casa Winchester, La vedova Winchester, A Maldição da Casa Winchester, Kuća duhova, Winchester: Sídlo démonů, Vinčestera, Winchester: Casa spiritelor, Gizemli Ev, Kuca duhova
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
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Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Biography, Fantasy, Horror
Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Peter Spierig, Tom Vaughan, Michael Spierig
Jason Clarke, Helen Mirren, Finn Scicluna-O'Prey, Sarah Snook
Australia, USA
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Inspired by true events. On an isolated stretch of land fifty miles outside of San Francisco sits the most haunted house in the world. Built by Sarah Winchester (Dame Helen Mirren) heiress to the Winchester fortune, it is a house that knows no end. Constructed in an incessant twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week mania for decades, it stands seven stories tall and contains hundreds of rooms. To an outsider it looks like a monstrous monument to a disturbed woman's madness. But Sarah is not building for herself, for her niece Marion (Sarah Snook), nor for the brilliant Dr. Eric Price (Jason Clarke), who she has summoned to the house. She is building a prison, an asylum for hundreds of vengeful ghosts, and the most terrifying amongst them have a score to settle with the Winchesters.

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Henry Lynch photo
Henry Lynch

A great supernatural movie. Very well written. Best movie ever. If you like movies with ghosts, witches, possessed people and lots of violence then this movie is for you. I suggest you see it in the theater as there is nothing to miss. There are also some hidden meanings that you will not find out for yourself. All of the actors and actresses are excellent. I thought the end was very emotional and it makes you want to cry. Highly recommended. I would recommend this movie to anyone. You will not regret it.

Gregory photo

The first fifteen minutes of this film really stuck with me. It's really an incredibly brutal film, one that I felt I needed to see, in the hopes that maybe it would help me understand the plot. I wanted to see how the world of super heroes was going to end. I wanted to see how it would all be laid out in the end. The first 15 minutes of this film really nailed the idea of how a super hero film should be. There were two different versions of what was happening at the end, the first was how everything would come to an end. The second was the ending that I had seen in the trailers. I was so engrossed in what was happening that I missed the first half of the film. I got the feeling that the first half was all we were supposed to get. Then after the film finally ended I realized that the film was really missing the whole beginning. It wasn't the same movie, it was an entirely different film, so I felt cheated. But I also realized that I was just being lazy and didn't want to get distracted. I realized that there were actually two different endings. I also realized that the first half of the film was a lot more intense than the second half. The second half of the film was really tense. It was really horrifying and the atmosphere was really intense. I felt like I had to see it at least once more, but I just didn't want to get bored. I would have definitely like to see it a third time. I think that it was a good film and I really enjoyed it, but it could have been better. If they had made the first half more intense, the second half would have been a lot more intense, and the third half would have been the same, and it would have been a completely different film. It was just a better film overall, but I really enjoyed the first half. So that's what I think. I'm definitely going to see the second half, and hopefully the third. I can't wait to see how the world of super heroes ends.

Sara photo

This is a dark tale of the rise and fall of the legendary vampire killer William Lee. For all the fear and the horror it creates, this film doesn't really do much with it. The beginning of the film is extremely creepy, the setting is very claustrophobic, and the imagery is stunning. However, once the vampire hunter (Thomas Jane) is revealed, the film is a bit slow and dull. The supporting cast is well-chosen, and the screenplay does a good job of giving the audience a different look at the vampire hunt. However, after the third time through, I gave up on the film and wished I could go back and see it again.

Sarah Chapman photo
Sarah Chapman

I don't think I've ever seen a movie that I felt like I was watching the same movie over and over again. This movie's based off of a book, and you have to read the book to get it. Some parts were a little slow in the beginning, but I really enjoyed the movie. The acting is great, I felt that Sam Rockwell was a great actor for the part. I think everyone should see this movie, especially horror fans. I think it's a great movie, it's definitely worth seeing.

Frances J. photo
Frances J.

This film is a masterpiece, what with it's special effects, the use of slow motion, and the lighting effects. The actors, which I have seen several times, are good, the director, as you have seen, is a very good one, and the main star of the film is also a very good actor, who I think is the best actor in the film. This film is a horror, not a comedy, this film is a masterpiece, I give this film 9/10

Ronald O. photo
Ronald O.

