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Jet Trash is a movie starring Sofia Boutella, Robert Sheehan, and Craig Parkinson. Lee and Sol are hiding out on a beach in Southern India living a slacker life of sex, drugs and parties. Trouble comes to paradise when Vix, a...

Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Drama, Thriller
Charles Henri Belleville
Dan M Brown, Simon Lewis, Simon Lewis
Craig Parkinson, Robert Sheehan, Jasper Pääkkönen, Sofia Boutella
India, UK
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Lee and Sol are hiding out on a beach in Southern India living a slacker life of sex, drugs and parties. Trouble comes to paradise when Vix, a beautiful girl from Lee's past, turns up. Things get worse when Lee accidentally kills a holy cow and the gang find themselves up against crooked cops, local hoodlums, gangsters.... and mysticism. How far do you have to go to get away?

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Timothy Castillo photo
Timothy Castillo

I was very disappointed when I saw the trailer. I was expecting something more dark and sinister. This movie does not show any dark side. It's a decent thriller with a good plot and good acting. I'm glad I decided to watch it. It was not the best movie I've ever seen but it was still better than many movies I've seen. I highly recommend this movie.

Samantha Perez photo
Samantha Perez

While I'm a fan of John Wick, I did find the movie to be more of a blend of two different films. It was not as much a story as it was a tale of revenge. I also thought that it was a little bit of a disjointed mess. But that's the only complaint I have. If you have the chance to see it, I highly recommend it. I was not blown away by the movie but I was happy I saw it and it made me think about it a little more.

Patricia T. photo
Patricia T.

This is a great movie, even though the characters are the usual Hollywood cliches. But, I don't think that it is a great movie. I think it is just the right balance of horror and suspense. I was shocked at how easily the characters would be able to escape from the room. I was thinking that the characters would just stop talking, then they would start talking again. And the best part was that the "bad guy" had a huge gun, but he had to use it to kill people. It is really amazing how fast they could be killed. I was surprised that they were able to get out of the room in one piece. I was surprised that they were able to kill all of the guards. I was also surprised that they had a lot of money. And they didn't even need it. They had enough money to live for weeks. I think that this movie is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I give it a 10/10.

Andrew Morgan photo
Andrew Morgan

I don't know if it was the director or the scriptwriter, but this movie was a real pain in the butt. The movie is about a young girl named Iris (played by a very young Amanda Bynes) who is picked on and bullied by a bunch of obnoxious boys, but she takes it upon herself to clean them up. However, when she accidentally falls in the pool of blood that the boys are using to help clean up, she realizes that she has a special power that allows her to do things she normally wouldn't be able to do. The movie follows her throughout her childhood and adolescence, but also during the beginning of her college years, and throughout her time in law school. The movie is supposed to be a kids movie, but it's actually much darker than that. It's also very disturbing and depressing, but I think the movie actually works better as a drama than as a horror film. I didn't really like the way the movie was written, but I did like the direction that it went in. I think it was a good movie overall, and I think it was worth watching.

Joshua A. photo
Joshua A.

I must say I was very surprised with this movie. It's not exactly a "look at me" type of movie. I don't think I would have liked it so much if I was a girl. I'm a girl, but I also understand that this movie is not exactly for me. It's not the same for men either. The film starts off as a beautiful dream sequence that involves a young woman in her early 20's. She has an unusual dream and the movie follows her from the dream to the reality. The dream sequences are very good and the film is very realistic. It's a very good and interesting movie. The acting is not as good as I expected. It's not bad, but it's not the best either. The supporting cast is good. They are not bad, but they aren't the best either. Overall, it's a very good and interesting movie. It's not the best I have ever seen, but it's certainly not the worst either. It's not going to change your life, but it's not going to make you want to get rid of your current girlfriend. I give this movie an 8/10. It's a good film, but I wouldn't recommend it to people who are looking for something that will change your life. I would recommend it to people who want to see a good movie with good acting and realistic settings. I give it an 8/10.

Grace photo

This is a very well made, well written, well acted movie. I really enjoyed it, especially when we see a couple of different sides of each character, from the naive "career guy" to the more "scary" guy. The movie shows the dangers of isolation and the dangers of being alone. In a way, I think this movie is more realistic than "The Amityville Horror" because it shows that not everyone is afraid of death, or can feel good about death, or can enjoy it in a different way. The movie is also a metaphor for a society that is falling apart. In this society, it is so easy to be in a bubble and to be able to hide from reality. This movie shows that people do not always have to hide from the world around them. In a society that is losing its way, these characters are showing how dangerous it is to be alone.

