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Matthias et Maxime

Matthias et Maxime is a movie starring Xavier Dolan, Harris Dickinson, and Marilyn Castonguay. A drama focusing on a group of friends in their late 20s.

Other Titles
Matthias & Maxime (2019), Matthias i Maxime, Matthias and Maxime, Matthias ve Maxime, Matthias & Maxime
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan
Anne Dorval, Marilyn Castonguay, Harris Dickinson, Xavier Dolan
France, Canada
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A drama focusing on a group of friends in their late 20s.

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Mildred photo

This is a very good movie about the story of a teenage boy who is very close to his parents and friends. The movie is very sad and it shows the pain of losing a parent and a family. The parents are a difficult to live with. But Maxime, the son of the parents, has no problem to leave the parents and to go live with his aunt and uncle. This movie is very good because it is a real story. The story is about a boy who has no parent and who has a difficult time. The story is told from his point of view and he sees what is happening to his parents. The acting is good and the story is told very well. This is a great movie.

Carol K. photo
Carol K.

For me, the movie is the best thing I have seen. I am a huge fan of the "Cinema Paradiso" series and I am not one of the biggest fan of Caro-Leo DiCaprio, but this movie is an absolutely fantastic work of art. It is one of the best movies I have seen and I am happy to say that I am one of the first people to have seen it. It is a must see movie for all, and I highly recommend that you see it. Thank you for making such a beautiful movie, Caro-Leo.

Anthony photo

This is an excellent film about love. I haven't seen a film like it in years. For once, it was beautiful. The film is made with respect and a lot of love. I'm going to recommend this film to every man who loves women. I'm not gay, but I love women. They are beautiful and pure. I would like to have the chance to see this film again. I recommend this film to anyone who loves love.

Randy photo

I really liked this film. I was amazed by the talent and dedication of the actors. My favorite scene is the one where they find the reason why they are here, and why they have been here for so long. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes films with meaning.

Ronald photo

I watched this movie for the first time yesterday, and i really loved it. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I also love the actors, especially Ian Holm. I think that his acting is amazing and very realistic. I really love his character. The other characters are also very good. They have a lot of fun, and they are well written. I really like the way they have the actors play, and how they have to make the movie. It is funny how they have the actors play these roles, and how they act, and how the actors play them. It really is good. I don't understand why this movie is not more popular. It is a great movie, and I really recommend it to everybody. I am a big fan of the french movies and this is one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I have seen lots of movies, and this is one of the best.

Emma photo

The best thing about this movie is that it is so simple. It is, simply, about two men: one is a young man who is struggling with the failure of his relationship with a woman, the other is a middle aged man who has just died and who is trying to reach his own personal goals. And the movie follows both of them and their efforts to reach those goals. You can see the conflict in each of the characters and also see the genuine love between them. The best part of this movie is that it doesn't have any music. And that is why it is so brilliant. It isn't about a particular theme, but about the loneliness of the characters and the feelings they have for each other. The acting is superb. The actors are superb. The music is also superb. And the actors give it all. The plot is simple, but the direction and the acting make it very interesting. You could see the struggle of the characters, but you also feel their love and happiness. I recommend it to anyone who loves a movie that doesn't have any music or any particular theme, but instead that just has great acting and good direction. The story is a little bit long, but the acting makes up for that. I would recommend this movie to everyone who loves a good movie, with some good acting and good directing.

Mark Arnold photo
Mark Arnold

I have been a fan of Matthias and Maxime since I was a kid. I first saw them in "Chronique" and I was mesmerized by their combination of brilliant acting, brilliant directing and beautiful production values. And, of course, they were fantastic singers. In this film, they have been resurrected, and we see them as both very young and very old. The transition from young Maxime to old Maxime is very well done. The scenes are well shot and the pacing of the film is fantastic. I enjoyed this film immensely. I know that many of you will disagree with me on this, but I loved this film. It is a real gem and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet. It is a beautiful film, and it is a classic. I have read that some of the cast members have been disappointed in the film, but I would not say that. It is amazing. This is a must-see film.