This film is amazing. I love it! A really cool story, fantastic acting and cinematography. Every actor in this movie is really outstanding. It is really hard to find good movies these days, especially those based on mysteries and horror, but this is it. I love it so much, and I can't stop watching it. Even now, at age 28, I still love it. I can't explain why I love it so much, but it is the best movie ever. It is the best of its genre, and I am sure that it will become one of the best movies of all time. I think the movie is amazing and so creative. If you haven't seen it, you need to, and you will not regret. 10/10

Rose photo

This movie is a masterpiece in my opinion. It is extremely long and the film goes on and on with things that need to be done. The character's lack of communication and the flashbacks are used in order to give the movie some depth and depth of character development. It is my favorite movie of the year and the one that I recommend to all movie lovers.

Craig B. photo
Craig B.

The movie "Halloween" was scary and creepy, but a lot of the characters were just so unlikable. The movie "Halloween 2" was just plain stupid and had absolutely no character development. And what is with all of the references to "The Shining"? I thought it was just supposed to be a silly distraction, but that's not even the point. All of the characters are just so annoying and annoying, I could not care about them at all. I think the most annoying characters in the entire movie were the two kids, Michael and the girl that played Laurie Strode. And how the hell is Michael supposed to be a killer? If he's a killer, then he has to be one of the more evil people in the movie, but he's not. In the original, he is actually a good person. In the second movie, he is just a nasty little psycho. If the director really wanted to make a movie about the killer in the first movie, he should have stuck with that. I think the killer in the second movie was not actually the killer in the first movie. It was more like a psychiatrist in the first movie, but in the second one, he is not the killer. I think this movie is a great horror film, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a scary movie. I give this movie an A-.

Amy McCoy photo
Amy McCoy

This film was a pleasant surprise. The film focuses on a young man who is receiving therapy from a psychiatrist to deal with his anger issues. He ends up having a close relationship with a younger woman who is also receiving therapy. The movie was pretty scary and suspenseful. I thought the acting was good and the acting was superb. The characters were well developed and the actors did a good job in portraying the emotions they were feeling. This is a very good film and I recommend it to anyone.

Emma S. photo
Emma S.

This movie is absolutely brilliant. I don't care what the critics say. It's a very well made film and I think that's what the critics don't like about it. It's very dark, very violent and the cast is perfect for it. I love the use of slow motion and camera angles. It's very well done. The performances are very good as well, especially Michael Caine. This is a really underrated film, I think that everyone should watch it.

Sharon photo

I've seen a lot of horror films in my time, and I can say that, though, I never saw a horror film like this one before. It's a truely beautiful film, and it's very well done. The acting, the music, the's all very, very good. And it's not like "Twilight", or "The Sixth Sense", where everything is a plot. This one, there is no plot, but everything is so beautifully done. Everything about this film is wonderful, from the scenery, to the people, the songs, everything. And the thing that makes it so beautiful is the way it plays with your mind. I mean, this is something that is rare nowadays. There are movies that play with your mind. It doesn't matter if it's a good movie, or not, the point is that it does, and it's so beautifully done. I really enjoyed this movie, and I would recommend it to everyone. I love it.

Phillip R. photo
Phillip R.

This movie is for everyone. From the beginning, the movie is so interesting, I never even thought about what the hell it was about. The plot is crazy, the acting is very well done, and the style is extremely weird. Some people might think it's too intense, but it's also very realistic, which makes it even more crazy. I'm sure everyone who watched it thought that it was too intense, and that's why they gave it a rating of 2.8/10. It's definitely worth it. If you have nothing else to do, watch it. You won't regret it.

Helen Boyd photo
Helen Boyd

I really liked this movie, but it was a bit disappointing to me. I felt it was a little too rushed. There was a scene in the beginning where they were on a boat, and the scene cuts to the start of the night, and then back to the boat. I thought that was really weird. I think that would have been better left in the movie, but maybe it would have been more effective if they had gone back and forth. I think the movie was amazing though, the acting was great, the plot was good, and the atmosphere was just right. I loved it! It was a great movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies. 9/10

Nathan W. photo
Nathan W.