Grace George photo
Grace George

This is one of those movies that has a lot going for it. It is suspenseful, well acted and well directed. The characters are likable and sympathetic and the pace is pretty good. It is a little slow in places, but this is not a problem for this movie. The ending is also a little weak. There are no real surprises. There is also a twist at the end, which is not as good as it should have been. All in all, this is an enjoyable movie. I would recommend it.

Wayne photo

It's a pretty simple movie, but it's very good. I'm not a big fan of this kind of movie, but this one really surprised me. It's not that violent, but it has a really good message about the use of force. This movie really did remind me of a similar movie, "The Black Dahlia". I like that one better, because it's more emotional and realistic. I don't know if it's more realistic, but it does have a lot of violence. I don't know if this movie is good or not, but it definitely deserves some attention. I definitely recommend it.

Beverly photo

The premise of this movie, where a group of actors are given an opportunity to take part in a free public execution, is not entirely new. There are countless examples of such executions, and they're usually a bit more interesting than this film. The film opens in the late 70's in the small town of Ludlow, where the townspeople are being force to do "the hard part", in this case, by being forced to watch a film on the evils of the media. The film is being presented as a propaganda piece on the evils of the media, but it's more than that. The film also shows the horrors of media censorship, the dangers of being labelled as a "stalker", and the dangers of being labeled as a "snitch". The film also goes into a lot of detail about the film industry in the 70's, and the problems of censorship. All of these points are well-balanced and shown, but I feel the film is too slow. The film has a short running time, but it's not a boring one. The acting is decent, but the characters are not developed enough. The characters are so poorly developed that it's hard to feel for them, and it's not as though the film is trying to make you feel for the characters, but it just feels like there's not enough depth to them. This is an example of a movie where you don't know who's who or why they're doing what they're doing. Overall, the film is interesting and has a good premise, but the slow pacing makes the movie feel like it's a bit long, and it's a little bit boring.

Nicole Lucas photo
Nicole Lucas

The "trash" has a number of sub-types, but one of the most important is that of the "home invasion" movie. I have a friend who would watch them all the time. "Home invasion" is one of the few movies that he will not watch. He would rather watch a movie about people who can't act and who have a real relationship with their environment. I believe that most of the people who watched this movie didn't have a real relationship with their environment, and that makes the movie a true waste of time. The movie is not realistic, and some of the scenes are so unbelievable that you start to wonder if you have really seen something real. Some of the scenes were supposed to be in an underground bunker, but it was actually in a diner. Other scenes were not realistic at all. Some of the things that happened were not even believable. For example, the only thing that was in the movie that was real was the character of the woman who was in the hospital. The rest was a story that was told to us from the director. The movie was not meant to be real, and I believe that this movie was a great waste of time. I have never seen a movie like this before. I think that there should be more movies like this. It would be great if more people would be aware of what is real and what is not. Maybe it would help us to be more aware of what we see and what is not real. I hope that the movie will be shown more often. It is a great movie that people should see.

Diane photo

I have just watched this movie and I have to say that it's very well made. It's about a girl who goes to a seaside resort and falls in love with a guy who works there. The story is about a little girl who is afraid of water and the friendship between the two of them is interesting. The characters are good and you get to know them very well. The setting is also good and I also liked the music. The story is very original and a lot of things are explained in this movie. But the problem is that it's not a story about a boy falling in love with a girl but a story about a girl falling in love with a guy. I also think that the ending is not the best but it's still better than the other movies of this type. The cast is also good. The director did a great job. Overall, I think this movie is worth watching and you should see it. If you don't like to see movies that are not based on a story, don't watch this one. It's not a masterpiece but it's good enough.

Alexander photo

I was a little apprehensive about this movie, seeing as it had some very poor reviews. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting anything like the original, but this movie is actually pretty good. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. The acting is decent, the plot is interesting, and it's fairly entertaining. I recommend it.

Joshua K. photo
Joshua K.

The movie starts with the people in the area where the two people are going to meet for the first time and this is where the story starts. We see how they are getting into the town and how they are going to meet the people. At the end of the movie the people are going to meet and they get to know each other. The story is not complicated but it is the thing that keeps you hooked. The acting is very good especially by the two main characters. The last part of the movie shows how the people become more and more like friends and that is a very good thing to see. Overall, the movie is very good and worth watching. If you are into movies about the underworld then this is a movie you will enjoy.