Nicole C. photo
Nicole C.

This movie is so cute, such a rare opportunity to see a French movie. It is a very funny and lighthearted movie. I hope it will be distributed in France. I was so surprised with the English version. The French version is so better than the English version. The film makers deserve the applause. They have made a beautiful and very entertaining movie. I hope the French film industry will discover a way to make such movies as this. I hope they will do it. It is a very important and beautiful movie. Please, see it. I hope it will be shown in French and French-speaking countries.

Debra P. photo
Debra P.

I just finished watching this film and it was simply breathtaking. I didn't know this film was on TV in the early hours of the morning so I decided to give it a go, to my surprise it was also excellent. The acting was top notch, it was truly a beautiful film. The photography was breathtaking, I was really impressed by the images used. The story was really interesting and thought provoking, the characters were all believable and the plot was interesting. I was really surprised that it wasn't a historical film, it wasn't overly historical but it was still an interesting story. I definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a film lover, I loved it, I truly recommend it to everyone.

Tammy photo

I've always admired the idea of taking a piece of text and turning it into a movie. There is an innocence and magic in the way the director's turn and turn. For me, the film is an expression of the freedom of the mind and the openness of the heart. The idea is to have the viewer experience the emotions of the characters. And what a beautiful feeling it is. The acting is perfect, the music is sublime, the movie has a real artistic quality to it. The characters are so well cast. The story is so good. I think the story is so good. It is a movie that should be watched. I don't know why this movie was not successful. I don't know what people were expecting. But I do know that it was a good movie and I think the movie should be viewed. This is my honest opinion.

Diana photo

This film is an absolutely brilliant piece of work. I cannot wait to see it again on DVD. The performances are perfect. The story is written so well, and yet there is no drama. The way the characters are brought together is just amazing. I have to say that this is the best film I have ever seen. I will definitely be seeing this again on DVD. I will be recommending it to my friends and family, as well as the film fans around the world. I don't know what else to say. This film is about love, loss, pain, and hope. It is about being yourself, no matter what the circumstances are. I really hope this film is a success and that it will be awarded an Oscar for best foreign film. I think that Matthias and Maxime deserve it. I give this film a 10/10.

Lawrence photo

I was so thrilled by this film. The best movie I've ever seen, ever. I found it on DVD and I'm buying it right away. It's so touching and it touches you so deeply. My heart is pounding. The movie is one of those movies that you cannot put down. It makes you cry. And it makes you laugh. It makes you feel, and it makes you think. This is a masterpiece and you should not miss it. It's my favorite movie of all time and I've seen it over 50 times.

Andrew photo

A very touching, and interesting film, and a fine work of art. Very refreshing and different from the usual Hollywood product. It's also a good opportunity for working class people to gain a better understanding of the struggles of the working class. I hope this film inspires people all over the world. It's very impressive to see how people can come together and have this kind of idea. I'm very proud to be part of the French Revolution and in the second revolution.

Alexander W. photo
Alexander W.

This is not a biography. It is a movie about the life of a man in the French Revolution. And it is a movie that is not only about the life of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, but also about the life of his close friend Pascal Rousseau. It is a movie about the life of a man. And a movie that will never be boring.

Ryan photo

I watched this film on TV and I was stunned. I couldn't believe my eyes! I was also amazed that it was filmed in a way that doesn't involve the director in the filming of the film. I can't explain it but I just didn't have the chance to have my eyes tear up at this film. I was completely touched by the film. The love between these two characters is so real and it is really touching to watch. Matthias and Maxime have such a good chemistry and their relationship has such a good rhythm and has a good heart. The story is also amazing. The main theme of the story is the love between two people. Matthias and Maxime are a wonderful couple, the main thing in their life is love, which is so strong that it doesn't allow them to do anything else. The film has some funny scenes too. I was totally surprised by the scenes of the beach scene. The film is so good, and I can't wait to see the sequel!