This is an excellent film, I thought it was fantastic and I have seen it a few times since I first saw it. I think it is one of the best supernatural horror films out there and is the best film in the paranormal category. It was scary as hell and it is a must see! It was also very well done and I think that it had a great story line and some really good scenes in it. I think it was a very good film, but I will say that it does get a little boring at some points. I also thought that there was a little too much talking, so you could tell what was going on. I think that it was good, but it did get a little boring at times. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Danielle Lane photo
Danielle Lane

I was very pleasantly surprised by the movie. The script was amazing and the acting was fantastic. I loved the relationship between the characters and the fact that all the characters had so much complexity. I thought the movie would be formulaic but it wasn't at all. The movie has a dark humor and it never becomes melodramatic. It's a great way to spend an evening. It's a great way to relax and have a good time. It's a story about a man that has lost his wife and his life seems like it's going to be over. But he finds himself in a fight for survival and a series of twists and turns will take him on a journey of self-discovery and to find his way. The cast is very well casted. You can tell they really put a lot of time and effort into their roles. They do such a good job in portraying the characters. They bring so much to the movie. I think the whole movie is an adventure to watch. You want to know what is going to happen next. The story is pretty complex and has a lot of twists and turns. I think the movie was a great story and I would recommend it to anyone.

Rachel photo

I am a big fan of John Woo and I thought this movie was very good. The special effects are really good, and the story is very good. The acting is great, especially because you actually get to see some of the great actors that are in this movie. If you like John Woo movies, you will love this one. If you are a fan of John Woo, you will like this one as well. The acting is great and the story is good. It is not the best John Woo movie, but it is not the worst either. This movie is really good, but I think it is not as good as John Woo's other movies. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Jesse M. photo
Jesse M.

You can see where the film makers were going with this. It was not so much of a horror film, but of a family drama. In fact, there are several scenes which could have been cut or replaced with some other material, to bring this film to a different level. But all in all, the film is a lot of fun and a lot of fun to watch. It is very gory, and although there are some scenes of a little gore, this is not what this film is about. The acting is very good. Brad Dourif, Peter Sarsgaard, and Tom Berenger are brilliant as their roles. The story is not so good. The director seems to have the idea of what he wants to do, but he is not able to execute it well. The ending is a little hard to swallow. I think this film would have been better if it ended with a good surprise, or some twists or turns to go along with the story. The actors do a good job, as does the director, but it is a good film, and will entertain you a bit. If you want to see a good movie about witches, then see "The Witches of Eastwick" with Julie Andrews. Or "The Witches of Eastwick 2". These are good films about witches, with the director of "A History of Violence" also involved.

Thomas W. photo
Thomas W.

This is a well made and highly engaging movie. I love the subtle portrayal of time travel. I also like the subtle use of symbolism. I also liked the subtle use of symbolism in the movie. I would have liked the ending to be a little more apparent. But overall, a good movie.

Rose F. photo
Rose F.

I'm not sure if this is a new movie, but I would like to say it's an excellent film. I enjoyed it greatly. The acting is excellent, and the actors that portray the main characters are great as well. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat, it has a great storyline and it's suspenseful. I really liked it. I really recommend it, I think you'll love it. Go see it. See it now.

Alexander photo

I am a big fan of John Wick, so I was looking forward to seeing this film. I thought it was very well made, and an extremely good thriller. I also thought it was very dark, and had a very dark and disturbing atmosphere to it. It was very well done, and very well paced. I didn't like the way it ended, but that was my opinion, and I will leave it at that. I was a bit disappointed that the man who played Winston Churchill wasn't in the film, but I suppose it's because he was in the book too, but that's a minor complaint. All in all, I really enjoyed this film. I hope that it can be seen by a wider audience. I'd be interested in seeing it again. 9/10.

Daniel photo

I was really excited to watch this film as I love horror films, but when I saw it I was thinking, 'how can I be able to believe it.' Well I can't believe it. This is a movie that really made me think about how scary and how important it is to have a strong belief system in your life. I like to think that I have a strong belief system, but the movie made me realize that I really don't. This is the first film that I've ever felt so much empathy for the characters. The actors were amazing. I never really thought that they could pull that off. They really pulled it off and I'm so happy that they did. I think that the movie is so scary and so beautiful. I also think that the fact that it was filmed in a rural location made it so real. It made the movie that much more scary and really got to me. It made me want to go out there and see if I could go back in time and change the past. The movie is a little slow at times, but it was still very impressive and the actors really got to me. I'm glad that they did it. I can't wait to see the sequel! I think that I would really enjoy that movie.