Mildred Bell photo
Mildred Bell

This is the kind of film that you watch with your parents and you don't know why you like it. You have to make sense of it and you will be glad to know that the film can be seen by anyone, because it's so different from the rest of the trash that they put out. It has a plot and is basically a drama and thriller that happens in a small town in the USA. It's not really a "horror" film and is more of a drama. The plot is about a woman who goes missing in a small town in the US and the rest of the film is about her search for her. The main problem with this film is that it is very slow. It is hard to understand the story and it's not a great film, but it is very entertaining and I would recommend it to people who like this kind of film.

Joe photo

I was curious to see this movie and I thought it was good. It had an interesting plot and it wasn't a typical chick flick. I thought it was a good movie and thought that it was a good watch.

William S. photo
William S.

This is one of those movies that is supposed to be a thought-provoking, intelligent and smart thriller. The story is about a couple who has two young daughters who have been abducted by a group of hoodlums and their so-called leader. The two children are eventually found and taken into care by the parents. The father is also the police officer who is investigating the case. The couple is slowly finding out that something is very wrong with the situation and there are several different elements in this movie that are different from one another. This movie is definitely a thriller but it also has a lot of elements that are thought-provoking and interesting. I would say that the acting is a bit off in this movie but that is really just because the actors are not that good. I have seen many movies in my life and this one was definitely one of the best. I think that this is one of those movies that you have to see in order to understand what is happening in this movie. I really think that this movie is a good one. I would recommend it to anybody who likes movies about kidnapping. I would say that this is a movie that you should see if you want to be really confused by a thriller.

Cynthia Weber photo
Cynthia Weber

I saw this movie in a special preview screening last night. I had read some reviews and thought I would check it out. I have to say that I was surprised by the acting. I had thought that this movie would be full of cliches and would be annoying, but it was not. It was realistic and very believable. The movie was not heavy on the gore and was pretty tame compared to other recent movies. The acting was good and the story was good. It is a movie that is worth seeing. I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet.

Jean C. photo
Jean C.

I saw this movie at the Boston Film Festival. I thought it was really well done, although it was too long and the ending was a bit off. I think that if it had been shorter, the ending would have been better. I think that was the way the director wanted it to end. I thought the acting was good, especially from the kids, but the adult actors were a little over the top. Overall, I think that this movie was a good way to spend an evening, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different.

Edward Hall photo
Edward Hall

I watched this movie with my husband and it was the best movie we've watched in a long time. It was a well-written movie with great acting and an excellent story. We laughed, we cried, and we even took a few minutes to think about what the movie was trying to say. The story line was great and the acting was great. It was a great movie and I think we'll see it again soon. We definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good movie. We love it.

Frances W. photo
Frances W.

It's a shame that many people who have not seen this film will not see it, because it is a great film that I would recommend to anyone who wants a look at a little-known movie about the sexual abuse of a boy in the Catholic Church. The film is very well-made and well-acted, and you can almost feel the director's influence. The film is extremely disturbing and is a must see for all who believe that there is a need for change in the Catholic Church. The film makes the viewer think about what it would be like to have your own child involved in such an abuse, and how the priest would respond. This is a powerful and disturbing film, and one that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Randy Curtis photo
Randy Curtis

As much as I like "The Babadook", I can't help but think that this is not a movie I'd recommend for anyone who isn't already familiar with the story. The idea of this movie is absolutely horrifying. A group of people, all of whom are traumatized by something in their past, decide to commit suicide together, each with their own reason. When the story really gets going, it is frightening and disgusting. The performances are great, and there is an overall feeling of despair. The whole thing is very dark, with a great sense of mood. The whole movie just feels creepy. I think that this movie is a must see for anyone who is squeamish, but if you can handle it, I think it's a very important movie to see.

Juan G. photo
Juan G.

There's not much to say about this movie. I watched it at home with my boyfriend, and we both loved it. The movie is a very honest depiction of the life of two women, in a relationship, trying to make it together, while being in their early 30's. There's plenty of nudity, and the sex is as raw as it gets. I think it's safe to say that if you're into "hard" porn, you'll like this film. If you're looking for a movie that will touch you and make you think, you'll probably be disappointed, but it's a very well made movie. I think it's worth seeing.