Paul Wallace photo
Paul Wallace

I think this is one of the best French movies I have seen. It is about a woman who goes through a period of denial after the death of her husband. She has to cope with her grief in the best way possible. The actors are perfect, the dialogs are strong, the emotions are strong. The movie is not about a woman trying to cope with the loss, but about the pain of the loss. It is a tear jerker. I really liked it. The only thing I would have changed would be the ending, which I think was a bit rushed. But that doesn't matter, because it is a great movie. It is worth to watch.

Cynthia Y. photo
Cynthia Y.

This is one of those movies which you can see again and again. The story is very well developed and the casting is very good, the performances are superb and the whole film is very well made. The characters are very well developed and the emotional involvement is very well felt. The film is very touching and the ending is very sad. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to understand the world of a very complex society and the problems of the world today. I strongly recommend this movie to all of the people who are interested in the films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and to all who have seen the movie "Children of Heaven" because this one is very similar. 10/10

Carolyn Payne photo
Carolyn Payne

I thought this movie was great! The cast is great, the plot is great, the acting is great. The movie has a great message to the whole world. It will make you think about your life and what you have. The movie will make you feel like you're in a different world and it will make you feel good about your life.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

Fifty years ago, in the French countryside, I came across a film of a young girl who was dying of leukemia and who was an anti-Semitic girl who was fighting against the Nazis. I had to watch the film again, and again, and again. I had no idea that it was about Jewish people and anti-Semitism. After a while, I discovered that it was about a Jewish boy who had been sent to Auschwitz and was the son of a Jewish mother who was killed in the concentration camp. I began to notice that the main character in the film was a Jewish boy. I became interested in the film and I began to watch it more and more. I was amazed at how the film could be made in such a way that the viewers would never guess that the boy was Jewish. It was so subtle, so natural, so believable. It was a great film. The film is directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot and it is a very good film. It is one of the most beautiful and honest films I have ever seen. It is the film that everyone should see.

Heather photo

A young boy who goes to the countryside to find his father is haunted by a dead girl that he can't seem to get rid of. From the start you will be gripped by this great tale of horror and destiny. There are very few films that have caused me to scream like a little girl in a strange house and this film certainly did that. It is a very different film to the average horror films and will definitely leave you feeling exhausted. The acting is incredible and the film is really well made. If you like horror films, and don't mind a bit of a bit of romance, then this is a film that you will definitely love.

Cheryl photo

It was not the end. It was the beginning of the end. I never knew what to say. I tried to remember the words, but I was lost in the memory. The movie was as a symbol of what was the beginning of the end of the French. The French loved, they were generous and very open minded people. In the beginning they were frightened and scared of the strangers and their religion, but they believed that everything was good. This is how they went on to the war and the war was like a paradise, which they were free to do as they liked. But now, they are prisoners of a strange religion. They have become Christians. It is a pity that they have forgotten the truth. They are the persecuted. The great mercy of God will be repaid in a very bad way.

Teresa Simmons photo
Teresa Simmons

I just saw the movie and I have to say that it is the best movie I have ever seen. There are many things I liked and many things I disliked, but overall, the movie was beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful story of a young man with a lot of problems in his life and the problems he faces with his family, his parents, his step-father, his stepmother, his step-brother and his step-sister. I have to say that the whole cast was very good. I just loved the way that they acted, and they had a great chemistry between each other. I liked the way that they portrayed each character, and that they were very realistic. I also liked the way that the story was told. I was very impressed by the way the director used the camera to show us what was going on in the characters' lives. I am also very happy that I have the opportunity to see a movie like this. I hope that the movie will get an Oscar for it's cinematography. And if not, at least one for the cinematography. I highly recommend this movie to everyone who loves movies.